70 Best Cross Tattoos for Men and Women


The art of tattooing has taken over the fashion industry for so many decades now, thanks to several original designs, among others. These are added daily thanks to plenty of tattoo artists from across the globe. The design elements all vary from tribal designs to natural objects, as well as religious iconography. One of the most popular religious symbols which is commonly used in tattoo art is the cross. A cross tattoo is always one of the go-to designs among dozens of tattoo lovers out there, right from when it was first conceptualized.

When you think about a cross tattoo, the first thing that comes into your mind is the Christian cross. The Christian cross is composed of the typical T shape, with the vertical bar setting higher up on the post. This is often taken from the depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion, according to the Bible, as well as plenty of other religious books. But a cross can also come in several different forms, one of them being the standard X-shape. There’s also the Ankh cross, which has an oval shape found on the very top. There’s the sun cross, and the controversial swastika. Even though people often have varied opinions when it comes to the look of the crosses – The swastika, especially – In most cases, crosses symbolize courage and hope. No matter if it serves to remind people of their faith, as a symbol of courage, or just an awesome-looking tattoo design, the cross tattoo has grown in popularity and is now considered to be a classic tattoo design.

A cross is highly popular since it carries a deep (and in some cases, personal) meaning. It’s also got a strong cultural and historical background, not to mention you can easily customize the design to your liking. Crosses are a popular design with both men and women. You can pretty much put it in any part of your body – No matter if it belongs to a bigger art piece, or on its own. Depending on the overall design, the size, as well as various other elements, the cross is meant to symbolize various meanings, and this is the reason why it’s such a good tattoo.

As mentioned, the cross tattoo can be customized in many different ways. You can mix and match it up with plenty of other designs, and even create your own personalized look. A popular choice is pairing it up with a black rose, as a way to honor someone who has passed away. Crosses are also accompanied by hearts as a sign of marriage or union between two people. A cross with a pair of angel wings are considered to be a sign of protection. You can even get your artist to create a tribal-style cross tattoo, just in case you want to incorporate it into a larger design that takes up a good portion of your body.

Cross Tattoo Designs                                 

A highly common tattoo design worn by both men and women is the cross tattoo. Much like other common tattoo designs, the cross tattoo is completely customizable, and looks amazing on practically any body part. You can wear it on your arms, or place it on your chest, right above the heart. You can affix it to the back of your neck, or even get a tiny one drawn on your finger. Believe it or not, but fingers are actually a common place where you can get a cross tattoo.

Plenty of people think that a person who owns a cross tattoo is a religious person, but this isn’t exactly the case. Cross tattoos actually carry various meanings, and all of them will depend on the type of cross used here.

  • Christian Cross Tattoo: In the Bible and Christianity, the cross represents the method where Jesus was put to death. It is considered to be a symbol of suffering, and the ultimate sacrifice. People who want to get themselves a religious tattoo often go through with the Christian cross design. And there are designs that include the image of Jesus himself nailed to the cross.
  • Inverted Cross: This is actually another variant of the Christian cross. The inverted cross is also known as the Petrine cross. Not a lot of people are fully aware of the Petrine cross’ origin, and some people might even associate it right away with Satanism because a lot of death metal and black metal bands, or atheists, use the inverted cross as album art or as a motif during their concerts. The Petrine cross got its name from St. Peter, who was crucified upside-down.
  • Celtic Cross: The Celtic cross is another popular cross-themed tattoo design, and this is more common among men than women. It’s a representation of both Christianity and a person’s Celtic heritage. In comparison to the Christian cross, a Celtic cross has a more intricate look to it. a Celtic cross is mostly comprised of knots and loops, with a huge circle located right in the center of it. These loops are meant to represent the cycle of life. Meanwhile, the knots symbolize the connection between a person’s spirit and their physical body. Celtic crosses are easily recognized. As a tattoo, they usually come in shades of gold, green, grey, or black.
  • Maltese Cross: Maltese crosses recently surged in popularity, thanks to their use in the popular video game ‘Resident Evil’. Like the Christian cross, it symbolizes sacrifice and a person’s inner strength. This is the reason why so many firefighters, soldiers, and policemen have adopted this symbol. This is for those who are ready to give up their lives to serve the public. During the Middle Ages, the Maltese cross is commonly associated with knights, since it’s a symbol of loyalty, justice, and honor.
  • Ankh: Cross symbols were present during the ancient Egyptian times too. This comes in the form of the Ankh, which resembles a regular cross, but there’s a loop or a handle on top of it. You can find the Ankh in many Egyptian-themed sculptures and paintings, and was often carried by most Egyptian gods. The Ankh also includes the symbol of the Roman god Mars, who represents masculinity, and the goddess Venus, who is associated with femininity and life.

