155 Cute and Small Flower Tattoo Designs to feel the Fragrance


The art of tattooing is slowly becoming a brand new trend among the younger set. And because of this, a lot of eye-catching floral-inspired tattoos have won the love of men and women alike. One of the top features of flower tattoos is that they all seem to carry a deep meaning. However, everything will still depend on the person’s own culture. A Japanese-inspired floral tattoo could actually mean differently if used in a Mexican tattoo design. A flower tattoo design can bring in all sorts of flowers: It all depends on the size of the design, the color, the number, as well as the variety. But you must never forget that every floral design out there has its own set of importance and uniqueness.

Lately there has been a movement that focuses on minimalist and smaller tattoo designs, instead of the ones that look complex and take weeks to complete. This is also proof that ladies aren’t limiting themselves to feminine tattoo designs. Small tattoos are gaining so much popularity since they’re much more affordable compared to intricate pieces. Oftentimes, the prices of several small tattoos drawn in one session can cost as much as a giant back piece. Small tattoos are also much easier to hide away and conceal, in case you have to attend a formal event or if your work requires you to hide it.

Acquiring a small flower tattoo has grown in popularity for girls who aren’t ready to commit themselves to a giant one on their arms or back. Girls who prefer small tattoo flower designs actually do want to go for simple ideas, which look amazing for so many decades. Cute flower tattoo ideas are a very classic tattoo idea, since they’ve stood the test of time and won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Women especially love these designs and some men have decided to get these tattoos as well, for whatever their reason may be. Since small flower tattoo designs are very popular, you can still pick a design that’s purely your own and one-of-a-kind.

If you haven’t gotten a tattoo done yet, then a tiny tattoo is the best one for you. Tattoos like these will keep your nerves calm, and let you show off an aspect of your personality as well. Even though a small tattoo tends to fade much quicker compared to the ones that look detailed and large, you can easily rework them if you want to.

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Small Flower Tattoo Designs

For the ladies, there’s nothing much cuter than having a small tattoo on your fingers or wrists. These tattoos are so feminine, that you rarely see designs like these on men, unless they’re incorporated into a much bigger piece of tattoo art. Here are a couple of small flower designs that you will surely enjoy.

Pretty much every girl out there is a huge fan of flower tattoos. And some of them love flowers so much, that they’re willing to get them inked onto their own bodies permanently. A flower tattoo looks incredible. Not only is it feminine and super cute, it never seems to go out of fashion. There are various types of flower tattoos, so each girl will be able to find an idea for their own flower tattoo, just in case.

Small flower tattoos are proof that bigger isn’t exactly equal to better. A delicate-looking and small floral tattoo will be amazing and can definitely highlight the wearer’s own femininity. Pick from any flower you want – Either using black ink, or colored ink. The best areas to place them on are the shoulder, the ankles, and the wrists. But of course, since they’re small, any part of the body will probably do.

  • Arm And Leg Small Flower Tattoos: A flower looks amazing on any spot you choose, as mentioned, but the legs and the arms are the best placements in regards to these tattoos. All flowers in any shade, size, or color, will look great on you. Go find out which design fits you the most or choose one whose design means a lot to you.
  • Small Band Flower Tattoos: Legbands, along with wristbands and armbands look amazing if you’re looking for small flower tattoo ideas. The gorgeous and subtle chain of tiny black flowers will look great as a permanent accessory. This is a beautiful floral armband that will surely stay fashionable for many years to come.
  • Singular Small Flower Tattoo: Floral tattoo designs don’t necessarily have to include winding vines as well as giant blooms. A small rose, or even something unique like a gardenia, a daffodil, or a dahlia also makes an excellent choice for a small flower tattoo. It might be one of a kind, but it’s still unique and cute, which is the main point of a small flower tattoo. Some girls out there want to get a tiny flower tattoo that represents the place where they were born and raised, or the month that they were born in. A single flower tattoo can also represent the wearer’s love or nature, or have it represent an aspect of their personality.
  • Cherry Blossom Small Flower Tattoo: In real life, cherry blossoms are tiny pink flowers commonly seen in East Asian countries like Japan and Korea. And because of this, they’re a very popular type of Japanese-style tattoo design. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are meant to represent falling petals being blown by the cool breeze. They’re also known to bloom for a very short period of time, which is the reason why people from around the world travel to see them.
  • Rose Small Flower Tattoo: You could end up sporting a small rose tattoo on your body. The perfect placement for this tattoo has got to be the hips – Even if you choose a red one, a pink, or even a black rose tattoo, it still looks amazing no matter what size it is.

Small Flower Tattoo Meaning

The flower has always been a highly popular tattoo design choice for both men and women, and there’s plenty of reasons why this is so. The flower itself is completely versatile as a tattoo design, since you can find plenty of species and subspecies of flowers in real life. Flowers are always something that will look beautiful, no matter what. You will be able to appreciate how a flower looks for so many years, simply because you can find many options for a potential tattoo design. You can choose it as your first tattoo, or one of many tattoos. Either way, a flower tattoo will look amazing on you.

