180 Unique Butterfly Tattoos and Images that are just BEST


In some cultures, a butterfly can represent a person’s soul. People who have this belief are fully aware that each time they see a butterfly flapping its wings, this means that they’re catching a glimpse of a person who has passed away. In Japanese culture, the windows are always kept open since if a butterfly comes inside their home, this means that someone that they love has paid them a visit.

The butterfly is a well-regarded symbol of freedom, transformation, and faith. A lot of people who get butterfly tattoos done on their bodies tend to do so to represent all of the changes that they have gone through, or as a sign that they have managed to pass through a tragic or life-changing obstacle that has managed to mold them into a hopefully better version of themselves. Much like how a butterfly begins its life as a tiny caterpillar, it waits for a couple of days before spinning itself into a cocoon, and in the end, it becomes a beautiful insect with gorgeous wings. A lot of people do admire how these insects manage to do that, and frequently connect it to how they lived their lives before, and that they’re so much different now as a person.

Another symbol of the butterfly is romantic love and femininity. This is the reason why a butterfly tattoo is highly popular. These tattoos are truly one-of-a-kind and are the classic choice for women who want to get themselves inked. But even though butterfly tattoos are mostly a girly thing, some men have chosen to get them done on their bodies as well, just incorporating other masculine motifs into it, like skulls or arrows – Or maybe they have chosen to get themselves a moth tattoo as a good substitute. The designs of a butterfly tattoo can accentuate a person’s body, all the while depicting its true meaning.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs                                          

The butterfly is a colorful insect which has attracted and fascinated so many individuals. This is the reason why butterfly tattoos are highly popular with so many people. Butterflies have a beautiful and colored appearance. It’s supposed to represent a person’s soul. A butterfly is a popular insect – And perhaps one of the only few insects whose designs regularly get tattooed on a person’s body. Girls really enjoy butterfly tattoos, but there are guys who love the design as well. These tattoo designs can be placed on practically any part of the body. You can find butterfly tattoos in nearly every size imaginable: Small, medium, and large. If you want to get yourself a tiny butterfly tattoo, then put it on your wrists, the feet, the neck, and behind the ear. But if you prefer a large or medium-sized butterfly tattoo design, then you can get it done on your legs, the thighs, the chest, and the back. You can find these tattoos in a wide variety of colors.

  • Monarch Butterfly: The monarch butterfly is one of – If not the most recognized specie of butterfly in the entire world. It’s known for having a wing pattern comprised of orange and black shades. Monarch butterflies are known to travel in groups, heading to South America each year to mate and lay eggs. This type of butterfly tattoo holds a beautiful meaning to whoever wears it – This means they have the ability to find their way home and pass through obstacles, even when facing the toughest situations.
  • Colorful Butterfly Tattoo: If you want a butterfly tattoo, you are free to experiment by putting together various tattoo styles, much like the classic butterfly outline combined with another design, like a flower or a star. You can transform the classic black-and-white butterfly tattoo outline with the aid of some creative colors. You can either make it look bold and bright or use light pastel shades to keep the entire thing looking subtle.
  • Small Butterfly Tattoo: Do you prefer to keep your tattoos subtle, or are you still new when it comes to tattooing? Then a small butterfly tattoo is the best one for you. What’s so great about small tattoos in general is that you can place them in practically any spot that you like. And it won’t give you ‘buyer’s remorse’ if you find it too big for your liking. This type of butterfly tattoo might be tiny, but it surely speaks volumes.
  • Black And White Butterfly Tattoo: This butterfly tattoo design will surely set you apart from the crowd. You can add several patterns to your butterfly tattoo to give it a bit of a whimsical look. This tattoo is proof that black and white doesn’t always mean boring.
  • Pixelated Butterfly Tattoo: Just because you want to get a butterfly tattoo doesn’t always mean that you’re getting a design of an actual butterfly. Similar to a tribal butterfly tattoo, you can get one that’s shaped like the insect, but is only comprised of tiny rectangles and squares. This allows you to show off various shades of color and give the tattoo a highly unique twist. Butterfly tattoos don’t have to be cute either.

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Butterfly Tattoo Meaning                        

The reason why women love butterfly tattoos so much is because they both carry a gentle image. Butterflies are a feminine tattoo idea. Plenty of girls prefer feminine and girly tattoo designs, and butterflies are exactly those types of designs. A butterfly tattoo exudes plenty of charm – And there are loads of tattoo ideas out there which can be connected to the butterfly tattoo, such as flowers, the heart, a star, and dozens of other ‘girly’ images.

There are plenty of meanings behind a butterfly tattoo – However, these are the most common meanings: Resurrection or rebirth, a transformation or change within the wearer, love, the soul and spirituality, and a connection with nature along with the natural elements.

A butterfly design is both pleasing to the eye and highly attractive, and as mentioned, are liked by both men and women. These designs can catch people’s attention, especially when drawn with the most amazing colors. 3D butterfly tattoos are available. A butterfly tattoo can help the wearer express their love for something or someone. You can also choose to simply have the butterfly’s wings tattooed on the chest, or on the back – This looks very adorable and cute. Some people also opt to get a tribal butterfly tattoo, which looks amazing. Blue is a common shade used in butterfly tattoos, making it look beautiful. A butterfly tattoo can also be either big or small, depending on the design and your own choice. So if you want to get yourself a tattoo, then a butterfly tattoo is the best option for you.

