125 Cute Hairstyles for Women over 50


Women, who are fortunate enough to still have the drive to look beautiful even at the age of 50, are usually those that believe that age is simply a number, and even considers it the time to enjoy life to the fullest. They also agree that they do not have to consider stop wearing their usual elegant hairstyles like their favorite pixie, bob or graded cut. If there is one thing, they simply prefer the simpler styles from their previous staples. Only occasionally and with caution, will they attempt to make little experimentations.

However, women over 50 should accept the reality that ageing is a fact of life, and certain changes in the body are bound to happen. When it comes to hair, graying will naturally occur as well as thinning and hair listlessness. Those women with a positive attitude are likely to cope with the problems of ageing and choosing the appropriate hairstyles for women over 50 is one of the best age-neutralizers at their disposal.

Main Issues and Nuances of the Hairstyles for Women over 50

  • Hairstyles for women over 50 should consider the delicate issues that women of that age bracket are facing, which includes graying hair, thinning hair, effect of the hairdo on the lines of their faces, and many others.
  • Women over 50 make attempts to boost their image and zero in on an elegantly modern yet “age-appropriate” hairstyle. The face, as well as the hairstyle, usually serves as a give-away gauge on a person’s age.
  • Many women over 50 who starts to have gray hair, prefer to go blonde instead of dark. As gray hair grows in, they blend better with blonde. Also, observation has shown that dark colors emphasize the dreaded facial lines that show ageing.
  • If your hair has become totally gray, considering coloring your hair blonde rather than brunette.
  • The perfect length for hairstyles for women over 50 should be the medium hair. At this length, the hair can still look stylish and sexy but without looking awkward and trying hard, to appear young again. The appropriate hair length falls somewhere between the chin and slightly below the shoulders.
  • To find the appropriate hairstyle, women over 50 should consider hair texture, face shape and personality type. Hair texture is not much of a problem, since a right medium cut hairstyle should be able to handle curly, straight, fine, coarse, and frizzy or anything finicky. Face shape correction requires intense facial analysis and extensive hairstyling design sense. Personalities can fall from edgy, laid-back, sophisticated, hip, classic or anything in-between, and it is best to mirror it in your hairstyle.
  • Age takes its toll on hair body and the hair will need layers cut in to give some volume and bounce to it. A volume-creating mousse or spray should ease the hair roots and provide some thickness in appearance. Just be sure to add the hair care products at the hair roots and crown and never on the hair top.
  • For women over 50 with fine hair, try a short-to-medium bob haircut or pixie hairstyles that look cheeky with some teasing done at the roots to add hair thickness.
  • Thick haired women over 50 will benefit from layered medium/long styles and anything from extra short pixie to long bobs whether they have curly wave or straight locks.

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Age-Defying Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women over 50, aim nothing more than sporting hairstyles that make them look younger. Although having the right attitude is the right way to deal with their dilemma, an appropriate young looking hairstyle would certainly help tremendously. Pick your choice from these age-defying hairstyles:

  1. Discreet Medium Layers Hairstyle

This impressive cut with discreet medium layers and tamed honey highlights suits best women of fair skins. To achieve a contrast in hair thickness with seamless transition, the top layers should be substantially shorter than the longest locks which should graze at shoulder length. Finish the look with side-swept bangs in front and try styling the tips with your handy round brush. This hairstyle not only looks gorgeous with great function but is also surprisingly easy to maintain.

  1. Shoulder Length Straight Hair

The best hairstyles for women over 50, which makes them feel comfortable and not going over board, are the simple ones like this shoulder length straight hairstyle. Even the tools are simple, including the basic straightener for the pin-point straight locks.  By rolling the straightener slightly at the end, a more stylish shape forms. This is a safe hairstyle for women over 50, who want to look younger but not too stylish.

  1. Straight Shoulder Length Hair with Side Parting

This shoulder length haircut’s appeal lies on simplicity and directness. No hair extension is utilized, instead the roots undergo mousse application to ease them and create thickness. The side parting brings dynamism and adds energetic air. This alone relates to a youthful posture, while the over-all look truly makes women over 50 look at least in their 40s.