Cross Tattoo Meaning

You can actually customize your cross tattoo to your own liking. Feel free to combine it with other designs, and create something that has a deep, personal meaning to you. For instance, people get cross tattoos with an accompanying bouquet or a single flower, as a memorial to a loved one who has passed on. Or those who are married can get a cross tattoo with a pair of hearts. Others choose to get a cross tattoo with accompanying angel wings, or the image of an angel, as a sign of protection. There are also awesome-looking tribal cross tattoos, which can cover up a large portion of the body, with enough detailing.

Crosses have had a rather rich and unique history as a religious and cultural symbol. In certain religions, the cross is also a symbol of the center of the universe, or the ‘axis mundi’, and everything in life revolves around it. Meanwhile, as mentioned, the cross is a powerful symbol in Christianity, since Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross.

The cross is a highly popular choice of tattoo, since it’s got a meaningful and personal connection to some individuals. And not only does it have a huge cultural significance, you can also customize it easily to your liking. This is a design that is so popular with both men and women, since you can pretty much place it on any part of the body – No matter if it’s a small part of a much larger design, or on its own. Depending on the design, the size, as well as the various other elements associated with the cross, it has since come to represent so many various meanings, and this is the reason why it’s the best tattoo for everyone.

The Perfect Placement For Cross Tattoos

Men are often seen carrying these cross tattoos on either their arms, ribs, stomach, spine, back, thighs, chest, and the legs. Meanwhile, women who get the same tattoo designs prefer them to look more feminine, not to mention small. These are suited to be placed on wrists, ankles, sleeves, and the lower back, along with the back of their ears, fingers, and the back of their neck.

The cross tattoo design is completely customizable, and looks wonderful on pretty much any body part available. You can place a big one on the arms (biceps) or right in the middle of your chest. Another good spot to place it is at the back of the neck. Some even get a tiny cross tattooed on their fingers, which is actually a more common design than you think. So many people prefer getting cross tattoos, wearing it similarly to a ring. This is actually popular amongst couples who use it instead of a wedding or engagement ring.

Muscular men prefer to place their cross tattoos right on their chests, and sometimes on their backs – Often being incorporated as a part of a bigger tattoo piece.


Cross Tattoo Preparation Tips

Before you can make that fateful phonecall to the tattoo shop to book your appointment, you have to think about which design you really want first. This is important since the design of your tattoo will reflect who you are as a person, and this will be a part of you that you will show off to the world every day. Keeping this advice in mind, allow your imagination to run wild and come up with a design which is highly unique, or you can choose to base your tattoo after a previous design. This design could hold a special meaning for you – For example, it could incorporate a favorite animal, or use colors that represents how you were feeling at that moment.

Make sure that you have already thought of a design before you can book your appointment with the artist. When you think about which design that you like for a tattoo, you have to consider its size as well. For your first tattoo, you might want to get a small one first. This allows you to see if you can withstand the pain, and how you react to a tattooing session over time without having to spend so many hours lying down on a tattoo chair.

Think of a design that you can be content with for the rest of your life. Even though you can still get it removed if you’re not happy with it, tattoo removal can be a very painful process that’s both time-consuming and fairly expensive to boot. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body, so be sure to get a design that you’ll be fine with and not regret over time.

You can also plan out your tattoo design if you like or get the artist to create a customized design for you. But keep in mind that customized tattoos are very pricey.

With the design in mind, go search for a good tattoo artist that you’re comfortable working with. You can usually find these artists through word of mouth. For example, if you know someone who has a tattoo, then ask them where they got it from, and if they’re reliable. Or you can go browse online to look for a respectable tattoo artist living near your area. After you have found the artist of your choice, make sure to read reviews about them and their work, and take a peek at their portfolio. Sometimes an artist will post their portfolio on a social media account or on an official website. There’s also the option of paying them a visit in their shop. If their designs and the ambiance of their shop are right up your alley, then go right ahead and book.

How Painful Is Getting A Cross Tattoo Done?                                     

A tattoo normally pushes the pigmentation through two layers of skin. The needle passes through your skin a thousand times per minute. The amount of discomfort felt here will all depend on your current mental state, as well as how you will be able to tolerate the pain. If you’re completely relaxed and you’ve calmed yourself down, then you can most likely get through this whole ordeal, only feeling a small amount of discomfort instead of pain.

Each person has their own threshold of pain, but most of the time, getting a tattoo can be tolerated. Much like hearing or a person’s eyesight, the sensitivity of one’s own skin will all depend on the individual, along with the various parts of their body. Whichever spot one decides to place their cross tattoo in, will ultimately depend on whichever part of the body it will be. The human body contains plenty of nerves, all of which are equipped with sensitivity receptors. And as a result, some parts of your body might be a bit more sensitive than the rest. The amount of pain you’ll receive will come from the bunch of needles repeatedly hitting your skin. You’ll definitely feel a slight irritation, coupled with the jabs coming from the needles instead of pure pain. Ticklish spots like the ribs or the neck might be a bit more painful to get a tattoo on, since these are the spots which have bones placed closer to the surface. But it’s still very important that you decide to choose a tattoo based on the design, instead of worrying too much about which spot hurts more.

