Essential Europe Travel Tips in 2020


Europe is a continent with enough sites of attraction to keep you engaged throughout your stay. This continent has since been home to some of the most popular destinations travellers tend to visit often.

There is always a good time to visit Europe, which could depend on some factors. If you’d love to spend more time at the beach, June to mid-September is the best time. However, if you are looking for generally pleasant weather, mid-April to the end of September would be your best bet. The peak season for tourists in Europe is the summer season, so you might want to avoid that if you don’t like overcrowded places.

If you have decided on the best time to visit Europe, the tips below will come in handy to help you have great travel experience.

1. Check Your Visa Requirements

The last thing any traveller would want is to be denied entry into a country due to visa requirements. Not all European countries require a visa, especially for short visits, so it’s easy to make the mistake of visiting without one. Do your research and check for countries that require a visa and how it applies to the passport you have with you. Also, confirm if you need to get a visa before traveling or if you would be issued one upon arrival. If you have this sorted, you can be certain to have little to no visa disturbance at the airport after a long trip.

2. Get Compensated for Flight Delays

The Eu261 compensation offers legal protection to travellers by providing compensation to air passengers in the event that a flight delay or cancellation occurs. You could take advantage of this if you are travelling from a European Union airport or to their country on a European-based airline. Some airlines might try to play tricks in order to avoid paying compensation, so it is important to know your rights ahead of time to avoid that. The compensation is calculated based on different factors such as distance and the length of delay, which you can easily calculate using the AirHelp tool.

3. Travel by Train

It is easy, quick and comfortable to travel by train in Europe and most travel guides would suggest this to you. You don’t need to fly within Europe, as it is more expensive and not worth it, considering that there is a better and efficient alternative. You could book your train tickets in advance to get the best deals or at the train station for the ones unavailable at the kiosks.

4. Currency

The use of any foreign currency while travelling is as important as the travel itself, as you could end up spending much more than you budgeted for if you are not careful. Avoid exchanging money at the airport; this might seem tricky especially if it is your first time in Europe but keep in mind that airport rates are often expensive. You could exchange some in your home country before travelling, so you can at least have some cash pending the time you find a suitable place in the city with better rates.

Although debit and credit cards are accepted in Europe, try not to use it everywhere. Always have euros on hand to cut down on foreign transaction fees. You can also use the currency card or International travel card to give you a smooth transaction experience in Europe.

5. Local Language

While English is the prominent language in Europe, don’t expect everyone to understand it, especially if you will have to relate a lot more with locals. Learn some basic words in the local language of the country you are traveling to. This will help you have a better experience, as it enhances your communication with the locals.

6. Make Reservations in Advance

To cut down on costs and get some of the best deals, it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Book your flight tickets, train tickets, accommodation and tours in advance. This puts you ahead of others and helps improve your travel experience.


There is a wide range of lodging options in Europe and where you chose to stay could depend on your budget, your comfort needs, what an ideal accommodation is to you and also your travel buddy. Most travellers opt for hotels due to the level of comfort they desire and especially if the visits are short. Regardless of what you opt for, bear in mind that accommodation plays a huge role in your travel experience, so you need to be careful how much compromises you make.

Travelling is one of the things you should do while you are still young. Explore your options, visit new places and tour as much as you can.


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