80 Beautiful Foot Tattoos for Women


Tattooing is known to be a very popular form of body art. Even though the back, the arms, the shoulders, and even the neck are just some of the most popular places for people to place tattoos in, foot tattoos are slowly rising in the popularity charts as well, especially with young women. One of the best advantages of having a foot tattoo is that you will be able to hide it away if you feel like your family or workplace won’t be too okay with the idea of you getting inked. But on the bright side, there are still a couple of things that you need to be aware of before you get yourself a foot tattoo – And handling excruciating pain is one of them.

Another advantage of foot tattoos for women is that it does tend to draw away attention from other structural issues that the wearer’s foot may have – Including hammer toes, callouses, and bunions. Those who are flat-footed can also give off the appearance that there’s an arch below their feet, by inking a concave shape found on the inside of their feet. One of the most popular tattoo designs acquired by individuals who have webbed toes is a line drawn in between them by the artist.

There are also plenty of female celebrities who have gotten foot tattoos – Including Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Megan Fox. Tattooed feet can look attractive and sexy, especially if paired up with sky-high stiletto heels. People who have foot tattoos are certain that a foot tattoo expresses the true beauty of your feet. Do some research to know more about which foot tattoo designs look amazing on you. Picking a beautiful foot tattoo idea is one of the initial steps in acquiring a tattoo on your feet.

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Types of Foot Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have evolved into becoming an instrument to express one’s feelings and beliefs. Since there’s no limit to the size and design of your ink, people from all walks of life have welcomed the idea of tattoos. And nowadays, it doesn’t really matter if one likes to show off their ink on their arms, their wrists, their feet, or even get several tattoos in one go.


Types of Foot Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have evolved into becoming an instrument to express one’s feelings and beliefs. Since there’s no limit to the size and design of your ink, people from all walks of life have welcomed the idea of tattoos. And nowadays, it doesn’t really matter if one likes to show off their ink on their arms, their wrists, their feet, or even get several tattoos in one go.

Foot tattoos have also increased in popularity throughout the years, and the best foot tattoo designs are here to help you pick the design that you want for yourself.

  • Map Foot Tattoo: This takes the phrase ‘the world is at my feet’ to a whole different meaning. This tattoo traces a detailed outline of the world map, scattered throughout your feet but not touching the toes. This design is unique, but if you love to travel or are just a geography buff, then this design might just suit your fancy.
  • Anklet Foot Tattoo: The anklet is always a highly fashionable accessory, but would you like it if you could permanently wear one around your foot, in the form of a tattoo? This is pretty nifty since you can place a real one in your other foot, giving them a unique appearance. You can also get your tattoo artist to add in several pieces of jewelry to your anklet tattoo, giving it the appearance of an actual accessory.
  • Geometric Foot Tattoo: When a regular object doesn’t hold any sort of value, then you need to do a bit of innovation here. And when it comes to plenty of tattoo enthusiasts, geometric or abstract patterns across one side of the foot, or even a combination of tiny designs that all create a highly vivid yet stylish image when combined together. This can actually be an excellent tattoo idea, even though it does seem weird at first. Not only does the design look very creative, it’s got a bit of mystery to it, too.
  • Bird Foot Tattoo: Birds are a popular tattoo design that mostly appeals to women more than men. A flock of flying birds on a person’s feet usually mean moving from one phase in the wearer’s life to another, with the latter being highly important. Even though a singular bird tattoo looks adorable, a group of birds in flight could look downright interesting when it’s imprinted on the wearer’s own foot.
  • Astronomy Foot Tattoo: Astronomy has always been a fascinating topic, especially if several aspects of the topic have been bought to the fore through the use of tattoos on a person’s feet. While you can feature the planets and the sun on one foot, the other one can show off something more scientific – Namely a rather fascinating take on physics’ penumbra and umbra regions. This type of foot tattoo is both stylish and at the same time brings out a person’s inner genius.
  • Quote Foot Tattoo: Inspirational and motivational words and phrases are always a great tattoo idea. For a quote foot tattoo, get yourself a quote or a phrase that can help you build inner strength and keep moving forward, even through times of trouble. This just allows the wearer to go deeper into the mindset of another individual who has worn these lines on their body. Foot tattoos can hold some of the best lines and quotes that will surely bring good vibes to you.

The Right Placement For Your Foot Tattoos                  

Every type of tattoo placement has its own set of meanings. The tattoo’s position tells you so much about a certain individual. People who get foot tattoos are almost always willing to show them off by wearing sandals or heels, but there are still plenty of individuals who are highly discreet about their inked feet, preferring to keep them a secret from the world. Perhaps people who wear foot tattoos – And ankle tattoos, for that matter – Have quiet and reserved personalities, and this is often seen in the design of the tattoo as well.

