55 Hair Color Ideas Perfect for Any Season


The hair is a woman’s crowning glory. This is the reason why women always take care of their hair. Every woman, and even men too, is entitled to feel good about her appearance and she has all the right to do whatever she has to do in order to look good. Unfortunately, not all women realize how important taking care of their appearance is. It’s either they are too busy working that they forget how to make themselves look good, or they just don’t think that they are not worthy of looking good. This self-degradation should stop right now. It is time to boost your confidence by getting a makeover, in thought and in appearance.

There are so many things that you can do in order to start the makeover process. You can either change the way you dress, change your makeup, cut your hair short, sport a different hairstyle, or get different hair color. It has been proven that changing your hair color could significantly change your entire appearance, and it gives you a youthful glow. But, you have to be careful in choosing your new hair color since it needs to match your skin tone properly, in order to give you an upgraded look. You can find many hair color ideas in this post as you read on.

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Getting the Perfect Hair Color Ideas for This Year

  • Top 10 Hair Color Ideas for Various Hairstyles
  • Easy Tutorials on How to Achieve the Best Hair Color Ideas
  • The Best Hair Types for Hair Color Ideas Presented Above
  • Famous Hollywood Celebrities Bringing Awesome Hair Color Ideas to Life

Top 10 Hair Color Ideas for Various Hairstyles

Many people share their hair color ideas online, and it has certainly helped other people get inspiration for their own hair. Although there is nothing wrong with changing your hair color, there are certain things that you need to consider before following what you see online. The first thing that you need to consider is your skin tone. If you have naturally fair or light skin tone, then you can freely go from dark to the pastel hair colors. On the other hand, if you have naturally tanned skin, then you might not be able to rock an ultra-light blonde color (but still, you are totally free to try the lightest colors if you think you will look good in it; sometimes, it’s just a matter of guts and confidence to rock a unique hair color.)

Another consideration would be whether that particular hair color in mind is acceptable in your workplace, school or community. There are schools that don’t allow students to have extremely bright-colored hair, and there are communities that look down on people sporting bright-colored hairstyles. Worst is, when your workplace doesn’t allow you to sport any hair color other than your natural hair. That is just too heartbreaking.

Here are some hair color ideas plus the perfect hairstyles for it:

  1. Golden Brown Hair Color

When people hair the term “golden brown”, they immediately think of a hair color that is somewhere near a blonde-haired person. Well, that is not that surprising because golden brown hair color is one of the lightest brunette shades you can ever find. The golden brown hair color gives off a warm vibe that is perfect for persons who have naturally tanned skin tone or bronze skin tone. This hair color can definitely give you a youthful glow.

  1. Light Caramel

Light caramel hair color is perfect for all skin tones, light or dark. If you want this hair color, then you might need to bleach your hair first before you can achieve it (for brunettes). This hair color goes well with some highlights in darker shades, just enough to accentuate the lightness of the caramel color. Although this hair color is perfect for the summer season, you can still sport it anytime of the year.

  1. Dark Brown Auburn

The dark brown auburn hair color never gets old. It fits any type of occasion and season. This hair color shows dark shade of brown with a tinge of reddish glow. Although this hair color will look ordinary in dim light, wait until you see it directly under the sun. Teens and adults who are not that confident to get bold hair colors often sport the dark brown auburn hair.

  1. Buttery Blonde

Having natural blonde hair can be wonderful, especially if you are a fan of styling and coloring your hair. This buttery blonde hair color is one of the most common hair colors you can see among female Americans. It gives off a soft and beach-y vibe, perfect for the summer season. Although natural blonde-haired women often sport this color, brown-haired women are very much welcome to try it. However, you will need to bleach your hair first before you can achieve this hair color.

  1. Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde is a popular hair color for those who want to achieve a more subtle hair color. This hair color is near white, but with a touch of darker blonde shades. Actually, you need to have highlights in order to achieve this hairstyle. The sandy blonde hair color is like the muted version of the lightest blonde hair you could ever get. It’s perfect for people with fair skin tones.

  1. Frosty Ombre

Ombre is probably one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles for both teens and adults. Ombre hairstyles use techniques that show gradient transition from dark to light colors and vice versa. For people who are too busy to maintain an ombre hairstyle but still want to get one, it’s highly recommended that you get an ombre with dark roots and light tips (for brown-haired women). This save you trips to the salon for regular hair touch ups since your hair growth will look natural with it. In addition to that, it doesn’t require bleaching your entire hair, so there will be less damage to the hair.

  1. Gold Plus Amber Hair Color

This hair color is a combination of the famous golden blonde and beige tones. This will keep your face looking young and fresh, all the time. This hair color is somehow like ombre in the sense that the roots are at least two shades darker than the tips. However, this hair color is usually couple with baby highlights to emphasize the wonderful golden blonde glow that you are looking for.

  1. Contrasting highlights

With contrasting highlights, you never have to worry about hair growth, whether you are a brown-haired person or a blonde-haired person. It’s because this hair color uses techniques that perfectly combines two contrasting colors, like dark brown and ash brown. The effect is wonderful and it gives you a different aura.

  1. Peaches and Cream

This hair color is perfect for those who love boldness. The roots take a dark shade of brown, while the mid-section takes a beach-bleached or peachy hair color. As for the tips, it usually comes in medium to light blonde. This tri-tone hair color will give you a summer vibe. When this hair color is applied properly, your hair would look like the gradient sky depicting the dramatic setting of the sun.

  1. Pastel Pink

If you are a lover of pink, then this hair color is for you. Many women have already pulled of this hair color, and so can you. You can go for full-head tint or do some ombre or highlights if you are not bold enough. This hair color is perfect for people who have naturally fair skin.

