Flaunt your Style with 80 Cool Hand Tattoo Designs


The human hand has played such a big role in evolution. Hands are the number one tool for creativity, as well as expressing one’s intelligence. If you take a closer look at those ancient cave paintings, you’ll learn that a giant part of these tribal rock art formations were comprised of hand prints done by cavemen. The hands have managed to enjoy a significant place even during the initial stages of human development.

Plenty of people who have chosen to get themselves a tattoo will actually decide to get a hand tattoo – Or the face, or the neck. The reason for this is because those three body parts are the ones that are highly visible, and mostly seen by the naked eyes. Acquiring a hand tattoo means you’re making a very public statement regarding your interests as well as your personality.

People who reside in Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand) or Polynesia utilize these hand and facial tattoos as a sign of their class, their current station, or to tell everyone which side of the family or tribe they belong to. Both Irish and Japanese people, meanwhile, allow themselves to wear tattoo sleeves to flow down, with the hands being the end of these extremities.

Hand tattoos are now becoming more and more popular. Tattoos nowadays are no longer seen on prison inmates, gang members, as well as tribesmen. Basically everyone – From soccer moms, to celebrities are now wearing tattoos, including hand tattoos. You can actually find plenty of groups out there in which all of the members sport tattoos. Some people who get tattoos choose to do so, to honor a loved one by placing the birth and death dates on the top of their hands, as a reminder of their loss.

Hand Tattoo Designs

A hand tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to make a strong statement. A hand tattoo can draw in the attention of any person you meet, compared to tattoos drawn on other parts of the body – With the exception of the face tattoo. Oftentimes, a hand tattoo carries spiritual or gothic symbolism. You need to have a certain inspiration or motivation that can cause you to get a hand tattoo, before you plan to get yourself one.

In case you have ambitions of becoming a clergyman, an attorney, or a doctor, you have to think twice about getting a hand tattoo done. A hand tattoo means that you have a bold personality, instead of being prim and proper, like those three professions require. In fact, even professional tattoo artists will wait for so many years before they can place ink on their own hands – And with good reason. Your hands are highly visible, compared to other parts of the body. Much like your neck or your face, you can’t even cover it up. A hand tattoo is a huge decision, overall. It requires you to be ready to handle society’s judgement.

  • Flower Hand Tattoos: A flower is a strong and extremely inspirational design when it comes to creating the best kind of hand tattoo ideas. These serve as an eternal symbol of purity, beauty, and love. Women are often attracted to flower tattoos, and this makes it a feminine symbol. The patterns used in flower hand tattoos are extremely versatile, since there’s actually a good choice in regards to color combination, as well as a whole assortment of flowers which you can choose to build up a one-of-a-kind design on the wearer’s hands.
  • Tribal Hand Tattoos: A tribal design has been considered a classic design in regards to tattoo art. Tribal tattoos always look great as a whole, since they’re mostly done in black ink, and contain very strong and vivid lines. This makes them highly attractive, visible, and stand out against the person’s skin. Those who wear these tattoos are often known to show off the gorgeous tribal designs, while other artists will find them a tad bit too enticing to experiment on.
  • Superhero Hand Tattoos: Superheroes are all the rage nowadays, and a lot of young girls and guys have turned to them as an inspiration for a tattoo. Superheroes always stand for bravery, loyalty, and having a kind spirit. This is the reason why people often get logos of their favorite superheroes tattooed on their hand.
  • Ring Hand Tattoos: Technically ring tattoos are considered as hand tattoos as well – Even though tiny symbols like birds, butterflies, or a person’s initials can be etched onto their fingers, an ornamental ring tattoo makes an excellent choice for tattoo fans as well. More and more couples have been getting these tattoos in placement of an actual wedding or engagement ring, which costs more than even a big back tattoo.
  • Mandala Hand Tattoo: These tattoos look very similar to those temporary henna tattoos. The mandala is considered to be a sacred symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism. There are plenty of mandala signs that are meant to symbolize the stars, the universe, and the sun. Even though mandala designs date back to the ancient times, a lot of people are still in awe by how they look and get them as an inspiration for a tattoo instead.

