70 Best Forearm Tattoo Designs to get Inspired with


Forearms are one of the most popular places – If not the most popular place – To get a tattoo done. This is a part of the body that is highly favored by men. Most of the time, this part of the body was highly visible. So a person who manages to get a tattoo done on their forearm is brave enough to allow it to be seen by the public. A forearm tattoo contains a pretty rich history.

During recent years, forearm tattoos have grown in popularity amongst men. But plenty of women lately have also chosen to acquire this type of body art on their arms too. Forearms are supposed to represent both the wearer’s strength and stability, and people choose to get forearm tattoos so people can pay close attention to their bulging biceps. A tattoo can also serve as an excellent motivation to help keep the wearer in top shape, since a tattoo can look deformed if their skin changes texture or starts sagging. Sometimes people might argue that the forearm is one of the best spots to get a tattoo done – And why is that? First off, the forearm is one of the body’s parts that is found in the front and center, allowing you and other people to view it whenever they feel like it. A tattoo should be there for the wearer’s own pleasure, and not for others to gander at.

The true meaning of a forearm tattoo will all depend on the chosen image, as well as how people in your society will react about tattoos in general. For instance, back in the 1700s, Japanese men acquired tattoos that would cover up their entire forearms, along with the rest of their bodies. These forearm tattoo ideas are meant to honor a shared or personal experience for the wearer, as well as to continuously remind themselves about positive milestones and achievements. Tattoos were also used to honor the memory of a loved one, among other reasons. Everything will all depend on the picture as well as the person’s outlook on tattoos.

When you want to give yourself a forearm tattoo, you can pick from two places: The first one being the top half of your forearm, in which everybody will be able to get a glimpse of your new ink. Or you could opt to get it done in your forearm’s underside, which isn’t exposed to sunlight often, and is so much easier to hide away in case your work or a formal event requires you to do that. Even though the tattoos located on the arm’s top side were often thought to be thuggish thanks to its association with hoodlums, these tattoos have started to enjoy a much bigger amount of acceptance among the public. But tattoos on this side of the arm are still considered to be uncommon, especially when you compare it to other parts of the body.

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Types of Forearm Tattoo Designs                                

If you’re the type of person who likes to spend time at the gym to acquire some really huge muscles, then you know that there’s absolutely nothing more amazing than a forearm tattoo, or a bicep tattoo. This allows you to do a favor to your well-sculpted body by constantly showing it off. Men in particular love getting forearm tattoos, because of its seemingly masculine and macho quality. One more reason why forearms are considered to the be the perfect place to get a tattoo done is because it provides plenty of movement in regards to creating a flow in its design, further enhancing the complete aesthetic value of the tattoo’s look to an even bigger extent.

  • Tribal Forearm Tattoo: One of the best picks for a forearm design has got to be the tribal tattoo, which gives off an amazing appearance thanks to the numerous lines and curves commonly found in its design. Plenty of tribal designs out there, like mandalas, Maori tribal designs, or even anchor designs, are all done in the traditional black ink. A tribal tattoo always possesses some sort of alluring and mysterious quality to them, and it’s a design that is both timeless and completely unmatched.
  • Forearm Sleeve Tattoos: A sleeve forearm tattoo is actually one of the most popular forearm tattoo designs in the entire world, since both of them look stunning and prominent at the same time. Much like a garment’s sleeves, these tattoo designs do cover up the entire area beginning from the wearer’s lower arm, going to the wrists – Even though some designs out there suit quarter sleeves or half sleeves. A sleeve tattoo combines plenty of tinier tattoos into one design. Creating one takes plenty of time and effort from the artist, but the end result is truly worth it.
  • Anchor Forearm Tattoo: An anchor is the recognized symbol for hope, strength, and stability. This is the reason why so many people use this as a design for their own tattoos, including forearm tattoos. An anchor tattoo gives the wearer a sense of pure strength, and it looks good as a tattoo design as well. This is the reason why anchor tattoos are so popular.
  • Religious Symbol Forearm Tattoo: If you are completely dedicated enough to tell the world about your religion, then a forearm tattoo decorated with religious symbolism is the best way to go. It’s not exactly rare to see tattoos that carry religious imagery, like the Celtic cross or the Hindu Om symbol on a person’s forearm, especially those who have strong religious faith. Some people even go as far as to place the detailed picture of a god on their forearms.
  • Animal Forearm Tattoos: Wild animals, in particular, lions, tigers, eagles, wolves, elephants, owls, fish, octopus, or even mythical creatures like dragons look stunning as a forearm tattoo design, because the area does provide an amazing and flowing movement to the image, giving them a realistic look and feel. And what’s even better is that you could choose to go for a 3D design, making them look twice as stunning.

Forearm Tattoo Meaning                                              

A tattoo has always played a very vital role in regards to both rituals and traditions. In remote places like the Borneo jungles, women’s forearms are decorated with tribal tattoos, which are meant to show off their skills or specialties. If a woman wore a symbol which meant she was good at weaving and making clothes, then this signified that she can marry off and have children easily.

