How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating on You: 5 Main Signs


According to research conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, 45% of male and 35% of female partners admitted to having an emotional affair outside of their current relationship. There could be genuine reasons as to why someone cheats, and then there are habitual cheaters who cannot outgrow their nature and stay loyal.

More often than not, a partner who is invested more in the relationship has a difficult time in terms of understanding and accepting that their partner is no longer faithful. Sometimes this is because of the blind trust they have in their partner while other times it is because of the long time they have spent together. If you are someone who is concerned about their partner, here’s how to tell if your partner is cheating on you.

They Have Become Distant & Withdrawn

Most of the cheaters no longer feel attracted to their partners or at least stop caring about them. This leads to them being emotionally and physically distant and whenever you try to spark things up, they are quick to demonstrate their lack of interest citing fatigue or something else as an excuse.

Moreover, cheating partners do not take any interest in what is going on in your life since they do not have the same emotional attachment anymore, at least at that moment. This results in long periods of silence and a total lack of communication.

They Are Being Conscious About Their Appearance

After the honeymoon period of every relationship, partners usually do not put in a lot of effort into their appearance anymore. However, when someone new comes around and they feel that excitement once again, they start to focus on their appearance. They will groom themselves, wear new clothes, and there will be that x-factor around their personality that you used to feel in the beginning.

This is one of the major factors common in cheating partners. Unless they are dressing up to impress you, it is someone else they want to impress.

They Spend Too Much Time on Their Phone

If you have started to observe that your spouse or partner is spending more than usual time on their phone, especially texting with someone, there is a strong chance that they are not being faithful. Since a smartphone is a primary means of communication and offers a wide variety of social media and instant messaging apps, it is a go-to tool for most cheaters. They use apps like Snapchat that delete all the history so there is no trace left behind.

You can use a phone spy app to hack Facebook and find the right answer. Trying to steal their phone can be quite risky.

They Are Being Possessive About Their Phone

Since a cheater has a lot to hide from their partner, they become extremely possessive about their digital devices, especially smartphones. They will put all the security and privacy measures to ensure nobody can get into their phone and will keep it with themselves most of the time.

If you believe your partner is showing similar behavior, try to borrow their phone under a false pretext and see how they react. Cheaters will start making irrational excuses to avoid giving their phone or pretend they have to leave right away due to some unforeseen emergency at work.

They Always Have to Work Late

One of the oldest excuses for cheaters that isbeing used to this day. It works especially in those cases where the person who they are involved with is a co-worker. If your partner is late every other day and always tries to remind you of the workload, you might need to investigate if it is actually ‘work’ that is keeping them busy.

This holds especially true for people who used to be home early most of the time but suddenly have started to complain about too much workload.

They Are Paying Unusual Attention to You

This may appear to be an unusual sign but it aligns with the human psyche. When someone is cheating and they feel bad about it, they try to compensate for their guilt by doing nice things for their partner. They may take you out on a date out of nowhere, start giving you presents and become unusually kind.

Having said that, only construe this sign as a possibility of cheating when there are other signs present as well. Otherwise, your partner might be going through an emotional phase or might even have gone through a sudden change of heart.

How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating: Final Words

If three or more signs are there, you need to take your suspicions seriously. You can use a discreet phone spy app that works in the background to retrieve all the information you are looking for.


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