70 Meaningful Family Tattoo Designs you’ll surely Love


‘Family’ could mean so many different things to people who hear the word. Family can refer to the people who gave birth to you and raised you, including your parents, grandparents, and siblings. A family can also be a group of people who were there for you during your ups and downs. There are also people who will call their co-workers or friends ‘family’, despite the fact that they’re not related by blood.

The tight bond between you and your family members is a thing that is definitely treasured. The best way to pay tribute to this is to get a family tattoo.

There are plenty of family tattoo designs to choose from. People acquire these tattoos as a sign that they’re infinitely proud of where they came from, and love their family so much. You could choose to get something that’s a reminder of a certain family member, or a tattoo that reminds you of your family as a whole. You could get family lettering tattoos, or just a simple quote tattoo. Your family tattoo can also incorporate certain motifs and images.

Of course a family isn’t just about the people who are related to you. A group of friends you’re very close to are relatives that you have chosen, just not by blood. So these meaningful family tattoos are also meant for those who mean a lot to you, and you can’t imagine living without.

Types of Family Tattoo Designs

It’s quite obvious that the family tattoo holds a deeper and personal meaning to people who wear it. It’s actually surprising that these types of tattoos hold a deeper meaning for men than women, since it symbolizes a type of bond that they have with their family members. If you want to get yourself a particular tattoo that honors your family or a specific family member, then you can find plenty of ideas and inspiration online so you can know which suits your taste the most.

Parents often get tattoos of their children’s names, surrounded by a special icon like a heart. This type of family tattoo is very common. Because you get this type of tattoo placed on your chest, it means that you have nothing but unconditional love for this person and you want to do everything for them. Other men, meanwhile, like to get tattoos of individuals who have made a significant impact in their lives in one way, or another, including a parent. This includes a mother, a father, a grandparent, or their parents as a tribute.

Men are also fond of displaying their family tattoos on their arms. In this case, they often display the names of a spouse, or a lifelong partner. Acquiring the name of a loved one tattooed on their arms is actually quite common with men, especially since compared to chests or legs, arms are commonly seen by people. The arm is also a major source of strength. They pair off this tattoo with a heart or a bouquet of flowers.

  • Animal Family Tattoos: Certain animals in the wild often live together in groups, like one big happy family. Most of the time, these groups comprise of several groups of mother animals and her offspring, like a flock of birds, a pride of lions, or a pack of wolves. This is actually more applicable towards animal groups who are carnivores or hunters. It’s like they’re showing off a tamer side of them to everyone. In this case, you can get yourself a tattoo of a pride of lions. A lion is known for being fierce, majestic, powerful, and courageous. On the opposite side, you have the elephant, who are known for being gentle giants. Despite their large size and intimidating appearance, it’s a well-known fact that elephants like to travel in groups and take care of one another.
  • Family-Centered Quote Tattoo: Quote tattoos are very common since it gives everyone a great insight on what the wearer’s beliefs in life actually are. Getting a quote tattoo that revolves around family and love all have a common theme: Sending out a message to the wearer that’s both positive and encouraging. In fact, a quote tattoo of just about anything will even change the wearer’s philosophies and outlook about life. The main point of a quote tattoo is to define the wearer about how they’re supposed to live their life, as well as to give them a boost of inspiration, emotional strength, and hope.
  • Heart Family Tattoo: Of course, getting a heart tattoo is always a good way to honor your family. You can get yourself a cluster of hearts, with each one representing a certain family member. Hearts are the universal symbol of love. As a human being, you ultimately depend on your heart to keep living. This type of family tattoo is common among women than men, oftentimes placing the name or initials of a child, spouse, or parent in the middle of the heart.
  • Family Infinity Symbol Tattoo: Your family is always with you in every step of the way, and it’s one of the things that people hold dear to their hearts. This is the reason why people get an infinity symbol tattoo to honor them. The infinity symbol is associated with mathematics. It represents a never-ending loop, eternal, and limitless. The reason why people love infinity tattoos so much is because of its uniqueness. If you want to get yourself an infinity tattoo design as a tribute to your family, then get one with small hearts incorporated into it, or just about any other thing that makes you think about your family, or represents a family’s bond. Or you could opt to get yourself a regular infinity tattoo with ‘family’ incorporated in it.
  • Family Tree Tattoo: This is a tattoo that provides you with a meaningful and detailed way of thanking everything that your family has done for you. But the most common reason why people get family tree tattoos is because not only do they want to honor their parents, siblings or children, but also their grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. The family tree tattoo is a tree tattoo that includes the names of your entire extended family, not unlike a picture of your ancestral family tree. Some people like to be as detailed as they like in regards to this tattoo, even throwing in the birth (and sometimes, death) day of their relatives, together with their initials. And of course, there are a few people who like to go the extra mile and put in photographs of their family members in there.

