170 Meaningful and Cute Small Tattoo Designs to Try


Even if the tattoo is tiny, it’s still going to leave a permanent marking on your body. So this is the reason why you should educate yourself about how the entire process goes, before you can book that appointment and get that dream tattoo done. In regards to smaller tattoos, there’s a whole different array of things to watch out for – Especially since there’s no room for error due to the tattoo’s size. So if your artist screws up even just a tinier detail on your already tiny tattoo, then they can’t go back and fix it, unlike a bigger piece. Perfection is always important in regards to smaller lines, and this is the reason why you need to know exactly what you’re about to get into before you go right ahead with the procedure.

It might seem absurd, but a small tattoo also takes the same amount of preparation as a bigger or medium-sized tattoo. That’s because the artist has to share it with the client, and their own expectations in mind. In fact, a smaller tattoo could seemingly be a bit more challenging as compared to a bigger one, because a small tattoo has to look simple yet striking at the same time. This requires plenty of creativity and innovation from the artist itself.

And if you’re still feeling a tad bit nervous about getting a permanent mark on your body, then it’s always a good idea to start off with a small tattoo. Tattoo removal isn’t exactly easy, nor is it very affordable. There’s a never-ending assortment of small tattoo ideas that won’t leave you feeling nervous about putting something inside your skin permanently.


Types of Small Tattoo Designs

There’s absolutely no doubt that there are loads of girls out there who are into small and cute tattoo designs, which have a connection to certain memories in their lives, and a populace they feel really great about. These small cute tattoo designs for women are so much easier to find anywhere else in the body, to show off their boldness. You can also hide these small tattoo designs for women easily. And what’s more, they look very appealing too. Putting something small like a flower tattoo on your finger will make you want to stay off from finger rings, for instance, so you can show it off to whoever sees it.

So now is the right time to find a really cute small tattoo design that suits your personality or can remind you of something you love. What’s that one thing that you want to etch onto your skin which will remind you of something very positive and important in your life?

  • Small Quote Tattoo: If you’re brave enough to get the side of your ribcage tattooed, then this could be a great spot to put your tattoo in. Pick a good font that gives your tattoo a feminine touch. The ribcage is also great because you won’t be getting stretchmarks here as you grow older, so your tattoo won’t fade away or sag. Having a quote tattoo can also serve as a personal mantra to yourself, to help you keep going and facing obstacles.
  • Small Heart Tattoo: If you end up getting a matching tattoo with a significant other then a tiny heart tattoo is the perfect choice. These are both small and simple, positioned just right on your wrists and collarbones. Not only do they look chic, but they carry a sentimental value as well. Just make sure that you and the person you get it with stay together for at least a long while.
  • Small Pawprint Tattoos: Pawprint tattoos, no matter what size they may be, are gaining in popularity. Each form carries a different meaning to them, depending on the wearer and the animal who has made those pawprints. For example, dog pawprints are a symbol of pride and strength. This tattoo design will remind you of a pack of wolves, with the alpha male leading and caring for the group. Cat pawprints, meanwhile, are meant to symbolize a playful personality, or even having a strong wit or intelligence, depending on how big the pawprints look.
  • Small Musical Note Tattoo: Music is considered to be the universal language. You don’t have to learn how to play an instrument, or be able to read musical notes, to understand the symbolism that comes with a quarter note, or a treble clef. Music is pretty much found everywhere you go. It fills us with all sorts of emotions and helps us through obstacles. It inspires us and brings out our emotions. It serves as a friend when we’re alone. So not only is a tiny musical tattoo a sign of the wearer appreciating the power of music, it’s also a recognized sign of that one universal force that brings us all together.
  • Small Ladybug Tattoo: In some cultures, ladybugs are considered to be a symbol of good luck. If you happen to find a ladybug on you, or if you spot one on a leaf, then this means you’ll have a lucky day. In China, if a ladybug lands on top of you, then this means that you will meet the love of your life pretty soon. A ladybug is also a sign of friendship, since they’re usually found in groups.

Small Tattoo Meanings

A tattoo carries a lengthy history. Usually there are two reactions to individuals who love to get tattoos, or simply the idea of tattoos in general – You either love it or hate it.

But no matter how much you feel about tattoos, they have been around for so many years – During the ancient Egyptian times, to be specific. During that period, pregnant women would often get themselves a tattoo of a tiny web by their abdomen, which means that a baby is coming soon. And as the baby grows inside of them, the web would grow bigger as well, as if keeping the baby safe inside the womb.

Even before that, the famous frozen Neanderthal known as the ‘Ice Man’ had a bunch of tiny dots tattooed onto his body, right around certain joints. Scientists who examined his body have concluded that they’re there for therapeutic reasons.

There are plenty of reasons as to why people like to get tattoos. Like the Ice Man, there are tattoos out there that are meant to be therapeutic to the wearer, or to serve as a protective amulet. But apart from that, each person has their own reason as to why they enjoy getting tiny permanent markings on their body. These include social status identification, religious purposes, beauty, and lineage, among others.