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Hand Tattoo Meaning

People are always doing impressions using their hands. No matter if it’s shaking hands with a stranger, or using gestures while they talk – And because of these, plenty of people – Including a lot of famous personalities, choose to get hand tattoos that everyone will be able to see. However, there are a quick list of things that you must know in case you want to get yourself a hand tattoo. Follow these rules and you’ll be happy with how your tattoo looks.

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of tattoo artists out there don’t have any problems whatsoever with tattoos on a person’s forearm, the back, or practically any other part of the body. But if you ask them to do a hand tattoo, they’ll politely decline your request. Why is that? This is because a person’s hands or feet are some of the most challenging parts of the body to get a tattoo on, and not every tattoo artist out there is exceptionally skilled in creating a hand tattoo.

Getting a tattoo done on your hands essentially means that the artist has to deal with plenty of uneven surfaces, thanks to the unnatural surface of your skin with bone underneath it. A person’s hands also comes in all sorts of shapes, colors, and conditions. This means that your chosen tattoo artist must be an expert in hand tattoos, and they have to know exactly what they’re doing with the design.

Much like any other tattoo, you have to always place a certain thought into the design that you want, since this will most likely stay on your body forever. But in regards to hand tattoos, this involves a fully visible area which everyone will see. Whether you like it or not, having a hand tattoo will surely make a good – Or bad – Impression on every person that you meet. And because they’re so hard to cover up (gloves are your only option, really) then you could end up facing problems in more formal workplaces, or if you are serving in the military.

Placement of A Hand Tattoo

If you want to get yourself a tattoo on your hand, foot, or even the face, then you might have a hard time trying to find the right artist who can do the trick. Plenty of tattoo shops out there have rules against having to perform tattooing in those specific areas. There are a couple of artists out there who feel very strongly about getting tattoos done in those areas, to the point where they will turn down anyone who asks for a tattoo there. That’s because these artists know that a highly visible tattoo – Seen on the hand or the face, for instance – Can have negative outcomes on the wearer. For example, they could end up becoming the subject of ridicule, or prevent them from being taken seriously when doing a job interview. Tattoo artists who think that a certain client isn’t prepared to take on the consequences won’t allow them to get a facial or hand tattoo done.

A hand tattoo – Especially a palm tattoo – Isn’t really common. But plenty of meanings are connected to these tattoos simply because of the placement. In certain cases, this is the ultimate form of rebellion. Those who wear hand tattoos are known to have a courageous and bold spirit.

Hand Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if you have decided to get a tattoo, or if you’re still thinking twice whether you want one or not, here are still some tips that can help you get ready for an upcoming session.

Do not drink alcohol, take drugs, or even take aspirin on the night before your scheduled appointment. Even if it isn’t enough to make you feel the hungover, the alcohol in your system could still thin out your blood and make you bleed twice as much. Drink plenty of water instead.

Be sure to get proper rest and have a good sleep. You might feel a bit too excited about getting a tattoo done and feel a bit restless, but getting eight hours of sleep will tend to make it easier for you to sit or lie down on that tattoo chair the next morning.

Make sure you have enough cash in tow to cover up the final price of your tattoo, no matter how much. Give your artist a tip before you go. Bring bottled water, some snacks, and juice in case you get hungry during the session. If you have already booked your appointment but you’re still not sure if you want to push through with it, then give your shop and artist a call, in case you want to cancel or postpone. You have to show up to your appointment on time and know exactly how much it costs.

Be sure to print whatever reference material you might need, to allow your artist to create your work. The more, the better.

Some people who want tattoos could have a medical condition which would require a signed permit by the doctor, to present to your artist during the appointment. Call your shop and tell them about your condition – And ask them if a doctor’s permit is needed.

