125 Freetress Deep Twist You’ll Be Looking For In 2018


Life is always ready to invade you with surprises, no matter if it deals with work, school, friends, or family. But no matter what, these time-consuming hair routines aren’t always meant to fit inside your plans. This is the reason why Freetress’ line of synthetic weaves are there for you. The type of synthetic hair technology that they produce are highly advanced, it’s sometimes very difficult for you to tell the difference between fake hair and real human hair after you have placed it on your head. Companies create fake hair in methods where you can wear it straight from the box. These extensions are all built in either curly, straight, and wavy locks and will be kept in the same condition starting from the very first time that you wear them, up to the last.

These braids are also quite easy to install, and don’t take hours to attach to your scalp, compared to traditional braids. In fact, it’s so easy to put them in that you can do it all by yourself, and without the help of a professional hairdresser. You do need to practice a bit if you want to use cornrows, so installing the Freetress braids could be hard if it’s your first time. Also, keep in mind that not a lot of people will even realize that you have Freetress braids on, so they don’t have to install perfectly.

The Freetress Deep Twist Hair is crafted from the most excellent synthetic fiber bulk crochet braiding. The same company who produced Shake-And-Go are the same people behind the Freetress Deep Twist Hair. It feels and looks similar to natural hair, but the curl just looks way better than other synthetic braids. This is a product that looks amazing for deep waves, crimped hair, micro-braids, or spiral style curls which keep your hair looking fashionable for days on end. It’s easy to take care of your Freetress braids too. You can pick from over fifteen different color combinations to pair up with or add a bit of contrast to your natural hair color. Go right ahead and purchase multiple packs, and build your very own look.

Good Features Of The Freetress Deep Twist

Based on customer reviews:

  • A customer mentioned that Freetress’ line of synthetic hair products are all very low maintenance. To dry, people usually tend to comb their hair to make sure that everything won’t tangle up and creates movement when the wind passes through it, so it won’t end up looking too much like a giant clump. You also don’t have to cut anything out – The only thing you have to do to keep your fake hair maintained is to add some oil onto it and do your usual daily activities. This was the case after the first two weeks of having to wear the braids on your head.
  • Freetress Deep Twists look amazing after you get them installed, since they’re both so bouncy and light. The curls look good, not to mention, very defined. You need to add in several knots if you wish to secure it into place.
  • The synthetic hair is also durable even after several brushes and washes using a wide tooth comb. Wash it with nothing but lukewarm water. Leave in some conditioner and comb through it while you wash. Make sure to wash your Freetress deep twist hair every two weeks, and remove the rough tips. Of course, you should already expect tangles and shedding over time after a couple of washes.

Freetress Deep Twist Styles

  • Super Long Pencil Curls – These are shiny yet very small curls which carry of a very lovely style, and suits anyone who wears naturally curly hair. You can freely build up this look with the help of at least three packs of Freetress Deep Twist hair.
  • Freetress Deep Twist Weave – Contrary to other hair extension brands, Freetress’ own products are crafted from fiber that is exclusively made for weaves. Freetress braids are the only ones that can provide you with the best and most sophisticated curls that can last for several months.

Installing Your Crochet Freetress Deep Twist Braids

  • After you have crafted your braided pattern, this is how you can easily install those Freetress Deep Twist braids or any other crochet braids from the same company.
  • Pull out the portions of the braid in the sizes you wish to utilize for your own hair.
  • Make sure the crocheted braid needles have a latch down so that you open up the end part.
  • Put the needles right through your braided hair in a perpendicular direction to your cornrow.
  • Position your hair extensions inside the needle’s hook, then close down the latch.
  • Pull the hair right through the braid.
  • Let go of the hair from the needle and hold in both parts of the hair on both sides of your cornrow, then open up a looped portion of the braids by placing in two fingers inside the loop. Create a 360-degreee turn.
  • Place a portion of the hair extension, going right through the loop. Repeat the seventh and eight steps, and make sure that the loop is secure each time.
  • Position the knot closer to the cornrow as far is you can, all the while tugging on the end of the weave to make sure that it’s fit into place. Resume the above steps. Space hair with a singular finger with a singular width until your head is fully covered in braids, incorporating both the Freetress twists and your natural hair.

Freetress Deep Twist Maintenance

  • At night, you can spray water and conditioner on your Freetress weaves and position them in a four-twist. For maintenance, be sure to spray them with water only.
  • Use mousse sparingly on your braids. Only wash your braids at least once a week, and don’t leave it in for at least a month.
  • Make sure to keep your hair regularly maintained if you want it to last for a while.
  • Only wash it with a mild shampoo and air dry it.
  • Freetress’ fake hair products are all heat safe. You can style it using your favorite rollers, flat irons, and curling irons. Don’t brush them too much to prevent too much frizzing. Finger comb them to dry them out.
  • Start combing from the bottom of the hair first, then gradually work your way up towards the roots. Don’t use a hot curler at a regular setting.
  • You can also curl up the fiber to at least 90 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius (or 195 degrees to 210 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • To keep your braids looking fresh, apply an oily sheen or a wig conditioner. Oil-based conditioners aren’t recommended for bonded extensions like Freetress’ hairs since they could end up slipping out.
  • When taking the braids out, make sure to consult with a professional hairdresser or an expert in freetress braids.

Spotted Celebrity Wearing Freetress Deep Waist Hair

  • Tyra Banks – The former Victoria’s Secret Angel and talk show host has managed to transform her success on the runway to a multimedia brand, working at the helm of two highly-successful TV programs, including ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’. Recently, Tyty graced the Simply Stylist LA Conference red carpet at her hometown of California, wearing Freetress’ line of deep twist synthetic hair products.



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