45 Stunning Ideas For Styling Your Caramel Highlights


Gorgeous brown hues, such as toffee and caramel, can definitely bring life to one’s hair. They are incredibly enticing, and this is the reason why they’re practically the best choice for downlights, highlights, as well as dip-dyes and ombres. Good thing this warm palette of colors welcomes a huge assortment of hues, ranging from cool beige shades to creamy tones, to brown sugary colors. Basically all types of hair colors work really nicely with some caramel shades. And besides, you can also change the saturation of your own caramel highlights, ranging from the soft and subtle, to the striking, or reverse. Even though it’s still hard to think about the type of gourmet treatment you prefer for your curly or straight tresses, you’re still going to feel inspired to get some caramel highlights after you take a look at some samples.

Caramel-colored highlights found on a blonde or brown hair base provide a couple of soft flows thanks to congenial tones which give your hair a shade of color that’s both exclusive and sophisticated. This is completely logical especially since so many celebrities out there opt to use this technique on their own hairstyles. First of all, caramel highlights are completely flattering. They tend to suit any length, type, and shade of hair. Next, highlights aren’t too aggressive compared to full-on dyeing your hair, so it won’t compromise your hair’s health and durability in the process. And finally, caramel highlights are just so pretty to look at.

Browsing through pictures of celebrities and social media websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram will allow you to get those bearings in the wonderful world of color nuances, led by some lovely caramel highlights. You will definitely be able to spot a bunch of great ideas when you do.

You can often see celebrities rocking caramel-colored hair, both dyed and highlighted. This is a shade that fits all four seasons. However, since caramel highlights are extremely flattering for plenty of hair colors and skin tones, they’re always in great demand. Here are some ideas that you need to borrow in case you want to add a bit of life to your simple tresses.

Hair Ideas For Caramel Highlights

  • A look that is both brown and blonde – Also known as ‘bronde’ or ‘braund’, is a style that is achieved whenever you introduce caramel colors, or anything similar to it, into your highlighted hair. And at the same time, applying tangerine-colored highlights on dark brown or even black locks will include a bit of dimension as well as a stronger feel of movement to your own brown locks.
  • If you’re blonde and you want to add even just a tiny bit of brownish spice to your tresses, then it will definitely look amazing with several cinnamon and caramel-colored highlights. Together, these two bold tones are twice as eye-popping and dramatic as well.
  • Throwing in a bit of caramel shade into your highlights are always great especially if you happen to have hazel or light brown eyes, since caramel highlights tend to accentuate those eye colors too.
  • If you choose not to start adding your highlights at the crown of your hair, then regrowing them wouldn’t be too much of a problem. In fact, you won’t have too much trouble trying to maintain those lovely locks in between salon visits. Aside from that, randomly-placed highlights, no matter if they’re either subtle or distinct, are the hottest trend this season.
  • Hair that has never been dyed is a definite treasure. Girls and guys who embrace their natural hair colors are hard to find these days. If you’re not the type of person who enjoys experimentally dying their hair due to damage, you could at least liven up your ordinary tresses with a touch of thin caramel streaks.
  • Edges and ends with a bit of caramel on them are the best kind of ombre idea for girls with natural medium blonde or light brown hair. This is a seamless finish that looks incredible in most hairstyles. There’s not too much gradation of color when it comes to ombre looks. This is also known as ‘somber’, but despite the name, it’s very much a hot trend these past few years.
  • Warm, caramel tones are perhaps one of those colors that you can use on your hair to build a completely outstanding look. It doesn’t really matter what kind of complexion you have now – Natural hair colors or hair types might just require a couple of caramel streaks to finish off their look. No matter if it deals with a slight pop of caramel against darker hair hues, or as a full-on hair color, there’s always room for adding a bit of caramel highlights in your daily life.
  • If you want to find a brand new hairdo that includes several touches of caramel, then look no further than adding caramel highlights. Caramel has got to be one of the lightest hues that you can place on your hair. Caramel is an enticing color since it definitely warms up the entire look. This is the best kind of highlight choice for your hair since it provides an excellent contrast to something much lighter or much darker. There are so many different kinds of caramel highlights available: Ranging from soft beiges, to neutrals, to caramel hues that catch people’s attention. And if course, we can never forget other shades such as deep tangerine oranges and dark brown sugars. The most basic hair colors could definitely pop with the help of a caramel-colored shade.
  • Caramel highlights, even other similar tones like cinnamon or toffee, can come in so many different varieties. They can either be subtle, or distinct and striking. So if you want to find the best kind of gourmet color for your hair, then you surely won’t go wrong with adding those caramel highlights in – Because not only do they look elegant, they’ll make you look and feel spectacular as well. These caramel highlights will give you dozens of looks to decide which style you love the most for your hair.
  • If you happen to have light brown or blonde natural hair, then you can add caramel highlights to it since it’s both exclusive and highly sophisticated at the same time. This is a look that is fully high demand, especially among celebrities. That’s because caramel highlights are a completely flattering look that fits just about anybody. They can suit all sorts of hair colors, alongside all kinds of hair lengths – Long, medium, or short. No matter if you’re a brunette or a blonde, then caramel highlights are sure to look great on you. Acquiring even just the lightest caramel streaks isn’t exactly an aggressive way of drastically changing your own look. But still, you can mix things up without damaging your hair in the long run, all in just one swoop.

