155 Feather Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings


There are plenty of designs out there in regards to tattoo art, and feathers are the most popular. A feather tattoo can take on a much different meaning. Feather tattoos can symbolize things such as birth, luck, and loss. A feather tattoo is often utilized to showcase freedom, similar to a bird. These feather are the most famous types of tattoo designs when it comes to both men and women – And not only that, they happen to be the oldest ones as well. A feather tattoo is meant to represent beauty, and having a positive attribute. A feather tattoo can come in various sizes – Such as small, medium, and large. You can also get them in different colors, if you choose.

As for placement, feather tattoos are mostly put on the person’s hands, ribs, lower back, shoulders, upper back, and finally, their feet. Basically it all depends on where you want to put your tattoo on. There are loads of other feather tattoo designs, which you can change together with other tattoos. A feather tattoo can be mixed with other tattoo designs of your liking. Feel free to combine your feather tattoo with quotes, or other symbols like the infinity sign, a quote or a word, or a rose. There are dozens of bird species whose feathers you can choose for your tattoo designs: Like doves, eagles, peacocks, or even mythical birds like the phoenix.

A feather tattoo is one of the best tattoo designs you can get. If you have plans to acquire a feather tattoo, then go and put them behind the ears, the wrists, the ribs, the rib cage, under your arms, the thighs, and the upper arm. Some people even go as far as getting it done on the face. A bigger feather tattoo belongs on the wearer’s back. It is often said that a small tattoo signifies respect for Native Americans and Native American cultures. A peacock feather, in particular, means beauty, renewal, kindness, and pride. You can click on some images and show off your selected tattoo design to your artist so you will know exactly the kind of design you want to have on your body. These images can be taken from photographs, wallpapers, or just about any other image.

There are loads of celebrities out there who wear feather tattoos on their bodies – Former Disney channel star Zac Efron is a good example, and he’s also fond of showing off his feather tattoo on his social media accounts.

Feather Tattoo Designs

There are many reasons as to why people decide to get feather tattoos done. Some people do it for the sake of art, or as a way to express themselves. Keep in mind that getting a tattoo is a huge decision – So picking the perfect tattoo design is very important. A highly popular design for both men and women is the feather tattoo. So many people are drawn in to the feather tattoo since not only does it look amazing, it carries plenty of meanings as well. And thanks to this, the feather tattoo becomes more than just a regular tattoo, since it carries some form of symbolism towards the wearer.

  • Dreamcatcher Feather Tattoo: For feather tattoos, the dreamcatcher is one of the most common tattoo designs. As mentioned, the dreamcatcher is a common Native American symbol, originating from the early tribes. The dreamcatcher is a representation of Native Americans’ cultural heritage. In real life, a dreamcatcher is meant to ward off bad dreams, negative energies, and ensures that the owner does not get any nightmares when they sleep.
  • Freedom Feather Tattoo: These types of feather designs often come with a bird symbolism. If this is the case with your tattoo design, then it usually means that you want to get out of your current situation and be as free as a bird. Or maybe you’re just the type of person who wants to travel a lot. This is a design for both men and women.
  • Quill Feather Tattoo: A quill is often used for writing, and it comes in the form of a feather. These feather tattoos are also associated with creativity. Perhaps you like to write in your spare time, or you like to read books – A quill is associated with writing, and makes the perfect tattoo design.
  • Spirituality And Cultural Feather Tattoo: In Native American culture, the feather is frequently connected to their own spirituality, and has often been used in ancient rituals. Depending on the bird, a feather can also carry different meanings. The most common feather used in this ceremonies is the eagle. An eagle is both regal and bold. It symbolizes excellent leadership skills, strength, and courage.
  • Peacock Feather Tattoo: This feather tattoo design is highly popular among females. It’s colorful, vibrant, and not to mention very pleasing to look at. But apart from its stunning design, these feathers also sport various meanings. For example, some people regard the feather as a symbol of rebirth and creativity. There’s an expression ‘Proud as a Peacock’, meant to describe a person who is filled with pride and confidence. This is also a common meaning associated with this tattoo.