The butterfly tattoo is the epitome of the classic feminine tattoo, apart from heart tattoos and flower tattoos. This is one of the most common designs picked by women who are about to get a tattoo for the very first time. However, a deeper look into the butterfly tattoo can tell you that this isn’t just a tattoo meant for novices.

As a child, you might have heard of a famous book called ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, written by Eric Carle. If you have, then you will notice that there’s a much deeper meaning behind the transformation of the caterpillar, as it passes the caterpillar stage and builds itself a cocoon to turn itself into a butterfly. This change can be applied to people’s lives in so many different ways. And this is the reason why a butterfly tattoo might be considered as ‘cute’ for some, but it actually carries a much more personal meaning to the wearer. Carle’s illustrations for the book also serve as an inspiration for different color combos and effects, that will inspire you for a future butterfly tattoo design.

Butterfly Tattoo Placement

A butterfly tattoo is a popular tattoo design. There’s just no limits when it comes to the design that you want for your own tattoo – You can get a big butterfly tattoo, a small one, a colored one, one done in black ink, or even incorporate other designs into it, like roses. If you want to get yourself an elaborate butterfly tattoo design, make sure to discuss this with your artist.

The best areas to put a butterfly tattoo on the body include: The upper arm, the upper and lower back, the chest and abs, and the feet. You are free to experiment with a couple of other tattoo designs as well, such as the classic butterfly outline, incorporated with flowers or a cluster of stars. If you end up liking a tattoo design, you need to think about its placement carefully. A butterfly tattoo can catch people’s attention, since you could end up showing off your tattoo whenever you’re not wearing your gloves.

The classic black and white butterfly outline can be transformed into a work of art, using just the right shading. Make sure to keep things subtle. A tattoo will let you mix together a combination of colors in a very tiny spot. Putting a butterfly tattoo on the shoulder, meanwhile, can give it a bit of a sexy vibe.

A butterfly tattoo placed on the lower back – Usually common with women – Is significantly bigger. This spot is a very popular place to get a butterfly tattoo done, so those who do always ensure that the design that they pick always looks stylish. The butterfly actually has a symmetrical image, so the center part can be lined up easily along the spine, with the wings extending on both of its sides. This is the reason why butterfly wings are so much longer and look stretched out instead of what they would normally look like in real life. However, this is still a very attractive image for some people.

Butterfly Tattoo Preparation Tips

The very first rule when it comes to preparing yourself for a tattoo is to not take any aspirin or alcohol the night before your session. Not only will you feel terrible as you get a tattoo and nurse a hangover at the same time, but the amount of alcohol in your blood will still be elevated from your drinking last night.

An excessive amount of alcohol in your system will thin out your blood and cause excessive bleeding during the process – And obviously, this is never a good thing. And for the artist, it’s also illegal for them to draw a tattoo on you, especially if they feel like you’re either drunk or under the influence of illegal substances.

It’s already very difficult to sit through at least more than four hours on a tattoo chair during an entire session – What more if you’re only running on less than eight hours of sleep? Make sure to get enough rest the night before you get your tattoo done. If you step inside the tattoo shop feeling sleepy and groggy, then you could end up fidgeting too much or even get it done on a sour mood. This could have a horrible effect on your tattoo, as well as the overall mood of the session.

Before heading over to the shop, check to see if you have enough cash on hand. One of the most important things to know here is how much you could end up getting charged for your tattoo, so make sure you have brought enough cash with you to cover the expenses.

Always learn whether your tattoo is at a fixed cost per piece, or if your artist will charge the final design according to the number of hours it took for it to complete. If it’s the latter, then this means that you need to bring enough cash with you – More than what you would normally spend on tattoo – In order to cover yourself up just in case you spend too much time inside the shop and you end up paying a good chunk of money in the end.

Is Getting A Butterfly Tattoo Painful?               

A tattoo does hurt. Obviously, since this involves you getting repeatedly pierced with a needle. The amount of pain you have to deal with will all vary from one person to the other. After you have chosen the right butterfly tattoo, you have to take a closer look at these tactics which can help you lessen the pain. There are plenty of individuals out there who have taken different strategies to help themselves deal with the pain of getting a tattoo done. There are a couple of measures that you must take to be able to manage the pain you’ll experience, and not be bothered by it too much. There are people out there who bring in their friends and partners to give them emotional support. Meanwhile, others even bring in plush dolls or squishy toys. There are people who even cry during the procedure, which is pretty much normal.

Where your tattoo is placed can play a very important role in the pain involved. The arteries, the glands,  the nerves, and veins are so much painful to get a tattoo on. Also, getting a tattoo done on your joints, or any place where bone is directly above the skin, is also very painful. Parts of the body where there’s more fat or muscles, or have tighter skin, are also less painful too. These are the factors that can give plenty of space in between the bones and the tattoo gun’s needle, but place less concentration on the person’s nerves.

