155+ Cute Finger Tattoo Ideas that’ll inspire you to get Inked


When you pick the best design for a finger tattoo, it’s always great to think about the deeper meaning of the inked image. Celtic warriors were among the first people to sport tattoo designs, combining the sun with the image of the Christian cross. These two symbols were sacred to the druids. Other important Celtic symbols include butterflies, which are a symbol of rebirth and transformation, and interconnected knots that symbolize the love between two individuals.

The fingers, along with the hands, are two of the most popular spots to get tattoos on at the moment. These tattoos look delicate, tiny, and cute on either the back of the hands, the fingers, and the fingertips. This is also a fantastic option for those people who are feeling a tad bit nervous about getting a tattoo done, especially if it’s their first – All of the designs in this area both have to be fine and tiny at the same time.

A cute finger tattoo is one of the newest crazes in tattooing. A finger tattoo carries a sense of whimsy and fun, which is one of the reasons why they appeal so much to the ladies. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Beyonce all sport finger tattoos. Even wearing just a small amount of ink on your finger can say plenty of things about you. Depending on the position of your tattoo, a finger tattoo can be whatever you want it to be, ranging from discreet, to something outrageous – It’s all up to you.

A finger tattoo can look amazing, but still needs plenty of upkeep since they’re such a high-traffic portion of the body which isn’t covered up too much. Think about this when you’re still deciding where to put your tattoo on. It’s also great to choose the shade and the placement of your finger tattoo. The only downside here is that a finger tattoo can fade easily, and you might have to do touch-ups once in a while. The fading is much more obvious if you have a colored ink tattoo or if the tattoo is on the side of your finger, thanks to continuous rubbing. Choosing for a dark blue or black-ink single-shade tattoo will give you plenty of options, since tattoos that are drawn in these two hues will still hold up nicely even with a bit of fading involved.

Using sunscreen and moisturizer are some of the best tools in regards to keeping your finger tattoo looking well-maintained. Finger tattoos are also a discreet way of sharing a bit of yourself to the public, and have grown in popularity among the public thanks to some celebrities. Finger tattoos can range from simple tribal-style markings, a décor to enhance rings or other jewelry, or a small silhouette of a pet close to you. Apart from those ideas, a finger tattoo can also be used to cherish the memory of a loved one, or to symbolize nature in the form of flowers, stars, or feathers. How about getting a finger tattoo of something that represents a favorite hobby, like an easel for painting or a flower for gardening? Tattoos can tell you more about the person who wears them. If you want to get a finger tattoo, then make sure that you pick a simple design. These include symbols and little line drawings, which are great for this part of the body. A much more complex image can look amazing, but always be sure to enlist an expert tattoo artist to implement and design the overall look.

Types of Finger Tattoo Designs

A tattoo has increasingly grown in popularity throughout the entire globe. Tattoos first started out as a tradition in plenty of ancient civilizations, and through the ages, slowly transformed into a fashion trend. Nowadays, it’s easy to spot a person who wears plenty of tattoos. Do you have any plans to get your very first piece of body art? Then this means you have to start off with a tiny design at first, so you’ll be able to get a feel of the pain experienced during the entire procedure. An adorable finger tattoo design is so impressive that it can fit itself on both genders. Here are a couple of designs that will surely catch your attention.

For the younger set, or those who grew up in a traditional or conservative household, the idea of getting a tattoo doesn’t always sit well with the person’s own parents, and this feeling always sticks with their minds whenever they think about getting a tattoo done. But you shouldn’t worry too much anymore, especially in regards to finger tattoos: The designs here are obviously very small, which aren’t seen too often. And if you choose from several purposeful and small cute finger tattoo designs – With a deeper meaning for the wearer – Then your parents might also end up liking the tattoo too. And if a parent or both of your parents wear tattoos, then you should check out some of the best places to get a tattoo in your state when you’re of legal age.

  • Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo: If you are currently searching for a one-of-a-kind yet traditional wedding gift, then you can forego the usual wedding ring and opt for a ring finger tattoo instead. An average engagement ring could cost $5,300 – And that’s just for starters. New couples often end up spending $30,000 on their big day.
  • Feather Finger Tattoo: Feather finger tattoos are a very popular tattoo design as well, because of its deep symbolism. The feather tattoo can also come in various designs. The feather depicts the characteristic of the bird that it came from. It could also represent the wearer taking flight either emotionally, spiritually, or creatively. A lot of feather designs out there are completely distinct and elegant.
  • Zodiac Sign Finger Tattoo: A zodiac symbol can be one of the best options for a finger tattoo, especially if you’re really into learning about astrological signs, or if you’re proud that you were born under that sign. And if you want to take this tattoo design up a notch, then place the tattoo on another body part associated with the sign.
  • One-Word Finger Tattoos: These are perhaps the best tattoo designs you can get, since they have the tendency to capture the heart and soul of the wearer with just a single word. A one-word tattoo looks elegant and simple at the same time. These finger tattoo designs give their owners an opportunity to share a statement to the world.
  • Diamond Finger Tattoos: A diamond is already a popular tattoo design in itself, and is often paired with other symbols. Its shape and versatility is the reason why people love getting either large and small diamond tattoos on their body.

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Ideal Placement of Finger Tattoo

And just because there are too many drawbacks when it comes to getting a tattoo on your fingers, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t push through with it. A finger tattoo is a highly popular tattoo trend at the moment, and one of the reasons why this is so is because it looks stunning when given the correct placement. If you want to get a tattoo that is quietly hidden in your body or is just tiny, then fingers are the best place for that.

A tattoo with an elaborate design isn’t the best one to get for a part of the body with a limited amount of space, such as the finger, since it’ll get ruined much faster. And owning a tattoo whose design is too plain or only has a simple word in it and guarantees that your new ink will look fabulous for a long period of time, and last longer as well. Always remember that even though it’s still a tattoo and can be seen by many, it’s always great to keep things simple.

Finger Tattoo Preparation Tips

Acquiring a new tattoo is the same as getting a medical procedure done. That’s because your skin is punctured quickly by a group of rapidly-moving needles, all of which store ink underneath the topmost layer of your skin. And once the tattoo is finished, it is technically considered an open wound, which is prone to infections and will need maintenance and care.

Of course nobody in their right mind would even think about showing up for a medical procedure without the recommendation of a doctor. And it’s very likely that you’ll also end up following these maintenance and aftercare instructions in the hopes that your tattoo would heal up quickly and properly, and won’t require whatever type of medical intervention. A tattoo works in the same way.

Since you have spend quite a decent amount of cash on a brand new piece of body art, you should spend time trying to learn the following:

  • Get yourself and your body ready for a brand new tattoo. And not just physically, but mentally as well. The more ready you feel, the longer will you be able to withstand the feeling of getting a tattoo.

You should also learn how to take care of a tattoo after you get it done, so you can avoid acquiring potential infections. This also helps your tattoo heal without any additional damage.

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Are Finger Tattoos Painful?

A finger tattoo might seem like a pretty cool thing to do – Until you realize that getting one hurts a lot. Of course, the amount of pain dealt here will all depend on the wearer’s threshold. However, since there’s no presence of muscle or fat in the finger to cushion the needle, you’ll definitely be able to feel the sensation of a needle puncturing your skin repeatedly. And during the most part, even a tattoo artist will advice against this.

A finger tattoo hurts so much more than one done on the arm or leg – Since there’s not much muscle found on your fingers, the tattoo, when it’s still being drawn on, will practically touch the bone. This can be downright painful at times, compared to how it would feel if it was drawn on a surface of the body with more fat or muscle in it.

Fingers also contain plenty of nerves in them, making it slightly sensitive. This is the reason why touching those with a tattoo tool could hurt a lot, compared to the usual. Fingers are known to be one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finger Tattoos

  • How long does a finger tattoo last?

Thanks to the amount of times that we use our hands to perform daily tasks, there’s actually a lot more wear which occurs to the tattoos in the same spots. Even doing the most mundane tasks, such as washing hands, can cause the tattoo to fade much quicker than the ones found on the rest of your body – And this shouldn’t be something that people would expect when they get a tattoo done.

