70+ Engagement Ring Tattoos Never Seen Before for You and Your Love


Weddings aren’t conventional anymore and the same goes for engagement rings. More and more individuals are looking for better approaches in order to make their weddings and relational unions less common and unique. They aren’t content anymore with customary looks that are excessively exhausting for them and a danger for their pockets. They need the most recent and coolest motifs that hit the wedding scene. Engagement ring tattoos seem to be one of them.

All things considered, many people spend around $5000 on an engagement ring alone. That sum of money excludes the wedding ring itself or the prep’s band. Obviously, that not expensive contrasted with the real wedding costs; even so, the rings do add to the final cost.┬áNumerous couples need to maintain a strategic distance from the corporate greed of marriage and get down to what truly matters. This could be a unique way to celebrate their union, such as that with engagement ring tattoos, couple tattoos or wedding bands tattoos.

Marriage should be a lifetime occasion, a definitive responsibility between two individuals. Numerous couples need to get an indication of their affection that is somewhat more lasting than the ring on their finger. In this regard, there are numerous incredible tattoos that a couple can get, which can either supplant an engagement or wedding ring or simply go underneath one.


Types of engagement ring tattoos

Among the most inked engagement ring tattoos are those consisting of initials, simple ring bands, actual drawings of rings, crowns, dates or other symbols. The chosen motifs don’t have to be easy to understand for anyone but the couple. For example, one pair chose to ink an arrow that becomes complete only when their fingers are placed face to face. That, of course, refers to going forward.

The examples can continue, but it’s best for you to take a look at the following 70+ engagement ring tattoos. You might find an idea you have never thought of or an idea so simple that you didn’t even consider it.

Before opting for a tattoo instead of a real engagement ring, give this step some thought as it will accompany you for the rest of your lives. You might think a ring tattoo is small and it can be easily removed, but it takes a long time for a tattoo to completely disappear as a result of the removal process.

Cost expectancy of engagement ring tattoos

Since an engagement ring tattoo cannot exceed the size of half of finger, the costs aren’t high at all. You can pay from $50 to a few hundred dollars depending on which tattooist you opt for and which salon you pick for this occasion.

Going to a parlor to get tattooed can be a wonderful experience through which you can go with your partner. Not too many couples can say they’ve visited the tattoo salon as a standalone activity that will leave marks for the rest of their lives. The exception are, of course, those couples who got matching tattoos without actually getting engaged.

Bonus reason to GET engagement ring tattoos

Are you a person who likes working with your hands or does your job involve that? Then you don’t have to stress about not wearing a ring or losing it when it’s already inked in skin. As it follows, you will find more and more reasons to decide upon a tattoo instead of a combination between precious metals and stones.

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  1. The initials of your names

Maybe choosing each other’s initials isn’t extremely unique, but you can choose a font that no one has ever used before. Start searching right now if you’re enthusiastic about it!

2. Classical ring patterns

If unique and wacky isn’t your thing, you can consider the getting inked part the crazy one and just go for a classical design.

3. Always is a long time

Lettering tattoos are fitted as engagement ring tattoos as well. This couple chose the word “always” to guide their union through life.

4. Marking the date of your union

Another cool idea for your couple tattoos, inking the date of marriage or the date when you met each other might be for you!

5. From thin to thick

Since men don’t have delicate hands like women do, thicker bands are suited for their fingers. Conversely, women tend to get finer bands instead of something too manly.

6. Infinity on your ring finger

Always or infinity actually mean the same thing, but they can be expressed differently. One way consists of a word and the other one of the symbol that means the same thing.

7. The owl found a home

These engagement ring tattoos are a metaphor. The owl found a safe place, a house where it can live, which is a tree. People need to feel safe and at home in their relationships, so it makes sense.

8. Random ring designs each likes

The designs you choose don’t have to be connected. You can ink any type of ring you want as long as you are happy with it and your partner too.

9. Jacob is her chosen one

For some people having their name inked on another person’s body is a really big deal. A simple ring tattoo can gradually get another meaning, but a same is still a name.

