How to Be as Stylish as the UFC Fighters!


UFC fighters are mean fighting machines. They train days and nights to build their bodies to become super flexible and have heavy endurance. Their fights are not easy and it can take a real toll on their physical and mental being which explains why they have to spend those hours in the gym.

But did you know that outside of the arena, many of these UFC fighters are also style icons. Of course, no one would bet their money on their style sense but rather bet their money on real UFC fights. And yet it is quite a revelation to know that UFC champions can also be fashionable.

Take for example one of the greatest UFC fighters – Conor McGregor. Known popularly as Mr Notorius, McGregor is known for his quick knockouts and super agility in the ring. But the little known fact is that outside the ring, Mr Notorius becomes Mr Dapper. Known to be uber-stylish whenever in public, Conor McGregor is one of those personalities for who style comes naturally. There may be a lot to learn from him so let’s take a quick look at his sense of style.


Mr Notorius likes his suits with precise cuts. He’s also one to opt for bold checks as a fabric for his suits. This might also be a good time to let you in on the fact that he has his own fashion label called August McGregor. This is another business of his apart from an Irish whisky brand that launched recently all of which has made Conor McGregor a billionaire sportsman.


Accessories are like the icing on the cake. They can make or break your look. McGregor alays makes it a point to accessorise his suits with a matching tie and a pocket square. Make sure the patterns and teh colours don’t clash like he always does. Also spice things up with a great wristwatch and some sleak leather shoes. Sometimes McGregor also throws in stripes and spots together which can be a really interesting thing to do. You could also opt for a nice little lapel pin like he does. Remember that it’s the little details that matter.

Retro vs Modern

There is nothing classier than a man who is completely confident and has a sense of style that borrows from retro aesthetics. McGregor knows this and if you notice, his fashoin style mostly has many retro elements including the use of colour and patterns. Colours like burgundy count among his favourites. While colours and fabric can be retro, it would be a great thing to mix in the modern by focussing on the fit and the cut of the suit. The coming together of retro patterns with a modern fit is the ultimate fusion in the world of fashion and it also makes your look almost timeless. It’s an old trick that fashionistas and stylists have employed over the years.

These are just some of the tricks that you can learn from a legendary UFC fighter to ramp up your wardrobe. It should tell you that these guy believe in knockouts outside the ring too.


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