Questions You Might Want To Ask Before Getting A Tattoo

  • Can I get an infection from a tattoo?

No you won’t get an infection from a tattoo, just as long as your artist follows the correct safety precautions, always uses a new pack of needles, and has also received proper training in using cross contamination methods and infection control methods. An infection in your tattoo happens if you don’t take care of the tattoo properly while it’s still healing, or if it has been exposed to a dirty environment – Such as touching it using dirty fingers, direct contact with animals, or washing it using a dirty towel.

  • What rights do I have to the designs I purchased?

As a client, you do have the right to utilize that personalized design you made for your own usage. These shops will assume that you want to get that design tattooed on your body. And you can’t resell the design to other people or use it for any type of commercial purpose. If you do resell the design, however, you could end up committing a violation of the US International Copyright Law.

  • How long is the healing process?

Normally, tattoos would take up to ten days to heal completely, but there have been instances where the tattoo heals in less than a week, or close to one month. The initial stage of your tattoo healing up would deal with it going through a flakey stage, with some light scabs occurring. And after this, during the beginning of the second stage, your tattoo could end up itching a lot. By this point, your skin will look shiny, dry, or thin. Do not allow your tattoo to hit direct sunlight, since the skin hasn’t healed completely yet, and is more prone to sun damage and melanoma.

  • What are the other factors that can influence the pain level of getting tattooed?

Your health will also determine the level of pain you’ll feel as you get your tattoo done. For women, it’s not exactly the best idea to get inked before or during your monthly period. A huge misstep before getting a tattoo is to ready yourself for the experience by taking painkillers or drinking alcohol. A shot of tequila or two could seemingly distract you from the pain, but experts have mentioned that drinking alcohol won’t help you relieve the pain at all. Alcohol and painkillers are known to be blood thinners. And because of this, more bleeding could happen and your artist won’t have an easy time in drawing your new tattoo.

The color of the ink used won’t determine the amount of pain you’ll feel while getting it done. There’s always been this rumor that lighter colors hurt so much more than black or darker ink. But the truth here is that lighter shades, such as yellow or white, come in last after your skin has been pierced by the needle several times. These shades are also directly placed right beside the irritated skin. This is pretty much akin to pushing a new bruise repeatedly. It’s going to hurt so much worse compared to poking healthy or unbruised skin.

  • Can I change the size of my tattoo design?

Of course you can. Artists will scan your design in a high resolution, providing you with plenty of chances to change the look and size on a computer. And apart from that, your artist is probably used to resizing tattoos. Thanks to the high resolution of your image, resizing it to your preferred size is easy for them to do. It’s always a good idea to talk to your artist beforehand, so you can modify what your tattoo will look like.

The Average Cost Of Getting Cross Tattoos                  

The final price of your tattoo will all depend on plenty of factors – Including the colors used, the size, which part of the body you decide to put it on, the location of the shop (for instance, a pricey tattoo shop in Los Angeles vs. a seedy one in Bangkok), the expertise and popularity of the artist, and lastly, the complexity of the design. In regards to body parts, sensitive ones could cost more than areas where there’s not much nerve endings found. Sensitive areas include: The hands, the feet, the neck, and the sternum. Meanwhile, non-sensitive areas include: Shoulder blades, outer thighs, and the butt.

A tattoo that is done inside a registered and licensed shop would also be more expensive compared to getting one done by a guy who has a makeshift “shop” found inside his dingy apartment unit. It’s definitely worth shelling a good amount of cash to get inked in a popular tattoo studio.

The final pricing of your tattoo will also depend on the amount of time it takes to finish it. This includes the preparation, such as applying the stencil. Occasionally, your artist will create a customized design for you, and they might include creativity charges in the final price. The minimum quote charge is always for one hour, even if it only takes around ten minutes to finish your tattoo. This is due to the equipment that the artists use to create the tattoo.

Cross Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Taking care of a brand new tattoo will stop it from getting infected, or the ink from fading away too quickly. When you follow a couple of rules regarding tattoo care, you can keep it looking as good as the day you got it.

Always listen to your tattoo artist. If you have selected a good and talented artist, then they will surely give you a set of instructions on how to properly care for your brand new tattoo. You need to follow these rules as often and as carefully as possible. Each artist has their own set of rules on how to properly take care of a brand new tattoo – But not to worry, as plenty of these artists have had loads and loads of experience in maintaining a new tattoo, so these methods have been proven to work.

It’s almost like your tattoo has a warranty of some sort. And if you don’t follow the artist’s instructions, then you could end up ruining the warranty, and they’re not exactly allowed to give you touch-ups. If they do, then you’ll end up paying a lot of cash for it.


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