155 Best Emo Hairstyles For Girls


Black clothing, bright colorful hair, black nail polish, and multiple ear and facial piercings. Those are just about a couple of things that come into your mind when you think about the emo stereotype. Believe it or not, there are actually certain people out there who are downright jealous of the emo lifestyle, because of the way these guys carry out their funky and unique style with nothing but confidence. They just don’t care about other people’s opinions! If you feel like you want to channel your inner punk rocker and show off that part of yourself to the world, then there’s no better way to express it than through your own hairstyle. And not to worry – If you want to channel a super dark, gothic vibe or a colorful pastel goth look, then the Internet has you covered. There are plenty of emo hairstyles for girls out there that can aid you in your search for a brand new non-conformist hairdo.

Keep in mind, however, that plenty of emo hairstyles out there come in unconventional and unique colors, which require lots and lots of heat treatments. Because heat tends to wreak havoc on your hair, make sure to purchase some good haircare products if you’re completely certain that you want to try out an emo hairstyle. You might also want to get some decent styling equipment as well, and air gels to achieve that professionally-done vibe each and every time.

Yes you may have heard about sporting emo hairstyles for both guys and gals, but do you actually know the reason why it’s called ‘emo’? ‘Emo’ is taken from the word ‘emotional hardcore’, which is a type of hard rock music which emerged in the mid-2000s. Since they wanted to stand out from the other popular rock bands during that time, these emo artists chose to sport a type of hairstyle that soon became a hit with teenagers and young adults all over the globe. The signature emo hairstyle, meanwhile, peaked in the late 2000s, but you can still see young folks today wearing this type of hairstyle.

Emo hairstyles, along with emo-inspired haircuts, deal with long heavy bangs all brushed towards one side, sometimes covering one or even both eyes, in a messy manner. Emo hair is mostly straight, but you can find several styles meant for curly and wavy hair as well. Emo hair is also black or dark brown, but it could also be any other unique color, like pink, blue, or green.

Emo hairstyles for girls also incorporate lengthy layers on both sides of the model’s face. You can tease the top side of the hair a little bit on top of the crown area. And keep the flick a bit short, so the hair doesn’t catch in between your eyes.

Creative Emo Hairstyles For Girls Ideas

  • The emo stereotype has often been associated with sadness, emotional distress, and melancholy. But plenty of contemporary emo young adults and teenagers aren’t really glorifying those feelings anymore – Instead, they consider themselves to be highly emotional and sensitive, preferring to ‘hide’ themselves from the seemingly harsh world. You can also see this in their looks. Having an emo-inspired hairstyle gives people the notion that you belong in the emo subculture. These emo hairstyles for girls don’t just involve signature black layered locks. They can also be creative and bright. Here are a bunch of solutions that you can find for your situation.
  • Following the emo lifestyle, or maybe just the fashion, will surely add in some nice quirks to your own hairstyle, making you stand out from the rest of the emo crowd. In fact, you don’t have to stick to the standard black haircut with the side bangs and uneven jagged edges, paired up with a thick layer of eyeliner. Feel free to try out new hues or combine two of them. Adding finishing solutions and touches to your hair is also absorbing as well. You can try either one of these options:
  • A combination of two hues. The best ones are usually platinum blonde and black, however, highlighted versions, or a hairstyle where you replace one of the ‘standard’ emo hair colors with an unexpected shade, such as bright red. This gives off a very impressive look.
  • A creative hairstyle is always great too. You won’t loose that emo look too much if you keep your hair’s height around your face, accompanied by lengthy angled bangs. However, you can choose to tie those ends in a fishtail braid, or even make a side ponytail. You can choose these as alternatives to the typical loose styles.
  • Adding some extra quirks to your emo hairstyle is nice as well. Give your cut a bit of pizzazz with some added textures, several eye-catching highlights, coon tails, or some adorable emo-inspired accessories. This is perhaps the best way for you to transform your stereotypical emo look into a unique style that’s purely on your own.