Even though it’s now easy to find someone who wears plenty of tattoos, ranging from old men wearing faded ink from their younger years to rebellious teens, the situation hasn’t always been that way.

When it comes to tattoos, the smallest things can make the biggest impact. This basically means that a small, simple gesture can carry a huge difference in the wearer, or anyone who sees it. Getting a tattoo could seem like a very huge commitment – Since it leaves a permanent mark on your body, you’ll see it all the time.

Best Placement Of Small Tattoos

The next step is to decide where exactly you want to put your small tattoo on. Since this is a tiny tattoo, it should be easy for you to make a choice. The placement is one of the most important factors to consider when you get a tattoo done. A tiny tattoo actually has a huge advantage since you can put them in practically any part of the body thanks to its size. But there are still other areas there that you should avoid. The best areas to put a small tattoo on are the wrist, the lower forearms, the collarbones, the inner biceps, the lower pelvis, the back of your neck, the top of the shoulders or back, beneath the chest, and finally, the lower ankles and legs. The reason why these areas of the body are excellent for small tattoos is because the quality of the skin isn’t prone to the ink fading away. And what’s more, they also tend to compliment tinier tattoo designs.

Another thing to consider here is the size of the tattoo, since it has to look completely proportional to the area of the body you’ll be putting it on. So the pain here is completely relative, and no matter which place you decide to get a tattoo on, you’ll still feel a bit of pain anyway. Just concentrate on other aspects when it comes to the positioning of your tattoo.

One more piece of advice here is that a couple of tattoo shops out there won’t allow you to get tattoos done on your feet, face, and hands. This could be very disappointing for some clients, especially if they have decided to get those particular spots tattooed.

Small Tattoo Preparation Tips

Acquiring a brand new tattoo is always both fun and exciting. To be able to make it the best experience possible, make sure to do the following before you go to the shop before your appointment:

Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and even while the tattoo session is going on, if you can. The more hydrated your skin feels, the better it would absorb the ink. And not only will this make the session move faster, it’ll make the experience feel so much better for both you and the artist.

Eat a decent meal before you come for your appointment. Keep your blood sugar up by eating candy or drinking soda. Having a high blood sugar can make you feel good during the session, especially if you haven’t eaten yet or came home late the night before.

You can always bring someone in the shop with you for support. Just don’t bring a crowd because it could be a distraction. Put on the correct clothing that gives the artist easy access to the spot where they’ll be drawing the tattoo on. Wear something old, preferably, or just about anything that you don’t mind getting an ink stain on.

Don’t ever show up to the shop under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is against the law – If the shop’s artist or staff notice that you are high or drunk, then they have every right to cancel your appointment. You need to go back and reschedule everything, and your previous appointment will be put to waste.

A tattoo shop is a public environment. Always be respectful of the artist, the staff, as well as the other clients or visiting guests. Observe proper etiquette and behave nicely.

Level Of Pain For Small Tattoos

It’s a given fact that getting a tattoo hurts. Some people are able to withstand the pain, while others can’t. Depending on your threshold for pain, the sensation of a tattoo needle entering your skin can be downright unbearable. However, this will all depend on the spot where you want to put a tattoo in. There are a couple of body parts out there where getting a tattoo done might seem much more painful compared to the rest. So if you have a lower threshold for pain, and your preferred place for a tattoo is a painful one, then you might want to pick a different location instead.

Don’t choose the painful areas and just pick the ones that have plenty of fat and muscle beneath the skin since these spots aren’t as painful. You’ll still get some ink on you, but it’s not going to hurt that much. And if you’re slightly worried that you won’t be able to handle the pain, then get yourself a small tattoo instead of a bigger one. Small tattoos are also great for those who want to keep a simple and minimalistic look to their ink, and not draw too much attention from others.

The inner side of the wrist is also one of the best places to get a small tattoo done. A lot of women like to get tattoos in this part of their body, therefore it’s considered to be a feminine area – Although men are obviously welcome to get a tattoo done in this spot as well. But that doesn’t mean that getting a tattoo there isn’t painful – It still hurts, especially since the skin is thinner at the wrists.

The chest is also a very sensitive part of the body – And you shouldn’t even think about putting a tattoo there unless you’ve already had several of them done, and you’re pretty much used to the pain. Getting a huge tattoo done here means that you shouldn’t wear any tight-fitting shirts over the next few weeks as it heals. The healing time also takes a long while, compared to other parts of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Tattoos

  • How can I get a small yet meaningful tattoo?

Slow down for a bit. Make sure to think carefully about where you want to place the tattoo on, along with the size, then go look at some designs on the internet to get those creative juices flowing. And if you’re still unsure whether you want to go with a particular design or not, or even a location, try test-driving it using a fake tattoo. Or you can just print it out, use markers, and place it on the spot where you want to put the tattoo on. Ask a friend who’s good in drawing to create the pattern for you. And if you’re pretty certain about the design – But not where to put it on, you can also test-drive this using a fake sticker tattoo. Just make sure to cover it up when you go to work or if you’re attending a formal event.

  • How long will my small tattoo take?

