155 Romantic French Braid Hairstyles with How-to Tutorial


The three-braided hairstyle is a very popular hairstyle all over the world with millions of satisfied women wearers, who believe that it is emblematic of France. But as it turns out, these braids aren’t French at all. How did it come about that a hairstyle with international usage be credited to a single country alone, France?  Wisely, France has never claimed full credit for the hairstyle, since as early as 6,000 years ago, there are rocks depicting women wearing rowed braids in the Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range of Algeria. In the following millennia, the hairstyle also appeared in early Greek art, as portion of the elaborate updos worn by the exclusive and highly regarded women of the Sung Dynasty court. The proof lies in the iconic kouras statues of Celtic warriors and lasses. In more modern times, the misnomer could be attributed to an 1871 short story from Arthur’s Home Magazine were the word French braid was mentioned in a particular part. But considering logic and the natural tendency of people to associate things, perhaps the high fashion and living of the French people are the main reasons for the attribution.

Although there is no prohibition in calling the hairstyle by the associated name, there is also all the reason to enjoy the benefits of the French braid which is as timeless and chic as the City of Lights. The classical hairstyle may appear complicated because of the three layer set-up, but it is not so if you are familiar with the secret of adding a strand of hair to each section before braiding. And once you nailed the basics of French braiding, you are in a position to experiment with a multitude of variants that give different flavors to the hairstyle.

 French Braid Facts Picked not only from France

The French braid is a misnomer, but women wearers do not mind as long as they reap the benefits of the hairstyle. Here are other facts that the average wearer may not know:

  • The hairstyle has been useful to women for over 1,000 years now as depicted in Greek Celtic and Sung Dynasty art and sculpture.
  • The French braid is described as a 3-strand braid divided into 3 sections.
  • The hairstyle is also known as “La Trese Africaine” in France.
  • You can French braid with another person or simply alone.
  • The French braid has a short hair variant that uses bobby pins to hold the hairstyle.
  • One practical advantage of the hairstyle is to prevent the short hair from the head top from reaching the nape, and also to balance off the weight and tension across the entire scalp area.
  • The hairstyle has a multitude of modification, including slanting direction, bun, pompadour, faux hawk, French, Dutch, and other styles.
  • The hairstyle needs a more prolonged elevation of the hands above the back of the hair during installation.
  • When unbraiding the French braids, expect some untangled hair along the scalp.
  • French braiding starts at the top of the head, going downwards until the hair ends.
  • The most popular French braid templates are the classic type and fishtail.
  • The French braid has a sister braid known as the Spanish Braid, but unlike the former, uses only two strands of hair for braiding.


French Braid Hairstyles for all Nationalities to try in 2017

The universality and versatility of the hairstyle could be attributed to its simplicity that at the same time is open for creative tweaks and modifications. Here are a few examples:

  1. French Braid with a Bun

As if the glorious French braid was not enough, this braided updo just elevated the former one notch higher in hairstyle appreciation for women. Wearers have now the option to look a little cuter with the petite bun hanging at one side of the head barely secured by pins. Before forming the bun, curling the braid into a chignon sets the tone for the petite bun to set in place.

2. French Braid with Easy Twist

One of the many ways to style the French braid is by adding a wonderful twist that runs at the back of the wearer. The addition of retro bohemian flair may be somewhat 70’s but modern women do not mind the throwback as long as they appreciate a gorgeous hairstyle that is not pretentious, but rather natural and smooth. The hairstyle reminds of a breezy day at the beach.

3. French Braid with Side Bun

The wonderful thing about French braid is that it affords you with several options to keep you always excited and fresh with new style ideas. The placing alone of the braids which are usually at the back center can be placed at both sides of the head and united together at the back of the head. The hairstyle is not too difficult to install, as one would suspect. With just a little more effort, the rewards of this hairstyle will satisfy you when worn in day time or night time.

4. French Braid with Pretty Ponytail

A day at the office or a night out would look too common and less exciting without a pretty ponytail hanging at the back of your regular French braid. Be sure to start the braiding at the crown of your head and continue downwards until you reach your desired ponytail height. Gently tease the pony after you have secured it with elastic. Aren’t you glad that you have complete control with this hairstyle?