Feather Tattoo Meaning

The signs and symbolism associated with the feather started hundreds of years ago. It does vary from one culture to another, from different religions, and different tribes as well. First off, the feather is known to be highly symbolic towards Native Americans – Not just in feather tattoos, but also in other common forms of Native American imagery, like their weapons, headdresses, and dreamcatchers. And when it comes to Native American culture, the deeper meaning of the feather will also depend on the type of bird which it came from.

Feathers are not just associated with spirituality. In other cultures like ancient Egypt, feathers are used as an object of worship to the gods. People often believed that feathers were associated with the sky gods. And in ancient Egyptian culture, the feather tattoo is meant to represent Maat, the goddess of justice and truth. Another popular symbolism for the feather is that it signifies the weight of the heart of a person who has passed away, during the mummification process. This helps people learn more about the fortune of the deceased and is oftentimes connected to the next step towards the afterlife.

And for Christians, the feather is associated with various virtues. For instance, three feathers connected together represent faith, hope, and charity. Apart from the spiritual and cultural meanings that are frequently associated with feathers as a whole, the origins and colors of these feathers even have their own meanings.

Feather Tattoo Placement                                              

Feather tattoos are slowly becoming a popular trend among women. Feathers symbolize flight or freedom. Feather tattoos may look simple, but they do carry plenty of meaning. It’s got a rich background to them, and the meaning will all depend on the type of bird where the feather came from. Both men and women have been getting these feather tattoos since the ancient times, a trend that began with Native American tribes.

Because a feather tattoo is small, you can pretty much place them everywhere on your body. You could even get your earlobes tattooed – But be warned, this can be very painful. One of the best spots to put a feather tattoo on is the hand. The hand lets you show off your feather tattoo, in case you do choose to get one. You must position this type of tattoo right above the spacing in between the index and thumb fingers. This looks great on both men and women. And using the slightest hand movement, your gorgeous feather tattoo will flash and look pleasing without exerting too much effort.

One more ideal placement for your feather tattoo would be at the back of the neck. Apart from the fact that people will immediately notice your tattoo in this spot (since it’s frequently exposed), it also looks hot and sensual at the same time. A feather tattoo at the back of your neck will surely catch people’s attention. Putting in the tattoo on the correct spot is very important, since it helps accentuate the design.

Feather Tattoo Preparation Tips

To prepare for a tattoo, be sure to drink plenty of water. Well-hydrated and moisturized skin helps you take in the ink much more easily, so drink as much water as you can at least a day or two before the session begins. It also helps to take breaks, but don’t take them too often. This could cause the skin to swell up during a lengthier break, and the continuous stopping and starting during the whole process will interrupt the buildup of adrenaline, as well as the process itself.

Depending on how big or small your tattoo could be, you might end up staying at the shop for several hours. Be sure to put on a comfortable outfit while you try to deal with the pain and discomfort of the whole process. Wearing loose clothes are needed so your artist will be able to access the space where you plan to put the tattoo on. If you want to get a tattoo in a part of your body usually covered up by clothing, then make sure that you put on something at your appointment which will give your artist easier access to this space.

For example: If you’re planning to get a tattoo on your leg, then be sure to wear a skirt and some shorts, so your artist will be able to reach that area quickly. And at the same time, wear a tank top if you’re getting it done on your arms.

Are Feather Tattoos Painful?

Nowadays, riding a motorcycle or wearing a leather jacket isn’t enough to tell people that you have a rebellious nature. Everyone needs to see you in your full glory – So you head on over to a tattoo shop, choose a design, and in the process, end up learning the hard truth: A tattoo is painful.

Why are tattoos painful? That’s because the tattoo needle has to get that pigmentation deep enough into your skin, so that it won’t be washed away when you take a bath – But not too deep so that people can still see it. And because of this, the best location has got to be right next to your skin’s pain receptors. And because plenty of modern tattooing machines involve pushing a needle right into your skin at least eighty to 150 times per second, it’s not that hard to see how a tattoo can gain a painful reputation. But people have endured loads of excruciatingly painful moments throughout history, just so they could decorate their bodies with permanent ink.

