How to Throw an Amazing College Party 


If you manage to throw a cool college party, you can kill two birds with one stone – meet new people and establish your authority in the eyes of other students. The latter can become a very beneficial and fruitful thing that will come in handy at the most unexpected moment. For instance, when you need to ask someone, “Can you help me write my essay?” Everyone wants to make friends with a popular guy, and you will surely become one after such a party. The main thing here is not to screw up. Otherwise, it can become a very painful fiasco. Thus, if you decide to throw a college party, do it at the highest level.

Start planning your event beforehand

If this is a party for 50 people, the optimal planning start time is 30 days before day X. It will ensure a wide choice of available spots, contractors (bartenders / DJs), presence of the guests and, most importantly, save your energy because you don’t have to call everyone at the last moment and go to the store at night. Otherwise, you can face a big challenge and forget about some important components without which your party will hardly be successful, for example, food.

Involve your guests

Don’t create a general chat and add all the guests there because such a strategy will not work out. Write to everyone, get confirmation from them in advance and then remind each of them about your party within the week. You can also run a short survey to find out the expectations of guests (for example, regarding food and drinks). Thus, it will be possible to ensure a high turnout of guests and effectively plan the size of the event.

Find the perfect theme

If you are not going to arrange an ordinary bender, but you want to make your party a success, then you should choose a win-win theme. For instance, it can be a rave party or 90s. You should decide on your main goal and whether you want to stand out from the rest who arrange ordinary house parties on their campuses. A well-tailored theme will provide a chance to get admirers. Students like things that involve some creativity and anticipation since it helps them get distracted from their papers and forget even about the necessity to use such services as They get a chance to try on a new role and immerse themselves in total fun. You will wake up famous the other day.

Make your perfect playlist

A good party cannot do without a playlist, or it is better to say no party can do without it. Music creates an appropriate atmosphere and sets positive vibes, so people relax and enjoy everything. Your ideal playlist should contain dance music. For example, it can be hip hop or some pop music. You can choose some classic tracks and ones that have been charted. However, bear in mind that people will hardly start dancing to rock music or EDM. The latter can nip your party in the bud, so you should better treat this moment with all the seriousness. If you have some doubts, you can ask friends to help you with that. So, at least you will find out the music tastes of your guests and get a chance to win them over.

Arrange free alcohol

If you are going to work on your popularity among students, then you will not do without alcohol. Have you ever heard the saying, “If it is free, it is for me”? It is pretty popular among college students. And since you want to “charm” as many students as possible, free alcohol will become your main helper. You may wonder, “How can I do that if I live on a budget?” Well, nobody asks you to buy expensive and high-quality drinks, you can make several gallons of fruit punch with adding some cheap vodka or just grab the cheapest beer. Besides, you can monitor offers of some big supermarkets that make discounts on some types of alcohol from time to time.

Take care of a spot’s capacity

Ideally, a spot should have one general room where all guests can comfortably spend time. Obviously, this room shouldn’t be too small because otherwise, your guests will feel uncomfortable and will not have fun there. In addition to the main area, there should be small rooms for contractors/ guest communication. When 50 people breathe in one room at the same time, they emit more than 1000 liters of CO2 per hour. So, you should pay attention to ventilation equipment, air conditioners, or at least the possibility of opening windows. And of course, don’t forget about the toilets. There should be enough of them, at least 1 per 25 guests.


Of course, a club party will differ from a house college party, but it is a good idea to use some decorations, for instance, you can add party lights to create a cool atmosphere. Many people are visuals, so they need to enjoy the aesthetics. Thus, decorations will help you please the guests and make them stay longer. You can also take care of some entertainment programs, for example, you can bring some board games or come up with some interesting ideas to arrange dances since you will make a perfect playlist.


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