70 Cute Cat Tattoo Designs and Ideas


If you want to learn more about the history of cat tattoos, you obviously have to take a closer look at the relationship that cats have with humans. Cats and humans have co-existed together for so many years. In fact, it is often believed that during the first century, cats were first domesticated by humans to catch mice that would often raid their food stores and supplies.

The word ‘cat’ actually comes from the Egyptian term ‘caute’. Egyptians were hardcore cat worshipers, since they had this belief that the creature was a reincarnation of Bastet, the moon goddess. Bastet guarded the pharaoh and his family and was also a warrior goddess who provided everything for her loyal subjects.

No matter if you want to find these cat tattoo designs as a way to commemorate a beloved pet who is still living or has passed away, or if you want to pay tribute to an ancient Egyptian deity who owned a cat as a beloved companion, then cats are an excellent subject to choose for your next tattoo idea. One of the key elements that is emphasized when creating a cat tattoo design has got to be its eyes. Cat eyes can look both mysterious and innocent, depending on the context of the tattoo design, as well as what your artist wants to create. There are certain people out there that prefer to get a tattoo design of cat’s eyes, and nothing else. Meanwhile, other people out there want to get 3D cat tattoos, to give off a much  more lifelike look. Animated and cute cat tattoos are also highly popular, especially among the youth – Since they represent a cat’s playfulness and purity.

Types of Cute Cat Tattoo Designs

If you’re a huge cat lover, then you need to go look for the perfect design when it comes to your next tattoo. Cats, as well as other animals, have always been a hugely popular design when it comes to tattoos. Throughout history, cats have also been used as a symbol of worship, dating back to Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptian times. A cat was sometimes considered to be the symbol of good luck, and this is the reason why the Egyptians built monuments for them, in the form of pyramids. In Egypt, cats were referred to as ‘mau’ and were also associated with the goddesses Isis and Bastet. These two deities were important in ancient Egyptian culture and were worshipped. Cats have also been depicted in countless forms of art, and were even mummified along with their owners, literally burying them under the ground. Meanwhile, ancient Greeks considered cats as a symbol of lust, cleanliness, deviousness, and were often thought to have cunning personalities.

Nowadays, cats are known to have strongly independent personalities, even when you keep them as household pets. Because of this, they were considered to be a sign of rebellion. But in conservative places like South Korea, getting plenty of tattoos is forbidden by the government due to the country’s mandatory military service – Koreans can only get a limited amount of tattoos, and it has to be done by a medical practitioner.

  • Black Cat Tattoo: Black cats are unlucky enough to be associated with bad luck, witches, and demons. They are also associated with changing fortunes, and plenty of folklore myths do have plenty of warnings regarding disturbing the peace of a black cat. People used to sacrifice black cats as a way to keep away evil. This is the reason why a black cat was often considered to be a carrier of destruction that lurks the night, and must be avoided under any circumstances.
  • Cat Eye Tattoo: Hiram Powers, an American sculptor, once mentioned that the eyes serve as a window to the soul, and you can often sense a person’s intellect and will inside them. So for cats, this is a statement that rings true. Cat eyes are often known to be a symbol of wisdom, intellect, and as a conduit to a spiritual being. They are often considered to be objects of mystery and intrigue, which brings anyone who has carried this symbol as one step closer towards their death.
  • Cat Paw Tattoo: Not a lot of people know this, but paw prints do represent a mental and emotional journey of the wearer as they go through a difficult time. These are meant to symbolize a person’s progress, as well as the need to move on towards better things in life. Why do Japanese people keep little statues of ‘maneki-nekos’, those golden cats with raised front paws? In East Asian cultures, the cat is an ancient symbol of prosperity, as well as good luck and good fortune.
  • Cat Skull Tattoo: A skull tattoo, or a skull, overall, is often associated with disease, destruction, and death. Just the photograph of a skull is enough to give people the shivers, and makes plenty of people feel very uncomfortable. And because the cat is associated with death and the afterlife, a cat skull tattoo is considered to be a more subtle way of symbolizing a person’s acceptance and understanding of their eventual fate. In a way, the cat skull is considered to be a sign of bravery, since this means that the wearer isn’t afraid of death.
  • Elegant Cat Tattoo: A cat is often elegant and graceful, even as they sleep or hunt for food. You can tell this by the way that they move. An elegant cat tattoo is both intriguing and mysterious, much like a cat itself. Albert Einstein once mentioned that one of the most beautiful things that a person can experience is the mysterious. A cat tattoo might be simple, but cats themselves hold many mysteries. So if you’re a mysterious person or are into mysteries and intrigue, then an elegant cat tattoo is the best one for you.

