125 Crochet Braids Style Ideas 2018 – Revealed!


During the early 90s, a lot of African-American women sported crochet braids in their hair. This type of hairstyle was highly popular amongst women of color – Much like sewn-in weaves, cornrows, or even individual braids, a crochet braid should give your hair plenty of rest from frequent styling and manipulation of all sorts.

The reason why crochet braids got their name was because the tool that people use in installing it were crochet pins – Same as the ones used to knit sweaters or cozies. However, the main difference between a regular braid from a crochet braid was that the weave used for crochet braids already come as braided, so the only thing left is to install it to your hair.

So why were crochet braids even invented in the first place? That’s because weaving or braiding long hair takes plenty of time, especially if your hair is crimped or curly, much like the ones found in women of color. And a lot of African-American women did find the idea of placing their crimped hair into tiny braids highly appealing – This style can also lessen the amount of frizz, and result in a clean and polished look without exerting any type of effort whatsoever, at least on an everyday basis. The extensions for crochet braids also provide tons of flexibility, because of the fact that they’re so much easier to attach to a person’s head, instead of paying tons of cash for more expensive choices.

Crochet Braids

Why Do Women Love Crochet Braid Hairstyles?

l  First of all, it doesn’t take too much time to complete a crochet braid, as compared to other ethnic hairstyles such as box braids, or even kinky twists. Depending on the state of your hairstyle, crochet braids only take at least a minimum of two hours to complete. Braiding your hair takes an hour long, and adding in the weave is more than an hour. After getting your hair styled and cut, you’re all set. And since the average crochet braid hairstyle lasts for two months or so, you no longer have to make frequent trips to the salon to get your hair maintained.

l  You can protect your hair beneath these braids, and does not require plenty of control to keep it maintained. The base also lets your natural hair relax and breathe for a while. Crochet braids can technically protect your scalp, and won’t expose your natural hair to the sunlight. Your hair is braided into cornrows with the help of your hairstylist’s pattern. You can include pieces of your hair by placing it right beneath various areas of the cornrows using a crochet hook until you have achieved your desired look.

l  If you want to experiment on your hair’s length, color, texture, and style, then installing crochet braids will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to create this look using fake hair. You can create ombre-colored afros, to faux locks, and even a daring mohawk hairstyle – The fun never ends if you want to find a brand new hairstyle that you can show off to your friends. But the most popular one is still the cornrow, with its extensions looping right through them by using a crochet needle. This can result in a beautiful, seamless hairstyle that allows you to display a stunning look and at the same time allow your natural hair to take a short breather.

Crochet Braids

Popular Crochet Braid Styles for 2017

  1. Big Afro Style – If you currently have long or medium-length hair, you can surely show off this big, bold hairstyle. What’s great about the afro is that it can suit all face shapes too. There’s a great way to perfect this type of hairstyle – Just braid your hair, beginning from the forehead and heading towards the back side, right before you end up sewing the ends of your hair right onto your head. You can achieve this process using a crochet needle, with a little spray of finishing serum to provide it with a softer and smoother look.
  2. Shoulder-Length Tightly Coiled Curls – The different lengths of crocheted hair in this hairstyle will provide the finished look with a beautiful, rounded frame that gives your hair twice the amount of volume. In order to keep the curls on your head looking fresh daily, you only have to use a strategy called the pineappling method. The name may seem cute, but it takes a lot of work – What you need to do here is to bunch up all of your hair on top of your head, and wrap it up with a scarf or a silk cap. No, you cannot take off the scarf before going to bed. The silk cap possesses a smoothing property, and your curls will feel volumized and free of split ends the next day.
  3. Curly with Bangs – Are there times when you want to hide your forehead since it’s too prominent? Then you can try this wonderful hairstyle involving crochet braids. Your braids will look very trendy and voluminous, which is the perfect hairstyle if you want some bonding time with your best gal pals. If you want to give this hairstyle a wonderful form, spray a little bit of mousse or good old hairspray – This lets you keep the same hairstyle for a longer period of time.
  4. Super Short Hair Bob – If you want to sport a natural look, then the short hair bob is the best one for you. It consists of tiny curls that extend in different directions. You can add a bit of an edgy vibe to this hairstyle by giving it an undercut in one side.
  5. Faux Undercut – These types of crochet braids are, for the most part, placed on top of a person’s head. Meanwhile, you can form the left or right side into many cornrows, or a singular French braid. This type of style can be either chic or street – It all depends on how you style them. This hairstyle works well with a cute, everyday outfit.
  6. Voluminous Kinky Textured – One of the best things when it comes to styling crochet hair is that you can make it as thin or as thick according to your own preference. Each crochet braid looks great depending on your daily maintenance. For this type of style, your weave has to have plenty of volume. Bigger crochet braids are very popular on the internet lately.
  7. Havana Mambo Twist – This hairstyle is one of the simplest ones you can try out – And not only that, it looks great with casual outfits and formal gowns as well. Simply put, it’s a type of hairstyle that suits every event. If you want to create this look, purchase crochet braids that are a little bit on the thicker side.
  8. Red Bombshell Spiral Curls Bob – A deeper shade of red provides your crochet braids with a rather unique appeal, especially when you style it in a shorter bob cut. Apart from looking very stylish, this hairstyle isn’t too heavy on the head, and you can even use them if you purchase shorter braids or weaves.
  9. Tight Coils Crochet Braids – This hairstyle works well for those who have chiseled features, especially if they want to try out something that can soften their facial features just a tad bit. You can try this style out with either long braids or short ones, and it suits clean and nicer hairstyles. What you can do is to pull back just one side of your hair, and tuck it behind your ear. This is a type of hairstyle that fits pretty much any other occasion, and works nicely with most outfits. Not only do these braids contain a decent amount and size of curls, but they also give off a bit of a bounce when you wear them.