10. Handsome couple and their matching tattoos

The symbolism behind this design is not widely known.

11. To infinite and repeat

A chain of infinite symbols can become unique if you add a tiny heart to it.

12. Queen and King for each other

What’s great about a union is that you don’t have to actually be a queen or a king to be treated like one.

13. Two simple bands as identical tattoos

Why two simple bangs you might ask? Well, one could be an engagement ring tattoo and the other one a wedding ring tattoo.

14. Decorative initials and a tiny heart

A decorative font that reads the couple’s initials will not be easy to read, but it will definitely be easy to notice.

15. Three is a magical number

Three is a magical number, so those three bands can be easily explained, just as the initials from the center.

16. Engagement ring tattoos that look real

A skillful tattooist can make a tattoo look real, so if that’s what you want, you can look for an artist with these capabilities.

17. Tribal motifs that bare true meaning

No one is saying that choosing a pattern will be easy. You could do some research and find symbols of love that were used by our ancestors.

18. Inking a powerful message works too

’til death is a pretty definitive period of time.

19. A symbol used in many cultures

The design above is called an interlaced triquetra which is a trefoil knot. It is used by Japanese, Germans and Christians too.

20. Jeff and Abby form a couple

If both your names contain the same number of letters, then your tattoos will be visually matching as well.

21. Lettering in a language only you can understand

Even though you declare your love for each other openly, you don’t have to be one hundred percent transparent when it comes to your relationship.

22. Calligraphy at its best

Some fonts bring the best in calligraphy and look amazing as tattoos.

23. Union celebrated with ink

24. Invisibility and resurrection in Harry Potter

Maybe one of your passions brought you and your partner together. Maybe this couple based their choice on Harry Potter and not on others meanings of this symbol.

25. A row of numbers and letters

So far we have seen numbers and we have seen letters, but we have not seen numbers and letters together.

26. The inter-relatedness of creation or eternity

The Celtic knots used for this design hold deep meaning and are greatly related to the Celtic culture and standard of living.

27. A symbol that reads “&”

This character can mean a lot of things. It can mean him and hear, forever in an union, it can mean a quality addition to one’s life and much more.

28. Brian and Jamie got engaged

Brian and Jamie are already among the lucky couples who took the permanent step of inking each other’s name on fingers.

29. Taking what’s best from every culture

You can virtually look through all humanity’s history to find some symbols that really peak your interest.

30. The erect triangle and its properties

The erect triangle refers to male, solar, assertiveness, mountain and father.

31. Crown and initials for both

32. Highly complicated infinity and other lines design

33. It’s as simple as infinity

34. Same thickness ring bands

This couple didn’t feel the need to make one band different from the other.

35. Ancient culture legacy worn in ink

36. The four leaf clover

Colored and nicely inked, the four leaf clover brings people luck since it was first discovered in 1640.

37. Identical writing on both ring fingers

As you have seen so far, the engagement ring tattoos don’t have to be identical unless that’s what you desire.

38. Pixelated hearts and a pink bow

A great example, this couple got engagement ring tattoos that have nothing in common, besides both containing hearts. She has expressed her own style with the color pink and a bow and he has probably thought of his passion to play games when he chose those pixelized hearts.

39. All waves lead to love

40. Personal choices are just as beautiful

Those couples who respect each other and value each other’s interests are the ones who will probably stay together forever.

41. A diamond for her and something else for him

Some girls just down give up on diamonds and that’s great too.

42. Ink reads “forever Alex”

The infinity symbol gains more and more popularity, as well as names.

43. Lower initials and upper ring bands

44. Dotted lines with red and black

When you get engaged, you can get dots in a row tattooed on your finger, which can later on transform in bands, after the actual marriage.

45. The key to her heart

The heart shaped locket and the only key that fits and can unlock it is a classic idea. Even so, it can be made original again through your choice of color and design.

