125 Goddess Braids – All About This Hot Hairstyle!


During ancient Rome’s Flavian period, Julia, daughter of Emperor Titus, had talent in creating beautiful up-dos that dealt with heavy curls, twisted braids, and wire frames. These beautiful and elaborate hairstyles grew in popularity, especially with wealthy women. Decades later, you can now spot them in women of all classes, albeit flashier and more modern. According to them, the bigger the style, the more time these women have for leisure and entertainment – Which usually signifies more wealth.

Goddess braids pretty much have the same history as cornrows do – Since cornrows also dated back to ancient times in Africa. But now, they are slowly gaining in popularity once more, which began in mid-2000.

Braiding one’s own hair became even more popular after the launch of video sharing Websites such as Vimeo and Youtube. People who were experts at making all sorts of braided hairstyles would upload tutorials on how they did their hair, for other people to watch. As of this year, there are now more than one million video tutorials on how to style your hair in braids. Plenty of these braids take their inspiration from the ones that women wore during the ancient times.

During the 90s, R&B stars such as Brandy and Janet Jackson wore them during premieres and red-carpet events, and people started to take notice. But recently, they are once again taking front and center stage when it comes to celebrity hairstyles for ethnic women. In fact, during a recent survey conducted by Google, box braids and goddess braids were one of its top searches.

All About Goddess Braids and Reasons for Loving It

l  Basically, goddess braids are giant crocheted braids that lie along a person’s scalp. You can fashion and style these braids in lots and lots of creative patterns. But if you’re the type of person who wants to remain on the safe side, you can just install two braids beginning from the front side of your hair. A great suggestion is that if you want to be an expert and make goddess braids like nobody’s business, you must have basic knowledge on how to install weaves and make cornrows on a person’s scalp.

l  Goddess braids themselves were a hit hairstyle during the 1990s. Not only do they look amazing, they also serve as some sort of protection for your own scalp. And along with other braided hairstyles during that era, they are slowly making a comeback – And in a good way.

l  Plenty of ethnic women, notably African-Americans, enjoy the durability and simplicity of installing goddess braids. That’s because this hairstyle perfectly suits any occasion, from gala dinners to a fun dinner with the family. For the ones who are trying to find a funky yet elegant way of styling their own tresses, then goddess braids are pretty much the best option for you.

l  You can choose to do goddess braids using your natural hair (if long enough), but if that’s not possible, you can go to your local hair salon and purchase extensions or weaves. When done correctly, goddess braids can provide your look with a touch of class and femininity. And the stray strands of hair sticking to your face won’t bother you too much, since you attach them to your head.

l  There are many different ways to style goddess braids – And as long as you keep your hair maintained, it won’t give you too much damage. Spray a fine layer of sheen on it before going to sleep, and wrap your head with a silk or satin cloth. Your braids will stay intact for several months, as long as you take good care of it.

l  Some girls go as far as sporting goddess braids on special occasions, like birthdays and weddings. A good updo can add more oomph to your appearance, allowing you to look amazing during the event itself. These hairstyles are also perfect for beach weddings, especially since the seaside can get very windy at times and can ruin a regular hairstyle. You can spruce up those goddess braids by adding pins with jewels on them.

l  Both goddess braids and box braids serve as protective hairstyles in ethnic communities in the US. You can easily wear both of them for months, and they’re not even high-maintenance so you won’t even have to do touch-ups every two days or so. Another advantage here is the fact that these braids can protect your hair during the hot summer months, as well as winter.

l  One of the most interesting things about goddess braids is that they usually spike in popularity during the summer months. Both goddess braids and box braids come in plenty of looks, so a lot of women do tend to look up different styles for both types, so they can see which one suits them the best.

l  Any type of braided hairstyle can last for months on end – At least up to two. A lot of African-American women do enjoy these hairstyles that don’t require plenty of upkeep, and can stay nice and fresh-looking. They allow you to take breaks when it comes to maintaining your own hair. And what’s more is that you can even get the opportunity to have the edges of your braids redone to keep it looking as good as new. The only thing is not to pull them too tightly, or it can cause a strain on your scalp.

l  Braids can help you protect your head, since they’re so durable. Once you tie up your hair in braids, with its edges tucked away and kept safe from dust, heat and wind, it can result in better length retention. So if you want the edges of your hair to grow healthier and longer, braids are the best way to do exactly that. However, some experts won’t recommend you keeping your goddess braids for at least two months or more. Installing your braids can lower the amount of necessary upkeep for your natural hair. But that doesn’t mean you can just leave it alone – You have to do a little bit of maintenance if you want to keep your braids looking really fresh and nice. Hair also tends to produce oil that sticks to the scalp, so give your braids a rinse using water, moisturizer, and seal it with sheen.

l  Goddess braids are pretty much a gorgeous and exciting way for women of color to wear their natural hair. Much like other braided hairstyles, such as box braids, crochet braids and even Ghana braids, goddess braids can remain on your head for months – Longer than any other braided hairstyle out there.

l  Goddess braids resemble huge cornrows. You can braid them pretty close to your own scalp, using either your natural hair or with the help of a weave, if your own hair is too short. It’s up to you to decide what to pair up your braids with – The choices are endless. For instance, you can go for a funky mohawk-style braid, an updo featuring crown braids, a half-up hairstyle along with a headband braid, or a low-braided bun.

l  One of the things ladies enjoy the most about placing their hair in goddess braids is the different styles you can create afterwards. If you want to go for a goddess-themed look, you can separate those locks into a fitting design that can surely bring in a brand new dimension with the style itself.