Even though sun-kissed locks aren’t exactly new on the scene, it’s definitely getting plenty of recognition nowadays. This warm shade of brown is completely flattering that works on every hair color, no matter if it’s just highlights or if you have completely dyed your hair, or as a beautiful ombre fade. This is a shade that is good enough to eat, indeed. Also See:

Amazing Ideas For Styling Your Caramel Highlights

  • Caramel Highlights on Jet Black Hair – The sleek and sophisticated beauty of jet black hair is much more pronounced by caramel highlights, or even just highlights in general, no matter what kind of color they have. This color on black hair makes it look like it’s melting on top of the blackness.
  • Dusty Pink And Caramel Highlights – You could step into any store or any online website and you can see them filled with all sorts of lovely pink hues. And what’s so great about this is that dusty pink looks fantastic and fun as a hair color as well. A combination of caramel and dusty pink highlights on top of blonde hair sure do look amazing together, giving you a flirty and unique feminine look.
  • The Rooty Look – This type of look is very popular at the moment. It’s practically a natural transition, from the tips of your hair, to the root. The main focus here has got to be the point where the two colors combine into one. You can acquire different tones going on in your hair, without having to make trips to the salon for one or two months, getting your hair redone. If you prefer curly hairstyles, the only thing you have to do is to utilize a 1 1/4-inch curling iron, and curl your hair in different segments.
  • Short And Sweet Blonde Accents – In regards to caramel highlights, the length and cut of the hair actually does make a bit of a difference as well. You can opt for a shorter length in case you have always sported long hair and want a bit of change. Or you could go for an A-line cut for a completely stylish and modern look.
  • Highlight The Bangs – There’s an absolutely good reason why you should highlight the entire length of your own hair, if you want to make a bit of modification to your own look. Light brown hair with streaks of caramel could look absolutely wonderful, especially if you accentuate on the bangs for a bit. In fact, this will all look very creative in general, and would completely earn you some coolness points.
  • Caramel Balayage Highlights – The newest hair trend found in magazines nowadays are those adorable bouncy curls which are both cute and highly feminine. Not only are they completely elegant, they’re also classic and sophisticated too. This is a look that you can either wear during the daytime or nighttime. You can pair this hairstyle up with any outfit you want, with all of the right accessories – Like a hairband, or a couple of embellishments thrown in.
  • Girls who have dip-dye or ombre hairstyles can try so many options when it comes to caramel highlights. Perhaps the best ones have got to be those bangs hairstyles which are meant for ombre hair. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to ombre hair colors, but if you throw some bangs in there, you can create a much more interesting – Not to mention colorful – Type of hairstyle. These bangs usually come dyed in the same color as the top half of your ombre hairstyle. But there are still some unusual variations which you might just like. So if you plan to get yourself an ombre hairstyle, then a slight change might be great.