Simply put, emo hairstyles are a part of a one-of-a-kind subculture, which the world has embraced. Young people have the tendency to show off their attitude and thoughts to the world, and they’re got some very stylish emo haircuts to boot. But now, young ladies who want to be original and stand out from the rest are choosing these types of hairstyles In the 2010s, the term ‘emo’ is further associated with sensitivity, romanticism, and emotionality.

Stylish Emo Hairstyles For Girls

Emo hairstyles aren’t just all about expressing one’s own individuality and characteristics. So it’s difficult to say that emo hairstyles for girls all have one standard cut and styling. But there are still loads of basic aspects out there which are meant to characterize the emo hairstyle as a whole. This is only just a matter of finding the correct styling technique that suits you, and looks flattering on your face and matches your unique personality.

  • Black Emo Bob With Blond Bangs – This type of hairstyle looks impossibly chic, not to mention very difficult to pull off compared to some of the more typical emo hairstyles out there. If you want to find an emo hairstyle reinvention that isn’t too garish or attracts too much attention, then this look is the best one for you.
  • Plum Emo Layers – Even though this type of hairstyle looks cute more than edgy, you can get your hairstylist to modify it to match your own emo sensibilities. And on certain days where you feel like you’re in a great mood and the world is looking particularly bright and happy, then you can change this plum-colored hair of yours into an adorable bohemian-inspired hairdo.
  • Pretty Light Pink Waves – This is a soft ombre look which is just magnificent on both long and short locks. The color starts with a deep pink hue from the roots, which slowly changes to a lighter pink and fades into a platinum, almost white color at the end. If you’re currently wearing shoulder-length hair, you can choose practically any shade that you want to build this funky look. Building these loose waves is just as easy as maintaining them – All you need to do is to tie your hair into a bun before you go to sleep. After waking up, remove it and get ready to embrace your gorgeous wavy locks.
  • Shaggy Black Hair With Colored Peek-A-Boo – If you’re currently sporting layered black locks with a bit of volume found on top, then you definitely have everything that it takes to become a fan of emo hairstyles. Layered black hair with added volume has always been a common element in most emo-inspired hairstyle. Perhaps the only thing left for you to do is to create textured dog ears, which nicely frame your face. If you still want more, you can add in a pop of color (like pink or lilac or teal), giving your hair a bit of a peekaboo element.
  • Low Side Braids – Here’s yet another emo hairstyle that’s sure to inspire girls everywhere – Especially if they have long hair. If you’re getting tired of wearing your hair down, then you can tie them up in braids instead. This is one style that will surely keep the topmost part of your hair on point, as a long, low braid sweeping towards the side.
  • Messy Pigtails – If you have heavily layered hair, then you can experiment on this hairstyle, creating a pair of pigtails. You can use the multiple layers of your hair to build this look, so the messy portion of this hairstyle will just come in naturally. This looks works best for ladies who have frontal or side-swept bangs.
  • Short Emo Haircut in Blonde – Emo hair colors should not confine themselves in darker shades. One great way to update your look is to switch to a blonder hairstyle. Sporting a blonde emo hairstyle enhances your overall look, but it doesn’t have to change your overall personality. You can still hide away your emotional, visceral self behind those golden locks. Having bright blonde hair on top of a darker base also gives your look a bit of a cool edge. It’s also proof that having emo hair doesn’t always have to come in a depressing color.
  • Side Parted Emo Haircut – You can create this emo hairstyle for girls in so many shades. You can either wear bright or dark brown hair and give them a bit of highlight to create a lighter tone. Another good idea is to wear a side-parted emo hairstyle and add a soft fabric headband to it, to make sure your hair is secure and to give it a sweeter look.

