How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Family


Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, and just like the name suggests, the bed is precisely the most important piece of furniture in your relaxation room. When we come home from work tired at the end of the day, we all want to lay down on a comfy place that helps us relax and have a good night’s sleep, especially after taking a warm shower or bath. If you’re married and with kids, you want a bed that is not only built for comfort; but one that is also built to stand the test of time without developing quirky noises when you two are going about your business.

While a bed that’s too tiny will impede on your comfort levels, one that is too large may also not fit well in your small bedroom. If you have two or more kids who have to share a bedroom, for instance, a single bed may not be the best option for them, especially if we’re talking about a girl and a boy and in some cases, a bunk bed or loft bed could be a better option. Simply put, choosing bedding for your home can be an overwhelming task that requires you to consider a number of factors for you to get it right. But worry not because here are some pointers on how to choose the perfect bed for your family.

Consider Your Room Size

One of the most important things to think about when choosing a bed for your home is the space that you have in the intended room. If you’re a bit limited on space, a smaller bed could perhaps save you some space for placing a chair, desk, or dresser. On the same note, a storage bed with drawers underneath would create extra storage room for things that you would originally stored in a dresser, thus eliminating the need for one. Anything that you need in your bedroom, but don’t want to display would go into your extra storage room under the bed. This could be stuff such as spare bed sheets, blankets, off-season clothes, and even picture frames or board games that you only need when you have friends around.

Additionally, the bed’s height or distance from the floor to the sleeping surface is worth considering. If you have kids or pets, for instance, you may want to get a bed that is closer to the ground to make it easy for your kid or pet to hop into. On the other hand, if you’re looking for one that is strictly for adults, then a higher bed could be more convenient.

Bed Style

The bed you go for will obviously affect the overall look and feel of your bedroom. In terms of style, there are several options to choose from. However, you may want to pick one between the modern and classic style.

Go Modern:

It goes without saying, a modern style will give your bedroom a more modern look and feel, and when it comes to this, picking a platform bed will be a great idea, especially in the master bedroom. One of the best things about platform beds is that they do not require a box spring. Platform beds provide a sleek look in the room and are often positioned closer to the floor compared to traditional beds. You only need to place a comfy mattress in there to enjoy plenty of comfortable nights. The article “The 15 Best Modern Platform Beds for 2019” from Modern Digs Furniture shows that platform beds are a popular bedroom furniture choice because of their versatility, functionality, and comfort. In other words, it gives your bedroom a sleek design while still acing itself on comfort and functionality. You may also consider installing a bunky board under your mattress if you’d feel better if your bed was a few inches higher.

Classic Beds:

On the other hand, a classic bed will require a box spring and mattress. In most cases, you’ll get traditional beds with a pre-attached headboard as a one-piece unit. However, you may have to choose a headboard separately, which is still a great idea if you know how to fit a headboard. If you decide to go with the classic style, be sure to choose a headboard that resonates with the rest of your bedroom décor, after picking a quality mattress/box spring combination. The good thing is that there’s a wide variety of bed headboards, ranging from modern to traditional styles too.

Consider the Intended User

Another important factor to think about when picking the perfect bed for you and your family is to put the needs of the intended user in mind. This is especially the case if you have kids. While a baby court could do for a 4-year old, a teenage kid will require a comfortable bed of their own; given that it’s highly likely they have their own room. Depending on the kind of sleeper that you are, you and your partner will also need a bed that accommodates your specific needs and preferences in addition to overall décor and comfort. This brings us to the next important point.

Sleeping Needs and Preferences

While some of us are busy sleepers, others stay still throughout the night. Some of us are light sleepers whereas others are heavy sleepers. As a matter of fact, quite a number of people are also hot sleepers or cold sleepers. Some wake up with back aches after a night on a firm mattress, whereas some frequently complain of joint and overall body aches after an extended period of time using beds with firm mattresses. Before picking just about any bed, it’s highly important to consider the specific needs of each and every user.

In summary, size, height, aesthetics, comfort, and user preferences are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bed. In addition to these, you’ll also want a bed that is durable enough without spending an arm and a leg on it. This makes it important that before buying one, you take the time to conduct thorough research online and read reviews to get as much information as possible about the best family beds out there along with their costs and where to buy them. With the above few pointers in mind, finding the perfect bed for your family should be a breeze.


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