Frequently Asked Questions                     

  • Do I need to bring an ID if I were to get a tattoo?

Yes. No matter how old you are, you have to carry a valid and government-issued ID if you want to get a tattoo or a piercing done. If you are a minor and you want to get a tattoo done, here are several things you have to list down: Your birth certificate, and a photo ID (could either be a passport, a driver’s license, or a school ID). A legal guardian or a parent has to be present during the procedure. They must also carry with them a valid ID. If your last name and the last name of your parent or your guardian aren’t the same, then you have to give the official paperwork which explains why. There will not be any exceptions made for these rules.

  • What are the necessary certifications needed to be a licensed tattoo artist?

Certain places out there will allow tattoo shops to operate, just as long as they follow local ordinances or statutes. This means that the owners of the shop where you get your tattoo have to acquire local licenses and the necessary permits, before they can open up for business. Before booking an appointment, check to see if the shop of your choice will show their permit to operate at the front of their shop, and that they’re currently updated.

  • How do deposits work?

A tattoo artist can take a deposit from you when you book an appointment for a tattoo, so they can secure it right away. The amount of cash you give at your deposit will all depend on the tattoo you want to get. If you plan to acquire a tattoo that requires multiple sessions, then the deposit will come off on your final visit. But if you’re only having one tattoo session, then deposit will come off in that particular appointment. If an emergency comes up and you must reschedule that appointment, you have to provide them with a three-days notice, and they’ll end up carrying your deposit over. If it’s less time than this, then you have to make a brand new payment.

If you end up cancelling an appointment, you will, unfortunately, end up losing your deposit. The same thing can happen if you completely change the design of your future tattoo. An appointment cannot be assigned to another person. A full day booking with your artist will also need a deposit, which will be removed from the final price of your tattoo design.

  • Do I need a medical certificate before getting a tattoo?

Because you’ll be dealing with plenty of blood and plasma, each responsible tattoo artist has to request for a medical certificate from their client, or ask them about their medical history, to make sure that the client won’t catch or transmit any infectious disease through their blood. The client should also ask their artist the same amount of questions that they will ask them.

  • How do I get a tattoo cover up?

You have to book a consultation first. And the new design of your choice has to be bigger than your first tattoo. You must also have it done in a darker shade to completely cover up the old one – And if your first tattoo happens to be very dark as well, then you have to cover it up using black ink only. Plenty of detail is definitely needed to mask the first tattoo. Listen to your artist’s suggestions because they’ll know exactly what to do in case you want to get rid of an old tattoo. And if there really is nothing they can do here, then perhaps a laser removal might be the best option.

How Much Does A Butterfly Tattoo Cost?

You can find plenty of factors that deal with the final price of your tattoo. When you’re still having doubts, go save up plenty of cash – Much more than what you think you’ll be needing, since a cheap tattoo won’t surely live up to your own standards. The old saying applies here: You will get whatever it is you paid for. A tattoo is no exception here.

Obviously, the bigger the tattoo is, the longer it’ll take to complete, and the bigger the final price will be. A giant back tattoo will be drawn and designed by the artist that has a customer input. This will both be time-consuming, not to mention filled with loads of details, and in the end, the artist will charge more cash for it. Plenty of them can charge you for an hour during this part, but this will all vary greatly in the end. Some artists will also include the design and concept in the final price of the tattoo, especially if you want a detailed piece. But as long as you keep committing to getting it done with the same artist, then it’s all good in the end.

If you want to set an appointment, then you’ll have to pay a booking fee that is equal to at least an hour of tattooing time. The booking fee that you handed earlier is removed from the final hour of your previous tattooing session and guarantees that your appointment slot has been reserved for you when you come back. This is also refundable in case you end up cancelling the appointment – But if you have to do so, then please give the shop and the artist a 48-hour notice. They won’t start working on the design beyond your first consultation, without you having to pay a booking fee.

… Another thing that might come in handy with the extra cash is for the other small costs that you could end up spending on apart from the tattoo itself: This includes the drinks, the food, the aftercare products, and the parking. Your artist might also want a tip too so don’t forget to give them one.

Butterfly Tattoo Maintenance Tips

After you get your tattoo done, and you have entered your second week, the scabs on your tattoo will begin to flake off. During this part, you have to be extremely gentle with moisturizing and washing your tattoo, since the scabs could be ripped off easily and damage the tattoo’s look.

At this point, your skin will start to itch – But you must resist scratching, no matter how tempting it may be. Applying an additional coat of moisturizer could help you get rid of the itch. It also helps to use moisturizer that has been kept cool inside a fridge, since this can relief irritated or itchy skin.

The last stage of a healing tattoo is slow and takes plenty of patience. During this part, a lot of the bigger scabs have flaked and fallen away by now. Tiny scabs and small bits of dead skin will show up, but these will eventually clear up too, as your tattoo continues to heal.

The flaking skin, along with the scabs, can cause the area to give off a dull and dry appearance. Keeping your new tattoo protected from the sun, or applying moisturizer to it, can help you solve these issues.


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