125 Timeless Caesar Haircut For Men


The classic Caesar Haircut has got to be one of those popular men’s hairstyles that won’t go out of style anytime soon. This is a hairstyle that people characterize thanks to those horizontally straight and short-cut bangs. Meanwhile, the hair found on your sides could be the exact same length as the fringe on your head, or even shorter.

This is a textured crop that incorporates blunt bangs. It delivers the usual Caesar-style bangs back in a rather huge way. The reason why this particular hairstyle has also grown in popularity is thanks to the shortened fringes, which lessens the overall appearance of a potentially receding hairline. It’s also a men’s hairdo that just looks great all in all.

Some people might not even have heard of the Caesar haircut, despite its popularity. How did it come about, exactly? Through Julius Caesar, of course. For those who aren’t too familiar with history, Caesar was an emperor from ancient Rome. He’s been gone for more than 2000 years, but his reputation precedes him greatly. Apart from getting a month named after him (July), among other things, so many leaders of today still admire Caesar’s leadership, while his life has been the constant fascination of many history buffs and the occasional filmmaker.

However, Caesar also kept up to trend with the latest fashions during his era, especially when it comes to his hairstyle. When he was still alive, he kept an equal-length of hair throughout his head which he styled in a forward direction. This hairstyle, known as the Caesar haircut, became highly popular during the 90s, but is now slowly making a comeback. And much like all of the other hairstyle trends out there, plenty of variations have shown up as well. Nowadays, you can find plenty of Caesar haircut hybrids and variations, all of which keep your hair at the correct length and styling. This gives you the freedom to work on several hairstyles.

Additional Facts About The Caesar Haircut

  • The Caesar is known to be one of the most popular haircuts during the 90s.
  • The defining trait of a Caesar haircut is its short bangs. Because they’re so short, they barely touch the wearer’s forehead.
  • It’s a hairstyle that suits men with thicker hair. Men who also have naturally thin hair, or fair hair, should also try out this hairstyle, because it gives the illusion that their hair is very thick.
  • The Caesar haircut is so versatile since you can style it in so many ways. You only need some styling products (like hair pomades, mousse, styling gel, hair wax, etc) and style your Caesar haircut into spikes.
  • The Caesar haircut is also known as the modified version of the barbershop haircut. It also looks similar to another popular men’s hairstyle called the French crop.
  • It also fits toddlers and young kids.

Different Kinds Of Caesar Haircut

  • Wavy Bangs And Razor Fade Sides – This take on the modern Caesar haircut . It is the modern iteration of Julius Caesar’s own hairdo, and a good example about just how this ancient look has changed throughout the centuries. You maintain the longer top side, while the backside and fringes give off a razor-fade look. The lengthy wavy bangs on the top are also styled in a forwards direction, giving off that standard Caesar look. Even though this haircut looks nice, you can still make it look twice as good with the help of a beard.
  • Short Caesar Cut – The standard emperor’s cut deals with hair that measures at least one up to three inches long. However, the modern take on the Caesar haircut won’t limit themselves to this rule at all. In regards to this certain hairstyle, the topside of their hair is styled forwards, to provide you with the Caesar appearance. The hair measures at least one inch long, while you shave the back and its sides closely with the help of a clipper. And because hair looks shorter with this particular style, you shouldn’t grow any facial hair here to guarantee that all of the attention that you get is drawn towards the hair on your head.
  • Classic Fringe With Fade – The top portion of the fringe creates a brilliant Caesar cut whenever you style this hair correctly. Even though they look very natural and simple here, the method in which you style the hair forward, going towards the forehead, is the reason why it’s often considered to be an iteration of the Caesar’s cut. The trimmed fringes are combined together with a high fade found on the sides.

How To Create The Caesar Haircut?

The Caesar haircut is a short men’s haircut that is cut at pretty much the same length around the entire head, then brushed in a forwards direction. This haircut is perfect for men both young and old, but it works particularly well for those who have thinning hair or receding hairlines. This hairstyle was first worn by Julius Caesar himself (hence the name). The Caesar haircut is a completely versatile haircut that is both easy to maintain and style. And what’s even better is that it fits all hair textures, no matter if it’s thick, thin, straight, or wavy.

  • Decide how long you want your Caesar haircut to be. The length of the standard Caesar haircut is practically the same all around, at least up to two inches long (or 2.54 to 5.08 centimeters). If you have naturally textured or curly hair, then you can opt to go for a ‘Dark Caesar’ haircut instead, which is much shorter than the original. Tip: If you can, have some reference photos of the right style you’re going for. This can either be a print-out from a website or cut from a magazine.
  • Trim down your hair to a manageable length if you can. If you have long hair, snip it down until it measures just a couple of centimeters long. This creates the Caesar haircut. It’s much more easier to cut since you won’t have too much hair getting in the way. If your hair measures over a couple of centimeters long, then just leave it as it is.
  • Place your desired guard into the clippers. The Caesar has a measurement between up to two inches long. Pick a guard that will provide you with the correct length. The first guard works nicely for shorter hair, while the fourth guard is for longer hair.
  • Snip the hair at an even length all around, starting with the grain. Afterwards, slowly shave the hair on top of your head, beginning from the back then moving towards the front. Do the sides next, and also begin going from the back to the front, but at an angle pointing downwards. The last goes towards the back of the head, then heading straight down, also from the top to the bottom.

Best Hair Types For Caesar Haircut

For Straight Hair

  • The Modern Caesar – In this hairstyle, you trim the hair a bit shorter than usual, and makes it so much easier to keep in the long run.

For Curly Hair

  • Wavy And Short – If you want to change things up a little bit, you style your Caesar haircut with a completely shaved side and an accompanying textured top, giving you a look that’s effortlessly fashionable and stylish to boot.

Celebrities Who Have Worn Caesar Haircuts

  • George Clooney – Clooney wore a Caesar haircut during the early days of his career, notably in his hit 90s TV show, ‘E.R.’, where he played Dr. Doug Ross. His fashion and hair choices have captured the attention of media. He’s also most likely the reason why the hairstyle grew in popularity during that time. Aptly enough, Clooney has starred in a Coen brothers comedy film called ‘Hail Caesar!’, which premiered in 2016.
  • Russell Crowe – The Aussie actor has sported the Caesar haircut in the 2000 Oscar-winning film ‘Gladiator’, which is appropriately set during the ancient Roman period. Those who are familiar with the Caesar haircut will recognize Crowe’s hairstyle immediately.


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