70 Peaceful Dove Tattoo Designs for Guys and Girls


A dove tattoo is one of the best kinds of tattoo designs that people have nowadays. Unlike other tattoo designs, it’s slowly becoming much more than just a fashion statement, instead of being used as body art. People who own tattoos will always have some sort of backstory behind the design that they have chosen for their tattoo. The tattoo is a form of a person’s own point of view, or it could be a symbol of their own characteristics. No matter how comprehensive or simple the design may look, the meaning will ultimately depend on the person who wears it.

Dove tattoos are beautiful, without a doubt. This is a tattoo that suits both men and women, since it promotes both masculinity and femininity. It’s really up to the person who sees the tattoo to make an interpretation of how the tattoo is seen.

A dove tattoo can come in various sizes. There are people out there who choose to get a large dove tattoo on their shoulders or backs, to be able to bring out a much more meaningful message to those who see it. Meanwhile, there are also individuals out there who want to get a smaller tattoo which fit in nicely in the back of their neck, or on the wrists. You can actually pick the size and type of the tattoo that you want – But keep in mind that learning what a tattoo means is always very important before booking that appointment.

Dove Tattoo Designs

Several dove tattoos out there could incorporate a singular dove, while others can combine a dove with an accompanying statement, as well as other symbolic objects and animals, or a quote that’s important to the wearer. A dove tattoo has grown so much in popularity nowadays. The more symbols found inside a tattoo design, the bigger the meaning will be for the wearer. That’s because each object does carry their own special meaning here.

  • Flying Dove With Ribbon Tattoo: People who wish to show off a clearer message with their tattoo designs – Just in case people aren’t able to find a hidden meaning behind every symbol found in their tattoo – Will often use this type of tattoo design. In a flying dove tattoo, the dove is holding a strip of ribbon in its beak. The ribbon often contains a special date, a name, a life motto, or a quote that’s important to the wearer. Since this part involves text, then it’s not hard to figure out what it really means.
  • Dove With Lock And Key: This is yet another popular dove tattoo design. Couples often utilize this design to showcase their love and loyalty towards each other. This is a tattoo that best represents those who are in love or are in a fruitful romantic relationship. The design involves a pair of doves, one of them holding a key, while its partner holds a lock. The two birds are also seen flying towards each other, to represent getting together.
  • Clouds And Ascending Dove Tattoos: This is a tattoo design that could contain a deeper meaning for some people. In Catholicism, a rising dove represents a spirit going towards heaven. The dove is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. But just about anyone can have a tattoo design, and not just the most religious individuals. By adding in some clouds, this tattoo design can represent a person who has chosen to follow their own dreams. Each time you have a dream, you naturally want to make it come true, and work towards certain goals to achieve that.
  • Dove With Angel Wings Tattoo: Doves are a recognized symbol of peace and purity – Like an angel. So when you place these two symbols together, then this means that you are a peace advocate, or are a peaceful person in general. This is a timely design, since a lot of nations are struggling to find peace nowadays. It’s a design that can help you spread awareness regarding it.
  • Dove And Cross Tattoo: Thanks to its white color, the dove is associated with peace and love, serenity, and innocence. The dove also serves as a symbol for the Holy Spirit, among Christians and Catholics. When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, the Holy Spirit manifested onto him in the form of a dove. This is the reason why the dove often has plenty of religious connotations behind it. People who decide to get dove tattoos do so because it’s got plenty of symbolism behind it.

Dove Tattoo Meaning

Even though dove tattoos are far from being mainstream, they’re still highly popular as a design and can be worn by both men and women. These designs often showcase the dove by itself, or accompanied by a symbol or a word. These dove tattoos can either be complex or simple, large or small, and can fit on practically any part of the person’s body.

The dove is known to be a popular symbol, and is highly recognized by people all over the world. It is the universal symbol of peace and love. And because of the symbol’s recognition, these tattoos have become popular across the globe. The dove can have loads of meanings, all of them positive:

Since the dove sticks to one partner all throughout their lives and take care of their chicks together, they can symbolize steadfast love and pure devotion. The lifelong bond between these two birds is both faithful and enduring. Ever since early Christianity, the dove that holds an olive branch in its beak is a sign of peace.

There are plenty of stories about doves (and pigeons) carrying messages that people send out to their loved ones. This is meant to be as a portent of peace, victory, love, and God’s will. Doves are also known to carry olive branches, often gripping them in their beaks. Like the others, it’s also a sign of success and victory. Some people obtain this tattoo design to represent success in a relationship, but it can also mean victory in several aspects of the wearer’s own life.

Dove Tattoo Placement

The positioning of a dove tattoo is very important. Without considering the correct placement of your dove tattoo, you could end up wasting a tattoo design that looks absolutely fabulous. If you want your tattoo to bring a certain awareness about a certain issue, then you need to make sure that this tattoo is placed on a spot on your body where people will be able to see. And you have to remember that the size of your tattoo can definitely affect the placement options.

If you want to obtain a big dove tattoo, then you’ll definitely have no other choice but to place it onto a body part that is both spacious and wide enough. The chest area, as well as the back, are perhaps the only body parts here which can handle a huge tattoo.

There are dozens of people out there who are still not accepting when it comes to the idea of wearing or sporting tattoos to work. If you prefer a tinier dove tattoo, then this can look good on an arm or on the wrists. These are very noticeable body parts when decorated.