Do It Yourself Caramel Highlights On Your Hair

Caramel Highlights On Black Hair

  • It’s always a great idea if you could add those caramel highlights on your hair by yourself. This guarantees that you will be able to see where exactly those lighter pieces need to fall, with the way you usually style your hair. Always check to see if the pieces that you have sectioned off for highlighting aren’t thicker than the average shoelace.
  • Part off your hair, like you would normally do, so you will be able to see exactly which strands have been face framed. Side-parted hair will carry different highlights compared to one that has been parted in the middle.
  • Paint on the color mixture on top of one-inch segments of your dried hair right in the front side. Keep it away at least one centimeter from your scalp.
  • Slowly add thinner streaks of the color to over half an inch in the center of your head.
  • Apply the same thing to quarter-inch pieces in the underlayers, and the back side.
  • Don’t be too strict when it comes to placing the highlights around. The best ones aren’t even those who are completely symmetrical or have even spacing.
  • Keep the dye on your hair for the amount of time found after doing the strand test. This means that the pieces that you first applied the dye on will also dry out first. Afterwards, rinse each segment nicely.
  • One of the best parts about having to do your own highlights is that you no longer have to go to your nearest salon in case you can see your roots. There will be times, however, when visible roots will come out of nowhere. But instead of having to wait for a long while before your next appointment, you can just grab a box of your favorite hair dye or highlighting kit and do it at home.

Hair Types Suited for Caramel Highlights

Having visible caramel highlights in your hair are perhaps the best and most flattering look that fits practically everyone. They can suit whatever type and color of hair you have, as well as the length.

For Thin Hair

  • Highlighted Bangs – Learning how to wear bangs with caramel highlights on them is already an art in itself. You can find loads of different choices that all come with just the right amount of upkeep. If you happen to have hair that’s both straight and wispy, then, these highlights can be the best kind of addition to your own image. Bangs are also great for hiding a wide forehead and do their best to outline your eyes too.

For Wavy And Curly Hair

  • Caramel Balayage Highlights – Do you want to wear highlights that don’t even look like highlights? During this technique, where you only paint the dye by hand (aka no aluminum foil used) is just wonderful on those ladies who have wavy or curly hair to create some amazing streaks. On each portion of your hair, you put on the color lightly, starting from the roots. Then the highlight eventually becomes brighter and brighter as you go toward the ends, which serves to copy the way your hair should properly be lit up by the sun. The roots won’t show up either as the color fades out.

Celebrities Who Love Wearing Caramel Highlights On Their Head

1. Beyonce Knowles – It’s already a given that Bey’s hair has a mind on its own. During the rare moments that she’s spotted outside her New York home, or in events like the Super Bowl Halftime Show, her golden caramel waves definitely glow from within. She’s a color chameleon who likes to accentuate her loose waves with rich golden tones.

2. Gigi Hadid – The stunning supermodel’s single-process hair color is pretty much the definition of melted caramel. It gives her hair a brilliant feel that looks oh-so-natural. Her hair is proof that macchiato-colored strands are the hair color to look out for this spring. She managed to show off a modern-day Hollywood-inspired hairstyle during the Glamour Awards in 2017.

3. Jennifer Lopez – J.Lo has constantly flaunted her signature ‘bronde’ hairstyle in a sleek high ponytail, coupled with slightly wavy ends. You can see this particular hairstyle of hers in most of her music videos and red carpet appearances. A good example of this is during the People’s Choice Awards back in 2017.


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