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Cute Cat Tattoo Meaning

Cat tattoo designs for women don’t have too much value to them unless it achieves its goal: To make someone go ‘aww!’ after seeing them. Not only are cat tattoos highly appreciated for their cuteness, they can also carry plenty of symbolism. For women, cat tattoos are meant to be a symbol of elegance, feminine power, prosperity, protection, and good luck.

Cats are pretty much everywhere. They make great pets, despite their finicky nature, and are just as loveable as dogs and bunnies are. Everyday people tend to change their interests. Back then, people were more into dogs, since they were very active and loyal. But nowadays, people have changed their moods towards cats, and have started keeping them as pets instead of dogs, or with a dog for some added company. There are plenty of cat-lovers out there who are not afraid to show their love for their feline friends by getting a tattoo.

Cat tattoos are slowly gaining lots of popularity. Plenty of these cat tattoos are meant for women, but there are men who have gotten themselves cat tattoos as well. Cats are highly intelligent, independent, and calm. In some cultures, cats are meant to symbolize as a guardian of the Otherworld, while Egyptians considered cats as gods, because of their resemblance to the goddess of the moon. The cat is also a protector of people’s homes, as well as a symbol of domestic goodness. A quick research tells you that you can find loads of superstitious beliefs about cats. For instance, a black cat is considered to be bad luck.

A cat isn’t just an ordinary house pet. During the ancient times, it has often considered itself to be a symbol of poise and grace. Egyptians often had their pet cats mummified when they died, and they even worshipped a cat goddess, called Bastet. They held cats in the highest esteem, and killing one was also punishable by death.

Cute Cat Tattoo Placement

One of the best spots to put a cat tattoo in is usually in the back, the chest, and the arms. In certain designs, a tinier cat tattoo, like the eyes and the paws for instance, are suited for the inner wrists, on the top of the foot, as well as the back of the neck. In plenty of cultures, various parts of the body are meant to symbolize things such as a person’s spirituality, health, and balance. The final placement of your cute cat tattoo is oftentimes associated with this type of belief system.

A cat is an animal that is small, graceful, and elegant. It can pretty much fit in everywhere. The same applies to a cat tattoo. You are free to pick any kind of cat tattoo design, small or big, and put it on any part of your body. The neck is one of the best places to acquire a cat tattoo. A neck tattoo is always interesting, but it does give off a bit of a sexy edge to it – Much like the vibe that a cat exudes. A tattoo of a black cat can be positioned on any part of the body. There are plenty of positions out there in which a cat could be doing in your tattoo – Walking, lying down, or sitting. And in regards to cute cat tattoos, you won’t be able to miss out on your tattoo’s placement. A finger tattoo is also nice just because of their small size. And oftentimes, anything small equals to cuteness.

Cute Cat Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if this is your very first tattoo, or your tenth, there’s a huge chance that you can end up doing so much more to ready yourself for an upcoming tattoo session. These are the tips that you can follow so you’ll know how to prepare for a tattoo session, and make it seem as comfortable as it possibly could for you.

Keep yourself hydrated when you’re getting a tattoo done. Even though it’s still advisable for you to drink loads of water at all times to help maintain good health and proper body function, this step is also crucial if you want to get a tattoo done. Having a well-hydrated body makes your skin feel twice as resilient, allowing you to take on a lengthier tattoo session. You can also heal so much quicker following the session itself.