Easy Tutorials on How to Achieve the Best Hair Color Ideas

Going to hair salons is the best option you have if you want to get the perfect hair color you have been thinking of. However, there are circumstances that just don’t allow you to go to hair salons. For instance, the salons in your area may not have experts who can achieve your preferred hair color or hairstyle, or worse, if the salons in your area are too expensive. The only choice that you have is to experiment at home and perform some D-I-Y magic.

Here are some tutorials that can help you achieve the hair color ideas you have been dreaming of:

Ombre Hair

Getting ombre hair done requires skills and expertise, but it doesn’t mean you cannot do it at home. If you just follow the steps listed below, you can achieve an awesome ombre style at a cheaper price.

  1. Decide on the colors you want to use.

This is the step where you face the greatest dilemma – choosing the right hair color. If you are a brunette, then it would be best to use darker shades on the roots then gradually becoming lighter around the tips. On the other hand, if you are a natural blonde, then you can choose light colors for the roots and darker hues at the tips (reverse ombre). This will help you keep the hairstyle for a longer period, without getting touch ups.

  1. Determine where the fade will start.

This is a very important step. You have to determine where you want the fade to start, and it must be planned strategically. Starting the fade too high or low will make it look unnatural. In addition to that, starting the fade too high will make it look like you have overgrown roots, rather than a newly achieved ombre.

  1. Prepare your hair and yourself as well.

Before you start the dyeing process, you have to comb your hair neatly. This will keep tangles off, which will become a hindrance to the beautiful results you are going for. A well-combed hair will not give you difficulties when applying the bleach. In addition to combing your hair, you should also not forget to wear old clothes, since the dye can stain anything that comes to contact with it. Get your rubber gloves and put it on before mixing the bleach.

  1. Divide your hair into sections.

After you have finished preparing yourself for the process, it’s time to divide your hair into different sections. The smaller the sections are, the better the results of the ombre will be. Make sure to separate your hair by tying them using hair elastic. Tie the section on the part where you want the fade to start.

  1. Mix your bleach.

Your bleaching pack comes with instructions. You should follow it carefully in order to achieve a perfect bleached hair. But if it doesn’t come with instructions for some reasons, then you have to remember that the basic mixture of bleach is 1:1 20 volume peroxide and bleaching powder. Mix it thoroughly until you get a creamy mixture.

  1. Apply the bleach on your hair and let it set.

Don’t overdo this step. You have to be careful where you are putting the bleach on. Make sure that you only apply the bleach until the section where you want the fade to start. After finishing all sections, let the bleach set for 10-45 minutes. Check your hair from time to time in order to see whether the bleach has worked or not.

  1. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry.

After the 45-minute mark, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. Leaving the bleach on for longer periods will bring extreme damage to your hair. Let your hair dry.

  1. Apply hair color.

If you wish to have ombre hair using colors other than the usual blonde color, then you can apply it after drying your hair. Section your hair once more and start applying the hair color to each section. Let the dye set for a couple of minutes, or as instructed on the packet.

  1. Rinse thoroughly and let your hair dry.

After letting the hair dye set, you can now wash it off and let your hair dry afterwards. Finally, you now have your very own ombre hair!

Hair Highlights

You can also apply hair highlights at home. Just follow the easy steps below.

  1. Prepare your tools and yourself.

Comb your hair neatly first before applying anything on it. Also, make sure you are wearing old clothes since the bleach might stain the clothes that you are wearing. Prepare all your tools before starting.

  1. Divide your hair into sections.

You are only asked to divide your hair into four sections, at the least. But if you can divide it into more sections, the better the results will be.

  1. Apply the bleach.

Since you are only doing highlights, it’s necessary to use foil to separate bleached hair from the natural hair. Keep the foil under the strands where you want the highlights to be and start applying the bleach. Make sure the strands are thin enough so as not to make your highlights look like zebra stripes. Repeat this on all sections.

  1. Let the bleach set and wash it off afterwards.

Let the bleach set for 10-45 minutes. After this, you have the option to apply hair toners, or just simple rinse the bleach off.

  1. Dry your hair and flaunt your highlights.

Make sure you dry your hair to see the real results of your DIY highlights. You are now ready to rock the season with your awesome hair.

The Best Hair Types for Hair Color Ideas Presented Above

  1. Straight hair

Usually, people with straight hair look good with ombre and all the other hair color ideas presented above. As for ombre styles, it would look perfect on long straight hair so that the gradient effect will be emphasized well.

  1. Wavy hair

Beach-waves hair is also popular for the hair colors mentioned above. It gives more dimensions to the hair and the hair colors as well. In addition to that, the waves will make the gradient effect look more natural.

Famous Hollywood Celebrities Bringing Awesome Hair Color Ideas to Life

Celebrities usually inspire us with fashion and hairstyles. Here are some famous Hollywood celebrities that will make you feel the need to change your hair color:

  1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has always been so bold, whether in fashion or with hairstyles. Many people are inspired with her courage to look different – to be unique. She was seen sporting ombre hair, full blonde hair, black hair, pink hair, and many other unique colors that perfectly suit her personality. Nicki Minaj was even spotted sporting eye-catching light green hair, which is so unique that everyone who sees the hair will immediately know that it’s Nicki.

  1. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is a famous Hollywood actress that is known not only for her talent, but also for her gorgeous looks. She was seen sporting a fruity peach hair, which she totally rocked. The peachy colored-hair perfectly matched with Emma Roberts’ pale skin. It made her look younger than she really is, which only means that the hair color accentuated her inner glow. According to the stylist, this hair color is also perfect for people with sun-kissed skin.


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