80 Harry Potter Tattoos to Get You Through Muggle Life


More than twenty years after the publication of the famed Harry Potter series, magic lives on forever with these tattoo inspirations only real Potterheads will be able to recognize.

1. For the animal lovers

Get your mystical animal game on with symbols of a patronus and Hedwig etched on your thigh.

2. Marauder’s Map anyone?

Next time you get stuck at something, take a look on your wrist to remind yourself that even magical maps are closed by a phrase!

3. Hogwarts magic

Still think that Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry is just a place in your dreams?well it can also be on your forearm!

4. After all this time

We’re not crying, you’re crying. Keep Snape’s heart tucked in your sleeve with this simple but meaningful piece.

5. For the sports lovers

If broom matches are your thing, then maybe this golden snitch is your tattoo of choice.

6. Get inked, literally

This piece looks freshly-written by a quill. Black watercolor tattoos show great technique without sacrificing simplicity.

7. Subtle minimalism

Not a fan of going all out? Go low key with the famed scar of the boy who lived.

8. Houses unite

This Deathly Hallows tattoo is spiced up with splashes of color from the four great houses of Hogwarts.

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9. The face of Hogwarts

Why not have the poster boy of Hogwarts on your skin? Look at the shade on this piece, no pun intended!

10. Quoting Dumbledore

Great wizards do not fear death, and neither should you. Live life to the fullest and take adventure even in the afterlife.

11. Cast a spell

Ah, the wizard’s ultimate weapon. This is a different take to the Deathly Hallows tattoo, maybe if you wave it well enough you can cast a spell?

12. Great Houses 2.0

This is another take on the colors of the great houses. Which one do you like more?

13. What (bad) dreams are made of

Love them or hate them, dementors can give a pretty mean kick to your thigh.

14. Doe, a deer

Get Lily Potter’s patronus inked with Snape’s profession of his love. The design is artsy, and it’s something even non-Potterheads would love.

15. The Winged Keys

Professor Flitwick once charmed these keys to guard the Philosopher’s Stone. Guard your secrets with these tattoos on your arms.

16. You’ve got mail

The intricate details of this owl tattoo almost make it unrecognizable as a Harry Potter reference, but the letter gives it a whole new twist.

17. Order of the Phoenix

Are you part of this secret organization? Show your alliance by having a phoenix inked!

18. Dobby is a free elf

Relive one of the saddest moments in the series with a rendition if Dobby’s last moments.

19. Neat and simple

One of the greatest things about Harry Potter is that it’s so iconic, even a minimalist tattoo with a lightning bolt and round glasses is a dead giveaway.

20. Just put them all in there

Not sure which tattoo to get? Why not use your arm as a canvas for your favorite symbols–with the Death Eater mark as the main attraction?

21. As if etched by a wand

Here’s a cute take on the Deathly Hallows sign as if drawn with a wand, and small enough to fit your ankle.

22. Hogwarts Coat of Arms

Nothing else shows school spirit like having the logo of your school forever etched on your skin!

23. Modern Death Eater

Rooting for the other team but think they need a revamp in graphic design? Here’s a more stylized take on the Death Eater mark.

24. Expecto Patronus!

The doe and the stag represent Lily and James Potter, and how Harry connected with them through the the animagus. Show your folks some love with this tattoo!

25. The Deathly Hallows in 3D

This version of the Deathly Hallows sign with an elder wand jumps right out because of its shadow detail. Add some cracks and it’s like a relic on your back.

26. Let there be lumos

Lumos is Latin for light, and if you need something to help you on dark days, then this tattoo is for you.



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