125 Prom Hairstyles for a Queenly Vibe


The word prom from prom hair interestingly comes from the word “promenade dance”.  Schools in the late 1890’s to the early 1900’s introduced proms and the inspiration from galas and debutante balls at the time. Ladies, especially, consider the prom as a special moment is their adolescent life and they also look forward with excitement and anticipation where they would have a chance to show off their lovely gowns and hair to complement their beauty at a time when they are so conscious and proud about it.

Naturally, proms are expensive events where everything has to be elegant for the ladies. Prom hair came about to address issues regarding sophistication of their hairstyles for the event. The prom hair usually requires the grace and elegance of long, wavy and voluminous hair although when properly done, short hair can look amazing and sophisticated also. For this special event, ladies usually hire the expertise of hair professionals to ensure a successful hairstyle. The elegance of the vintage look is always in the minds of the hairstylists and it is not surprising that they often suggest this style. The vintage look is a tried classic with an impressive track record in past proms, balls, galas and other important events. Stylists normally suggest the use of hair extensions due to their practicality and convenience.

What You Should Know About Prom Hair

There are only few hairstyles that could equal the versatility of prom hair. This information can add clarity to the usefulness and nuances of the hairstyle:

  • Fine-haired prom girls can benefit from spraying their roots with a light finishing spray right after teasing. The measure helps strengthen the hair before brushing it down.
  • Rubbing a few spritz of dry shampoo into the hair roots and gently rubbing with the fingers can add extra volume to the hair. Do this simple procedure even if the hair is clean. This helps in lifting the hair and banishing natural hair oil that causes the strands of the prom hair to be heavy.
  • To get an even fuller hair, use boar’s hair with 1 inch brush width to lightly tease the hair roots. This will make the hair stand up. Gently smooth down using boars hair paddle brush. The final result is a fuller and more voluminous looking prom hair.
  • To prep the prom hair before the addition of full waves or curls, it is advisable to first apply a dollop of styling cream. This cream comes with a pleasant smell most of the time.
  • In your prom hair, use a 1 inch curling iron to define curls and make stay longer. After each curl, coil it up to the head and secure with a pin. Use hairspray all over to hold the curls before removing the holding pins.

Prom Hair in 2017 Next in Line for Classicality

Prom hair needs to be extremely romantic to make even the most conservative lady ecstatic. These prom hair styles can easily make ladies feel like queens even just for once:

  1. Romantic Prom Hair Braided Updo

A date at the prom night is a rare opportunity not to miss on when a girl wants to flaunt a romantic experience and chance to show off. Part of the romantic set-up is a braided prom hairstyle with matching updo and curly tendrils to frame the face that glows on a romantic night.

  1. Prom Hair with Low and Elegant Ponytail

If braiding is a complicated process to some individuals, women can keep things nice and simple with this elegant and low ponytail hairstyle. The face-framing tendrils are ever present and they remain loose while the hair band under a strand of hair wrapped around the base of the ponytail hides cleverly. Securing the hair with grips and a few spritz of hairspray are reliable techniques to hold the hairstyle in place.

  1. Prom Hair Messy Twists

Romantic hairstyle does not always mean well organized hair all the time. Bold and expressive women sometimes want to show off the experimental and highly energized temperament of the youth. The beauty that lies in randomness is uniquely beautiful amplified by the combination of romance and boho chic peg. Adding hair accessories like tiara or headpiece can effectively girlie-things up conforming to youthful and feminine image. The hairstyle is open to endless possibilities.

  1. Prom Hair with Curls and Side Fishtail

The fishtail braid is a new and fresh take on standard braids, and uses an additional fourth strand compared to standard braid like the French and Ghana. The unique and alluring appeal of this hairstyle makes it an ideal prom hair where romanticism is of prime importance. The hair ends are intentionally made curly to add volume while the fishtail braids are located at the sides to heighten the intrigue.Also See:

  1. Messy Fishtail with Low Bun

This is another prom hair that defies convention but still maintains the romantic quality that fits a prom night. The elegant updo completely complements grandiose prom gowns and impressive settings. The random and messy bun in addition to the similarly formed fishtail braid are like art pieces by an Avant garde artist who defy norms and traditions.  In the final analysis, the hairstyle is unmistakably romantic while being expressive and edgy and could qualify as a prom hairstyle.

