Crochet Needles For Hair – Do You Really Need This?


Back in the early 90s, so many African-American women have worn crochet braids on their hair. This is the type of hairstyle that had gained so much popularity among women of color, similar to how cornrows, sewn-in waves, and individual braids were popular. Crochet braids are meant to give naturally frizzy hair plenty of time to rest from continuous manipulation, braiding, and styling.

Crochet braids themselves reached peak popularity during the 90s and began to dwindle during the 2000s. But nowadays, young black females are paying attention to this hairstyle once more, except in this version, the braids are vastly different than the ones seen during the 90s.

The method of crocheting one’s own hair is practically the same as acquiring certain types of weaves, in which you have to cornrow your hair first before adding in some extensions. But contrary to a weave that has a thick clump of hair sewn in, the hair is let loose during this version.

Crochet needles – Yes, the same ones used for knitting sweaters and scarves – Are placed inside the cornrow braid. Then you thread a tiny amount of hair well onto the needle and pulled right through the braid. You tie the braid into a tight knot, to lock it into position.

Uses Of Crochet Needles For Hair

  • In regards to extensions and hairstyles, getting the proper tool is always an important thing. If not, then the easiest tasks here could become very complex and difficult, and of course you wouldn’t want that to happen when braiding hair. The attached hook crochet needle for your hair is definitely one of those highly important objects. You can find these giant needles in most hair salons, along for personal use at home.
  • The main purpose of the crochet needle is to actually thread in nano and micro beads into the hair, to build up some extensions. If you like to thread your hair regularly, then you’re probably aware that these extensions are placed inside the natural hair with the help of a cold fusion method, in which the actual hair strands and the extensions are connected together using a nano bead and a micro bead. To be able to do this, you have to thread the bead first right inside the strand. This is where the latch hook needle comes in.
  • The needle lets you quickly pull that strand of your hair inside the nano or micro bead. If the needle isn’t there, then working this task would have been difficult to achieve, and surely won’t give off some amazing results. And when you’re planning to install some extensions or weaves into your hair, every step should be taken in order to make the entire thing perfect. After you or your hairdresser incorporates the bead into the hair, the rest of the steps are very easy. This is how you do it:
  • You have to separate a tiny and uniform strand of your hair.
  • Put the nano or micro bead right inside the needle.
  • Grab your strand of hair using the latch hook and pull the hair right through it.

Best Hairstyles With Crochet Needles For Hair

  • Cornrows – One of the best-known crochet needles for hair styles are cornrows. The fake extensions loop right through your natural hair with the aid of some crochet needles. This produces a seamless and gorgeous hairstyle that lets you show off an amazing look, and at the same time lets your natural hair take a bit of a well-deserved break.
  • Big Afro Style – If you currently have curly medium-length or long hair, then this big and bold iconic hairstyle is the best one for you. One of the best things about sporting an afro is that it suits practically every type of face shape out there. There’s actually a pretty good way for you to achieve this kind of hairstyle, and this is through braiding your own hair. You start from the forehead then go straight towards the back of your head, right before you sew the ends of your hair on top of your head. You can actually get this done with the help of a crochet needle, but make sure to put in a bit of finishing serum to it too to give you a smoother and softer look.
  • Big Crochet Braid Hair + Peeking Cornrows – You can also opt to utilize those peeking cornrow hairstyles, as a way to create a half-updo using your own crochet braids. This provides you with loads of ways to wear those lovely braids of yours, than what you would normally think. Make sure to keep those cornrows looking very subtle, or you can bring them even further back to build some very intricate shapes and looks, which all lead to a beautiful updo. And don’t forget to give those crochet braids of yours some tender loving care, to make sure that they’re always in their best condition, and you can get yourself a hairstyle that can look amazing for so many months, before you can actually do some real maintenance work on it.

How To Use Crochet Needles On Hair

  • The first step would be to cornrow off your hair, going all the way towards the back side. These braid patterns are highly important, much like the whole process of installing your hair. The final look of your crochet braid will ultimately depend on how secured your braids look. Cornrow hairstyles are always the best kind of foundation for you to make braids with. With this step, always ensure to see that your braids aren’t too huge, chunky, or even thick so that they’ll fall down flat in the end. Flatter braids give your hair a much more natural look and feel.
  • Make sure to slowly incorporate each piece of your own crocheted hair using a crochet needle, even though you can do the same using bobby pins. Slowly slide the needle in the center of the cornrows.
  • Open up the latch, then place the hair right inside the needle before you close it. Then slowly pull out your needle, along with the hair underneath the cornrows, until you have built yourself a middle-sized hoop. You should have already made a tiny loop in the left side your cornrows. The other side should have a tail. This step can go vice-versa.
  • Fold the sides of your braid up, by placing the tail on top of the cornrows. Gradually slide them in the loop – But you shouldn’t tighten that braid just yet.
  • Secure the very first crochet stitch immediately. Repeat the entire process until your head is covered.

Hair Types Suitable for Using Crochet Needles for Hair

Thick Hair

  • Thick Cornrow – If you have naturally curly and thick hair, then this hairstyle should be an advantage since it makes your crochet braids hold a bit better. You can find plenty of different braids meant for your hair type, like twist braids, cornrows, block braids, fish tail braids, microbraids, French braids, and braided buns. After you have ultimately decided which braids suit you the most, the difficult part of the entire process is over, and the only thing that’s left now is to sit down and complete your brand new hairstyle. Braids can be used for either formal or casual days, since they’re just a very versatile hairstyle.

Afro Hair

  • Braid and Cornrow Designs – This hairstyle is also a hit among many African-American ladies, especially since you can find cornrows in African-American culture. The popularity of this hairstyle has highly increased throughout the past decade, and lots of people have taken to wearing this hairstyle when they go out.

Celebrities Wearing Cornrows Using Crochet Needles for Hair

  • Alicia Keys – She’s got a highly amazing voice that has garnered her tons and tons of Grammy awards, Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Award trophies, among others – But her love for eye-catching hairstyles and curve-hugging clothes are the main reason why people love her style so much. In fact, she has worn so many different hairdos that her red carpet appearances and on-stage performances are always a sight to behold. Going from her signature braids, to wearing bouncy curls on her head, to an Afro, Keys is always a hair chameleon. Her undercut has stolen the hearts of her fans and critics alike as well.
  • Kelly Rowland – The former Destiny’s Child member flaunted her gorgeous cornrows during the annual Dior Cruise Event in 2017. She has worn this particular hairstyle so many times, even showing up to another event wearing the same hairstyle as her son, Titan. Both mother and son were dressed down and looked adorable, long cornrows cascading down their backs.


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