Acquiring a tattoo in the spot where your shoe touches your foot, or even by the strap of your sandals or flip-flops isn’t exactly a great idea. It’ll likely be painful if you keep the ink on top, while the ones on your ankle will fade out quickly thanks to the sun.

If you live near the sea and you enjoy taking a nice stroll or going for a dip, or if you’re just a fan of seascapes and the ocean life in general, then go get yourself a seaside tattoo. This could be anything ocean-related, including fish-scales, a shell, an anchor, a fish, a small sea creature like a seahorse, or even a steering wheel of a ship or boat. This type of foot tattoo could end up having a different placement compared to the rest – Going right up towards the heel instead. And you can also create several ones in there too – For instance, you can place an anchor in your right foot, while the left one has a shell.

Foot Tattoo Preparation Tips

It’s so much easier for you to place a tattoo on a fleshier part of your body. You can actually see plenty of pictures on the web, in which people are willingly showing off the design of their foot tattoos which are varied in color, size, as well as the thematic focus. A great advantage of having a foot tattoo is that you can easily hide them beneath a pair of socks, or shoes. Foot tattoos are also great if your work never gives you the chance to wear this kind of permanent body art. You can also wear that tattoo without potentially staining your favorite clothes during the process.

Why Do Foot Tattoos Hurt More?

Tattoos are always painful – And if you really want to get one, then you need to prepare yourself for that. But there will be certain parts of the body that are more susceptible to pain than the rest of the body, meaning only the bravest individuals can get tattoos in these spots.

Compared to other areas of the body, foot tattoos are twice as painful as, say, arm tattoos or leg tattoos. The feet is the ending point of your body, and because of this, it contains plenty of nerves. You can also experience a great deal of pain here, since there’s no protective layer of muscles or thick flesh in between the skin and the bone. Your foot is comprised of a thin layer of skin on top of bone, especially at the top side. Some individuals are brave enough to get tattoos done on the underside and bottom sole of their feet. Ouch! This too causes plenty of pain and is risky because your tattoo could get infected. Not to mention foot tattoos can also produce more blood, versus getting a tattoo on other areas of your body.

But the challenge with getting a foot tattoo does not end there – There’s also the problem of potential swelling, although this could differ from one person to another. This means that the wearer cannot put on shoes or other footwear for several days. It could also cause twice the amount of damage to your tattoo if you’re not careful. In case your tattoo swells up, you have to immediately place an ice pack around the area, drink plenty of water, and lie down with your infected foot kept at an elevated position.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Foot Tattoos

  • When is the best time to get foot tattoos?

According to most experts, spring is the best time to get yourself a tattoo. That’s because the aftercare process is so much easier for the foot to handle, and you can wear a pair of comfy sandals at the same time. You can also get pedicures that look amazing with your foot tattoo. However, the spring season also means that you could end up facing a very long line at the tattoo parlor, or have trouble booking an appointment with your favorite artist.

A foot tattoo takes plenty of time to heal, compared with the other tattoos found in the rest of your body. That’s because there’s not much blood circulating in your extremities. So it’s highly important for a person with new ink to drink plenty of liquids, so your blood can circulate nicely around your body. Your skin can also be much more hydrated during the springtime, compared to those hot and humid summer months.

  • What If You Want A Tattoo On Your Feet, Hands, Neck, Head, And Face?

Plenty of tattoo artists have mentioned that you need to carefully think about getting a foot tattoo or not. It doesn’t matter if you have a personality that’s very open, artistic, free-spirited, loving, and accepting of all natures, there are still some people out there who don’t have the same mindset as you do, and getting a tattoo in those areas could affect your place in your career, or even your reputation as a whole. And for this very reason, your artist has the right to not give you the tattoo that you want, or to simply reject your suggested tattoo design. And unfortunately, some of these shops aren’t willing to do touch-ups on your tattoos, no matter how much you ask them to do that.

  • Why Are Both Hand And Feet Tattoos Not Guaranteed?

Several tattoo artists reject the idea of getting a tattoo done on a client’s foot, because there’s just plenty of pain involved here, not to mention the possibility of ink migration and fading. The last two are much more prone to happening because it’s a foot tattoo. The second reason is that it’s difficult for the artist to create a tattoo that’s tiny enough to fit in their client’s foot, and make it look amazing at the same time. This means, however, that you should discourage yourself from ever getting a foot tattoo – It’s just that you need to be completely certain about your decision to get one, and know what kind of pain you’re going to place yourself in. Because much like other tattoos, a tattoo on your foot stays there forever.

