185+ Meaningful and Small Heart Tattoo Designs for Girls


Tattoos are both practiced and well-liked by so many people nowadays. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman who wants a tattoo, but lately, so many ladies have been getting tattoos over the past couple of years. Studies have shown that most women who get themselves a tattoo are young, unmarried women who want to make their bodies look more appealing to others. There are plenty of reasons why girls are motivated to get themselves a tattoo. For women, tattoos are now associated with fashion, attraction, and the best kind of feminine beauty.

It’s pretty much a given fact that most girls also like getting themselves delicate and tiny tattoos, which may or may not have a connection to their own personal lives. A small tattoo, which carries a meaning, makes it easier for them to be placed on the body, as to show off their boldness. So that’s why these small heart tattoos can be hidden away easily as well. And what’s more, they do show off a highly appealing look. Imagine placing a tiny, permanent heart on one of your fingers that you want to flaunt to your friends or family, to the point where you’re no longer considering wearing jewelry just so you could tell everyone about its beauty.

Small Heart Tattoo Designs

  • Life Goes On: This type of small heart tattoo contains a very powerful meaning to it. On one hand, it pretty much carries a complete shape of a heart – Meanwhile, on the other side, you can see a semicolon. The semicolon represents awareness for suicide prevention, as well as depression. Perhaps the main idea here is that the person who wears this tattoo – Or maybe even the artist – Utilizes the design’s punctuation mark when they don’t want to finish a sentence. This is a rule that they can apply in their daily lives. It means that the conversation doesn’t have to stop all of a sudden, but they can continue talking in one way or the other.
  • Bow Style Small Heart Tattoo Designs: This is a stunning tattoo that exudes class and beauty at the same time. Without having to use too much ink, the tattoo utilizes a combination of a tiny heart and a bow, making it look very attractive and beautiful. If you want this tattoo design, then feel free to attach it on your arms or your shoulders.
  • Geometric Black Contour Small Heart Tattoos: If minimalism is your thing, then a tiny black contour heart tattoo is the best design for you. This is a tattoo design that looks great on your wrists, your sides, your ankles, and your shoulders. But if you want a tattoo idea that is completely unique, then you can place this small heart tattoo on your fingers. You are free to add in tiny and simple details to your tattoo, such as a second heart, some clouds, a musical notes, a star, or whatever else. Another idea here is to pick a tattoo that contains the word ‘love’ on it, or just about any word that’s Important for you.
  • Fingerprints On Small Heart Tattoo: A good way to prove somebody that they have made a good impact in your life is to get a tattoo on their fingerprints. Judging by the lines contained inside this small heart tattoo, it most likely comes from the same person and cannot be confused with something else. This tattoo design is much more meaningful compared to a simple name or initial tattoo, since there could be two people who share the same name. But in this case, no two fingerprints are alike.
  • Music Symbol Small Heart Tattoo Design: This is a tiny tattoo that utilizes the music symbol and the heart at the same time. It’s a tattoo design that is completely unique in itself, not to mention very creative. You can attach it on your fingers or wrists, where it’s completely visible. This is a cool design and highly recommended for those who are music lovers.

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Small Heart Tattoo Meaning

A small heart tattoo is a common symbol for friendship and feelings of romance and love. This is the reason why they’re such a popular choice among young girls and women. The heart is the universal symbol of love. Not only does it represent love, but it also symbolizes passion and adoration towards a certain individual. Some people opt to get small heart tattoo designs thanks to their significant other, while others have utilized it as a sign of love for a family member or a close friend

Ideal Placement For Small Heart Tattoos

For girls, a popular spot to place a small heart tattoo on is around the ankles and the feet. These two places seem like less of a commitment for maintaining a permanent piece of body art – Not only can you conceal it if you want, but it’s not that noticeable either. The feet are not just considered to be a beautiful part of the human body, a tattoo also serves as the best way for them to look lovely, and add a bit of uniqueness to it.

The size of a general heart tattoo can go from small, to medium. These two look great in nearly all parts of the body, which includes the wrists, the ankles, the legs, the shoulders, the back of the ear, and the chest.

Preparation Tips When Getting Small Heart Tattoos

As much as possible, try to avoid getting sunburn. Stepping inside the tattoo shop of your choice and requesting your artist to give you another tattoo on top of your tanned skin is a definite no-no. This is because sunburnt skin as a whole is already damaged. Getting a tattoo on that area can increase the damage. Not only will the area feel twice as painful when being tattooed on, but the extra blood that’s underneath that part – Attempting to repair your burnt skin – Will also create plenty of problems thanks to the ink dilution. It can also cause visibility problems for the artist.

Make sure that your body is completely prepared for the experience. When you get a tattoo, your body’s immune system will start working right away. And because of this, you have to take those necessary steps to make sure you’re feeling strong and healthy before you allow that gun needle to penetrate your skin. For example, eat a good meal to make sure your blood sugar is up, and carry a bottle of water with you to the shop in case you get thirsty. Bring an extra bottle if you intend to stay there for two hours (this happens when you get a bigger tattoo).

Get lots and lots of rest. Just imagine how difficult it must feel to sit through over five or more hours of tattooing while your body only runs on three hours of sleep? This is the reason why you have to at least get over seven to eight hours of rest the day before the session. Stepping into the tattoo shop feeling groggy can result in you feeling fidgety and grumpy throughout the whole thing, which could have negative effects on the result of your tattoo.

Is Getting A Small Heart Tattoo Painful?