Crochet Braids

How Do You Install A Crochet Braid Hairstyle?

For the past couple of years, crochet braids, together with box braids, have slowly gained in popularity. They first came into prominence during the late 90s or the early 2000s – But now, they are experiencing some sort of revival, albeit looking slightly different as compared to its previous incarnation. Nowadays, crochet braids and box braids have both taken their influence from the current trend of showing off one’s natural hair. The textures used for this type of hairstyle look more natural, and plenty of the hairstyles associated with crochet braids are sported by women who like to embrace a natural look, including braid outs, flexi rods, and Havana twists. There’s actually a great chance that you might end up mistaking artificial crochet braids for actual hair, and this is one of the major reasons why a lot of people end up liking this look. So if you’re planning to jump straight into the box braids or crochet braids bandwagon, then this is what you should know when it comes to this lovely hairstyle.

So how do you exactly install a crochet braid? There are plenty of tutorials found around the net that teach you how to properly install a crochet braid. Some of these incorporate hair pins, weaves, and how to create a tiny, invisible part using crochets.

Installing a simple crochet braid, step by step:

  1. First, cornrow your hair all the way to the back side. Braid patterns are just as important as installing the hair. So the final outcome of your crochet braid will depend on how tight the braids are. Cornrows are normally the best type of foundations to create crochet braids with. During this step, make sure that your braids aren’t too bulky, large, or thick enough so they’ll end up lying down flat. A flatter lay results in a more natural look for your hair.
  2. Gradually Include each piece of your crocheted hair with the help of a crochet needle, although a bobby pin also helps.
  3. Slowly slide in the needle beneath the cornrows.
  4. Open up the latch, then attach the hair right onto the needle before closing it.
  5. Pull out the needle and hair beneath these cornrows until you have created a medium-sized hoop. By this time, you should already have created a loop on the left side of your cornrows, while the right side has a ‘tail’ (this can also be vice-versa).
  6. Fold up the side with the tail right over the cornrows, and slide them right inside the loop – But don’t tighten yet.
  7. You must secure the initial crochet stitching right away. Repeat this process until you cover the entire head.

Crochet Braids Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are not just for natural hair – Sometimes people like to incorporate weaves, braiding hairs, and as mentioned earlier, bobby pins and needles. If you want to reduce the length of your hair, then a pair of scissors should also be at arms’ reach. Your choice combinations of yarns and hooks will ultimately influence the way your braid looks. And depending on how you apply the weave to the cornrows, several combinations will look and feel so much better as compared to other styles. Feel free to use different kind of combinations each time, to know which one fits you the most.

For example, if you’re planning to achieve a smoother and more natural-looking hair braid, using a smooth yarn, or even a satin-based cord can give you these kinds of results for your hair. Another alternative you may use is a piece of yarn – But this does not achieve defined braids or curls.

If you want to achieve a better, and much more realistic hair length, along with some added volume, all you have to do is to twist and fold your braids into half, and snip it out with the help of some scissors.

If you’re the type of person who prefers shorter braids, always keep the ends at an even length. But for longer hair, keep the ends separate, in which one side as a much longer length compared to the other side.

You can achieve a beautiful layered look for your hair if you do these braids in various lengths. The most common lengths for a crochet braid can go up to eighteen inches, with a minimum of nine inches.

As a guide, here are a couple of popular crochet braid styles:

–   Deep pony tails: This is a style that begins with plenty of smaller cornrows. It starts from the front of your own hairline, going straight to the crown. Meanwhile, you can use the crochet hook to attach the weave right into the crown. Its finished product will show as if the hair is in a compressed ponytail found on top of your own head, while allowing it to cascade down to your shoulders in long or short curls.

– Dreamed hair style: These cornrows pretty much look the same as a deep pony tail. However, instead of the crown, crochet begins at the hairline.