  • How long does it take to get a tattoo?

The amount of time it takes for an artist to finish a tattoo will all depend on the design and the size, as well as the person responsible for the design. A complex tattoo design will take so much longer compared to a simple one. A colorful or giant tattoo can take more than an hour, or even more than one session, to finish up. It all depends on the amount of detail involved here. A design like that will take so much longer to complete, especially if the artist is just a novice.

  • How long does it take before a finger tattoo starts to fade?

Much like inner lip tattoos, a finger tattoo can be temporary. That’s because you use your fingers and hands so much that the skin there can regenerate quickly. This causes the tattoos you acquire on that area to disappear faster compared to other parts of the body.

And whenever you think about it, there are loads of other factors out there that can cause the ink in your finger tattoo to fade away quickly. For example, the skin on your fingers is much more thinner compared to other spots, and could end up sweating more than the other areas of the body. So if you want to get yourself a finger tattoo, then you’ll most likely be doing plenty of touchups.

  • How do you care for your new finger tattoo?

Your artist should be able to assist you in taking care of your finger tattoo, especially if it’s your first one. But just in case both of you forget how to do it, or still have several questions about the entire things, then there are still a bunch of things you can do to guarantee that your tattoo has been cared for properly, so it’ll heal up much faster and in the correct way.

Always keep your new tattoo moisturized and clean while it heals. After you wash it with a gentle scent-free liquid soap, you need to apply a thin layer of aftercare lotion or any other unscented moisturizer to prevent the area from drying out. During the first few stages of your tattoo, you have to keep it protected at all costs, and cover it up so it won’t be affected by sweat, dust, or grime.

  • What if I don’t like the way my tattoo looks?

You can only choose from a handful of options in case you’re not happy with your tattoo. You can get it removed through lasers, but this can also be downright painful, not to mention expensive. Another option here is to cover it up using makeup, but this only temporarily fixes the issue, and not solve it. You could also choose to return to the shop and ask your artist to fix it, or get it changed into something else – But you have to save up for this too.

How Much Does A Finger Tattoo Cost?

Much like any other tattoo, the price of a finger tattoo will all depend on its design, the positioning, as well as how good the artist is. Since they’re small and don’t contain too many details, a finger tattoo could cost at least $50 to $100. But even if the starting price is something you’re willing to drop, you still need to keep in mind that the cost of retouching could still add up.

No tattoo artist will be able to do touch-ups for free. And despite the fact that they might cost cheaper compared to other types of tattoos, the price will slowly build up to a point where you have to spend up twice the amount of cash significantly more, compared to tattoos on other parts of your body.

And since it fades away so fast, a tattoo on the finger is prone to touch-ups, and has to be reworked time and time again to keep them looking as good as new, as if you just got them done from the shop.

Finger Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Why does maintenance matter? A tattoo is more than just a piece of art – It’s also a medical procedure, since this involves the artist inserting ink into the top of your skin using a needle. So whenever you open up your skin, you could end up feeling vulnerable and completely at risk to infections and scarring.

Properly taking care of a tattoo can prevent these complications from happening and ensure that the entire thing heals up. You and your artist must both play their parts during this step. Along with getting your tattoo done by a highly respected artist, you must take care of your tattoo at home.

It might seem simple, but learning how to take care of a tattoo can be tricky as well. Plenty of states out there don’t require their licensed tattoo artists to hand out aftercare instructions. Keeping a handwritten guide for tattoo maintenance is excellent and handy, so you can learn which products to use, how to gently wash your tattoo, etc.

The aftercare starts as soon as you leave the shop. Your artist has to apply a thin coat of petroleum ointment on top of the tattoo, then cover the entire thing in plastic wrap or a bandage. This stops the bacteria from potentially entering your skin, as well as the excess ink from rubbing onto your clothes and irritating the tattoo. Leave the bandage on for a couple of hours, or for an entire day. After you have removed it, wash your hands with lukewarm water and a mild, unscented liquid soap. Clean your tattoo gently using soap and water, then pat it dry using a soft cloth. Apply a thin layer of ointment, but do not rebandage it to let the skin breathe.


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