The second step is to keep your skin moisturized. Much like you enjoy keeping your body well-hydrated from the inside through drinking plenty of water, you also have to hydrate your skin from the outside with the help of moisturizer. Always apply lotion to your skin at least once or twice per day, at least a week before the tattoo session happens. Keeping your skin moisturized is one of the important steps to follow, especially when you’re getting a tattoo soon, since this makes the entire thing so much easier for you and your artist. Do not apply lotion right before the procedure, since this could affect how the tattoo machines work.

How Painful Is A Cute Cat Tattoo?

The mere idea of acquiring a brand new tattoo can definitely make people nervous, especially if it’s their first time. For a lot of individuals out there, getting a tattoo isn’t exactly common, and there’s still plenty of people who haven’t even experienced or have any clue about how to get one. Probably one of the many reasons why people get anxious about wanting a tattoo, or the idea of getting tattooed is because of the inevitable pain that comes with it.

There’s definitely a tiny amount of discomfort and pain that comes with getting a cat tattoo done – But it’ll all depend on your threshold for pain. A tattoo involves two major things: Ink, and a needle, or a group of needles. Some people have described the sensation of getting a tattoo done as similar to a light yet very irritating scratching sensation on top of their skin. And once the tattoo design is finished, plenty of people are relieved that the amount of pain involved is only minimal and a tad bit annoying for a short period as the ink starts to permanently settle right into your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Tattoos

  • How do I book my first tattoo appointment?

Making that phone call to book your tattoo appointment can be a chore, but it’s definitely the opposite of that. Always think that you’re simply following your chosen shop’s rules, as well as your willingness to obey the assigned guidelines given by the artist and staff as a way to form a bond and a brand new partnership between the two of you. Every tattoo shop has their own set of requests on how their clients should book an appointment. You can also find these steps on their official website, or a social media site, if they have one. There are also some tattoo shops  who have built web portals to collect information about what you want for your tattoo, in case you’re looking for a customized piece. Be sure to read their instructions carefully, and follow the right directions.

Plenty of artists out there aren’t going to put you on their appointments list without making a deposit, especially when you want a custom-made tattoo. Keep in mind that this means that a talented tattoo artist is willing to create a very original piece of art, made especially for you. Your very first cash deposit can do two things: It pays for the drawing time, along with the original sketch, and it also ensures that you’ll show up to the appointment. The cash means that your artist won’t waste any precious time in case you don’t show up.

  • How do you decide if this artist is the right artist for you?

When you and your artist are still in the early stages of discussion, you have to know if you’re comfortable with their designs or not. Ask plenty of questions, take a look at the other options, and always consider carefully before you can decide if this artist is the right one for you, or not.

If you want to decide, open up their portfolio and browse through it. It’s always great to find an artist that has an excellent line work and does well-executed tattoos. But you also have to be sure that you are content with their designs and how they create their tattoo pieces. Be sure that their artistic ability, as well as their style, compliments the design that you have in your head. Asking an artist who’s an expert in creating skull tattoos or dagger tattoos to create a fragile-looking flower tattoo may not carry out the best results.

And even if you’re still not entirely sure which artist is the best one for you, then the front desk staff will refer you to someone who’s willing to do your design. Talk to them about your tattoo idea, and they’ll see which artist is going to enjoy creating your dream tattoo, and will do a fantastic job while they’re at it.

  • How should a tattoo artist prepare before applying a tattoo?

Since they carry needles, a tattoo machine builds a puncture wound each time the needle enters the top layer of the skin to inject ink. A tattoo artist must sterilize all of their equipment as much as possible, use only disposable materials as much as possible, then wash their hands to keep their hands clean, as well as to prevent their clients from contracting bloodborne diseases.

To remove any additional chances of potential contamination, the tattooing equipment – Including ink cups, inks, gloves, and needles should only be used once. A lot of these single-used items arrive at the shop in sterilized packaging. The artist must open up the new pack of needles and equipment in front of the customer before they can begin their work.

