155+ Unique Brother Sister Tattoos to try with Love


For certain families out there, there’s just no better friend than an older or younger sibling. Sure you could get into big fights sometimes, or wish that you could trade them away for someone better. But deep down inside, the connection that you have with a brother or a sister isn’t like any other. These people, apart from your parents, are the ones who know you from head to toe and understand the things that you have gone through all your life, since they were there beside you through practically all of it. You can go to your siblings whenever you need an honest opinion about everything or anything. You can also use them as a beacon of support whenever you face certain obstacles in life – And at the same time, they’re the ones that you share good news with.

Unique ideas for brother and sister tattoos are currently popular and is actually one of the best ways for you to show that you care for each other. Sometimes, people who aren’t even interested in tattoos get themselves inked since they want to show off their feelings and love for their brothers and sisters, along with other family members. Picking excellent brother and sister tattoo designs are perhaps one of the best ways for you to show off just how important they are in your life. You don’t have to give them fancy presents – What really matters is the intention.

There are loads of siblings out there who want to show exactly how much they love and appreciate that relationship that they have with their brother or sister, by doing something that’s very painful and permanent. They get themselves matching tattoos – And share them on social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr. These range from tiny heart-shaped tattoos which are made by joining fingerprints together, to a complimentary tattoo that features their favorite characters. Sibling tattoos can mean something more than meets the eye. Make sure to pick a tattoo design that’s completely meaningful to both you and your siblings.

Brother and Sister Tattoo Designs                 

Having siblings is always a wonderful thing. Growing up with siblings teaches you the important values of patience, tolerance, and most importantly, trying to find the time to form a good bond with them. Building up a stable and excellent relationship with a brother or a sister is highly important if you want to be friends with them throughout your lives, and in turn, have them support you in both good and bad times. Being a good older or younger brother or sister gives you the chance to learn about how important relationships are, along with great family ties.

A tattoo shared between you and a sibling, or siblings, is one of the best ways to show off your bond. You don’t have to give each other expensive things, or take them on a luxurious vacation. Even though it might sound cliché, what really matters deep down is the intent. Pick a good tattoo design that’s very meaningful to your siblings. For instance, if you have a brother who loves music, or plays a musical instrument, then choose a small tattoo that’s relevant to their passion, so you can be reminded of them when you look at it.

  • Brother And Sister Quote Tattoo: Quote or phrases about love, familial bond, and friendship are perhaps one of the best examples of a sibling tattoo idea. And if you want to make things a bit more interesting, then you can use some amazing quotes that will give the two of you a nostalgia trip and bring you back to your childhood days. You can also use some really funny quotes, which will remind you about your family or your siblings’ eccentricities.
  • Brother And Sister Heart Tattoos: Hearts are one of the most popular tattoo designs, and you can get it done with your siblings. But this tattoo design isn’t just applied to brothers and sisters – You can get a heart tattoo with your friends too. Even if you aren’t related by blood, but you’re still very close to each other, a heart tattoo allows you to express your love for each other. There are many ways for you to design a heart tattoo. You and your siblings could choose to go with identical hearts, with lines tangled around each other.
  • Brother And Sister Sun And Moon Tattoo: If you want to prove your friendship and bond towards one another, then get yourselves a sun and moon tattoo. This tattoo design is recommended for those whose siblings live in separate countries, or miles apart. This tattoo would remind you of them each time you look at it.
  • Brother And Sister Name Tattoo: Getting a tattoo of your sibling’s names could be seen as weird by some, but it’s still a good way for you to show off your close relationship. Tattoos become a permanent part of you, much like your relationship with your siblings. This will make that bond very visible. If your siblings have long names, then just go for the initials instead.
  • Brother And Sister Yin And Yang Tattoo: This is another popular design when it comes to sibling tattoos. Much like the sun and the moon, the yin-yang symbol represents a balance of a person’s energies. This works if you and your siblings are polar opposites, since you complement each other nicely.

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Brother And Sister Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo is a good way to express what you truly feel about something. No matter if you want to get one as a memorial, to show off one facet of your personality, or just to express your creativity, a permanent mark on your skin can be transformed into a stunning work of art. You can deepen the bond that you have with siblings, or with any other family member, when you get matching tattoos. These tattoos are meant to bind the both of you together for life, as well as provide you with something very special to the two of you.

As siblings, you and your brother or sister often have the same experiences, resulting in a deep tie with one another. You can commemorate these bonds thanks to the help of matching tattoos. You can go for something complex, or even a simple design like a name tattoo. If you have a family crest, then the two of you can share your bodies for a matching tattoo. You can also get matching tattoos, or even a photograph of the house you grew up in together. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a sibling, you can honor their memory by getting a tattoo of their initials, or their face.

Because the two of you grew up together, you can build common interests over time. If the two of you are obsessed with something, then you can get matching tattoos of the logo, or their name.

