60+ Small Diamond Tattoo Designs to Show Long-Lasting Value With Ink


Diamonds are associated with things like beauty, power, everlasting love and they are even seen as birthstones for those of you born in April. Elizabeth Taylor said that “Big girls need big diamonds”, but that’s not necessarily true; not in the case of the following small diamond tattoo designs.

What you will find as inspiration in this article are exquisite designs that are meant to flatter one’s body and mind. In fact, although diamonds are beautiful on the outside, they actually represent inner beauty. Why is that? Because diamonds are polished in order to look so spotless, clear and shiny.

Among the other meanings of diamond tattoos are beauty, glamour, infinity, integrity, purity, strength and invincibility. In other words, it’s easy for anyone to find personal meaning for such tattoo designs.

Small diamond tattoo designs are usually inked on one’s fingers, ankles, wrists, behind the ear, feet and other less popular body parts such as back and shoulders. However, you are free to choose any spot you’d like for your tattoo.

Although a very popular motive at the moment, you can add originality to your tattoo by combining different types of tattoo designs and other symbols as well. For example, you will find diamonds inked together with flowers, hearts, crowns and so on.

Since we’re talking about small diamond tattoo designs, you shouldn’t expect to pay big money for one or endure a high level of pain. Small definitely has its advantages in these situations!

  1. Headings

    Sharp and shiny on an ankle

Ankles are visible body parts that can be easily highlighted with a small tattoo. A symbol of endlessness, the diamond flatters thin ankles in a special way.

2. Ink for a love that is everlasting

Did you know that in 1939, only 10% of engagement rings had diamonds? Things have changed a lot since then. This is because in 1990, 80% of engagement rings featured a diamond.

3. Minimal design, maximum of shininess

Don’t you love the way the brightness of a diamond is represented with the help of those little lines?

4. 3D Diamond effect behind the ear

This flawless design is discreet and very feminine too. It’s a 3D model that looks like a real diamond.

5. Diamond shaped as a heart

Love for diamonds or diamonds for love! Have you ever thought of shaping a diamond like a heart? It definitely looks avant-garde!

6. An indestructible symbol of feminine

As a woman, you can feel empowered by wearing a diamond or having one inked on your skin.

7. The diamond dove is real

Although not part of the very small diamond tattoo designs, this diamond dove fits best on one’s arm or leg. This bird is originally from Australia and can be kept in captivity too.

8. A simple geometric piece

Placed on a gal’s hand, this simple geometric piece fits right in for such a visible body part.

9. A colored diamond cluster behind the ear

Same place, another design, this one is very colorful, mesmerizing, brighter and easier to notice than the previous behind the ear diamond.

10. A refined piece of coal on a refined woman

Women, just like diamonds, become more refined with age and experience. This body part is easier to cover when needed and delightful to admire when wanted.

11. Strength, wealth and freedom in one

These beautiful neo-traditional tattoos feature bright colors and have a powerful meaning when combined. Small diamond tattoo designs go very well together with a crown and a bird because they are all about wealth, strength and the freedom obtained through them.

12. Blood diamonds skillfully inked in skin

The story behind blood diamonds isn’t a happy one. Many people die in diamond mines or they are killed if caught attempting to steal one in order to live a better life.

13. Simple representation of a diamond for men

Men wear jewelry too, so why not opt for a diamond tattoo placed on a finger, just like a ring?

14. How diamonds can motivate you

Being almost indestructible, this precious stone can’t be broken. So, if you compare yourself with a diamond, then you can feel stronger and get the strength that you need from it.

15. Diamond for an indestructible love

Love can last forever, just like diamonds can. Using these two together can signify the power of love.

16. Multifaceted black and white tattoo

Whether you opt for a simple, 2D design or you choose a multifaceted design like the one above, the only difference is visual.

17. Freedom is the biggest wealth

This amazing tattoo combines two opposite messages; one that is all about avariciousness and one about spiritual freedom.

18. Material things can hold you down

The meaning behind this nicely inked tattoo is that material things can you hold down too. If we are too focused on wealth, then maybe we miss out on other important aspects of life.

19. Personal treasure on a wrist

20. Show off your invincible character

A symbol for protection and positivism, the arrow makes a good pair with the diamond.

21. Any jewelry can materialize

This beautiful piece looks like a representation of a jewelry that wasn’t made yet.

22. Another way of holding a diamond

Hand tattoos are popular, but not really recommended because they fade away fast. Maybe just like money does.

23. A locket that needs to be open

24. Peace, victory and value on one hand

Dating back to the Greek mythology, the olive branch is a symbol of peace and victory.

25. Inverted shadowing for a diamond

26. A bloody diamond behind the ear

27. A nicely shaded shoulder piece

28. Choose any color for your skin diamond

29. Diamond shadowing is always unique

You will not find any small diamond tattoo designs that have the same shadowing.

30. Different sized diamonds resting on a wrist

31. Delicate hand tattoo featuring a diamond

32. The whole galaxy in a diamond

Both diamond tattoos and galaxy tattoos are very popular at the moment. Why not combine both?

