Does He Like Me ? 21 Signs He’s Into You


Does he like you? Does he like you not? Are you dying to find out if a guy has a thing for you? You don’t need flower petals to know if a guy is really into you. All you need are some subtle hints and clues. Here are some tell-tale signs that you have already captured the heart of the guy of your dreams.does he like me

He tends to lean closer to you than anyone else

Does he lean closer to you compared with your other pals? During a group date, does he tend to follow you around and engage in conversations with you than your other friends? If he does, it’s either he finds you as a good friend or that guy is absolutely into you. Of course, who would he get closer to besides the woman he likes or is interested in, right?

He mimics and copies your movements

Okay, if you’re not satisfied with number one, try to pay close attention to his movements. Does he tend to copy and imitate yours? For instance, when you bite your lip, did he bite his too?  When you yawned, did he yawn too? If yes, that guy must like you a lot.

Science explains this as the Chameleon effect or our tendency to copy the behavior of the people we interact with. Studies show that we unconsciously mimic and imitate a behavior or a gesture simply because of our innate need to be accepted by the other person.

Therefore, if a guy copies or mirrors your movements, he is most likely doing that for you to accept and like him back.

He is quite touchy 

No, we’re not talking about the touch that makes you shiver in a creepy and scary way. That’s a different story. Lol. If that’s the case, there must be something wrong with that guy and that’s also your cue to go and stay away from him.

What we are talking about here is the kind of touch that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach; the kind of touch that makes you feel at ease and relaxed. If you feel this way in the way he taps you during conversations or the manner he casually puts his arm around your shoulder, then that must be a sign that the guy is really into you.

He keeps asking questions

Does a guy interrogate you non-stop? Does he ask you about trivial things such as the history of your name to as serious as how do you see yourself many years from now? If yes, you’re way into it, girl!

He asks you anything under the sun not just because he’s interested in you but also because he’s starting to like you a lot and want to know you better. Additionally, asking you questions also means getting to spend more time with you. So, he purposely does this to have an excuse to be with you.

He asks you if you already have a boyfriend

One of the first questions a guy who has a thing for you will ask is whether you already have a boyfriend. Normally, they will ask you in the most casual way possible, leaving you unsuspecting. Instead of asking “do you have a boyfriend?” directly, they might tell you, “hey, you’re so beautiful. Your boyfriend is lucky to have you.”

He wanted to find out if you already have a boyfriend because he wanted to know if he stands a chance with you before he shows you all of his cards. For him, it’s better to be sure than to find out later that you already had a boyfriend or worse, a husband. For him, it’s better to know now than to be sorry when he has completely fallen for you.

He shares his life with you

From mundane things to important happenings in his life, he shares everything that’s going on with him. He doesn’t mind recounting trivial things at work; sending you SMS when he’s at home; and tagging you to posts in his social media account that he finds funny.

When a guy shares almost everything about his life, you should be flattered because that means he trusts you completely and sees you as a constant person in his life. It’s a sign that you are important to him and that he likes you a lot.

He lets you see his other side

Another tell-tale sign that a guy likes you is when he’s not afraid to show you his other side. If he’s a co-worker for instance, he lets you peek into his life outside work. He shows you his hobbies and brings you to his favorite places.  He introduces you to things or facts that you never knew about him before. Why is he exerting effort doing all of these? It’s obvious! He wants you to know him better. He wants to impress you and be his girl.

His friends pair you with him

Does his friends pair you with him? Do they tease you together a lot? If yes, there must be a basis for it. Remember, there would be no smoke without fire! So, if his friends are pairing you with him, then he might have told them he liked you or he might have exhibited signs that he is so into you!does he like me

He introduces you to important people in his life

A tell-tale sign that a guy likes you is when he introduces you to important people in his life. You are becoming an important and valuable person to him already. Hence, he wants you to meet the other people that are close to his heart.

Additionally, if a guy introduces you to his family and friends, it’s already a clear indication that he is serious about you.

He calls and texts you from time to time

A guy is really into you if he updates you about his whereabouts without you asking; sends you silly text messages from time to time and calls you a lot just to hear your voice.

Distance was never an issue for you to spend time together. He makes up for the times you are not with each other by calling and texting you often. He makes you feel that he is always there, just one call or text away.

He smiles a lot when you’re around

He knows he gets more attractive when he smiles. Thus, he doesn’t stop smiling whenever you’re around. He does not mind looking like a fool if that’s the only way he scores to your heart.

Moreover, smiling a lot whenever you are around is a clear sign that a guy really likes you. The guy can’t stop smiling with just a mere sight of you because you make him happy and you are starting to become the sunshine of his life.

He seems to be everywhere

Does a guy seem to be everywhere you are?  When you were in distress, who was the person who saved you? When you needed a friend, who was there for you? You might misinterpret his actions for something romantic when it’s not. But, if a guy is with you in almost all of the important events in your life, there’s an 90% chance that he is truly head over heels in love with you. He wants to be a part of your life so he makes sure he’s always available for you when you need him.