46. Staying side by side for life

47. Engagement ring tattoos and wedding rings

If you want to be both traditional and original, then you can opt for both choices. The wedding ring can form a complete row of vows marked on fingers.

48. Really complex tribal designs

These two are definitely tattoo lovers since they chose such large finger tattoos. Their exact meaning can only be explained by a specialist or by the pair in question.

49. Anchor is for stability

Stability, strength, safe end and long journey are the meanings of an anchor tattoo. They fit great to the purpose, don’t they?

50. Personalized design with no obvious meaning

51. Ditto that isn’t the Pokemon

Most of the youngsters these days know Ditto as a Pokemon character, but, in fact, ditto means the same thing again.

52. A song that locked their hearts

Usually each couple has a song that they consider theirs and they most probably play it at their wedding. This musical score can be just that.

53. Ink and a ring because why not

54. Same initial and the same date

55. Two of the initials combined

Instead of just exchanging initials, sort of, why not combine both in one?

56. Black band and lots of colors

Although these engagement ring tattoos don’t make sense to me, this doesn’t mind they don’t have a mind-blowing meaning. Don’t be afraid to go for something no one knows about.

57. Large anchors say everything

58. Danny and Yasmin as a married couple

Danny and Yasmin have one more thing in common since they got engaged: a new finger tattoo!

59. Blank half for your significant other

People who don’t find their soulmate say they’re incomplete; just like these two little hearts that are missing a red half.

60. Crowns and colored hearts

If you are a perfectionist, make sure the tattooist you pick is experienced when it comes to inking small tattoos with lots of details on tiny areas. The tats above are far from perfection, even though they’re cute.

61. The arrow that guides ahead

An arrow moving forward is about progress and never looking back. This idea is truly original and it was never seen before.

62. Ring finger tattoos of straight lines

63. Tiny and thorough decorative ring tattoos

If you trust your tattooist enough, don’t be afraid to add as much detail as you think it’s necessary. After all, this step should be for life!

64. David and Tata celebrate their union

65. Mrs. and Mr. together for infinity

66. The rudder and the Northern Star


Another impressive metaphor, the rudder and the Northern Star idea is quite genius! She is his guide through life and he is her safe ride through it.

67. The acorn and the thimble

Besides both tattoos looking amazing, I can’t seem to find the connection between the acorn and the thimble. Do you?

68. Royal rings tattooed on skin

Actually buying such royal rings could’ve cost a fortune, so this pair picked ink instead of precious stones and other materials. You must admit they look like they’re shining.

69. The & symbol again

70. Four numbers inked in the shape of a square

71. Symbols of unity for all

72. A loving combination of triangles

Each triangle means something and it changes meaning when it changes position. The addition of other geometrical shapes is also meaningful, so be careful with these patterns because you never know what you can miss!

73. Lion, writing and a heart

The combination of the above drawings may seem random and what if it is?

74. The lightning bolt

Lightning, lightning jolts, thunderbolts, or electrical discharges – anyway you wish to portray it – are the electrical releases that we are altogether acquainted with amid rainstorms. There are few presentations of the energy of nature more stupendous than the electrical firecrackers that go with a storm – a splendid glimmer of blue-white light that appears to circular segment out of the sky as though by enchantment and with it, the mind boggling, close stunning thunderclap that comes insignificant seconds after the fact. In a chilly, dim, blustery night, an electrical discharge would influence it to appear like light for a minute. What an idea for a tattoo plan! What a powerful image.

Early men had numerous clarifications for the sights and hints of lightning and thunder, and the vast majority of the myths included expanded stories of Gods and Goddesses and extraordinary legendary animals who utilized lightning as weapons. Early men couldn’t have helped yet be inspired by the power and enchantment of lightning in light of the fact that the spots where helping struck trees or the earth were scenes of colossal devastation. Lightning split trees and set them ablaze, made rocks detonate and softened sand, and if any poor human was excessively close, most likely brought about their passing.

Lightning has for quite some time been utilized to symbolize the power and the may of the Gods.

75. Like a chain of infinite lives together


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