  1. Medium Hair with Wispy Front Layers

It is not inappropriate for women over 50 to look soft and romantic. In fact it makes them look younger and true to their inner feelings. The wispy front layering, which starts from the bottom of the chin down to your hair ends, is a clever addition to medium cut hair to make it romantically distinct to other medium cut hairstyles. These front layers beautifully frame the face, add revealing texture, and paves the way for volume enhancing styling. Just be sure to cut your hair at the back in a straight line to keep them neat looking.

  1. Stunning Angled Bob

The angled cut is one of the most exciting and modern ways to play up a standard bob. Women over 50, should not be reluctant in trying modern ideas especially if they are still actively pursuing careers, which require them to relate with the younger generation. They ought to embrace chicness and sophistication rather than stick to plainness. This hairstyle not only adds volume from the unequal parting which puts heavy weight on one side, but also makes women look substantial younger.

  1. The Reliable Pixie Haircut

Women over 50 with thinning hair issues can hit two birds with one stone with this hairstyle. Rather than spending time and effort fixing thinning hair, why not just embrace it and feel naturally good without worrying. This young looking hairstyle requires little maintenance while adding slight edginess that makes women appear powerful with controlled chicness and sophistication. If you want practicality, young and powerful looks, the pixie is your best haircut bet.

  1. Dynamic Uneven Bangs

Women over 50, who are lucky enough to still have thick hair, can get away with full front bangs that would definitely belie their age. Instead of heavy bangs with blunt edges, experimenting with choppy front bangs give rewards of loose youthful naturalness and provision for a multitude of styling options like side parting or even tousling the hair to look a bit random.

  1. Loosely Slicked Back Styling

Short haircuts with modern looks, can make you look young without much effort on your part. It is as if magic that the hairstyle does all the tricks to looking young for you and you simply wear them. But, do not be too complacent. If you just make the effort of slicking your hair backwards with your fingers and a comb, you are leaving no room for the short bob to go flat.

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  1. Simplistic Wavy Lob

This hairstyle is considered a lob, a hairstyling term which means long bob, but is really more of a medium cut. Women over 50, favors this risk-free hair length as well as a simple hairstyle with minimal elaborate manipulations. In this instance, the ever reliable wavy texture plus basic downward flow of the hair and an off-center parting are enough to make the hairstyle look impressive and thick. The front hair is simply combed down without any attempt to include bangs. For added dimension, apply mousse at the hair roots to ease them and make them look thicker, as well as drying your hair in sections. The old adage that “simplicity is beauty”, is so true with women over 50.

Magical Hairstyles for Women over 50 Tutorials

  1. Volume-Enhancing Half-Up Bun

The best hairstyles never fail to come back, because the demand for them also exists cyclically. This 90’s look is hot right now, especially for women over 50, who love to look younger.

Step 1: Apply hair mousse. Dispense a light amount of mousse onto your palm and apply it to dry roots at the crown of your head, making your half bun look bigger.

Step 2: Use blow-dryer on your hair roots. Gently tousle the hair roots using your fingers while using the blow-dryer for spread effect giving a voluminous look.

Step 3: Form a half-up bun. Pick up hair at your crown and secure a loose bun from the section of hair.

Step 4: Add curly ends. A welcome added volume is created by manipulating the hair ends into loose curls.

Step 5: To secure the half-up bun in place and add shine to the hair, spray a few spritzes of voluminizing hair spray.

  1. Blonde Bob with Romantic Curls and Face-Framing Bangs

This hairstyle uses three main hairstyling techniques to add youth to women over 50 – hair coloring, curls and bangs.  Hair colors hide graying hair while curls add volume to thinning hair and bangs emphasize facial features. The steps are simple after initially having your short bob and side swept bangs ready:

Step 1: Prepare the materials that you will need: texturizing spray, heat protectant spray, 1.5 inch curling iron, straightening iron and paddle brush.

Step 2: Prepare your hair. Shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly and apply your favorite hair conditioner to nourish and moisturize your hair. Also, use heat protectant and texturizing spray all over your hair to neutralize the harm of curling, which you will be doing shortly.