– Paula braid crochet hairstyle: This is a style that begins with separating your hair right down to the middle, while creating a zigzagged line in your hairline. Use the crochet hook to connect the weave along the cornrows, and slowly make your way towards the top. These result in natural-looking tresses that flow down from your head.

Crochet Braids

Which Hair Type Looks the Best with Crochet Braids, and Why?

Curly hair – When your crochet braids look amazing, then it’s safe to say that getting them is worth every dollar. Protecting your natural curly hair is highly important for hair growth – And some people look amazing while doing it, too. Showing off gorgeous crochet braids for naturally curly hair isn’t anything new, but if done right, they can look downright impressive.

You can curl, twist, color, or cut off those braids until you’re fully content with that look.

Crochet Braids Haircare Tips

1.Crochet braids have actually grown in popularity since 2014. Plenty of young African-American women are currently sporting crochet braids that incorporate the weave itself with their own natural hairstyles. You can style them with either straightened braids, kinky braids, or even curly braids.

2.You might think that with the amount of effort that goes with making curly hairs, it costs a pretty hefty amount of cash to have it done at a salon – In fact, it’s quite the opposite. One of the best things about crochet braids is that it’s one of the most affordable hairstyles around. Since you can do this type of hairstyle through braiding curly hair, you might only end up spending up to $10 dollars with each pack – Or $40 if you have four or more clients in a salon. It’s actually quite difficult to imagine why people would end up spending plenty of cash on kinky weaves – But on the other hand though, they do come with their own set of advantages as well, and hold up better than cheaper weaves.

3.The average life of a crochet braid hair can only last for up to two weeks. However, you can extend the duration of its lifespan if you end up washing and conditioning them, right down to your own scalp. This might seem like a complicated task, since crochet braids can come off easily – But it’s not really that hard of a task. The reason why so many ladies are slightly hesitant to try out crochet braids is because this won’t let them wash their hair on a regular basis – But these hair care tips will encourage you to try out crochet braids soon enough.

4.Use a spray-in shampoo to clean up your scalp, and divide your into sections while doing so. Next up, spray your scalp and rub it vigorously using a piece of soft cloth. This removes the gunk and helps buildup. Once you have cleaned your scalp, spray your hair with the shampoo, or a combination of essential oils and water to retain your scalp’s natural moisture. Air-dry your hair, and you’re all set.

5.There’s another more intense way to clean up your crochet braids – First, wash your scalp and focus on the cornrows found beneath the weave. Wet your whole beginning from the scalp, right down to the ends. Apply conditioner to it, then rinse it out. After rinsing, apply your shampoo to the weave (not the scalp) and rinse it out. Condition the weave, and rinse it out. Once dry, make sure to remove the tangles.

  1. For longer braids, focus on cleaning the actual hair instead of the weave. Place conditioner on the weave then slowly make your way right down to the scalp. Use lukewarm water to add moisture to your hair, then remove tangles using a paddle brush. Knots might appear as you’re detangling, but not to worry – Just snip them out, and you’ll be fine. Separate your hair into sections, then create a two-strand twist. Once the twist is complete, cut out any stray strands from the twists, then bunch them all up into a hair tie. Allow your hair to dry overnight, then remove and detangle the twists – Your crochet braids will look spectacular.
  2. If your intention is to wear those crochet braids for a longer period, then your hair has should be curly or crimped, since this can take lots of time for your curly hair to loosen up, or return to its natural frizzy state. Certain people do not wash their hair at all while sporting crochet braids. This is acceptable, as long as you don’t wear them for too long, and make sure your hair is all rinsed out before you decide to wear them.

8.Why does the texture of your hair matter so much when you’re doing crochet braids? The hair that you purchased for your crochet braids isn’t that expensive, so don’t be too hesitant about spending plenty of cash for the best kind of weaves. If you do so, you’ll have a rather difficult time forming your hair into gorgeous hairstyles. In case you want to aim for that natural curly twist, then you have to detangle the weave first before you can place it in the rod. A cheap or fake weave can make this simple task even more complicated.

9.One of the best parts about picking a good weave brand is that sometimes, you no longer have to use the rod for your hair – Meaning less work involved.

  1. To achieve beautiful, natural twists, you have to detangle, rod the hair, then dip the weave in warm water. Reapply the rods at least once a week for refresh those curls. Coil the hair tightly around the rod in a figure eight pattern – If not, it’s going to come out with plenty of frizz and split ends.

Celebrities Who Have Rocked Crochet Braids

1.)    One of Alicia Keys’ signature looks are cornrows with crochet braids. The popular singer and songwriter likes to style her hair in crochet braids when she goes to formal events, like award shows and functions. Ms. Keys always looks amazing while doing so, which is proof that her beauty just refreshes. There’s something about the way she styles those braids, that makes it seem exclusively applicable for high fashion events.

Sometimes she likes to style her crochet braids on one side of her hair. This design actually looks great for any event – Especially when pulled slightly loosely on one side, and wound up on the top of her head. 















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