Caring For Your Parents In Their Old Age: 7 Expert Tips


Caring for seniors is one of the most difficult jobs in today’s society. There are a lot of different things you have to take into consideration when caring for seniors, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. Here are 7 expert tips on how you can best care for your parents in their old age!

1)  Be patient with their mistakes or confusion

When it comes to senior care, patience is a key factor. However, elders are often reluctant or too proud to admit when they need help. In order for them to maintain their independence and autonomy as long as possible, it’s important that you be patient with them if they make a mistake or become confused.

Seniors may have difficulty driving because of poor eyesight, diabetes, arthritis in the hands and feet, etc., so ensuring someone is able to drive them around can provide significant relief. Make sure you never lash out at them for something that is out of their control.

2)  Get professional help

Sometimes, your smartest choice is to obtain professional help. In-home care, nursing home admission, and assisted living may all be luxuries you can’t afford in the long run but will come with cost savings for seniors who need constant medical attention or are unable to take care of themselves.

In-home care is most popularly used by seniors whose children live close enough to provide hands-on assistance while also being convenient for seniors needing specialized services like physical therapy. You can check out Arcare by visiting their website and see just how much help such an institution can provide. Assisted living facilities typically offer rooms that have basics included: room, board (meals), housekeeping and laundry service, and activities such as bingo, sewing circles, and Sunday church.

Nursing homes are usually used by seniors who have health problems that require regular monitoring or care to avoid worsening their condition. The staff will provide around-the-clock care to ensure the well-being of your elderly.

3)  Make them a schedule for the day

To make your obligations easier, create a schedule that will make the most of your time. This way you’ll be able to work on the things you need to do and spend time with your parents. You might need a phone alarm for this, but it’s worth setting one up so that nothing is missed or forgotten.

You can make sure they are always fed by cooking meals ahead and know exactly when you’ll have time for shopping. Also, make a schedule of activities for them to follow and everything will be easier.

4)  Keep them active with hobbies and activities they enjoy

If you keep your elders active, they’ll be healthier, so try to find activities that they enjoy. You can also give them the opportunity of seniors groups, seniors’ club/home, based daycare programs, and other opportunities for socialization with their peers. This way, their days will go by quicker and they’ll be better physically and mentally.

Here is a list of hobbies they could do:

  • gardening
  • reading
  • cooking or baking
  • knitting, crocheting, and other needlework
  • board games

5)  Find a way to get them out of the house every day

Fresh air is important for everyone, and your elders shouldn’t be left out. So, find a way to get them out of the house every day. If you can’t leave the house on your own and have no caregivers available, then try finding seniors at local seniors centers who may be able to accompany you outside for walks or other activities under supervision.

There are many seniors programs in your area that offer outings geared towards seniors with various physical limitations or needs due to their age such as social events, exercise classes, and educational lectures. Look into senior transport services if this is not possible.

6)  Keep their home clean and clutter-free

Seniors need to live in a clean area, so make sure to clean up after them and get rid of any clutter. It can lead seniors to fall, injure themselves or forget where things are located in their home. Throw away items like expired food, used tissues, and empty cans so seniors will not accidentally ingest these hazardous substances and cause an illness. Take the trash out regularly as well.

Make sure the dishes and laundry are done every day and that the floors are clean.

7)  Make sure they are eating healthy

Ensure that seniors are having healthy meals by preparing fresh food, being mindful of their likes and dislikes in this regard. If they are not able to prepare the meal themselves, then make sure that you do it for them. This way, elders can still be eating food they enjoy and that is nutrition. They should always eat something that is easier for the body to process so that there would be no complications.

It is important to be patient with your loved one’s mistakes or confusion. They may not know how to do something, but they are trying their best! Be polite and kind when helping them learn new things. Professional help might also be necessary in some cases. Make sure they are active, taking their meds, leaving the house daily, and eating well by giving them a schedule and helping them out. Good luck.



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