Some individuals might think that a small flower tattoo is overrated, and has been done countless times, making it unoriginal. But one of the best things about flower tattoos is that you can do so many fantastic things with it. For instance, a flower tattoo can be a standalone tattoo, or you can combine them to create a brand new design overall. The sky is the limit. You can use them as a design for a watercolor with amazing shades or make an investment in an old-school small flower tattoo design. This could be the one that you’re searching for.

One of the best things about flower tattoos is that you can utilize bright and bold flowers with them. As mentioned, there are no bad ideas when it comes to small flower tattoo designs. You can use the traditional designs, together with some striking old-fashioned ones, in case that’s what you’re really looking for. Each design gives your flower tattoo an entirely brand new dimension. The flower is a timeless design that no one ever gets sick of and have proven time and time again that it’s a design that can withstand the test of time. A flower doesn’t have to stand alone. You can hold them in your hand as a bouquet or put them inside a vase. If you want a tattoo design that’s both subtle and simple, then small flower tattoos are the best ones for you.

You can’t just limit yourself to flower designs when it comes to smaller tattoos. You can also have small graphic symbols as a potential design as well. You can find plenty of options out there in regards to tattoo designs – All you need to do is to just browse through the Internet and look at social media websites, like Instagram or Tumblr.

Small Flower Tattoo Placement

A tiny flower tattoo is a favorite design amongst the ladies – Especially in regards to tattoo designs. A small flower is well-liked by many because it carries an aesthetic value, and it’s also filled with plenty of symbolism. A flower tattoo represents innocence, purity, and beauty, among many other positive things.

But bigger tattoos don’t necessarily mean better – And a small floral tattoo will look extremely beautiful and highlights your feminine side. You can pick whatever type of flower you want – Either a colored or a black one. The best placements here would be the ankle, the shoulders, as well as the wrists. However, you can place it in any part of the body that you want. A tiny tattoo might seem discreet and hard to find, but this doesn’t always mean that it won’t be carrying a huge impact for the wearer. Sometimes something as tiny as a small flower tattoo could hold the most meaning for the wearer – Especially if placed at the right spot.

Small lotus flowers and rose flowers also make the best choice for hip tattoos. You can do them in plenty of stunning colors, to make them look supremely attractive to others.

And with women, the ankles are perhaps the best spot to place these small flower tattoo designs in – Especially if you’re getting a tattoo done for the first time. From something meaningful like anchors and stars, to silly tattoo ideas like M&Ms and emojis, nearly everything tiny seems to look great as a tattoo.

Small Flower Tattoo Preparation Tips

Preparing and planning for your first – Or fifth – Tattoo can be a difficult task. Even if you have sat or laid down on the tattoo chair for so many times now, there are still loads of things for you to do and remember. So you can guarantee that the entire experience goes by as smoothly as it possibly could, when you decide to get a tattoo done.

There are some very important points that you have to follow here, especially if it’s your first tattoo. As long as you follow them, your tattooing experience will turn out pretty great.

One of the biggest risks is to walk into a tattoo shop when you’re nursing a sunburn, and ask the artist to give you one. Tattooing over sunburnt skin isn’t one of those things you should be doing. Sunburnt skin is already damaged in itself and getting a tattoo over there could inflict twice the amount of damage over that area. Not only will it be twice as painful, but the blood that’s practically sitting around that space repairing that sun-damaged skin of yours will create even more problems with the ink dilution, along with visibility problems for the artist – They might not be able to create the design that you want thanks to all of that blood pooling in.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that there aren’t any significant marks found on your skin. These include scratches, deep cuts, and big or unhealed scars. These can all build up uneven patches of skin, making it hard for the artist to work on. Try to make sure that your skin is in great shape before you head on over to the shop. Keep your skin moisturized for at least a week or two before you head on over to your appointment, so your skin will end up becoming more supple and much more easier for the artist to work with.

Is A Small Flower Tattoo Painful?

Pain is an inevitable part of the entire tattoo process. This would actually vary for the person, since their tolerance for pain might be different from the rest. Acquiring a tattoo feels very different, depending on which spot of the body you get it done on. Spots that are much more sensitive will always end up hurting more. These include the top of the feet, the back of the knees, the inside of the biceps, the stomach, as well as the ribcage, to create a short list of some of the worst places to get it done on.

The feet and the ankles are also common areas to get a tattoo done. These tattoos are very hard to hide from work. But they can also be downright painful spots, since the bone is found directly underneath the skin. The best place to get a small flower tattoo, according to experts, are these two places. Small tattoos are completed much faster, so you won’t have to spend too much time sitting on the tattoo chair.