5. Half up French Braid

How appreciative are you with a French braid variant that cleverly hides regrettable bangs and

unwanted hair strands that goes in the way of the face, with a hair styling solution. The half up

French braid raises the front part of the braided hair into a nice twirl, clearing the face

area, while the remaining the two sides are left  untouched and flowing downwards. This edgy

hairstyle suits extreme personalities who would not mind rocking the scene!

  1. French Braid with a Crown

This braid updo exposes the beauty of braids when profiled with attractive napes and necks. The exquisite braiding of three hair strands is the primary feature of the hairstyle, and raising them up to form a glorious crown is the perfect complement. This pretty updo works well with a boho-chic dress or top and appears to be in the elements with natural and random appearance.

  1. Boxer Styled French Braids

If obtrusive hair is not your cup of tea, you will surely find the long hair version of this hairstyle delightfully satisfying. Your hair will never get in the way of your face even in demanding activities because the boxer braids will keep your tresses intact and free of loose strands. Medium to short hair can also benefit from this hairstyle.

  1. Faux Hawk French Braid

Faux hawk means false Mohawk, the rock and roll edgy hairstyle. But this faux hawk French braid could not be far behind in terms of angst yet still with a touch of femininity. The braids occupy almost entirely all the top head area practically highlighting the hairstyle. This wearer will definitely require a lot of hairspray, teasing, and a good amount of braiding behind each ear, to pull off the hairstyle.

  1. French Braid with Impressive Pompadour

The pompadour is a staple with many different hairstyles and braiding styles, but the way it shines in conjunction with the French braid is unlike no other. The braids at the back are raised to form the pompadour at the nape area. The other braids that cling to the sides of the head form interesting leading waves towards the pompadour figure. The hairstyle in reality is easy to install without compromise to style. Also, the use of hair accessories will add substantial appeal to the hairstyle.

  1. Romantic French Braid Chignon

The chignon is the most romantic hair updo and easy to do. In connection with French braiding, it is just a matter of starting with a part, French braiding both sides and ending with a big randomly formed bun. The final look is a romantic hairstyle that is more apt with very special occasions like weddings, debuts and others.

  1. Elsa of Frozen French Braid

We cannot deny that the Disney franchise is a marketing genius, but after the release of the movie Frozen, and Elsa’s French braid was finally exposed to the public, there was no denying that the long soft braid was so mesmerizing and did not need the advertising and promotional machinery of Disney to gain the admiration and awe of the public. The best angle to appreciate this hairstyle is from the back, where long and soft flowing braids leads the eye to the hair ends coming from the top of the head. The glorious French braid comes from the two sides, unbraided and joined at the middle back, where the braiding occurs. This technique gives the beautiful contrast in hair textures. After the release of the movie, Elsa and her French braid became inseparable in many conversations.


 Practical French Braid Tutorials worth Taking Notes

  1. Double French Braids

Step 1: Shampoo your hair thoroughly and deeply condition them.

Step 2: Brush your hair to remove to remove tangles. Make sure that you brush them in the same direction as the braiding.

Step 3:  Using the comb, gently part the crown of the head at the center, effectively creating a neat partition to commence the braiding.

Step 4: Use a clip to secure one side of the hair partition.

Step 5: From the side partition, gather a wide section of about 3-4 inches of hair from the front top starting from the hairline. You should have gathered 3 strands of hair.

Step 6: This step requires accurate positioning of the hand. Hold two strands, out of the three, with one hand and the third strand with the other hand. Correctly position your hands as you would with standard braiding, and cross the right strand over the center and then left into the center. Complete this for a few times to start the braid.

Step 7: The actual classic French braid pattern is done by bringing in new pieces of hair. Grab some strands of hair from either side and cross it over to the center. Grabbing thinner hair strands from either makes for a more intricate French braid.

Step 8: You will start to see new hair running out as you proceed with your braiding. This should not worry you, because by the time you reach the neck, all the hair should have been joined into the braid.

Step 9: Finally, once the entire hair in one side is completely braided until the last few strands, secure it with a hairband.