If you plan to get a tiny tattoo, then it could be completed in around twenty minutes or less. And even so, you’ll still be charged as much as an hour’s rate to cover up the final costs of the artist, the studio, along with the equipment used, because the setup cost is practically the same no matter if the tattoo takes two hours or twenty minutes to complete.

  • Where on my body should I get my first tattoo?

The best place for you to get a first tattoo has plenty to do with the overall design. The bigger the tattoo is, the larger the area you have to provide. Bigger pieces look great on the side, the back, as well as the chest, because these are the spots where the design isn’t limited on your body’s entire surface area.

And at the same time, you don’t have to get yourself a bigger tattoo design done either. After you’re feeling comfortable with the overall process, you can add more things to it if that’s what you want. If you start off with a small tattoo and make plans to add more smaller tattoos to it sometime in the future, then make sure to put it in an area that can accommodate it.

  • How do you know if a parlor is safe?

Just because the shop is only within a safe walking distance from where you live, doesn’t exactly mean that it’s a top-notch shop. Always pay the shop a visit first and ask if they have a license that allows them to practice safe tattooing. It also helps to read online reviews about that particular shop from past clients. Each state has their own set of laws in regards to tattooing, so you must take a look at the guidelines in your current location first, and make sure that the shop of your choice follows those guidelines.

The artist has to open up a pack of needles in front of you to ensure that they’re only using new, clean, and sterilized products. Other items to be used are disposable ink cups. The artist must also wear clean, sterilized gloves throughout the entire process. If they reuse needles, you could risk getting an infection, or worse, other blood-born diseases like HIV or Hepatitis. Make sure that the artist only uses a new single-use needle.

  • What happens during the tattoo session?

Your artist will take you to a private cubicle or inside a spacious room filled with other clients and artists doing their tattooing jobs. You can request for a privacy screen if you’re not comfortable having several people around, or if you need to get a private spot on your body tattooed.

The artist will then place you on a bed, or a chair that looks similar to the ones seen in a dentist or doctor’s office. The chair will be covered in plastic to ensure cleanliness.

You have to stay in one position for as long as the artist requires you, so they can finish up the design immediately. You have to tell them if your body starts cramping, or if you’re starting to feel uncomfortable holding that position. They’ll try to work with you in finding a better position, while still being able to get that tattoo done.

The Cost Of Getting A Small Tattoo

Plenty of shops out there contain minimum prices – Usually going from $50 up to $100. So a small heart tattoo, for instance, shouldn’t be much more expensive than the aforementioned prices. So if there’s a person who’s willing to finish your tattoo for only fifteen dollars, then don’t listen to them. This could have shady implications, and a poorly-made tattoo done by an amateur artist could always pose a risk for possible infections and a regrettable design to boot. And because tattoos are permanent, your health could also be at risk. A tattoo is an investment, and make sure it’s all worth the cash you pay. Even though there are shops out there that are willing to do tattoo sales during the holiday season, such as Halloween, this isn’t the best time to do a bargain shop. Just save up and pick a tattoo artist with a good reputation.

The pricing of your tattoo will all depend on a couple of variables such as the artwork detailing, the size of the tattoo, the placement on your body, your current skin condition, as well as the amount of colors used. If you want a small tattoo, for instance, then the shop will quote you for an assigned price. But if bigger tattoos are your thing, then the artist will end up quoting you at an hourly rate. Drop by the tattoo shop of your choice to talk about the details of your tattoo with the artist, so they can give you an accurate pricing.

Small Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After you have picked the tattoo of your choice and finally got it done at the tattoo shop, the most important step now is to learn how to take care if it properly as it heals. Tattoo aftercare should be taken seriously – You need to learn how to take care of it as much as possible, so it won’t get infected or the ink won’t fade out prematurely.

Always leave your bandage on until your artist tells you to take it off. Even though some artists out there might ask you to keep the bandage on for at least an hour or two, there are others who will advise you to keep it for an entire day. Your artist knows the amount of time it takes to keep your tattoo bandage on, so make sure to listen to their advice.

Make sure to gently clean your tattoo right away after the bandage has been removed. Wash it carefully using warm water, and a mild, non-scented antibacterial liquid soap. This gets rid of the dried and extra blood, as well as the plasma. Once it’s clean, pat it dry gently using a dry paper towel, and leave it to air-dry. Do not rub because the ink might come off.

Put in a small glob of lotion afterwards. Once your tattoo is dried up, apply a thin and even coat of scent-free lotion or aftercare product. This can help keep your tattoo moisturized. Continue cleaning it using scent-free soap and lukewarm water at least two times a day. Repeat until your tattoo is completely healed up.

Keep in mind that your tattoo won’t be free from bacteria and germs until the scabbing and peeling is over. This will go on for at least four weeks. Do not pick or pull off the scabs or flaking skin at this point. It could cause the ink to fade, prevent your tattoo from healing properly, and increase the chances of getting an infection.

Stay away from the sun as well. Do not bring out your new ink straight into the sunlight, and don’t put in any suntan lotion until it’s completely healed. Make sure to keep your tattoo away from bodies of water as well, since it contains loads of bacteria. This could ruin your tattoo if you submerge it.


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