He talks about his self all the time as if he wants to prove you something

Notice how he talks about his self. Does he seem to brag a lot as if he’s proving you something? If he does, then he might like you. He’s clearly selling his self to you, talking about the best points about him that would make him look more appealing to your eyes. He brags to impress you because he wants you to see just him, only him. How egoistic right? But, that’s how guys are.

He notices small changes in you

A good sign that a guy is into you is when he notices little changes about you. He’s the first to notice when you trimmed down your hair or when you lose some weight. He’s the first to compliment you about how great your new hairstyle is.

Sometimes, he’s also the first to annoy you when you wear clothes that look weird to him or when a pimple starts popping up on your nose. But, regardless if he compliments or teases you, if he seems to notice the small details about you, that’s a clear sign that he can’t get you off his mind.

He gives you special treatment

Does a guy give you a special treatment? Does he give you more than what you ask of him? Does he take the extra mile to show that he is a gentleman? If yes, it’s a sign! That guy has completely fallen for you. He is giving you this special treatment because you are special to him. He wants you to feel how much you mean to him so he gives you nothing but the best he could offer.

He stares at you at times maintaining an eye contact

You have swept him off his feet. Hence, he couldn’t stop staring at you. When you catch him staring at you, he wouldn’t look away. Instead, he maintains his gaze at you. He might even smile at you when you catch him.  Finally, when you talk to him, he makes sure that he is attentive while maintaining an eye contact with you.

He subtly teases you 

One of the signs that a guy is into you is when he tries to catch your attention by subtly teasing you. He might also annoy you at times or even bully you. But, you shouldn’t take that to heart. He’s just doing all those annoying things so that you’ll notice him and I bet, he’s succeeding into that because he’s also getting into you.

He always compliments you

A guy who likes you will always be generous in giving you sincere compliments. He will always tell you how beautiful you are, how a dress suits you or how great your performance is during a presentation. He knows how to make you feel good so he never fails to tell you how special you are and how amazing you are as a person.

He shares his future plans with you

If a guy shares his plans to you, that is a clear indication that he likes you too! Remember, a guy will never share plans with just any other woman. So, if he tells you his vison and his dreams, he might see something special in you. That is also a sign that his intensions are pure and that he already sees a future with you.

He gets jealous whenever you’re with another guy

Notice how he acts whenever you’re with other guys. Observe how he talks ill about those guys in a funny and cute way. See how unreasonable he could become whenever those guys are present.

If a guy suddenly become a “basher” of the other guys you’re around with, then that is an indication that he’s becoming threatened because he likes you too.

He’s attentive and remember details about you

Does a guy remember that you are allergic to eggs? Does he recall who your idol was back in Senior High? Does he know almost every detail about you? If he does, that’s not because he’s smart and remember things as is. It’s because he is interested in you and can’t help but remember everything you tell him.

He initiates and asks you first

You don’t even have to ask him. His initiative simply comes naturally because he wants to be with you. He asks you out for dinner; gives you his hanky when you feel like crying; brings you an umbrella when it’s raining; and visits you when you’re sick. He always makes extra effort to make you feel that he is always there for you.

He stalks you in social media

Did he heart all of your posts in your Facebook or Instagram account even the oldest ones? If yes, that mean his stalking you in social media. He’s looking into your past pictures because he’s interested to find out how your life was before you met him and what kind of person you are. He might even subtly tease you about it so he could open up a conversation with you.

 He showers you with gifts

Not all guys are good with words. So, to make it up, they will shower you with gifts to express their feelings. For instance, they might send you flowers, chocolates or even your favorite food. Whenever you receive a gift from a guy in an ordinary day, you should feel flattered because that is a clear sign that he truly likes you.

He gives you cute nicknames

One of the signs that a guy likes you is when he calls you cute nicknames. Sometimes, that might even annoy you especially if he calls you names that sounded like of a dog’s. LOL. But, actually, you should be flattered. The fact that he’s giving you cute nicknames means that you are special to him and he wants you to standout from other women in his life.

He listens to you

A guy truly likes you if he listens to you and allows you to influence him. From the food you want to eat to where to dine out to what shirt should he wear, he always seeks your opinion first. He does not decide on his own and considers you a lot because you matter to him.

He keeps the conversation going

During conversations, he makes sure that he doesn’t leave you hanging and as much as possible, do everything he could to avoid putting the whole thing in dead air. He keeps asking engaging questions and even though you act not interested, he think of ways to keep your conversations going.

He Flirts with You

A guy who likes you will try to flirt with you. He will use pickup lines, even the cheesiest and corniest of them all, just to get your attention. He will try to use humor to get you. He may also flirt with you through subtle touches.

Also, if it’s the first time you are meeting each other, he will make an effort to see you again. He will use his connections just to see you and come up with creative (and sometimes funny) ways to get your number.

He lets you know

Enough of the signs, a guy truly who truly likes you will let you know. He will set his intentions straight and will not leave you in a guessing game.


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