125 African Elephant Tattoo Designs to Express the Power Inside You


The elephant is the largest land animal on the planet. They’re also one of the strongest. There’s no singular meaning for an elephant tattoo, so the true interpretation of it will all depend on the person who wears them. There are loads of designs when it comes to elephant tattoos, since elephants are worshipped and well-liked in different parts of the globe. An elephant tattoo can show off the prosperity, the character, the attitude, and nature of an individual. Despite their large size, an elephant is a very calm and relaxed creature. As mentioned, the elephant is a respected creature in certain parts of the world. Asia and Africa are known to have a large population of elephants, and this is the reason why they are highly revered there. Hinduism worships a god called Ganesha, who has the face of an elephant and the body of a man.

Tattoos are very popular across the globe and are accepted by nearly every culture. Elephant tattoos are well-liked by both men and women. These designs can come in either small, medium, or large. An elephant tattoo design can also be done in various colors. There are plenty of good and bad things about an elephant tattoo. An example of a good connection is the representation of the Hindu god, Ganesha, and the elephant’s association with another famous deity – The buddha. There’s only one downside into getting an elephant tattoo – A limited amount of placement.

Elephant Tattoos Designs

The elephant is a creature that has captured the human imagination ever since the early prehistoric era. And because of this, these gentle giants have been seen in religious artifacts, folklore, myths, legends, and popular culture. The elephant is known for its unique appearance, which some have regarded as beautiful. Apart from that, they are also famous for their sharp intellect, their memory, their strength, and their closeness with one another when travelling in herds. These are qualities that are considered to be desirable by mammals, especially humans, since they remind us of ourselves. These tattoo designs feature elephants as the main subject, as well as the qualities that are sure to make your tattoo stand out against the giant herd.

  • Geometric Elephant Tattoo: This is a very cool elephant tattoo. It carries a stained-glass feel to it, without the pretty colors. The geometric shapes used in this design all fit together like pieces of a puzzle, to build up a structure that looks very familiar for some people. This actually does feel like something that you would see inside a modern art museum.
  • Mother And Baby Elephant Tattoo: There’s just something so heartwarming about seeing a mother animal with their baby in the wild. Here, the little elephant is holding onto its mother’s tail, so it won’t end up getting lost while they roam around the jungles. It’s an adorable tattoo as a whole.
  • Dumbo Elephant Tattoo: Dumbo is a popular animated Disney film released in 1941, and features the adventures of a young elephant who gains the ability to fly. Dumbo is known as an underdog and has often been the subject of many elephant tattoos. Plus he just looks so cute with those giant ears of his.
  • Tribal Elephant Tattoo: The lines used for these tattoos are very crisp, and it’s obvious that the artist behind these tattoos have done a fabulous job. The elephant’s tusks have been left without any decorations as well, and the simplicity of the design makes them stand out amongst the rest of the design.
  • Om Elephant Tattoo: This is a different take on the famous Ganesha elephant tattoo. It’s an ‘om’ symbol from Hinduism, with an image of the elephant god incorporated into the symbol itself. The Om, according to Hinduism, is meant to represent the divisions of time. Ganesha, meanwhile, is a deity who has the power to remove obstacles in an individual’s spiritual journey.




Elephant Tattoo Meaning                                       

You might not even know it, but the elephant is a popular tattoo subject. They’re one of the largest creatures in the entire world, but they can make a lovely tattoo subject. An elephant might seem like one of the strangest tattoo choice you can get for yourself, but they are known to be a symbol of strength and resilience, but they are a known symbol of physical power and strength, since they are a strong creature as a whole.

No matter if you realize it or not, the elephant tattoo carries plenty of symbolic meaning. If you happen to have an elephant tattoo, then it brings plenty of personality and attitude to your own body. Elephant tattoos are all about good character, prosperity, and something that nature has given you. Elephants are known to be a gentle creature, and people acknowledge that. People have so much respect for elephants, and they are known to be a symbol of pride all across the world. They are even well-liked in so many countries.

An elephant tattoo is loved by both genders. They come in plenty of different sizes, both big and small ones. You can also get them in dozens of colors.

The main meaning behind the elephant tattoo is that they are associated with deities in other religions: Hinduism, and Buddhism, most notably. Certain individuals have this belief that an elephant design can be difficult to tattoo on a person’s body, since it will depend on how big you want the tattoo to be. if you want to get a large elephant tattoo on your back, then this might just be the best spot for it. However, an elephant tattoo does come in various shapes and sizes. You can ink it on your wrists, your ankles, the inner arm, the shoulders, the knees, or even a large leg or arm sleeve tattoo. The options here are limitless when it comes to elephant tattoos as a whole. Just be sure to do your research when it comes to the meaning, so you will know just where to place it.

Elephant Tattoo Placement                            

Since an elephant tattoo is large, the back or chest area is perhaps the best place to get this design done. But a great tattoo artist always comes up with a good idea to make the entire thing possible and make the tattoo look as amazing as they possibly can.

An elephant tattoo can be placed on the back, the chest, the wrist, the shoulders, the knees, the ankles, the ribs, the upper arms, the sleeves, the back of the neck, as well as various other parts of the body. An elephant tattoo looks amazing once it has been completed – This is the reason why people love them so much. You can also get them in various colors, if you wish. These elephant tattoos are drawn with Maori, tribal, and Polynesian elements too. Watercolor ink, a new and very popular tattoo trend, can be used to create a lovely elephant tattoo. This helps give your tattoo a completely unique look and feel to it. A couple of elephant tattoos have earned the praises of people on social media, like Facebook and Instagram. Other elephant tattoos with cartoonish designs on them look very funny and are a hit with grown-ups as well.