Types of Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Apart from the usual cornrows and box braids, goddess braids are one of the prettiest ethnic hairstyles you can see on a woman. You can style them in plenty of ways and all of them are sure to fit each and every personality. These can go from narrow braids, to jumbo braids. It doesn’t matter if your hair is kinky, curly, or straight, goddess braids are a great style for you.

1.)    Goddess Braids Updo – You can use these braids styles on different occasions, like weddings or glamorous cocktail parties.

2.)    Goddess Braid Beaded Ponytail – Similar to box braids, goddess braids look twice and nice when you pair them up with accessories, such as gold beads. These accessories can help accentuate the look of the braids themselves – All you have to do is to attach a couple of these beads to the ends of some braids, or tie them together in a ponytail. These two styles can provide a look that’s simple yet eye-catching.

3.)    Goddess Braids with Bangs – A small portion of the hair found in front was set apart from the rest, and later made to sweep across the person’s face to give the illusion of bangs. Meanwhile, you can style the remaining hair into gorgeous goddess braids. These braids are tied up together to make them stand out from the other more common types of hairstyles that incorporate goddess braids themselves. This kind of style suits formal occasions.

4.)    Overlapping Wrap Around – Braids found on each side of your head with the length snaking around towards the other side is one of the most genius braiding techniques you can use for those goddess braids of yours. This particular style is great for both casual and formal occasions. You will surely stand out among the crowd of people thanks to that hairstyle. Add some antique jewels or accessories to make it shine even more. This hairstyle also looks great with an empire-waisted style gown.

5.)    Goddess Braids Mohawk – This is a type of hairstyle braided onto the sides, while slowly forming into tinier braids heading towards the middle of your head. The middle area forms into a larger type of goddess braid, creating something similar to a mohawk. You can also style those braids across the face, like some sort of pompadour hairstyle. This design is not only cool and unique, but amazing as well.  You can rock this type of hairstyle to a party, or a concert.

6.)    Goddess Braids Chignon Hairstyle – So what makes the chignon hairstyle vastly different from the average hairstyle involving cornrows? A typical goddess braid hairstyle incorporates bigger braids, so they tend to look more pronounced as compared to other types of braided hairstyles. Goddess braids normally sit on top of a person’s head, with a parting in the middle while heading towards the person’s nape and back like a hair halo. You can even give this hairstyle a purer, more innocent look by tying those braids in a chignon hairstyle, twisting them together in a low bun and placing a pin to lock them in place. You can even wrap a scarf around the braids themselves as some additional accessory.

7.)    Four Goddess Braids Style – This has four goddess braids in them – Four! A lot of women actually enjoy doing this hairstyle. Make sure that those lines are sharp, clean and neat, and you’re sure to have a fantastic time with this look. You can choose between leaving your goddess braids hanging down from your back, or pull them up into a bun or a twist, in case you’re too busy to let those braids hang loose. These two styles just proves that goddess braids are one versatile hairstyle.

8.)    Elegant Updo – If you’re heading off to a formal event and really want to wear goddess braids at the same time, then you can use this gorgeous updo. This hairstyle is good enough for fancy occasions – And if you want to spice it up a little more, you can include random shades of gorgeous light-reflecting metals and jewels. Make sure your hair gets the right amount of moisturizing and conditioning, so you can start off on the right track. Keep in mind that this hairstyle can also pull your scalp tightly, and could lead to breakage if your hair is not well-maintained enough.


9.) Creating a sexy and smooth goddess braid requires a rather huge braid that thins out once it arrives to the tip of your hair. This look is very lovely if you’re going for an elegant look – It’s also a good place to start if you’re just learning how to install these braids in your hair.

10.) Placing thick and tight twists or braids will surely show off your hair’s wonderful luster, although there’s a setback – It can strain your scalp due to the weight of the braids. If you want to keep things light, gather those braids in a ponytail that can keep your braids shiny and away from your face, so you can still have plenty of fun without your hairstyle holding you back.

11.) Goddess braids don’t even have to incorporate long tresses so you can fully enjoy them – If you have short hair, then that’s fine too. You can even include a tiny sideburn curl for a bit of added glam.

