Finding the Perfect First Date Outfit


Finding the perfect first date outfit can be nerve-wracking. It’s a dilemma that can be quickly solved by asking yourself 3 simple questions.

Millennials spend 10 hours a week on dating apps looking for the one. On average, online users spend about 90 minutes each day online dating. Based on gender, men spend 85 minutes while women spend 79 minutes a day swiping on apps. If you connect with a guy who seems genuinely interesting and is handsome, then you know what that means.

Your first date with the guy.

Before meeting him, you have to decide what your first date outfit will be. When it comes to what to wear on a date, there are so many considerations. To ease your search, we have researched and found first date outfit ideas.

Keep reading to learn more about finding the perfect first date outfit.

What Is the Best Color to Wear on a First Date?

In 2013, researchers carried out a poll among adult men and women in the UK. Their goal? To find out which color of clothing will likely catch the eye for people looking for love.

The number of participants was as follows – 1,232 men and 1,128 women. Each of the participants was in a relationship at the time of the survey.

Researchers asked the participants what outfit their partners wore on their first date. The top five colors worn by women on a first date were as follows:

  • Red – 27%
  • Blue – 19%
  • Green – 14%
  • Black – 11%
  • Purple 8%

If you want to turn your first date into a relationship, choose a red patterned dress. You can also choose a design you love. Avoid yellow at all costs.

What Will You Be Doing on Your First Date?

What has your date planned? Are you going to a movie at the local theater or are you having lunch? Will you be going for a romantic late night dinner? If you have casual plans such as going for a movie or lunch, a casual date outfit should work. For instance, you can put on a silk tee, skinny jeans, a cozy cardigan and a pair of ankle boots.

For an evening date to a nice restaurant, a sexy black dress and an edgy leather jacket should work. To complete this chic look, spend time on your hair,  nails, and makeup. Avoid the glow look/heavy makeup.

For drinks after work in a cold month, you can go for a sweater dress with patterns or a silk tee with women’s down jackets. Finish your outfit with skinny jeans or skinny pants with tall heeled boots.

You can also glam with a floral print dress, a trench coat, and flat ankle boots. With a flirty dress, you can never go wrong. Just make sure you select a color he will love. If he is planning to surprise you, don’t be overdressed or undressed. Your best bet is a loose fitting dress, a belt, and ankle boots.

What Outfits Should Be Avoided on a First Date?

First, avoid distracting prints. Not only do they draw attention from you but they also don’t bring out your best features. On a first date, dress in your most flattering color. For instance, choose a dress in your favorite lipstick color.

Second, avoid dressing all black. While black is slimming and fashionable, you may look as if you are attending a funeral and not a first date. That means the message you are sending is depressing.  Try to mix gray and black.

Third, avoid dirty and wrinkled clothing. Never look through your hamper for clothes to a first date. Stained and dirty clothes are messy and turn-off. If you don’t have a clean outfit for your first date, go shopping.

Last, avoid loose and baggy clothing. You appear disinterested in yourself and the date. On your first date, your first impression is everything. Wear something that accentuates your figure without revealing too much.

First Date Outfit Ideas for You

On your first date, you want a great first impression that guarantees you a second date. Don’t turn up in a sports bra, branded clothing or in really high heels. Also, don’t dress in outfits you cannot breathe, eat or walk in.

Looking for tips on what to wear on a first date? We can help. Check out our blog for first date outfit ideas.


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