In case you do get sick days or weeks before your appointment, give your artist a call and tell them to postpone or cancel. Never ever come into the shop while you’re sick. Not only is it completely unfair to expose your sickness to the artist, the staff, and other clients in the shop, it could also prevent your tattoo from healing up properly. In case your artist notices that you’re sick, they have the right to not grant you your tattoo. This could result in you losing the deposit you gave them beforehand.

Are Hand Tattoos Supposed To Be Painful?

If you are considering getting yourself a hand tattoo, then always remember that it’s highly visible – Not to mention getting it done there is very painful as well. Another thing you have to think about is that there’s bone directly below the skin, so a tattoo there could end up being twice as painful as getting it done on your back or on your arms. The reason for this is that your hands contain plenty of nerve fibers, and are twice more susceptible to pain. You won’t find too much muscle or fat there, to soften the needle’s impact. Your hand tattoo can swell up and make you feel uncomfortable for a long while after the process is over, so be sure to plan things accordingly. The hands are also one of the places where you can get an infection, because they’re the most used part of your body in regards to doing daily activities.

The idea of getting a tattoo done deals with a mechanical needle, or a whole group of needles that the artist uses to puncture your skin. This opens up a channel in which the dye or pigment is deposited in there. Naturally, there’s pain involved – As well as heat, swelling, and blood, similar to an injury. But the amount of pain involved here will also vary from one artist to another, from one tattoo design to another, as well as the person’s threshold for pain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Tattoos

1.Can my preferred tattoo design be misunderstood by others and carry negative connotations?

This issue has to be discussed, simply because a tattoo is frequently associated with ex-convicts, and gangs. Keep in mind that you aren’t picking a tattoo design that shows your connection to an organization or a group with negative connotations, or a sign that many people will feel offended by.

2. Do hand tattoos easily fade?

The skin on your hands makes it hard for the ink to stick correctly onto your skin. This means that colored or pigmented ink isn’t going to be as bright, and black ink won’t look as bold. A hand tattoo can wear off pretty easily, as we tend to use our hands often. The skin there might be thick, but there’s not much muscle or fat beneath it, which can cause it to fade away much quicker than expected.

Plenty of tattoo shops do offer touchups on brand new tattoos – But will make exceptions for both your hands and your feet. Before they can proceed with a hand or foot tattoo, they usually warn their clients that they might require plenty of touch-ups sometime in the future, which can cost a lot of cash.

3. What are the risks of getting a tattoo?

Here are some of the major risks involved with acquiring a tattoo: An allergic reaction, which includes itchiness and rashes, are made from the dye – Especially red dyes, so be cautious when you want a tattoo with this pigment. You can also acquire a potential viral or bacterial infection from your tattoo. However, this can only happen if your artist doesn’t use clean or sterilized equipment, or if they don’t use the proper techniques for safe tattooing.

Another thing you should worry about is catching blood-borne diseases, including hepatitis C, hepatitis B, or something much worse like tetanus or HIV. This can be contracted if the equipment being used here has been infected with another person’s blood and hasn’t been cleaned up properly by the artist.

Sometimes, changes in your skin can be difficult to monitor. If your tattoo has been placed near a mole or a skin lesion, then it could be hard to observe any weird changes to your tattoo, since the hue will most likely blend into the ink. And what’s more, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has stated that certain chemicals used for tattoo inks have been classified as a type of carcinogen – Something that can potentially cause cancer.

4. Can you tell me more about aftercare?

Plenty of tattoo shops, with their respective tattoo artists, will hand you a booklet or a sheet that contains all of the necessary aftercare information that you will need. You’ll also learn that you have to sign a disclosure that tells you that you have both understood and read the rules when it comes to maintaining a brand new tattoo. In case you still have any inquiries or want your artist to explain things to you in more detail, then always ask them some questions. They would rather have you learn more about the protocol and maintenance process, than have you screw up their piece of art by not taking care of it correctly.