Step 10: Repeat steps five to nine on the remaining unbraided side to accomplish the French braid hairstyle. Also See:



  1. Selena Gomez French Faux-Hawk French Braids

Step 1: Wash the hair thoroughly in preparation for the slightly grungy texture of the hairstyle. Use a dry shampoo at the hair roots and try to shampoo at least a day before styling. Apply a coat of volume maker hair product to make the hair supple.

Step 2: Utilize a teasing comb or paddle brush to tease the top front section of the head reaching down to the hairline. Start at the back and move forward with emphasis on the hair roots. Use a light mist of hairspray to secure the tease. You can fine tune the tease into a smoother form by using your hand and comb.

Step 3: Start the French braid at the top of your head, just behind the teased section, by deliberately and tightly combing sections on the side as you incorporate them into the braids as you proceed. Keep on with the braiding down the nape of the neck and secure them with clear elastic band.

Step 4: This step is the most difficult and requires utmost skill but will give the most satisfying finishing touches. Go through the braid by hand and loosen each section gently, intuitively deciding where to pull out pieces of hair needed to create a random tousled look. Use bobby pins to secure the formation, and finish off with a full coat of spray to hold the hair strands.

 The 2 Most Trending and Best Modified French Braid Hairstyles for 2017

The French braid is a classic with timeless appeal. Every year though, different variants top the popularity list, with some of them being novel modifications while some are come backing ones.

  • French Braid with Twisted Ponytail

The ponytail is a highly adaptable hairstyle feature that brings light air and even some fun. However, when adopted by the French braid, it even adds more romanticism to the hairstyle. The way the braiding wraps around the head at both sides and eventually merging into a ponytail is a unique and elegant interpretation of the pony tail. Use this hairstyle in special occasions and casual gatherings and you will never regret it.

  • Waterfall French Braid

If there is one hairstyle with unmatched dynamism and breath-taking form, the waterfall French braid could just be it.  The name itself already figuratively describes the form of the hairstyle. The emphasis is given to the flowing hair lengths that reaches the back waist from the hair top but has a cascading French braid from the head back down to below the nape. This hairstyle is so romantically elegant that it can pass as a wedding hairstyle

Most Followed Hollywood Celebrities Sporting the French Braid

These 2 celebrities are proud of their French braid hairstyles and continue to influence their millions of fans. They are the reasons why the hairstyle lives and continue to be relevant and are always on a comeback.

  1. Selena Gomez

Selena is an American singer and actress who is highly recognizable worldwide and is keenly watched not only for career progress, but also for her fashion sense and innovation, including her hairstyle. She is comfortable with the excessive attention given to her, as she was introduced to the limelight at an early age and readily adapted. Her first television appearance, when she was still a child, was in the children’s show Barney & Friends. This was followed by other big acting projects until she became a seasoned actress. Next came was her success in music, where she sold over 7 million albums and 22 million singles.

Fans easily pointed out her bias towards the French braid, which she wore in various variants like faux Mohawk, French braid, Dutch braid, pompadour and bun. She wore them with confident elegance as if she owned the hairstyle, especially the French braid.

  1. Diane Kruger

movie roles include the character Helen in the movie Troy, an epic war film (2004), Dr. Abigail Chase in the adventure thriller film National Treasure (2004) and the sequel (2007), as Bridget Hammersmark in the famous war film of director Quentin Tarantino, Inglorious Bastards (2009), Anna in the dramatic science fiction Mr. Nobody (2009), Gina in the psycho thriller Unknown (2011), Marie Antoinette in the highly lovable French-language film Farewell My Queen (2012) and Jessie in the dramatic thriller Disorder (2015). Her most shining moment in her movie career happened in 2017 when she won the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actress in her German-language debut in Fatih Akin’s movie In the Fade.

The In the Fade star stunned viewers of the FX show’s second season in West Hollywood when she wore a special creation by celebrity hair stylist Kylee Heath. Kylee artistically created a triangle section in the back of her head, then skillfully wove a compact inside-out French braid, before loosely braiding over it the rest of the hair that was left, and using an elastic to hold it securely.


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