33. Decorate your wrist properly with ink

Why wear a bracelet with diamonds on it that you can lose or someone can steal from you, when you can just ink a nice diamond and wear it everyday?

34. A simple side wrist tattoo

The exact body part where you choose to get a diamond inked contributes to your whole image and style.

35. Razor-edged minimalist wrist tattoo

Featuring just a few simple lines inked in probably under 10 minutes, this design looks razor-edged and bright.

36. Sizing and coloring are important factors

Regardless of how complex your tattoo design is, you should pay extra attention to sizing and coloring. The tattoo above isn’t the best when it comes to these factors.

37. A thick-edged design of a precious stone

Depending on how thick or thin your wrists are, you can adapt the contour of a diamond.

38. Cute wrist diamond colored in blue

Every tattoo that you get should somehow tell things about you. This tiny diamond is delicate, feminine, cute and so small that it can be covered with a bracelet.

39. Good contrasting can make a difference

The way shades and bright spots are chosen when inking a diamond are very important. Are you looking for a high contrast? or just relying on its brightness?

40. Immortalize a moment with an afferent tattoo

This picture looks almost too perfect to actually depict a real tattoo. It consists of a reaction about Jessica’s future wedding.

41. Using color to highlight various facades

Diamonds can be colored with virtually any shade you’d like. This example is part of the classic ones when it comes to color choice.

42. Tiny easily passes as an accessory

The stigma surrounding tattoos isn’t gone completely. However, people have come to embrace tiny tattoos easier and even appreciate them as accessories.

43. The perfect replacement for an engagement ring

People get couple’s tattoos a lot, so why not replace the classic engagement ring with a tattoo of it? In this way, it can be just like you dreamed of!

44. Decide on color, shape and size

Besides being inked in various techniques, diamond tattoos differ when it comes to size, coloring and shape. This one isn’t perfectly proportional, but maybe that’s exactly what makes it unique.

45. A diamond you will never lose

Regardless of what you want to express with a diamond tattoo, you have the warranty that you will never lose it; like you could lose a real one.

46. Colored ankle jewelry for the princess in you

Tomboy or not, all women have a princess inside them. Maybe you cannot express that part of yourself daily, but you can definitely make it a permanent part of your skin.

47. A simple design with no excess decoration

Do you know that simple black dress we all own? Well, such breathtaking tattoo is similar to it. It’s something we can wear on any occasion and look elegant.

48. Diamonds are often imperfect

As you have definitely noticed, diamonds are imperfect and the tattoos containing diamonds can be too.

49. Value, royalty and ever-lasting love

These three symbols are so representative and speak for themselves! The artist who inked them is really talented since they are really small and hard to tattoo.

50. An indestructible bond between people

It’s funny how marriage represents the bond between two people who love each other and diamonds are seen as objects that actually make that bond official.

51. Color-splashing on small diamond tattoo designs

With a simple shape as a structure, this gal chose a color-splashing effect for her precious stone. Blue diamonds are naturally found in nature.

52. A universe of light hiding in a stone

If you look at a diamond for a longer time you can actually lose yourself in its beam of light. Similar to a nebula in the sky, this tattoo looks like a personal universe captive in skin.

53. A popular choice among couple tattoos

To represent the strength of their unity, many couples choose similar diamond tattoos. Impervious, shatterproof and everlasting are diamonds and love.

54. Not the purest diamond in the world

Did you know that pure diamonds are transparent and colorless? The colored ones contain impurities or/and have defects when it comes to structure. Among the natural colored diamonds are white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black.

55. A multitude of tiny diamonds on fingers

You must admit that this is the cutest and most girly tattoo you’ve seen today! Nicely framed on her long fingers, they are brightly colored and skillfully inked!

56. Small diamond tattoo designs for the forearm

The diamond tattoo sketches meant to be inked on the forearm aren’t very different from the other ones. What differentiates them the most is sizing.

57. Discrete diamond inked on ankle

This tattoo is so small that it can barely be noticed. However, that is a plus because it doesn’t draw any unwanted attention towards you and it still does its thing by being there.

58. Perfection reached through transparency

Although this tattoo could’ve looked better and flashier with colors, it is perfect the way it is.

59. Another symbol for your characterization

The person wearing this tattoo and the other jewelry can easily be characterized judging only by what she shows us. Are you as open about yourself?

60. Simplicity is elegant in the tattoo world too

61. Impurities are found in nature and self

62. A splash of watercolor on a geometric design

The watercolor effects obtained for this geometric tattoo can sum up almost all the colors diamonds naturally have. Brown and black being the ones missing.

63. Golden cage for a diamond-shaped universe

Everything about this design looks royal. Gold and diamonds have always made a good pair in the decorations and jewelry worlds.

64. Prosperity under the form of a diamond

Even if red diamonds aren’t the most expensive or perfect, they are often associated with glamour and prosperity. This tattoo in particular is breathtaking and looks real!

65. A permanent diamond for her

You shouldn’t spend your life savings on a diamond! Gift her a tattoo that will stay in her skin forever and use that money to treat you both with something else!

66. Don’t spill blood for diamonds


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