  1. Vintage Prom Hair

Some prom nights have special motifs like the vintage look. This poses a challenge to ladies who find excitement in reliving the glory days of the past elegant decades, when ladies were classically poised and beautiful. Vintage dresses are available for rent, purchase and lending but the vintage hairstyle requires more effort to reproduce. For ladies with short hair more effort is required as clever twisting and pinning is a required as an important step when using hair extensions.  This also serves as a great opportunity to show off the wavy middle hair down to the curly hair ends which is absent with the usual updo with long prom hair.

  1. Boho Inspired Braid with Updo

This multiple braided hairstyle is bohemian in character with several color renditions that create a stunning look with long and loose natural hair. The updo serves both as a climatic feature and strong base. Shoulders and back never look more alluring with this hairstyle.

  1. Stylistic Pretty Low Bun

The hairstyle is almost poised to wear a crown as if the prom wearer was the queen of the prom. The curly hair with elegant waves combined with the sophisticated looking braids gracefully flowing down at the sides connive to produce the regal appearance. Finally, the third strong component, the low bun, creates the final trio of triangular bases that holds the hairstyle into a stable form.

  1. Prom Hair with Curls and Braids

The combination of curls and braids create a synergy that these two items cannot equal separately, they have to be combined together to be potently effective. The logical sequencing is to start with the curl followed by the braid to create naturalness and a free flow. The fishtail braid will provide the relaxed and romantic air the prom hair needs in the special event.

  1. Fishtail Braid to Bun Done Upside Down

There is no doubt that this prom hairstyle is out of the ordinary but at the same time not too difficult to achieve. The unusual part of the hairstyle is fishtail braiding the hair upside down rather than the usual along the top of the head. This clever twist makes the wearer stand out among regular hairstyles on a prom night.

  1. Boho Looks

Does boho tickle your fancy?  Or do you simply want to wear your hair down, yet still show off an attractive back design on your favorite dress? With natural hair or with artificial hair extensions, this hairstyle can create the compromised possibility that you have been looking for. The curly hair ends give the elegance so characteristic of long flowing hair.

  1. Ghana Braided Low Bun

You must remember the amount of work and effort that you or your stylist are required to exert to style your hair on your prom. Dyeing, blow-drying, and even curling are a few of those regimens. This hairstyle requires you to perform prior conditioning treatments to avoid dry and damaged hair. The highlight bun is located at the back of the head, in the nape area. The bun is the product of combining the ends of all the braided hair, wrapped around skillfully. This hairstyle is ideal for school proms.

  1. Braid to a Messy Ponytail

How about a messy ponytail instead, when you find your usual bun failing to deliver? This fishtail braid, slightly pulled apart and with medium height ponytail, is so gorgeous without trying hard. A strand of hair hides the hairband that secures the ponytail at the back of the head. Through the touch of the fingers, a more relaxed boho vibe is attainable by pulling the ponytail down. Both ways, the hairstyle is romantic enough to get the nod of prom goers.

Most Requested Prom Hair Tutorials

  1. How to do the Rope-Twisted Pinwheel Bun appropriate as Prom Hair

This bun is a worthwhile and highlight element that you will so proudly wear. Although it is a favored prom hairstyle, it is usable for other special occasions like weddings, graduations, and sporting events like gymnastics, cheering, ballet and many others. The procedure consists of:

Step 1: Start by creating a high ponytail from the hair.

Step 2: Use artificial hair with matching color to create the bun. Pull the natural through the bun and slide it down to the base of the ponytail.

Step 3: Allow the hair to fall down evenly over the bun maker.

Step 4: Form a slight separation on one side of the bun. This is where you will begin the rope twists.

Step 5: Gently pick up a small section of hair and create 2 divisions consisting of small strands.

Step 6: Now, proceed with the standard rope braiding technique by twisting the 2 pieces of strands in the same direction a few times, and then twisting them together in the opposite direction approximately 4 to 5 times.

Step 7: Now, reach two fingers down through the middle of the bun maker, while grabbing the twist you just formed, and pulling it upwards through the middle of the bunker.

