How To Achieve The Dark Blue Hair You Always Wanted To Have


Blue has always been associated as the humble and demure color. Anthropologists who specialize in fields of color have mentioned that the color blue actually did not hold any sort of significance whatsoever up until the Middle Ages arrived, when Christianity surged into popularity and the color blue became associated with Mary, the Mother of Christ. The upper class came to adopt the color as a symbol of wealth.

Blue hair – Dark blue hair, to be specific, has been catching the attention of the public lately, and this particular hairstyle has been surging in popularity as well. This look deals with more than just dying your hair in a blue shade. Instead, it focuses more on providing your hair with the same kind of look as a distressed pair of jeans.

Things You Must Know Before Coloring Your Dark Blue Hair

  • Locating the right stylist before dying your hair an intense color is a must, according to experts. That’s because not only does it take plenty of technical expertise to achieve the desired hues without damaging the hair along the way, it’s also possible for the hairstylists to learn more about their client’s lifestyle and complexion in total.
  • Dyeing your hair in a dark blue shade is one of the best ways for you to escape from a color rut. But before you can actually proceed, it’s still important for you to lighten your hair as much as possible, so the dye will eventually take. Later on, you can now go with dyeing your hair in a vibrant blue shade and utilize a bunch of special techniques to guarantee that your hair color will last for a long while and look just as vibrant doing so.
  • Make sure to decide just how often you want to dye your hair before you can go for your initial appointment with your stylist. If you don’t plan on dyeing your roots once every three weeks, then be sure to tell them about it. Having an open conversation with your hairdresser or colorist will let them know your exact color preference for your upcoming hairdo – If you prefer a lighter or darker shade, and just how much color you want to place in your hair at the same time. But if your colorist is completely aware just how often you want to return to the salon to do touch-ups and recolors, then they can gradually narrow down the hues to the ones that you can actually maintain in the end.

The Best Hairstyles For Dark Blue Hair

  • The Deep Blue Bob – If donning a stunning blue bob hasn’t made it all the way towards your hair bucket list, then you need to try this one out now. This is a completely angular chin-length hairdo that is the best look for aspiring or full-fledged fashionistas.
  • Cookie Monster Curls – The shades of blue used for dark blue hair were seemingly based after a certain sugar-loving muppet. That’s not exactly a bad thing – In fact, they look amazing especially on naturally dark hair.
  • Fairy Chic – Another good hairstyle idea for your dark blue locks is to go for purple undertones beneath it. This makes the dramatic color transition a little bit easier on the eyes, as well as your own scalp.
  • Blue Vixen – Blue hair is obviously meant to shine vividly and let it stand out, so make sure to choose a dye that produces a glossy finish. This stunning effect makes your hair look very chic, not to mention high-end.

How To Dye Your Dark Blue Hair

  • The first step is to thoroughly wash your hair. It has to be fully cleaned before you proceed with dyeing, or the dye might not adapt to your hair strands right away. Check to see if you have shampooed your hair before you have dyed it. Furthermore, adding conditioner to your tresses could stop the dye from entering your strands.
  • Combine the dye together. Not all hair dyes require mixing. But in case you do need to mix the dye before application, then go check out the package instructions first for combining hair dye. Use a dye brush and a durable plastic bowl to combine the dye components together and be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly.
  • It’s time to apply the dye to your hair. Once you’re all set to color your hair, begin coating it into several segments. You could also choose to utilize some plastic hair clips to secure at least half of the hair above your head. This lets you place the dye at the bottom layers first.

Tips: Use a dye brush or fingertips to make sure that the dye coats all of the strands evenly. Begin at the roots, then slowly work your way out towards the end of your hair strands. Also there are certain hair dyes out there that tell you to work the dye into the strands until the dye gets a frothy texture. Make sure to read the package instructions first to see if this needs to be done.

  • Allow the dye to sit in for as long as you possibly could. Once you’re done coating all of the strands right inside the dye, put a plastic wrap or a shower cap over your dyed head and set a timer. The amount of time that is needed to leave the color onto your hair all depends on the type of dye that you use. There are certain brands out there that allow you to leave it on your hair for an hour, while other dye brands only require up to fifteen minutes.
  • Finally, it’s time to remove the dye. Once your timer starts beeping, it’s time to rinse out the dye from your hair until the running water is fully clear again. Make sure to use only lukewarm water to wash your newly-dyed locks: Warm water could remove a significant amount of dye, and the color might not look as vibrant as you want it to.

Best Hair Types For Dark Blue Hair

For Straight Hair

  • Acid-Washed Wave – This dye job looks amazing on pin-straight blue locks. This also gives off a lovely acid-washed denim effect on your tresses. It’s also proof that dark hair doesn’t always equal to boring and dull. Add in some more midnight-themed hues at the bottom to brighten up those locks, and show people just how daring you could be with your hair.
  • Skinny Jean Frost – Dark blue hair looks very nice on straightened locks. You can combine together shades of blue, purple, platinum and grey to build off a lovely denim hair effect that looks like your best pair of skinny jeans – Stylish, wearable, and not to mention, sleek.

For Curly Hair

  • Blue Jean Mermaid Balayage – Dark blue hair almost often relies on your hair’s texture, thanks to its highlights and lowlights. These dark blue locks look very long and wavy. The texture of the color actually comes from the dark blue shade, but you can opt to add in some streaks of mint green, giving it a funky balayage effect.

Celebrities Who Have Rocked Dark Blue Hair

Women who are not afraid to wear dark-colored locks are always lauded. There’s something about dying your hair in a bold color that gives you an air of confidence, since the color tends to draw the attention of every person in the room you enter. There’s also just something so very cool about wearing dark blue hair, no matter if you used actual hair dye or simply applied hair chalk on it.

So many ladies in Tinseltown have worn various versions of these dark blue locks and have worn some very nice outfits to go along with it.

  • Kylie Jenner – The new mom and reality TV star is known for switching her hair color way too often. She has shown off her navy blue locks on her social media Websites, as well as wearing them to various events including the Billboard Music Awards in 2014. Her hair looks very nice after a fresh dye job.
  • Demi Lovato – The ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ singer and former Disney star looked amazing wearing her streaky dip-dyed long tousled bob. She sported this hairstyle at the Y100 Jingle Ball in 2013, back when she was still in her rebellious rock chick phase.
  • Rita Ora – The British singer changed her normally blonde hair into blue, proving that she definitely does not discriminate when it comes to potential hair colors. She first revealed her dark blue locks in a 2013 Instagram post, and has worn them in several events after that, including a Grammys party. Of course, it didn’t take long before cameras spotted her wearing another shade of the rainbow soon enough, but her dark blue locks will always be a memorable hair inspiration for some.


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