Learn How to Curl Short Hair for you to Love it More!


You either love or hate the curly hair; it seems that there is no in-between impression. But if you only try to consider the right styles for the curly hair and learn that people with straight hair are bored to death with their own hairstyle, you will never hate the curly hair for another time in your life. Curly hair is awesome with the right hairstyle, some kind of romanticism that only the curly and short hair can pull off. It can also sometimes be edgy, almost like untamable. But the elegance is unmistakable in some hairstyles especially with short hair. Whether you have a natural curly hair or have it done, you can always choose from many different hairstyles the one that will suit you best like messy curly, shaggy do, curly up-do, curly high top fade, and so much more, all with short cut motif.

Revealing Truths about Short and Curly Hair

  • Curled short hair does not only go one simple way. Some hairstylists will texture the curls so that the hair will appear thinner. There is also the Mohawk or faux hawk that brings out the edginess of the short curly hair more than the elegance. These two hairstyles are the rage at the moment also because of its universality and unisexual appeal. Why not join the bandwagon of short curly wearers now; there is no reason not to. Even if you do not have natural curly hair, you can always iron or perm your straight hair to make it curly.
  • Many individuals believe that short hair cuts are bad for curly, but they could not be more erroneous because the opposite is true.
  • Women find it alleviating to cut their hair short to beat the discomfort of summer heat.
  • One of misguided reasons why women shy away from short hairstyles is the thought of having a hard time once they decide to curl it.
  • The best way to deal with curly short hair is to productively accentuate it rather than helplessly tame it.

Best Ideas for Curly and Short Hairstyles this Year

Ideas in hairstyling have no perceived limits, relying most of the time to the depth of the mind with full of ideas. The following hairstyles give a good idea on how to curl short hair but there may be many more unique hairstyles in your creative mind.

  1. Stylish Curly Short Hair

Barely the length of the chin, this haircut projects a surprisingly stylish view of curls and bouncy hair. The side parting gives unique elegance and the illusion of immense volume. This hairstyle will definitely fit in most occasions, including work and parties.

  1. Voluptuous Curls

This hairstyle is preferable with the gray hair motif that gives volume to the short hair with side part and large curls. Adding streaks of colored highlight will also complement this short yet bulky-looking stylish hairstyle.

  1. Curly  and Short Shaggy Bob

This short length hair style oozes with electricity and sexiness. There are small bangs that are biased to one side that help frame the face more appropriately to the inviting hairstyle. Complementing this random curly bob with red lipstick and pouting lips will give fatal attraction. This hairstyle is most suited for parties and dinner dates.

  1. The Lawrence Style Curly Short Hair

This hairstyle obviously refers to show business celebrity Jennifer Lawrence’s haircut that shocked the whole world when it was sported a stunning short hair style. In the beginning, many people thought that there was something wrong with Jennifer, but upon further viewing of her statement haircut, they immediately discerned and appreciated the chic hairstyle. The side parted hairstyle with some subtle waves was so distinct to her, that it was adopted as her own.

  1. Pink Style Curly Short Hair

For individuals like you, who are looking for a boldly pop hairstyle, this short and colorful cut is a must-try. The hairstyle cut and color does one thing in common, that of emphasizing the shape and features of the face. Adding extra edginess is the imbalance between the two sides of the head, with the right side having large curls and the left side having shaved and shorter hair. Shocking pink even if used in pale or subtle streaks, is not an everyday color and the hairstyle is best reserved for casual and party gatherings.

  1. Sexy Up-do

Social events have room only for the most elegant hairstyles and the sexy up-do is one of the most sought after when it comes to curly short hair. Usually this hairstyle comes with side parting and jewel accessory. The short cut not only emphasizes but also exposes inviting shoulders.

  1. The Hollywood Look Curly Short Hair

True to the hairstyle name, Hollywood star Charlize Theron loves to rock this glamorous and elegant style. The side parting and cascading curls add intriguing and attractive features. If Hollywood spells glamour, this hairstyle echoes it.