Are you interested in acquiring a tattoo that still stands out, but isn’t as huge, time-consuming or expensive as a full sleeve tattoo? Then a forearm tattoo is perfect for you. Forearms are one of the – If not the most popular places to get a tattoo on. This is because there’s just no other part of the body that’s seemingly as mobile as a person’s arm, and this means that pretty much anybody will get to see your tattoo if you move around, point, or wear sleeveless clothes.

Forearms contain a large enough space for the artist to build elaborate themes and patterns for the tattoo. But if you’re not the ostentaneous type and refuse to get yourself a huge tattoo, even the tiniest tattoo will still grab people’s attention.

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to get forearm tattoos instead of opting for a full sleeve: First, you can completely cover it up using clothes, as mentioned earlier. More and more workplaces are starting to accept tattoos. And that being said, there are still some workplaces out there whose owners enforce a strict ‘no visible tattoos’ policy. If you don a forearm tattoo, then you’re pretty much in luck since the only thing you need to wear in order to hide it is a long-sleeved shirt, or a blouse. You don’t have to worry too much about getting fired or not getting that dream job of yours in a company that upholds such policies.

If you plan to enlist in the military sometime in the future, then you need to do some homework first. There are several branches out there who implement very strict rules in regards to tattoos, and the acceptable places to put them on. For instance, the Navy or the marines do allow tattoos in their branch, but only if they fall at least two inches above the wearer’s wrists, or one inch below their elbows.

One of the things that people don’t even consider when they decide to get a tattoo is their current shape. It’s pretty obvious why acquiring a huge back tattoo or a leg tattoo when you weigh at least 250 pounds will look vastly different when you decide to work out and shed over fifty pounds or less. But an advantage that comes with the forearm tattoo is that this part of the body isn’t too affected by the overall shape or size that other tattoos may have. Just always make sure that your arms get enough rest while they heal after the tattoo is done.

Forearm Tattoo Placement                                              

When discussing the potential placement of a tattoo, forearms, which fall beneath the arm tattoo category, are slowly increasing in popularity nowadays since they’re so easy to wear and flaunt everywhere, while you can also hide them right away in case the situation calls for it. During the daytime while you’re at work, you can wear a long-sleeved shirt so your tattoo won’t look too prominent as you do your job. And at night, you can role up your sleeves whenever you’re out for a drink with some good friends. So one of the best forearm tattoo designs are just wonderful because they are meant to serve the correct purpose of showing off tattoo art, allowing you to hide it whenever possible.

The placement of a tattoo will all depend on how visible it will look. Are you willing to show your ink off, or are you too concerned over the fact that people at your workplace might judge you for wearing one? You need to answer these questions first before you can ultimately decide if you want to get a tattoo or not. A tattoo placed in your inner forearms are actually very easy to cover up with a long-sleeved top, which you can show off whenever you want. When you and your artist come up with the right design for your tattoo, as well as the right placement, the two of you will be able to create a brand new look which results in a tattoo that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

A lot of tattoo artists out there have this belief that the right tattoo placement on the body will not just accommodate you, but the people around you who see what your tattoo looks like. If you want to get a design on your tattoo so that the orientation will look good from your line of sight – But not from others, then you could end up having a lengthy discussion with your artist about this issue. But in the end, it’s the client’s decision that will matter. So if you’re pretty sure that you want to put the tattoo visibly in your own favor, then you have to search for an artist who can respect your requests, no matter what your societal norms may really be.

Forearm Tattoo Preparation Tips         

So many people have plenty of mixed emotions and feelings before they can get a tattoo, let alone a first tattoo. You might feel impatient, excited, delighted, and even anxious or nervous. Just follow these eleven tips to make sure that your entire tattooing experience goes by very smoothly.

Don’t rush too much. Creating the design has got to be the most crucial step in this entire thing, followed closely by the shop where you want to get it finished. But if you aren’t content with how the full design looks and want to make some changes to it, then you can have a lengthy discussion about this issue with your artist. They’re always willing to change up the drawing and answer whatever concerns you may have.

Do a research on your selected shop. Browse through online reviews and pay a visit to the shop if possible, so you can get an idea of the shop’s clientele, the artists, the ambiance of the shop, and, most importantly, if they follow the correct safety precautions and have excellent health standards.

Another thing to do research on are the ideas and designs that you want for your tattoo. When consulting with your artist, bring as much reference material as you possibly could, to bring a correct description for your own tattoo. An artist will use up their client’s base description as a type of guide to build a customized piece of tattoo art which you can use. And if you plan to get a tattoo of a portrait, then it’s a good idea to bring a clear and preferably large (8 x 10) picture of the subject, so the artist will be able to catch as many details as possible.

How Painful Is A Forearm Tattoo?

The pain of getting a tattoo will vary from one person to another – And this is also the reason why whenever you ask someone if getting a forearm tattoo is painful, they could say no, and another person might tell you that it’s very painful. It’s not hard to see why a tattoo can be painful: That’s because ink is injected right into the top layer of your skin, which contains plenty of nerve cells, and can deliver pain signals right to your brain.

Each person has a different threshold for pain. So what another person might experience will most likely be vastly different from your very own. But no matter how much you can withstand the pain or not, a tattoo will hurt anyway. Perhaps one your biggest concerns here is how badly getting a tattoo on a particular part of the body will be painful compared to the rest.