Step 8: If any ends are still untwisted, twist them and pick up some additional hair to augment your strand.

Step 9: Separate the section of hair into 2 strands again just like the last time, and ensure that the shorter strands are evenly divided with the newly added-in hair.

Step 10: Repeat the rope braiding following steps 6 to 8 until the entire bun maker is fully covered with rope-twisted strands.

Step 11: At the last rope twist, pull the rope through the bun maker and rope twist the ends completely down the strand.

Step 12: The penultimate step is to take the end and wrap it beneath the bun, around the ponytail holder, and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 13: Tuck any layered wispies below the neighboring twist, and organize the twists evenly around the bun before adding hair wax or hair spray for an impressive shine.

  1. The Side Parted Sweetheart

This hairstyle is simple yet extremely classy and elegant. Off shoulder or even strapless dresses will look gorgeous with this prom hair.

Step 1: Start with a dry hair

Step 2: Section your hair, leaving one where you will begin curling. Proceed with spraying this section and the other ones with a working spray.

Step 3: Curl each section with curling iron that can either be a 1 and ¼ inch in size or 1 and ½ inch. Be aware that the bigger the curling iron, the looser the curls. The size of the curling iron to be used is a matter of personal preference.

Step 4: Place a headband on the top of the head and style the bangs according to taste and likng.

Step 5: Pull the entire hair to one side where you wish. Secure the hair on the back side towards the side of your choice using bobby pins that have been slipped around the hairline on the back of your neck. You can sometimes get away by simply resting the entire hair over the shoulder at the side you chose.

Step 6: Use finishing spray for better hold and impressive shine.

The 2 Most Trending  Prom Hair Sweeping Instagram

2017 is a great year for fans of the prom hair to follow the hottest trends. The likely trending hairstyles to banner the prom hair this year are:

  • The Cute and Sweet Side Swoop

The main feature of the style is the soft swoop that hovers teasingly above the shoulders. Mainly a vintage look, the creation begins with a side pony and sweeping back hair, all of which are secured with either hidden bobby pins or the highly visible decorative bauble. Adding clips or sparkles also produce shine and life to the hairstyle.

  • Mystical Mermaid Braids

The mermaid-inspired hairstyle is awesome enough for its theme but being big and bold can already overwhelm. This hairstyle requires both length and volume to complete the look. For those of you who are excited to wear the mystical mermaid braid this summer, but are not blessed with long voluminous hair, there is no need to fret as clip-in hair extension are available in the market for your rescue. Using these extensions may be a bit elaborate and laborious but the end results will please you.

Celebrities that Shone with Prom Hair

It helps that these celebrities look wholesome adding credibility to the romantic prom hair they wore. At any moment during their public appearances sporting this hairstyle, they could not be blamed for being mistaken looking fresh from a prom.

  1. Selena Gomez

American singer and actress Selena Gomez is a high profile celebrity who can astonishingly pull off a minimalist look on personal appearances wearing simple curled ponytail. She was  introduced to the limelight at a young age in the children’s television show Barney y & Friends. Other big acting projects came her way until she effortlessly rose into fame. Next that came was her highly successful musical career where she was able to sell over 7 million albums and 22 million singles. Naturally, her chosen prom hair peg was anticipated and appreciated by her millions of fans to the point of being emulated. Because of the simplicity, fans can relate to her hairstyle and find no difficulty in trying it.

  1. Emma Watson

Nobody can throw a voice of disagreement when the argument that Emma Watson wears the most romantic hairstyle nowadays is brought up. The tousled updo adorned with loose plaits and feathers elevates the Ghana braids hairstyle into heightened elegance aside from the functionality and protectiveness that it offers. Her stylist, Adir Abergel, could not be happier with the results brought by the hair’s loose waves at the ends, voluminous crown, and the loose chignon at the neck formed by deconstructed braids. Emma, a British actress, model and activist always find herself under the watchful eyes of fashion police and curious fans but always gets high approval and rare disapproval. Her activist activities, including the fight for gender equality, endear her more to her millions of fans which admire her rare beauty with substance. Her choice of Ghana braids as a hairstyle is not surprising as it is line with her character of combining beauty with substance or functionality.


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