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Meaning of Family Tattoos                              

A close-knit family with a special bond is always a good thing. And for certain individuals, getting a family tattoo is the best way to celebrate that bond. If you want to get yourself a family tattoo to pay tribute to them, then go and search some brilliant ideas online. No matter if you put them on your legs, arms, chest, or back, the best family tattoos always come in so many designs and sizes. The average family tattoo is simple but straight to the point, containing a message of love and support. On rare occasions, they can include something very unique, like a tattoo incorporating an inside joke shared by all of you. There are also family tattoos out there that feature elements of nature, like a flock of birds, butterflies, or a flower bouquet.

The family tattoo is meant to represent the love of a family. A family has a strong bond with each other, no matter if they’re related or not. So many people out there consider their family to be one of the best blessings given to them. We’re often thankful that we were blessed with the most amazing parents, siblings, and relatives who are always there for you. The tattoo is one of the ways a person can honor their family.

There’s just something so touching about getting a tattoo to honor the most important people in your life. There’s nothing more strong than a bond between you and your family. The family has a deep bond – In fact, it might just surpass the love that you have for a spouse. Nothing can stand in the way of your bond. It’s often considered that a family is considered to be one of life’s best blessings. Some people are unfortunate to not experience the love of a family, so you should cherish yours as much as possible.

 Best Placement of Family Tattoos                                  

Where to place your family tattoo is oftentimes dictated by how the tattoo looks, as well as its size. It’s not exactly uncommon for people to get family tattoos as a sign that they’re proud of where they come  from. People often put their family tattoos in a visible area, like the arms or legs. Other spots to put your family tattoo in are ankles, shoulders, hands, wrists, and ankles. A tattoo that honors your family allows you to remember your family in a special way, as well as to give you strength in whatever challenge you might face. It could also be a great way for you to carry them wherever you may go. Take extra pride in your heritage by giving yourself a family tattoo.

Much like other tattoos , you can place your family tattoo in nearly every spot on your body. But ultimately, the style and size of the final design will decide where it looks the best. And because these types of tattoo involve other people, a lot of those who get family tattoos place them in areas where they can be seen in the open. This just means that they’re really proud of where they came from.

So many family tattoos are connected to the wrists, the shoulders, the hands, the arms, or even the ankles. On rare occasions, people put them on their necks, or around the waist. The standard family tattoo – Usually including the wearer’s parents or children – Is placed in the spot where those family members will be able to see it. Meanwhile, if you’re getting a family tattoo of a different sort – Like a clique of friends you belong in, or even a fraternity or sorority – You can put them on your neck or at the back, to show off a loyalty and dedication that will not falter anytime soon.

Family Tattoo Preparation Tips

Always do a research on the shop first. This includes browsing through online reviews, and visiting the shop in person to take a look at their health standards, the tattoo artists, as well as the clients. Make sure that you’re feeling comfortable inside the shop before you book an appointment.

Don’t rush too much. The design of your tattoo is the most important step, followed by which artist is the best person to do it. if you’re not really okay with how these sketches look, make sure to talk to your artist about it. They can make big or small changes to your drawing and answer your questions about the session.

Think about where you want to place your tattoo. Getting a first tattoo is actually a huge event, and you might not want to pick a design that’s visible or huge, or put them at a spot where everyone can see them, such as the neck, the hands, and your face. First off, a tattoo requires plenty of commitment here, and it could make it hard for you to find a job, depending on the career path you have chosen.

Browse through design ideas ahead of time. Take a look at some tattoo designs that you like, and create as much reference material as possible, so you can give your artist the most accurate description of the design that you want. They, in turn, can utilize a base description as a type of guideline to build a customized piece of art for you. if you plan to get a portrait tattoo, then you need to provide the artist with a clear image of the subject (preferably measuring 8 x 10) so they can start working on the details, letting the image be captured in great detail.

Meaningful Family Tattoos – Does It Really Hurt?

A tattoo is always painful. No ifs and buts. So many people have been making and appreciating tattoos for centuries now, even before the concept of anesthesia was even thought of. Pain is always subjective – Sometimes what could feel very painful for one person might not be the same for another. But there are certain issues regarding which areas hurt more than the rest of the body when you get yourself a tattoo.

There are plenty of tattoo fans out there who will tell you that a tattoo actually does not hurt as much as people would say. But in the end, everything really does depend on your tolerance for pain. Browsing through the internet trying to find information about your tattoo’s placement as well as the level of pain will help you with your worries.

Even though places like the throat and your ribs are painful spots to get a tattoo done on, the truth is, every person that you encounter with tattoos on them will provide you with various answers as to which part of the body hurts the most when getting a tattoo.

You can also check out a pain chart and mentally prepare yourself for the possible pain of getting a tattoo. Your first tattoo experience might not be as fine and dandy as you would expect it to be, but you’ll end up getting used to the needle’s jabs eventually. And keep in mind that the plasma and blood oozing out of your wounds isn’t a pretty sight, so try to ready yourself beforehand when it comes to this experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Tattoos

  • Are tattoos safe?