Reusable tattooing materials – Including the tube and the needle bar, must also be fully sterilized before every use. The only acceptable form of sterilization is through the use of an autoclave, a machine that uses pressure, steam, and heat to clean equipment.

Before an artist can start working on their clients, they must wash their hands and check if they have their own abrasions and cuts. The next step is to disinfect the entire work area using an EPA-approved viricide. They must also cover their spray bottles using plastic bags, to prevent cross-contamination, and explain the entire sterilization to the client. Then they must shave and disinfect the area that will be tattooed on, using a combination of antiseptic soap and water.

  • What happens after I get my tattoo?

Once you manage to get that cat tattoo, it’s always great to take good care of it. Once the tattoo is finished, stay for five more minutes in the shop for five more minutes and pat the tattoo dry gently using paper towels to wipe off any excess blood. Don’t cover up the design using any form of makeshift paper towel bandage. Instead, just apply moisturizer to the skin using the unscented lotion. Doing this procedure correctly will stop any scabs from prematurely forming. Don’t pick on your new tattoo either – It takes away the color of the design, and can make the entire tattoo look unsightly. The thought of picking or scratching the tattoo could be downright tempting, but place in some unscented cream or lotion on top of the tattoo when the need arises, without moisturizing too much.

  • How do you take care of your ink?

Each tattoo artist and shop will all have various ideas on what kind of procedures are done to make sure that your cat tattoo heals up nicely. Even though some of them might suggest that you leave the bandage on for several hours, others will tell you that the best way is to leave it on overnight. And some artists might suggest aftercare creams like Aquaphor, others may enjoy mild nappy rash creams.

Each person heals different – Some will do it using one method, while others will use another methods. But the important thing is to leave the tattoo bandage on for several hours, then rinse it gently using a mild antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Then use unscented moisturizing cream twice or thrice a day until it has fully healed up.

It’s always good that your fresh cat tattoo doesn’t get exposed to direct heat and sunlight. When you have to go out, just cover it up to keep the ink colorization safe. Yes, you can shower with your new ink, but do not take a bath, swim in a jacuzzi, or a pool, or on the beach, since the elements and chlorine can ruin your tattoo’s ink.

The Cost Of Getting A Cat Tattoo

There are dozens of tattoo artists out there who are willing to charge up a flat rate for your brand new ink or charge you for your brand new piece. Meanwhile, most artists will charge you at an hourly rate. In case the artist you’ve selected provides you with a flat rate pricing for their job, this means that they’re practically doing figures inside their head as a way to guess how long does it take for them to finish the tattoo. Then they’ll multiply this by the hourly rate that they want, and provide you with that final number. The end result here is a cost that might seem a bit steep than usual, to insure against the work, in case it takes longer to complete than expected. Whenever you start paying for your tattoos by the piece, there’s always someone who always gets shafted – And it doesn’t matter if it’s the client, or the artist. Always play it safe and work with somebody who charges by the hour if you want to pay a fair cost.

Cute Cat Tattoo Maintenance Tips

So now the cool tattoo that you’ve always envisioned has become a reality and you’re now wearing it on your skin. That’s nice, but what’s the next step? How exactly do you take care of a tattoo and make sure that it heals properly and looks just as nice as you always imagined it to be? Here are the rules that you have to follow.

Always follow whatever your artist tells you. Each shop has their own set of maintenance tips – And even two artists from the same shop can have varying ideas on how a tattoo heals properly. Make sure to listen to their instructions.

Give your tattoo a wash after a couple of hours. Plenty of artists will tell you to leave the bandage on your tattoo for over five hours, then take it off slowly and wash the tattoo using liquid unscented soap and lukewarm water.

Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion or moisturizer to your new tattoo. Your artist can give you advice on which unscented creams to use to keep your tattoo looking fresh. You can also cover up your new ink using gauze or clingfilm, or let it air-dry, depending on the advice of your artist. They will also recommend that you wash your tattoo at least three to five times daily.


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