Simple Styling Guide for Emo Hairstyle for Girls

How To Style Black Emo With Blonde Bangs

  • The first step is to get yourself an asymmetrical bob haircut, making sure that the top has shorter layers and there are bangs in front of it.
  • Dye several streaks of your hair in mahogany or blonde, or just about any other color you prefer.
  • Straighten your hair using a flat iron, if necessary.
  • Brush your hair in a downwards direction. Don’t forget to check if the layers and the accompanying bangs all frame your face nicely.
  • Blow dry your hair to create a casual look, and you’re done!

How To Style Plum Emo Layers

  • The first step is to once again get a shortened layered haircut.
  • Dye your hair a vivid plum color – You can visit your nearest salon or do it yourself, if you have enough experience.
  • Straighten your hair with a flat iron, if needed.
  • Comb your hair slightly and blow dry it to create a funkier look and feel.
  • The last step would be to finish styling it by applying hairspray.

Three Hair Types For Emo Hairstyles For Girls

For Thin Hair

  • Simple Braids With Flat Side Swept Bangs – If you want to try out some brand new hairstyles, then here’s a bit of an inspiration. You can check out this basic alternative, if you’re itching to try out one more hairstyle that doesn’t depend too much on having straight hair. You can create two braids and leave out several choppy chunks of hair found on the sides, to frame your face. This is a style that works nicely for thin hair and can actually be completed in less than five minutes.
  • Short Emo Layers With Long Straight Hair – This is a hairstyle that incorporates some very short layers found on top, to build texture and volume. You can choose to simply flat-iron down these tiny hairs straight up, and you shouldn’t have too much problem with keeping them up if you apply a bit of hairspray on them. Then you grab that flat iron and straighten the remainder of your hair, to build a sleek and straightened look. Make sure to throw in a bit of a purple highlight to it and let it peek out beneath the bangs, giving people a bit of a surprise.

For Curly Hair

  • Half Blue Half Green – Of all the emo haircuts discussed here, this particular style has got to be the best and most versatile one out of all of them. This deals with shoulder-length straight layered hair, which is just the exact hair base you need in case you’re in a hurry and don’t want to spend too much time styling your locks. This hairstyle looks wonderful on curly-haired girls. And in case you have naturally wavy locks, then you just need to use a texturizing product to tame those edges, as well as your unruly bangs. Or just stick to the standard gel and mousse or wax. You can also choose to purchase special strengthening combs with the help of a hairdryer. If you currently have curly long hair, you can snip off the back so it’s both messy and short at the same time. Apply some product on it and create a long, lengthy fringe that sweeps your forehead. And play with some colors for a bit and dye your hair with different shades – The brighter, the better.

For Straight Hair

  • Plum Emo Layers – Straight hair is often the best type of hair texture for emo-inspired hairstyles, since it tends to show off more texture and layering compared to wavy or curly hair. You might want to create plenty of layers in your straight hair to make it a freeform style, with loads of movement. You want this look to feel similar to a child who has cut their own hair with scissors, without any form of expertise whatsoever.

Celebrities Who Have Worn Emo Hairstyles For Girls


1. Ruby Rose – The Aussie actress recently took to Instagram to show off her latest emo-inspired look. She definitely pulls the look off, but she is no stranger to carrying this type of look. Rose mentions that she used to experiment with different colors on her hair back when she was younger, but it started falling out because she kept dyeing it too much. Despite its short length, she claims that it takes a lot of work to keep her emo look maintained.

2. Avril Lavigne – Lavigne always looks amazing with her signature blonde emo hairstyle, which she started wearing back in 2009. This look was present in three of the Canadian rocker’s three albums and has even worn ribbons in her hair on certain occasion, completing the kawaii emo look.

3. Hayley Williams – The lead vocalist of Paramore – Considered to be one of the most popular emo bands of the 2000s – Sported signature bright orange locks for most of her career, ever since the band first started out in 2005. Williams has always stood by her pop punk image, showing off brilliant hair colors in yellow and fuchsia. Her hair hasn’t necessarily surprised her target audience, but so many young ladies have chosen to copy her hair.


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