When it comes to forearms, you can find two sensitive spots: The area near the wrists, and the area near the elbow. This means that you will be able to acquire a tattoo in your inner forearms without having to worry too much about it being painful. If you place it in your inner forearm, a tattoo could have an intimate feel to it. And what’s more, it’s so hard to see tattoos in this part, compared to a design that wraps itself around, or rests itself on the wearer’s outer forearm. It’s also much harder to hide this area using clothes or makeup. It probably depends on the type of tattoo that covers up your inner forearm.

But when it comes to ranking which area of the body is the worst place to get a tattoo on, a forearm tattoo actually ranks low on that list. Compared to getting a tattoo in other areas, the entire process is not much painful. This is because a person’s forearm contains plenty of muscle and fat, which equates to having loads of padding in between the nerves and the needle. It does hurt so much more though if your forearm tattoo is spread all over the elbows or wrists, but still not as painful as getting it done on the ribs or feet, for instance. If you’re still so worried about the entire process, especially if it’s your first time, you can ask your artist to apply anesthetic cream that is made to simply numb the area beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forearm Tattoos

Keep in mind that whenever you decide to get your first tattoo, and you’re about to make that fateful call to book an appointment, it’s highly important that you ask your artist several pressing questions before you can start.

  • What papers will you need to sign?

Plenty of artists out there will ask you to sign a waiver. This can help protect them from any possible lawsuits, thanks to the tattoo getting infected or you suffering from any allergic reaction. Keep in mind while the artist may use clean materials and ensure a safe tattooing process, the entire thing is still an overall risk.

  • How do you sanitize your equipment?

This question is highly important, since it could potentially make or break your chances of acquiring a blood-born disease like Hepatitis. There are loads of amateur tattoo shops and novice artists out there, most of them not knowing how to properly sanitize the tools that they use for tattooing. So much of this can be attributed to a lack of proper education, but as plenty of professional artists will tell you, there are still some fellow artists out there who are too lazy, or too short-handed to complete their work. Which is disappointing, but the reality here is that it happens.

  • Is their shop licensed?

Acquiring a license is very important in plenty of tattoo shops across the globe. Even though the entire thing might not seem like much right now, keeping a license is another surefire way to guarantee that the artist knows how to run an absolutely clean and safe tattoo shop.

  • Do color or solid black tattoos hurt the most?

There isn’t any much difference in regards to the pain created by exclusively using black ink, versus using technicolored pigments. But what really matters here is that the overall look of the tattoo, no matter if the artist is performing line work, stippling/dot work, or they’re applying color to the solid sections of your ink. The dot work and the lines are highly tolerable here, in regards to the level of pain when tattooing – That’s because the artist will only use a few needles and only passes over an area at least once or twice, creating the least amount of irritation to the skin where the tattoo has been placed on.

  • How do you know when a tattoo is healed?

Keeping an eye out for the symptoms and signs of a healing tattoo will tell you if it’s drying up nicely. If you have to make plans, you can use the averages above it – But you still need to know when exactly should you adjust the entire healing routine. So whenever your tattoo stops oozing out plasma, extra ink, or blood, then this means the first part of the healing process is finished. During this point, you still have to utilize the prescribed tattoo-safe creams and soaps that your artist suggests, until the itching begins. And you don’t have to stop there but adding in too much of those products into your skin might dry it out too much.

How Much Does A Forearm Tattoo Cost?

In regards to the price of a tattoo, there are plenty of factors involved. Nowadays, you can pretty much find plenty of shops in any place you go to, not to mention a lot of tattoo styles and variants when it comes to quality. These shops all have a minimum cost, with the price of your ink just skyrocketing from there.

The placement, the size, the detailing, as well as the colors used are all amazing factors in tattoos and it’s safe to say that they will affect the cost of the final design as well. All of the mentioned factors can pretty much make the tattoo either more difficult to do or take a long while to finish up. This will require more work from the artist. There are designs out there that the artist has to do big enough, so the quality of the final look won’t be sacrificed.

Always remember that a tattoo is done in permanent ink. So if you only want the best, then make sure to give out the best amount of cash to your artist.


Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Acquiring a brand new tattoo is always straightforward, and each artist has their own set of rules you need to follow. In most cases, the goal here is very simple – To heal quickly and prevent your new ink from getting infected.

After leaving the shop, keep your bandage on for a minimum of one hour, or no longer than up to five hours. Do not place a fresh bandage on it, unless your artist advices you to do so. Once the bandage is taken off, rinse your tattoo gently but thoroughly, using lukewarm water and unscented mild liquid soap.

Pat the tattoo dry using a clean paper towel and allow it to air dry for more than one hour, or before you put on the aftercare lotion. Apply a thin layer of product on the tattoo and massage it very gently, to the point where it looks moist. Do not put on a thick layer. If you don’t have aftercare lotion, then ordinary scent-free lotion will do. The chemicals found in scented lotion will irritate your tattoo and cause it to heal improperly. Petroleum products aren’t recommended for the same reason, since they can block your skin from breathing properly.


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