  1. Glamor Shorts Hairstyle

Sometimes glamor comes effortlessly. With hairstyles, the chin length hair with bouncy curls of the glamor shots hairstyle falls into elegant form without much attempt from the wearer. With the adoption of blonde color, the glamor look reaches new level.

  1. Fiery Red Hairstyle

The red color, curly hair, and short cut may not strike to you as impressive features individually, but wait till you see the features create magic when combined together! Large sweeping bangs pulled to one side add tension to the form that makes the hairstyle more interesting. Usually the short hair is cut just above the chin or exactly chin’s length, but any cut not excessively lower is still considered short style.

  1. The Center Part Short Curly Hair

This hairstyle demonstrates the wisdom on how to curl short hair. The final judgment on a hairstyle is the end product and not the in-between procedures. The celebrity singer Miley Cyrus interpreted the curly short with a dynamically inferior middle part but pulled off with flying colors. She incorporated an exciting two-toned color that added the dynamism that the mid part lacked. What came out was a unique hairstyle with exciting looks but is easy to maintain.

 How to Curl Short Hair Without Fuss 

  1. How to Curl Short Hair Using Curling Iron

Step 1: Make pre-curling hair preparations. Cleaning and drying are necessary steps to prepare your hair prior to curling. Shampoo the hair, deep condition, rinse thoroughly and towel-dry it. It is better to have straight hair for curling purposes. If you however have wavy hair and also those cowlicks, consider straightening it first with a flat iron for better curling results. To continue the preparation, use a tiny amount of styling gel or wax to form your style. Never use hairspray for this purpose, as it could only damage your hair. The final step of the preparation is to spritz your hair with heat protection spray to neutralize the extreme high temperature of curling iron.

Step 2: Divide your hair into convenient sections. Separate your hair into a top and bottom layer using a comb. Pin the top section of your hair using salon clips so that you may be able to work on the bottom layer without disturbance. The bangs should be untouched by the curling iron. Just leave them hanging down or clip them to the top of the head. If your hair is thick, you can section your hair into three parts.

Step 3: Start the curling process. Begin curling at the front by taking a small section of hair at the bottom layer and wrapping it around the hot curling iron. It is imperative to follow safety practice including keeping the iron away and safe from your face. The curling motion should be in the direction away from your face and not towards it, with the hot iron to the backside of your head. The wider the hair section, the bigger the curl is. As a rule of thumb, short hair should contain 1 to 5 inch section and should produce medium sized curls. Do not curl the hair ends of short hair.  This will leave you with a manageable hair length and prevent curls from unnecessarily sticking out from the head.

Step 4: Hold the curling iron for 5 to 10 seconds while curling. The timing of the curling iron will depend on your curl tightness aim. With practice, you can determine this accurately. Loose waves should take around 5 seconds, while tighter ringlets around 10 seconds. Immediately spritz the curled portion with hairspray upon the release of the curling iron. The spray will help hold the hair shape and keep the curls intact. If you accidentally over curled the hair portion, leave it for some time to cool down and for the curls to loosen up before hair spraying.

Step 5: Complete iron curling the bottom then proceed to the top. For best natural-looking results, try to vary the size of the sections and alternate the direction of the curling, towards and away from your face. Slowly and deliberately bring down the top layer one part a time and curl it in the same manner as you did with the lower section.

Step 6: Apply the finishing touches. The final touches will provide the final look and give you the most satisfaction. The entire head is now completely curled except for the hair ends. Now, pull the curls apart with brisk and precise finger manipulations. Any curl that may have fallen out would need to be touched up. Tease the roots and add volume to the hairstyle by grabbing the crown area and backcombing starting from the roots of the crown hair. The final touch reaches completion by hair spraying the entire hair. The hairstyle is now in place and ready for showing off.

  1. How to Curl Short Hair with Pins

Step 1: Prepare your hair for curling. Wash your hair with your best shampoo brand and rinse it with lukewarm water. Apply a rinse-out conditioner to help your hair withstand the curling process keeping it soft and healthy. Rinse with cool water. Dry your hair with a towel to keep it from dripping without being completely dry. Damp hair contains moisture that helps curling pins to set properly.