Yes they are, as long as the shop that you visit is sanitary and your tattoo artist of choice follows all of the recommended safety precautions for tattooing. But you still need to keep in mind that a tattoo isn’t completely risk-free. The health  issues commonly associated with tattooing are small, especially if the artist always remembers to disinfect and sterilize the instruments daily.

  • Where Do I Start If I Want A Family Tattoo?

It helps if you do your research. Go take a look at tattoo portfolios found online, read reviews about the tattoo shop of your choice, or ask your inked friends for recommendations. Once you’re all set, pay a visit to the shop, bring any reference photo for the tattoo design (both printed copies and a high-definition picture on your phone is fine). Or maybe you and your artist could come up with your own design once you enter the shop and start your discussion. You could bring that design in your head to paper. The two of you just need to go over the placement, the design, the color, the size, and the pricing.

  • How Can I Get A Price Quote For A Family Tattoo?

One of the greatest ways to get yourself the right price range is by talking to your tattoo artist. If you can’t meet in person, send a tattoo request form. If you want them to quote on your idea for a tattoo, then they will greatly consider the main topic of the tattoo, as well as its placement on your body, the amount of detailing, and the size, among others. It’s quite impossible for the artist to provide you with the final pricing for your ink without getting all of the necessary information.

  • What Risks Are Involved In Tattooing?

The first one is infection. Using dirty needles and other tattoo equipment without proper sanitation can transmit bloodborne diseases, most of which can be fatal. This includes HIV, tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis. If you’re a tattoo artist, make sure that you sterilize all of your equipment on a regular basis, before using them on your clients. And apart from that, the client must also do their part by taking good care of their new ink during the first week, or at least after all of the pigments have been placed inside.

The next is an allergic reaction. Even though it’s rare to get an allergic reaction from tattoo ink, whenever it does happen, the person who receives the tattoo could get into big trouble since the pigment would be difficult to remove at this point. On occasion, a person who has a tattoo could actually end up getting an allergic reaction to a tattoo that they have had for years.

The final one is keloid formation. If you are prone to getting keloids – These are scars that grow beyond the usual size – Then you are at risk when you get yourself a tattoo.

  • Where On My Body Can I Get A Family Tattoo?

One major advice that most experts have when it comes to tattoo placement is that you should always choose which clothes to wear, exercise with, attend social events with, no matter if you have any intentions of showing off your new ink, or in certain situations, if the tattoo design itself is appropriate for the event. Plenty of tattoo shops will deny requests to get face tattoos. If you have plenty of coverage, then there’s a slight possibility that they could tattoo your hands and neck. Don’t expect to get a knuckle tattoo as a first tattoo, especially if it’s a popular tattoo shop.

There are certain spots found in a person’s body in which the ink used for the tattoos will not cooperate well as they get older. This includes the fingers, the feet, and the toes. Women who are planning to have children should not get a tattoo on their stomach, or other surrounding areas. That’s because the skin stretches out a lot when they get pregnant that the tattoo will look misshapen and damaged afterwards.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Family Tattoo?

One of the things you have to know is that a tattoo artist charges their clients by the hour, so the final size of your tattoo is very important. The larger your family tattoo is, the longer the amount of time is required here for them to finish it. And as a result, the final price of your tattoo would be expensive.

The hourly rates here will also depend on the artist’s expertise, as well as their talent. Another factor involved are the local standards. The final pricing of a family tattoo is a mixture of the value of the artist’s time, the price of the supplies used, the equipment used, as well as how clean and sterilized the needles were. There’s one more factor that could influence the final cost of your family tattoo: The pigmentation and colors used. In case you only want a tattoo in black ink, then the final pricing would be much cheaper compared to a tattoo that uses so many shades.

Family tattoo designs can also contribute to the price of your tattoo. As mentioned, a tattoo artist will always charge by the hour. So the more detailed your tattoo would be, the longer they will have to work on it and the more expensive your tattoo would get. An inexperienced artist could charge less. That’s because this is a reflection of their skill levels, or just so they can add more pictures to their portfolio and gain more tattooing experience. You need to take a closer look at these artists’ portfolios before picking the one who will do your tattoo. But if the deal seems to good to be true here, then be sure to look at their portfolios closely.

Family Tattoo Maintenance Tips                                   

Make sure to clean everything before you visit your tattoo shop. This means your pillows, your bed sheets, the towels, as well as the clothes you need to wear during the entirety of your healing process.

Before you get some sleep, place a clean towel on your bed and sleep on top of that. This could prevent the fresh ink from your tattoo from staining your bedsheets, as well as to make you feel certain about sleeping on top of a clean area. Change your towel each night.

Do not pick on your scabs, no matter how tempting it might be. Even lightly scratching on the surface can leave a light spot that needs a touchup. And not to mention picking on a scab can create a bigger wound that can cause a potential infection.

Try to avoid staying out in the sun after you get a tattoo. Even if you do apply sunscreen on it, it still won’t be able to catch rays safely. Skin that is healing is also very sensitive, especially towards UV rays produced by the sun. Make sure your tattoo is protected at all costs.


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