12.) Putting your braids in an updo is another style that works nicely on either long or short hair. It involves certain parts of hair that have braids cascading down to your nape, all wrapped together in a low-hanging bun. These types of braided hairstyles are enjoyable, and you can even have fun experimenting with various styles, and the type of clothes that look good with them.

13.) Another fun hairstyle you can do with goddess braids is by wrapping it in a huge bun, and pairing it up with several accessories – Notably the ones that stand out, including chunky earrings and giant bead necklaces. Or you can go the other route by wearing a simple drop necklace or tiny diamond earrings instead.

14.) A hairstyle that combines both thick and thin goddess braids can look stunning if done right. If this seems too complicated for you, you can send a picture with your hairstyle of choice to the salon and ask your hairstylist to do the hairstyle for you.

How to Install Goddess Braids

Do you want to learn how to do a hairstyle that suits your fabulous tastes? If you do, you can try out a gorgeous style made for a goddess – Goddess braids! Goddess braids incorporate an elegant yet perfectly simple style, which includes gigantic braids similar to cornrows, all twisted together to form a very intricate ‘do.

What’s great about goddess braids is that this type of hairstyle doesn’t involve sitting on a chair for hours on end – And not only that, they can be very affordable as well if you get them done at a hair salon.

Here is how you can build up this beautiful hairstyle, as well as tips on how to manage your goddess braids and make them last for up to two months.

1.)    Think about which kind of style you’re planning to get with those braids of yours, through mapping out the sections that you want to create with your hair. This is important because it helps determine the outcome of the final look.

2.)    Separate a medium-sized portion of your weave from the natural hair.

3.)    Divide that segment of hair into two parts, with one of them being thicker than the other half.

4.)    Place the thinner segment into a loop right over the thicker segment. This creates three parts of hair that all have the same layer of thickness.

5.)    Keep the braid intact by clipping it in place or tying it with a rubber band. Meanwhile, take your weave and place it in the middle of your parted hair, beginning from the hairline.

6.)    Start braiding the hair similarly like you would do with a cornrow. As much as possible, try to incorporate the weave with your hair.

7.)    Continue adding in the weave while going down the braid’s length, so you can retain the fullness and size of the braid itself. Just keep on braiding right down to the hair’s ends. With a pair of scissors, snip out any of the stray weave hairs that stick out of the braid.

8.)    Once you have finished the entire head, you now have to dip your braids in boiling water – Be careful when doing this step, and don’t use water that’s too hot! This seals the braids and keeps them from unfurling.

9.)    Finish up this style by fixing the end of your braids in whatever style you want, and add just a tiny spritz of oil-based sheen.

Caring for your Goddess Braids

Despite their size, it’s very easy to take care of goddess braids. If you want to keep those braids for up to six months, just wrap a satin or silk-based scarf around your head each night, and spray them with oil-based sheen at least once or twice a week.

And make sure to occasionally rinse and condition your hair before re-installing your braids, or switching to another type of hairstyle,

The Best Type of Hair for Goddess Braids

Goddess braids also go by the name of granny braids. These are huge braids that resemble cornrows, and lie flat on the person’s scalp.

A goddess braid is an excellent way to keep your hair safe and protected as your hair continues to grow. It also serves as a type of helmet for your head. You can style these cornrows in plenty of different ways. Perhaps the best way to create goddess braids is to create big cornrows with them. You can use either weaves, or your natural hair, depending on the length. You can create plenty of hairstyles with these cornrows, by tying up the large braids into a twist, or in a large bun. You can even incorporate smaller braids into your giant goddess braid.

Goddess braids have always been popular – This is because of the amount of hairstyles you can create with them. This is a common element found in plenty of braided hairstyles. Women love goddess braids, since they provide plenty of versatility. They can look simple, elegant, sleek, casual, styled up, or down, twisted, or in a bun.

An appealing aspect of goddess braids is the amount of creativity that goes with each hairdo created from it. If you incorporate goddess braids into your current look, you are actually adding in a brand new dimension into the look itself.

Celebrities Who Have Worn Goddess Braids

Goddess braids and box braids are highly popular in African-American communities. They can protect your head from the elements, wear them for several months, and are generally a stylish hairstyle. Goddess braids are also fuss-free.

Both box and goddess braids reached the peak of their fame during the 90s. Occasionally, they will see a resurgence in popularity, which last happened in 2015. A report has mentioned that the trend of wearing goddess braids and box braids tend to be seasonal. Both of them can be used in plenty of hairstyles, so those who want to wear them go online to find various looks.

Beyonce – She continuously manages to pull off long, blonde goddess braids. Her sister Solange has also been spotted several times wearing goddess braids all tied up in a big bun.

Zoe Kravitz – Lenny Kravitz’s daughter usually adds in a rather edgy twist to her own set of braids, often displaying them in a high ponytail.

Keri Hilson – Hilson has styled up her long dark hair in goddess braids as well, sometimes in a high or low ponytail. If you want those locks to stay firm, then apply gel to the finished braids to finish up that look.












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