Step 3: Gather 2 inch sections of hair and curl the ends. Do this in other areas that you think would be crucial to a beautiful hairstyle, like the front hair ends.

Step 4: Straighten your bangs to make them ready for parting.

Step 5: Part your bangs favoring only one side. This avoids the center parting which is static and boring.

Part 6: Gently stroke your curls with a paddle brush to loosen them up and create a full volume look.

2 Women over 50 Hairstyles that Will Do Magic this Year

Women over 50, turn to medium length cut whenever they have a bad hair day. These hairstyles are reliable staples to go to this year.

  • Wavy Medium Length Cut

Women over 50 can still look great with any hair length, but the medium cut still stands out when talking about which is the safest one. Risk-free here means the possibility of experimentation with less chances of looking forced. This particular hairstyle exploits wavy locks to give an impression of movement and vibrancy. Activity relates to youthfulness and there is definitely something about this hairstyle that women over 50 looks 10 years younger. Those wavy locks are not possible with a short cut, while incorporating it with long hair would not be age-appropriate. The exposed ears are best exploited by using elegant-looking earrings.

  • Layered Medium Length Cut

Layering is the key to a medium length cut intended for women over 50. One-length hair may be simpler and good for women who do not have issues with fine or thin hair, but will not be successful on everyone. Using long layers add needed body to flat hair, revealing texture to coarse hair and neatness to curly hair. Avoid having too much layer at the back, because a heavy top with listless ends will be counter-productive and will not help in making you younger. For the same reason, also avoid having layers above the earlobe. Layers should also be cut in such a way that the front frames the face strongly. Try to top your looks with a winsome smile in your exposed face to look so much younger.

Celebrities with Hairstyles for Women Over 50 that Rocks

As they say, age is just a number and these celebrities defy age with modern haircuts that still look perfectly appropriate despite their age. Read on and find out how they gracefully deal with ageing.

  1. Lena Headey

Lena is an English actress, voice actress and film producer. She is best known for portraying Cersei  Lannister in the household fantasy series Game of Thrones that aired in HBO from 2011, which has earned her three consecutive Emmy award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (2014-2016) and a Golden Globe Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2016. Her film credits include The Brothers Grimm, an exciting fantasy film in 2005, the highly acclaimed action film 300 in 2007, and The Red Baron (2008), a biographical adventure film where she played Gorgo, Queen of Sparta. Apart from being recognized by critics for her acting prowess, she also earned handsomely from her craft, and became one of the highest paid actresses in television according to revenue computations.

For appearing as Queen Cersi in Games of Thrones, the public visualizes her as wearing a long blonde wig whenever they see her on television, but in real life, she sure rocks sporting a short haircut for women over 50. Her hairstyle combined the pixie with some stylish length and side-swept bangs. If you want to emulate her hairdo, just make sure to avoid fringe bangs to avoid a blockish appearance.

  1. Heidi Klum

Heidi is a German-American model, television personality, businesswoman, fashion designer, singer, television producer, author and actress rolled into one. She made headlines when she appeared on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and also became the first German model to be named Victoria’s Secret Angel in 1999. After a successful modeling career, next came was her hosting and judging stint with Germany’s Next Top Model and the reality television show Project Runaway, which earned her an Emmy Nomination in 2008 and finally an award in 2013 as Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program. Over-all, she has six Emmy Awards for various categories. Commercially, her success is huge considering that Forbes magazine estimated her earnings for 2011 alone to be worth US$20 million, enough to propel her to Forbes’ list of the “World’s Top-Earning Models”. Her businesswoman soon began to overtake her modeling career after her 13-year run as Victoria’s Secret Angel model ended.

To the general public, if there was one woman who can still carry youthful and playful hairstyles for women over 50, Heidi should be that woman. In one public appearance, she wore a medium hair with wavy lengths and bluntly cut fringes. The way she showed of her hair made it look “age-appropriate” even if was slightly playfully flirty. The layers gave an air of delicate softness while the bangs contrasted with youthful and edgy look.


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