5. What am I supposed to do in case my tattoo gets infected?

Be sure to contact your health care provider immediately – And do not call your tattoo artist. This means you have contracted an infection and you must take an antibiotic to prevent it from getting worse. Always follow the HCP’S instructions. If you are unable to get that infection treated in no time, then it could spread to other places, causing potential blood poisoning, which could make things worse for you.

What Is The Cost Of A Hand Tattoo?

Your chosen artist could have a huge impact on the final cost of your tattoo for so many reasons. Naturally, plenty of tattoo artists – Especially those who have had many years of experience with tattoos – Will charge a heftier price, compared to someone who’s only starting out. A lot of people do grow and become better artists, the more they gain experience. But there are still some instances in which even the most experienced tattoo artist isn’t really as skilled – Compared to someone who started their career a year ago.

It’s always good to take a look at the artist’s portfolio as well. This can help you find a good artist who can charge less, just because they don’t have enough experience or isn’t as popular as somebody who has been doing tattoos for the longest time now.

One of the potential extra costs that you have to think about is getting the artist to create a customized design or bringing in a customized design which they have to create as a tattoo.  Because the artist will now have to adjust to your own preference, they could end up charging just a little bit higher, in comparison to the normal rates that they provide, with the service for a stock design that they might have done beforehand.

Make sure to talk to several tattoo artists to see if they can create the ideas that you have in your head. Don’t concentrate too much on the price of your tattoo – Since most artists will be doing that within a couple of dollars. Always take a look at their previous work, along with the cleanliness and the experience that they’ll have when working inside their shop.

Hand Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Having to take care of a brand new tattoo is completely straightforward – And what makes this confusing is that each artist has their own piece of advice on how to take care of your tattoo. Most of the time, the goal here is simple. Just make sure that the tattoo heals up pretty quickly and try not to let it get infected.

Keep your bandage on for at least an hour – And no longer than four to five hours. Do not apply a fresh bandage after you’ve taken it off unless your artist tells you to do so.

Wash your tattoo thoroughly using lukewarm water, and gently clean the excess blood, ink, and plasma away using a mild, unscented liquid soap. Once you’re done, pat it dry using a paper towel. Do not rub or wipe. Allow it to air-dry first before you can start the maintenance process.

The next step is to apply a thin coat of aftercare product – It could either be a moisturizer or a scent-free hand lotion, or a product that your artist suggests – And slowly incorporate it into the skin, going to the point where it barely looks moist. Do not apply a thick layer on it. If you have to use lotion, make sure that it’s completely scent-free. If not, then a tiny bit of chemical from the lotion will irritate your tattoo, and could give you an infection. We also don’t suggest using A&D ointment because it’s got a high petroleum content. This can prevent your skin from breathing, which is an important thing especially since it needs to heal. It should also be able to breathe to prevent the pores from clogging up.

Make sure to regularly clean your tattoo using soap and water. This is practically common sense. If you have a job that requires you to be active or getting dirty, then you need to wash it more often than usual. Repeat the entire process for at least two weeks – Depending on how your tattoo looks. It’ll eventually start peeling like a sunburn after a couple of days. If it ends up scabbing then there’s nothing to worry about – Just let them fall off on their own. Do not pick or scratch at them. The ink could prematurely come off, and your tattoo will have blank spots in it.

As your tattoo heals up, do not swim in beaches or pools, and do not submerge yourself in hot tubs or even baths. Use sunblock if you must go out, since this’ll keep your tattoo looking as good as new.

Once your tattoo has been healed up, you can choose to visit your artist so they can see how it’s doing, and check to see if it needs a bit of a touch-up. All of the touch-up work involved is included in the final price. There could be a small fee involved in case you want to give it a bit of a touch-up, or change an aspect of the design.


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