Expert Tips for Couples to Improve Sex Life


Sex. It’s quite possibly the most talked about, advertised, whispered, and utilized thing in all of human history. Sex is the vehicle that drives our entire young adult lives. Back in the day? Sex was tremendous. Who can forget those times when we finally figured out what we were doing? It was like we had jet fuel coursing through our veins. We put on our best outfit, fixed out hair, called our partner, and boom it was off to the races. But as we get older and grow with our partners, sex gets knocked down a few levels in priority. We begin cultivating lasting communication patterns and attempt to be understanding of each other. The kind of sex we have when we’re in that phase of our relationships is more or less maintenance. That’s not a bad thing. It’s normal. But every once in a while that fire comes back. We feel the jet fuel hitting the spark. If you’re looking to improve your sex life and take advantage of those hot flashes of lust, here’s what the experts say you can do.

Size and Girth

People like to throw in new moves and role play to the mix. While those are all well and good, why not surprise your partner with something he or she won’t expect: an enhanced version of you. There are tried and true methods out there to enlarge your penis. No, it’s not some supplement with questionable “Ayurvedic” herbs and compounds that turn out to just be knock-off Viagra. We’re talking about new and improved penis pump technology that’s been tested and proven over years of research. When we think of a penis pump, we have an idea of those older plastic hand pumps with, for some reason, a Swedish flag on it. Not the new ones. The new ones use various elongation and girth techniques in various media. The best ones use water. You’ve got to check it out.

Stop Reading and Start Doing

Stop reading these sexual self-help books and start experimenting. People get wrapped up in the information phase of learning something new. Maybe it’s training at school. Maybe the visualizing and fantasy in our heads become the star of the show. Stop that. That’s not how you spice up your sex life. You have to get in there and do it. The second you see a position or a line or a move you want to throw in? Do it as soon as you can. It’s about the element of surprise and uncertainty. Familiarity is what shifts libido. It’s up to us to break that cycle and throw in some new moves to the mix. From there, you can both figure out what new things you like, don’t like, and plan on taking different levels

Change of Scenery

Go someplace new. If you’re trying to make things more interesting in bed, make the setting and time equally as dynamic. If you’re in a relationship and you have the financial means to do so, you should be exploring the places you can. This doesn’t mean you have to book a trip to Paris every month. But every once in a while, pick a city you can drive to. Heck, find a nice place to stay within your community. Book a night, make an invitation, mail it to your partner’s work, and have them go through the motions of a fun surprise place. If you live in a big city, plan things around new places. Keep the mood dynamic. It directly affects “the mood”

Make Time, Weekly

No matter how busy you are, you should always make time for sex. Sure, when you get older, things might wane and falter. That doesn’t matter. You need to go for gold. The more you have sex, the more positively geared hormones get produced. Studies show that couples who put to have more sex end up having more satisfying sex. Call it a numbers game, call it biochemistry. Whatever works is what you should be doing to improve your sex life. So schedule something at least once a week. Don’t flake. Don’t be the person who always has to cancel. That will backfire horribly. Have fun, explore what you can. Push the envelope. You won’t be sorry.

When it comes to having better sex, there is no one single formula to follow. The best strategy is to employ a bunch of different strategies. Surprising your partner with that brand new size and girth. Book that hotel across town overlooking the rest of the city. Call them up and tell them something naughty. All of it can work. It’s up to you to set the ball in motion.


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