Dove Tattoo Preparation Tips

In certain films, characters who want a tattoo can just walk in and out of a shop wearing a brand new tattoo without any preparation. But unfortunately, acquiring a tattoo will take more than just a little bit of preparation than that. Learning how to ready yourself for a tattoo can lessen the entire process of acquiring a tattoo by several hours, stopping unnecessary health complications. This guarantees that the entire process is as pain free as it possibly could. You definitely do not want to make a run for a tattoo-friendly moisturizer or aftercare lotion, long after they’re required. Here are a couple of steps you have to take which can lead up to a brand new piece of ink.

Drink plenty of water days before you head on over to the salon. Chug as much as you can – At least follow the recommended daily intake of up to two liters of water daily. However, it’s still great to be on the safe side and drink more if you possible. Go on a steady sleep schedule and get lots and lots of sleep. Heading over to a tattoo appointment while you’re feeling sleepy is pretty much asking for disaster to happen, so be sure to set up an appointment that is completely congruent to your sleeping schedule.

Don’t drink any caffeine, alcohol, or energy drinks on the night or day before you get the tattoo done. it’s difficult for artists to tattoo a person who’s under the influence, and this means no drugs either. Even if you aren’t feeling drunk, the alcohol can end up thinning your blood, and make a complete mess when your artist is doing their job.

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Are Dove Tattoos Painful?

If someone you know has mentioned that a tattoo doesn’t hurt, then they’re obviously lying. That’s because no matter which part of the body you get a tattoo done on, it’ll feel uncomfortable, at least for the first couple of minutes. People have mentioned experiencing a numbing sensation which is true for the most part, but it will all depend on your skin’s threshold and the spot where you place the tattoo on. Whether this type of numbing effect comes from the continuous hammering of the tattoo needles, your brain’s pain sensors either overloading or short-circuiting, or even just a combination of the two, is very difficult to say. No matter what, your own perception of what pain should feel must diminish as you get that tattoo done.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dove Tattoos

  • Do you want a tattoo that you like, or a tattoo that you can afford?

No matter if you want a tattoo that you can afford, or if you just want the design, is one of the biggest questions you have to ask yourself. It’s important to decide which one do you really want for yourself. Keep in mind that a tattoo is forever – And not only that, they’re expensive as well. So if you have $200 in your budget, then you can begin saving until you can pay for the design that you want for your body.

  • When choosing your first tattoo, what are some of the important things to consider?

There are plenty of things to think about before you get that first tattoo. Where you want, which design you want, if you’ve done plenty of research, your budget, the size, if you have already consulted with your artist, if you have picked a dependable artist, etc.

  • Do tattoo shops have an autoclave or another form of sterilization?

Keeping the tools sterilized is very important for practically any tattoo shop. It’s pretty much suggested that a tattoo shop should have their own autoclave and are well-versed in the art of proper sterilization. But if they can show you that all needles are pre-packaged, then don’t worry too much.

  • What brand of ink do they work with?

There are plenty of tattoo ink brands out there, and those that are cheap or even have colors that are too bright are always the least clean or sterilized. But the main problem with this is that not only will you have a singular source of infection coming from the ink, but you’ll also have a problem with the artists who use reverse osmosis water which has sterilized by itself.

  • What qualification do tattoo artists have?

You might want to find two artists that have different styles of work. Each artist has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, and there’s absolutely no point in hiring a wrong kind of artist for a good piece.

Are Dove Tattoos Expensive?               

Plenty of people have wondered why a tattoo is so expensive – Even if it’s just a tiny butterfly tattoo on your wrist. How much should a tattoo cost, really? There are dozens of artists out there who will charge you by the hour, while the rest will charge you by the piece. Even though these days, the former is much more popular than the latter. There are also other tattoo artists who will set their prices according to what kind of skills they have, the experience level, as well as the quality of the work.

This is the reason why you should never shop around for the best kind of price for your tattoo – Just go search for the best quality instead. It’s actually so much better to wait until you will be able to afford to pay out for the best kind of quality service that comes from experienced artists whose work that you love, instead of having to haggle for prices.

This can also be applied to plastic surgeons, since the best ones will charge the most because when it comes to your health and your body, you definitely don’t want to go cheap – You’re making an investment in yourself, after all.

Dove Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Making sure that you take care of a great tattoo is very important, especially when it’s still new. An important jobs to do here as your tattoo is healing up is to clean it up effectively, and correctly.

After your artist is done with their work and you’re happy and content with how your tattoo looks like, they will start wiping it down using an antibacterial soap and cover it using a surgical or plastic wrap. They will also give you advice on how long you should wear that wrap for before taking it out.

And once you have gotten past that stage and can now take off that bandage, here comes the big moment: Cleaning it for the first time. You must keep in mind that as soon as you take off the wrap, you will want to clean up that tattoo immediately. This is one of the first steps for tattoo maintenance. When your artist initially placed a bandage around your new ink, the spot has been completely sterilized and free from bacteria. And once the wrap has been taken out, free-flowing air is brought back to the area, meaning there’s a huge chance for the bacteria to land on top of your open wound. So make sure to clean up your tattoo as often as you possibly can.

And not only that – The entire time that a bandage was placed on top of your new tattoo, it’s now covered up with plasma, excess ink, and blood. But don’t worry – All of this is completely normal, so don’t be too surprised if you end up seeing blood running beneath your wrap. Everything must be cleaned up in order to prevent additional scabs from forming. The plasma, which is a clear and gloopy liquid, is a main component when it comes to the scabbing process. This can stop thick scabs from forming up. You will want to get rid of this plasma as much as you possibly can within the first couple of washes. Keep in mind that your tattoo can create scabs to a certain extent – This is how a wound naturally heals up. And as long as you can keep the area free from plasma, then the scabbing will be light and would only raise lightly on top of the skin


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