Elephant Tattoo Preparation Tips                                    

Here are several things you can do to prepare yourself for a tattoo session:

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink up to two liters of water daily. Once your skin is completely hydrated, your body will function well, which could result in a better and faster healing process for the tattoos. You will also have enough energy to withstand a lengthier tattooing session.

Apply lotion to the area which you will put the tattoo on – At least once or twice a day. The healthier your skin looks, the better the end results will be for the design. Exfoliate and shave the area at least up to three times a week. If you have plenty of body hair, then this will make a huge difference. It’s difficult to place lotion on a hairy area. If you end up experiencing razor burn, then stop shaving a week before your appointment begins. You must also exfoliate gently using a loofah, or a basic body scrub.

Get enough rest, especially on the night before your session. Don’t stay up too late. Getting a tattoo while you’re drunk or hungover will result in a bad experience for you and your artist.

Are Elephant Tattoos Painful?

Perhaps the most popular question people get when it comes to tattooing is: Is it painful? This is most likely the number one reason why people tend to stay away from tattoos, because of the excruciating pain. Some people get used to the pain as quickly as possible, while some individuals will try to find some aesthetics that can possibly soothe the pain, especially when they’ll be sitting on the tattooing chair for so many hours. Unfortunately though, there’s no wrong or right answer for this question. It all depend on the individual’s immune system and threshold for pain. Sometimes a large role can play right into the tattoo placement, with some body parts feeling more pain compared to the rest. It will also depend on the person’s immune system, as well as their own threshold for pain.

The most painful spots to get a tattoo on are the chest, the stomach, the back of the knees, the inside of the elbow, the lips, the inside of your thigs, and the armpits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Elephant Tattoos                       

  • When choosing your first tattoo, what are the important things to consider?

There are plenty of things to consider when you’re about to get your first tattoo. Whatever design you want, where you want to put it, and how big it will be. You must also consider whether you would still want a tattoo in five or ten years’ time. Have you done your research? What is the sizing and the budget of your design? Have you picked a good artist who will do your tattoo? Do you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence? Do they listen to your wishes? Various clients will often assume that a tattoo needs to be meaningful and deep at the same time, and others will see it as a collection of art on their own bodies.

  • How will my elephant tattoo look five years from now?

Even though a lot of tattoos do end up fading or blurring out over time, there are still plenty of designs out there which are twice as prone to fading away compared to the others. For instance, a lighter-colored tattoo, like pastels or watercolors, tend to fade much quicker compared to grey and black inks. Some tattoo styles often fade faster than others. A geometric tattoo is heavy on the dots, and clean lines are typically susceptible to overall wearing and tearing, especially in a location that’s continuously rubbing against shoes or clothes.

  • Do I have the option of being tattooed in a private room?

Yes, the session can take place inside an open environment inside a separated cubicle-style tattooing booth. It’s not exactly a private booth, but there are still some fully enclosed tattoo rooms out there in case you want a bit more privacy. You can ask your artist in advance for a private room, at least 24 hours of notice.

  • What do you do to ensure the tattooing procedure is sanitary?

All of the needles used here are of single-use only. A respectable tattoo shop only uses pre-packaged and sterilized needles for their task. These should be discarded right away after usage. All of the reusable items, meanwhile, are cleaned up using an ultrasonic and then later sterilized inside a new autoclave. A lot of modern tattoo shops utilize some brand new technology in sterilization, and all staff members have to be trained to use universal standard safety precautions, and should be aware of bloodborne pathogens and possible cross-contamination. The safety of their clients and giving them a quality tattoo at the same time is one of the main concerns of an artist.

  • When all is done, should you tip your tattoo artist?

Plenty of people are kind enough to tip their tattoo artists, because of the service that they have provided. To say whether a person must tip their artist is technically a personal choice that people will often make up for themselves, especially if they’re happy and content with the shop and artist’s services. There are plenty of contrasting opinions out there about whether a client should leave a tip for their tattoo artist, or not.

Are Elephant Tattoos Expensive?                          

One of the things you need to consider when getting an elephant tattoo is that you no longer need to have years of experience to become a pretty good tattoo artist. And this means that you’re not going to be a highly-skilled tattoo artist either even after doing the job for the longest time.

There are plenty of super talented artists out there who have only had a couple of years of experience under their belts – While there are other tattoo artists who have been in the industry for decades, but are still as dull and mediocre as the day they started their career.

Keep in mind that leaving a tip for your tattoo artist is the best way for you to show off your appreciation for them, especially if they did a fantastic job with your tattoo. But at the same time, a tip will also bump up the overall cost by just a tiny bit.

Elephant Tattoo Maintenance Tips             

So you finally got that brand new tattoo done, and it’s looking very stunning and bright. The research you’ve done looking for the best design, and trying to find a good tattoo artist, all of the hassle that comes with taking care of a brand new tattoo has finally paid off. Your tattoo has nicely healed up and you can now show it off to your family and friends.

But does taking care of a tattoo end after it has healed up? Yes – You can leave your tattoo as it is, since it’s a permanent piece of work after all. But if you do leave it alone, it’ll fade into a dull piece of color on your body, which could be nasty to look at.

Of course, there are still plenty of things out there which you can do to keep your tattoo looking as good as the day you got it. Practically every person has their own daily beauty or skin-care regimen. And if you have a tattoo, then you can add in a tattoo aftercare session into your daily regime. It’s fully up to you to keep your tattoo looking amazing. And it’s not that difficult to do either. There are plenty of important things you have to follow in order to keep your tattoo looking as good as new.


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