  • Is It Easy To Get An Infection On A Foot Tattoo?

There’s a high possibility for you to acquire an infection when you get a foot tattoo, since your feet can tread on areas like dirt or cement. Your feet are positioned so low on the ground. This means no swimming, no shoes, and no going out into the sunlight. The rules are much more strict when it comes to foot tattoo maintenance. Only use a tiny amount of unscented lotion, and do not touch your fresh tattoo with dirty hands. Your new tattoo has to be washed for at least three to five times a day, especially during the first couple of days. Do this religiously until your tattoo is all healed up. Your patience will reward you in the end, since you’ll be receiving so many compliments for your new foot tattoo.

  • Do Foot Tattoos Fade Quickly?

A negative aspect of a foot tattoo is that it does tend to fade away quickly compared to the rest. But on the other hand, a tattoo that gradually fades away as time goes on is actually quite common. However, the possibility of this happening is much more increased with foot tattoos and ankle tattoos, especially if you like to wear closed shoes all the time. This is also the reason why you need to get yourself a tattoo with darker ink instead of lighter shades.

The Average Service Cost And Standard Price For Getting Foot Tattoos

The pricing is one of the questions you need to ask your artist before you can get yourself a foot tattoo. In regards to the cost of the average foot tattoo, it all depends on the shop that you visit. You could get charged more or less for your tattoo – And in case your artist charges you by the hour, or by the amount of pieces you got done for the entire session, then this means you need to save up. Always remember that you will get whatever you paid for.

But this doesn’t always mean that the artist will purposely create a bad tattoo if you don’t give them enough cash. Plenty of tattoo artists could end up charging a much bigger amount according to the placement of the tattoo. But a higher price doesn’t mean that you’ll also be getting free touch-ups in case something happens to the tattoo. Check out several tattoo shops first before choosing which one to go to. Always ask them about doing foot tattoos, then pick the shop that gives you a good vibe, in regards with the ambiance of the shop, the cleanliness of the equipment, and the artists themselves.

Plenty of tattoo shops charged a minimum fee. This means that the final pricing for a tattoo is already set, even if you want to get yourself a very tiny tattoo at the back of your ears. An artist has to cover up their time as well as the price of their work. Tattoo ink is very expensive, and the same can be said for the supplies. And as cliché as it may sound, time costs money as well – So you should expect the shop to give off a minimum fee of at least $75, even if you only want a tiny tattoo hidden between your fingers.

Remember that tattoos are permanent. If you only want to get the best and most accurate design for your body ink, then be prepared to shell out some cash. If you do your research well and find which tattoo artist is good for you, then don’t rule them out over the pricing.

Foot Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Not every tattoo is created equal. The same can be said for the methods in taking care of them. The regimen for tattoo aftercare is basically just one whole set of rules, but there are certain areas that require twice the amount of care than most. Foot tattoos are the place where it takes the longest for your ink to fully heal, and this is the reason why people are so hesitant to get themselves a foot tattoo – Because they’re scared that it might turn out horribly in the end. The key here is to always trust your instincts.

The right aftercare for a foot tattoo sometimes requires plenty of sacrifices. After you get yourself a foot tattoo, wearing closed shoes isn’t really allowed for the next few weeks. This means that a foot tattoo isn’t the best idea to get during the winter. There are two reasons why shoes aren’t the best thing to wear if your tattoo is still healing: The first one is because your shoe creates friction against the top or bottom of your foot, or depending which part of the foot your tattoo might be in. Not only can this irritate the tattoo and cause it to heal improperly, the ink could rub off and you could have a faded tattoo in less than a week. One more problem here is that it could end up suffocating the tattoo. Sweat could build up, and your pores could get clogged, not letting the tattoo ‘breathe’, which is an important step. And the ripe combination of sweat, lack of ventilation, and irritation can also infect your tattoo.

Foot tattoos can take forever to heal, so you need to plan wisely before going to the shop and doing it. The timing is always everything – Find a good spot in your daily schedule in which you don’t have to wear socks or closed shoes. So unless you plan to stay inside your home for a while, then don’t get a foot tattoo during the winter time. Do not submerge your foot tattoo in water, since this can ruin the look. The ink could wash off, or your tattoo could even bleed.

Don’t move around too much after you get your foot tattoo. This limits the stretching of your skin, especially in the spots where your tattoo is located. So the less you use your feet, the better. You should be able to start wearing flip flops or sandals by the third day. A foot tattoo always takes a long while to completely heal, so it’s always a great idea for you to trick someone into carrying you around or giving you a piggyback ride for at least a week.


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