The upper arms are filled with muscle and fat, so it’s the least painful place to get a tattoo. but you shouldn’t pick the positioning of your tattoo based on how painful it could get.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Flower Tattoos

Acquiring a tattoo can be a life-changing experience. After you get it done, there’s no turning back, and it stays with you forever. There are a couple of things you have to ask your artist first, before the needle hits your skin. These questions are very important, since it could be a matter of life and death if you end up taking these things for granted.

  • Are tattoos really permanent?

‘Permanent’ means that they will last forever – So remember to think before you ink. A real tattoo isn’t just going to come off when you use soap and water, or rub it away with alcohol, like a henna tattoo or even a fake sticker tattoo. There are several methods out there that can help you remove permanent tattoos, but these are also very painful, not to mention costly.

  • What are the qualifications of a tattoo artist?

Don’t hesitate to ask your artist about their license and qualifications. If they’re willing to, they will tell you more about it without any hesitations. The best tattoo artists always own the necessary permits and training certifications from their local health boards, since this allows them to perform safe tattoo sessions on their clients.

  • What hygiene steps do tattoo artists take?

Throwing away used needles and old ink cups is also just as important as keeping the equipment and shop as clean and sterilized as possible. Barrier films has to be used together with the latex gloves to keep things well-sanitized, clean, and nice. Any single thing that gets covered up in body fluids or blood has to be disposed right away after the artist is done using them. If you see your artist place something back inside its original container – Including the ink, the water, or even the ointment, then you have to go find another artist. And if your artist doesn’t utilize a sharps box in order to dispose old needles in the correct manner, then you have to go look for another artist instead.

  • What is the likelihood of an infection happening?

Nearly every person owns a tattoo nowadays, so it’s very easy for you to gloss over the dangers of getting one done. Because you’re practically embedding chemicals into your own skin, it’s always a good idea to bring up all sorts of safety concerns. Nearly all well-trained tattoo artists will be able to answer these questions easily.

  • What if I want to get my tattoo removed? Is tattoo removal expensive?

Sadly, yes. The price will all depend on the size of the tattoo you want to get rid of, as well as the method of removal you want to use. If you realize that the tattoo you got back then was a huge mistake and you’re still willing to spend some cash to get rid of it, then there are plenty of ways for you to get your tattoo removed permanently. A health care provider – And not a tattoo artist – Will perform the removal process for you. A common method here is to get rid of a tattoo through laser treatment. You might have to go for one up to ten sessions, depending on the size of your tattoo. This could cost up to $250 to $850 with each visit. And even then, you might still be able to see some remnants of your tattoo. You could also risk getting blisters and end up getting scars from the entire removal.

What Is The Price Of A Small Flower Tattoo?

A tattoo that only costs less than two or three hours to complete might be charged with a certain price range. This is specifically quoted for the exact price. The minimum charge for nearly every small tattoo is at an assigned cost, which can cover up nearly any small tattoo on a limb of up to an hour worth of tattooing. The charge can cover up the setup pricing, as well as the design time. Plenty of tattoo artists out there don’t charge any additional costs to your design.

And in regards to small tattoos, in which the final design looks simple or has already been created by the artist, they could end up charging a one-off payment, instead of going at an hourly rating. If you based the final design from a book or at a wall from the artist’s shop, then this means that the artist already has done this particular design on another client, and they’ll know exactly just how long it takes before the tattoo finishes up. Even if it isn’t a predesigned look, a smaller tattoo will only take roughly an hour to complete. This makes plenty of sense for the artist to charge for the entire tattoo, and not by the hour.

A tattoo that takes more than three hours to finish up can be charged at an hourly rate. The amount of time it takes for you to finish the tattoo up – And therefore get an assigned price, will all depend on the style, the size, the amount of design involved, as well as the parts of the body that can be tattooed on. Stable and flat areas such as the legs, the forearms, as well as the calves are practically quick to get a tattoo on, compared to other places like the sternum, the ribs, the forearms, the neck, and the abs, which take longer for it to finish and might end up having a more expensive price in the end.

Small Flower Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After you have picked the tattoo design of your choice and have finally left the shop after getting it done, the most important steps you have to do now is to take care of it. Tattoo maintenance is an important part of your overall tattoo journey.

Always keep your bandage on until you are told to do so by your artist. Even though some of them will advice you to leave it on for only an hour or two, there are plenty out there that might ask you to keep it for an entire day. Only your artist will tell you which length of time is good for your tattoo, so make sure to listen to their advice very well.

Always wash your tattoo carefully and thoroughly, using a mild fragrance-free liquid soap and some warm water, to get rid of the dried plasma or blood. And don’t forget to pat your tattoo and air-dry it after you clean it up. Do not rub your tattoo.

Once you’re done cleaning it, make sure that the entire area is completely dry before you apply a really thin coat of scent-free moisturizer to keep that area looking healthy.


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