A tattoo isn’t exactly pain-free. Even though a couple of locations on the body might be completely tolerable with only the tiniest amount of pain involved, there are other spots out there which are totally gut-wrenching, not to mention very painful. This is the type of pain that will leave your fingernails buried in the tattoo chair, and your eyes stinging with tears.

Feet tattoos have become recently popular with the ladies. Not only do these tattoos look really good along with your favorite pair of flip-flops or sandals, you can also hide them easily if you wish. The feet and ankles are the best spots for you to get a tattoo, in case you don’t want to show them around. Even though a foot tattoo might seem like a cute idea, they can be very painful – Because the feet have thin skin and bones popping out. If you have gotten tattoos before, then this shouldn’t be surprising.

If the place where you intend to get a tattoo on is prone to pain, then this might be the best time to tap into your meditative and relaxed side and practice some yoga or deep breathing exercises. In case the pain becomes too much, then be sure to inform your artist. A great tattoo artist will stop whatever they’re doing, and let you relax for a while. You can use this time to get your head back into the game.

Frequently Asked Questions When Getting Small Heart Tattoos

  • Are tattoos meant to be safe?

As long as you pay a visit to a tattoo shop and artist with a good reputation, and they follow all of the most important safety precautions for tattooing, then acquiring a tattoo is completely safe. Just be sure you’re completely honest about your medical conditions and inform them right away.

  • How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

No person under the age of eighteen should be allowed to obtain a tattoo. The same rule applies for body piercings as well, unless the legal guardian or parent of a child has a written consent that allows the procedure. The parent and guardian has to be there as well during the procedure.

  • What’s the best spot for a tattoo?

In case you happen to work in a formal setting, like an office or in a hotel, then you might want to think twice first if you really do want a tattoo – Especially if you’re considering getting it on an exposed area such as the face, the neck, the hands, the wrists, or your fingers. You can instead choose locations which are very easy to cover up with clothes: This includes the upper arms, the upper or lower back, the legs, the thighs, or the sides and top of your feet. But if you work in an environment that’s a tad more lenient, then you can wear that small heart tattoo of yours at the back of your ear, on the wrists, and on the shoulders.

  • Is it okay to get a tattoo if I’m sick?

Acquiring a tattoo when your immune system isn’t exactly at its best is not the best idea. That’s because you’re going to have to require plenty of strength and replenish those white blood cells, which are necessary to heal a tattoo. this is something that your body cannot do, since they’re too busy fighting bacteria and viruses. There’s also the fact that it’s not very considering to step into the shop while ill, since you can end up passing your germs to others – Especially your artist. If you have already booked an appointment but feel sick on that day, then call and reschedule on the day that you’ll feel better again.

  • Do you need an appointment, or can you walk in?

Yes, walk-ins are completely accepted here, but an appointment is much more preferred. Remember that your artist’s availability for appointments is very limited. Perhaps one of the best things you can do is to get in the shop and talk to the artist face to face. But for a customized tattoo, it is recommended that you come into the shop for a consultation before booking the actual session.

Average Cost of Getting Small Heart Tattoos

The price of a tattoo will ultimately depend on the artist’s skills. Plenty of tattoo artists will often charge you by the hour, when it comes to their work. So when you pay lots of cash, then you are guaranteed an excellent design coming from the artist themselves. The average cost of a tattoo begins at 100 bucks per hour – And it could increase or decrease, depending on how big or small the design is. A huge back tattoo can go up to thousands of dollars. And if you want a customized tattoo, then the price can begin at $50 going up to $300. The bigger the tattoo may be, the higher the cost of acquiring it. Meanwhile, the smaller the tattoo is, the cheaper it costs. A big tattoo contains plenty more detailing, hence it requires a lot of work from the artist. This is the reason why it’s so expensive. The size of your tattoo will also play a rather huge factor in regards to tattoo prices.

And for tattoos, you will always get whatever it is your paid for.

Small Heart Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After you get your tattoo, you must now follow the cleansing process for up to six weeks. Make sure to wash your hands first, to ensure cleanliness. Use a mild, antibacterial liquid soap and warm water when cleaning your tattoo, and always wash your new ink according to your artist’s own recommendation. As mentioned, use only mild unscented soap when cleaning the tattoo, and lukewarm water. Clean up the tattoo using your artist’s own recommended cleanser. Do not use any soap with any alcohol or fragrance added in. Once you’re done washing, pat the area gently using a clean towel. Do not rub or pick at the skin while it’s flaking, no matter how tempting it might seem – This can ruin your tattoo’s design. Put on some sunscreen and SPF as it heals, since sunlight has the tendency to fade away the pigmentation.

Be patient as your tattoo heals up. The healing time will all depend on how well your body heals up, as well as how large the design of your tattoo is. This could go anywhere from one week (especially if your tattoo is just a simple linear design) to a couple of months for a bigger comprehensive design. Just always follow your artist’s aftercare instructions, for as long as they tell you to do so. The tattoo has to also be kept moisturized and clean for a couple of months after that, so don’t use abrasive skin products on it.

Do not pick on your tattoo. While it’s healing up, it could flake or scab a bit. Don’t pick at it, since this gets rid of the ink and can result in patches fading away or being removed as a whole. If your tattoo itches, don’t scratch it – Just slap it lightly to relieve it. Don’t worry, this should only last for a couple of weeks. If it stays raised, starts itching uncontrollably, or has a red patch surrounding the design, or keeps bleeding for at least more than a day after you leave the shop, or feels hot to the touch, then head back to your shop and ask your artist for medical advice. An infected tattoo rarely happens, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to not be careful. Make sure to get your ink checked if you’re worried about the condition.


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