If you’re very ticklish around a certain area, there’s a high chance that getting a tattoo there will surely be painful. Keep in mind that each person has their own threshold for pain, so sometimes a tattoo will hurt, but there will be people who can withstand the pain of a needle. Some people might feel like getting a tattoo while drunk or taking painkillers will make the process much easier to handle – But they’re wrong. An alcohol is a known blood thinner, which means you could end up losing plenty of blood during the process, and the ink won’t sink into your skin just as easily. The end result here will be fully lackluster. The same applies for consuming energy drinks, coffee, or painkillers like Advil or Tylenol.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feather Tattoos

  • Do you copy other people’s tattoos?

You could have a specific idea about what tattoo design you want. If you have seen another person’s tattoo that you want, then keep in mind that your artist might not be willing to create an exact copy. Because if this is another artist’s tattoo design, then this means that they have put in plenty of time, effort, and cash into getting it done. Think about how you can take that type of tattoo design, and create a unique spin on it, to make it look personalized.

  • Is tanning okay when you have tattoos?

It could be very tempting to start tanning when summer arrives, but before you ruin your tattoo.

  • How long does it take for a tattoo to heal up?

It takes around three to four weeks for a tattoo to heal up. Plenty of variables will factor into the length of the time needed for your ink to fully heal. Always remember that your skin will take at least six months for it to completely regenerate.

  • Do I have to come into the shop to make an appointment?

Yes, of course. A tattoo shop does require the client to make an art deposit to book an appointment. Your deposit will secure the appointment time, and it goes towards the final price of your tattoo. A deposit is completely non-refundable.

  • What can I do if I’m not happy with my tattoo?

Bad news: The options here are limited. Depending on the type of tattoo design you choose, it’s possible that your artist can change the design into something of your preference. Or you can save up for a tattoo removal method – This can be expensive, but the results look so much better.

How Much Does A Feather Tattoo Cost?

Learning the final cost of a feather tattoo will help you plan it out and make it look good in the end. There are actually loads of factors which can determine the final price charged by the artist of your choice. This includes the reputation of the artist, the skill, the artistic ability, the size of your tattoo, along with its location and how complex the design looks.

Usually a quality tattoo done in a registered professional tattoo shop would come at a much bigger price compared to getting it from a novice or inexperienced artist at the back of his house. Considering that you could end up catching a blood-borne disease together with a nasty-looking permanent tattoo, paying plenty of cash here would certainly be worth the final cost, especially in the long run.

Simply put, when it comes to tattoos: You will definitely get whatever it is you paid for. Even though there’s still no guaranteeing that the look and quality of your ink will increase along with the final price, you are at least ensured that you’re somewhere on the playing field when it comes to this situation.

Feather Tattoo Maintenance Tips

You finally got yourself the tattoo that you’ve always wanted – And it’s looking as good as the design itself, very bright and colorful. But now comes the most challenging part: Having to take good care of it to make sure that it doesn’t develop into a skin infection. So how will you even know what the correct aftercare steps are? Should you ask a dermatologist for help? How about your artist?

Ultimately, it depends on where you live. In the US, there are several guidelines that artists have to follow for safe tattooing. The same cannot be said for maintenance and aftercare. At present, at least seven states don’t have any regulations at all: Thirty states, meanwhile, require their artists to get licenses and provide you with verbal or written instructions on how to properly care for a brand new tattoo. Dermatologists feel like this needs to change, so that everyone who gets a tattoo will also receive instructions on how to take care of it properly, to stop infections and serious complications.

Make sure that your artist covers up your brand new tattoo with a thin coat of petroleum jelly, as well as a bandage. Take off the bandage after 24 hours. Wash your tattoo gently using a mild liquid soap and lukewarm water, then pat it dry. It also helps to apply a layer of antibacterial ointment at least twice a day. Do not put on a brand new bandage.

Repeat this process for up to four weeks. And don’t wear any tight clothes that could stick to your tattoo. As much as possible, avoid swimming and the sun for two weeks. Take plenty of cool showers – Hot water will not only scald your tattoo, it could also cause the ink to fade away prematurely.

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