  1. Apply some mousse in your hair. Mousse provides the necessary rigidity required by the hairstyle. There are other styling hair care products aside from the mousse but it is the most suitable styling product for fine hair. Gel, another styling product, has more holding power suitable for medium to thick hair

Step 3: Divide the hair into organized small sections: Make sections in your hair that are even and orderly rather than randomly sized. The sections should measure about quarter to an inch wide. You should be aware that the wider the section, the softer and looser the curl will become. Position your forefinger at the ends of a section and wrap the hair around it, rolling the curl underneath in a direction away from your face. The curl should not be too tight that you cannot slide of your finger. Place your finger at the ends of a section of hair. Wrap the hair around your finger, rolling the curl under and away from your face. The curl should be just loose enough to slide off your finger. Secure the curl to your head by means of salon clips. Slide the clip in a diagonal direction over the curl top.

Step 4: Spray the wrapped sections with water. The entire hair sections should be water spritzed up to the scalp at this point. This process ensures even drying of the entire hair. A curl spray is a good alternative to water for better curling.

Step 5: Leave the curls to dry. Several hours or even overnight waiting time should be set aside to allow the curling to dry and take effect. Place your hair in a plastic shower cap if you plan for overnight waiting time to prevent frizz.

Step 6: Removal of the clips from the curls. After the waiting time, you can now remove the clips and unwind the wonderful curls. Gently feel and run your fingers through the curls to unfold them from being tightly wound. Reach out for the roots to completely shake the curls and let them fall naturally into shape. Spritz the entire hair with hairspray to hold the shape firmly and touch up loose curls to finally show your friends how to curl short hair. 

2 Above the Cut Curled Short Hair Styles

  • The Pixie Curled Short Hair

This hairstyle, fondly called pixie is without fuss and maintenance issues. The modern look of the pixie relies on choppy layers that give the curls the contemporary appeal while keeping them secure. For those of you are always busy, especially during the morning, try considering this hairstyle which will probably work with you.

  • The Curled Short Hair with Shave Back

The hairstyle makes use of the contrasting features of a full length top and a shaved back. The curls add the much needed volume giving a fuller appearance. The shave back is not for everyone as it only fits bold and edgy personality types. This unorthodox style is one of the best examples of how to curl short hair. 

Celebrities that Put the Curly Short Hair in the Glamour Hairstyle Map

Celebrities that learned how to curl short hair reaped the benefits in the form of glamorous yet easy to maintain hairstyle. It was not only about the appearance, but also the tremendous impact it brought in social media, billboards and ads, and especially to the stability and growth of their career.

  • Charlize Teron

This South African actress and film producer is the first South African to win an Academy Award in a major acting category and is also a consistent Golden Globe Award nominee. Her citizenship did not hinder her popularity and influence in the United States, which is her work is base, and in many parts all over the world. Her strong and extensive influence made her bag the annual Time 100 most influential people and is no wonder that her fashion and hairstyle are subject to duplication by legion of women fans worldwide.

  • Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer’s face, hairstyle included could launch a thousand ships, so to speak. She used these angelic features as a springboard to expose her acting talent and enter Hollywood. True to her ambitions, she won as Oscar at age 22 for the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”. Her success in Hollywood also made her a regular red carpet event customer, and it is in these privileged opportunities where she showed of her famous pixie crops and extensions in blonde and brunette hues triggering copycat reactions all over the world. Her annual curled short hair moments include: spiral curls for a New York Party in 2010, elegant short brunette braided hair in her movie trailer in 2011, swept-back short hair at the 2011 Golden Globe, a brand new choppy and mussed-up pixie crop for her movie conference in Los Angeles during 2013, a wavy chin length hairstyle for the premiere of ‘Serena’ in London in 2014, and her elegant platinum waves secured at the nape during the 2016 Sony Pictures CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas.


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