Sometimes, a tattoo doesn’t have to be purely identical to one another. You can still get sibling tattoos that are connected to one another – For example, your sibling can get a tattoo of a key, while you can get a tattoo of a lock. Or a cool idea is to get one half of a popular quote, while your sibling gets the remaining half.

There’s no way to show off your love for a sibling than by getting matching ink. Your parents might even approve of this idea – How can they even get mad when you tell them that getting a tattoo is your way of bonding? No matter if a small tattoo suits your fancy, or if you want to invest in a giant back piece, then a tattoo with your siblings is always something very special. Because whether or not you’d like to admit – Even if you can’t stand your siblings sometimes, deep inside, you really can’t live without them

Ideal Placement For Your Brother And Sister Tattoos

Plenty of these brother and sister tattoos range from small and medium designs, which you can apply on any part of the body. You can try to look for a space that you both think looks great, so you can get matching placements when it comes to the tattoo of your choice.

The most common places for siblings to put matching tattoos on are the ankles, the forearm, the feet, the wrists, the shoulders, as well as the arms. The hands and feet are the best places if you want your tattoos to be seen by many. Same goes for the fingers and the toes. Applying tattoo ink in these areas can capture someone’s attention immediately – But at the same time, the ink could fade away too quickly and getting a tattoo there is so much more painful compared to other spots.

The legs and the arms are also the best spots to get a tattoo on, and one advantage here is that you can cover them up or show it off, depending on your mood. These are smaller areas which have been contoured by your body, meaning that the shape of your arms or legs can affect the final look of the tattoo. This could be an advantage for a tattoo that requires an area to wrap around, or it could be inconsequential to a smaller tattoo. Whatever the case may be, you can choose to ‘test drive’ that area first by putting on a sticker tattoo on that specific area, before you move on towards the real thing.

How You Can Lessen The Pain Of Getting Your Brother And Sister Tattoos

In regards to tattooing, the needle passes through the skin – And obviously, this will produce even just the tiniest amount of pain. Even though everything will all depend on your body’s sensitivity, the pain you’ll experience during the session is pretty much unavoidable.

Everyone knows that getting a tattoo can hurt. And for the most part, there’s just no surefire way for you to completely get rid of the pain. However, there are still some very important things that you can do to make sure that the overall tattoo session won’t be as painful as you expect it to be. Here are just some of them:

Even though it’s pretty much given that you can’t step into a tattoo shop while high or inebriated, artists do recommend drinking plenty of water before you come to your appointment. On the night before your appointment, keep yourself as hydrated as possible. This actually lets the skin absorb the ink more, thanks to the moisture and hydration – It also lets the tattoo process finish much quicker, since your blood doesn’t thin out.

Some people out there use other techniques to ease the pain of getting tattoo, like distracting themselves with a book, listening to an iPod, using meditation or breathing techniques, etc. Even doing small talk with your artist can also help you relieve the pain – Just don’t distract them too much to the point where they could change the look of your tattoo.

This might seem strange, but you do need plenty of energy to sit through a tattoo session, especially a long one. The more rest you get the night before the session happens, the longer you can go through the pain of tattooing. And if you show up to the shop tired and exhausted, then there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to handle at least one hour in the shop. You’ll need plenty of adrenaline and endorphins to kick in and stop the pain from getting worse. Get at least eight hours of sleep before you come to your appointment.

If you’re feeling too anxious and stressed out about the pain, then it’s always great to ask for advice to prepare yourself mentally – A tattoo will hurt whether you like it or not, but chatting to a tattooed individual or any tattoo artist regarding the pain could definitely help you keep calm before the appointment begins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Your Brother And Sister Tattoo

  • How do you find a good tattoo artist?

The important step here is to always take your time when you’re still looking for a good tattoo artist. Visit their shop if possible and take a look around you. Make sure you’re feeling very comfortable with the ambiance of the shop, and check to see if the area is cleaned up and properly maintained. It also helps to look at pictures of their work. The outlines of their artwork must be kept straight and clean, and not inconsistent. Do they use only black ink, or are they great at handling other colors as well? Are their designs mashed in and spotty? Another thing to keep in mind is because someone has been doing tattoos for over twenty years doesn’t always mean that they have been making great tattoos for twenty years. A good tattoo artist is always known through word of mouth. If a particular artist’s name keeps showing up in conversation, then this probably means that their reputation is great.

  • How long does it take?

The detailing, along with the size, are just two of the many major factors in deciding how long the tattooing process will take. Just because you want a tiny tattoo automatically means that the artist will finish it up in less than ten minutes. The same can be said for bigger tattoos. The more shading, color, and lines that are incorporated inside the tattoo, the longer the process will take. The placement of the tattoo on the wearer’s body can also affect the time. And there are several skin types out there that can absorb the ink much faster than others, so that counts as a factor too.

  • Do I have to ask for my doctor’s approval?

Sometimes you’re just way too excited to get that tattoo done that you forgot to consult a doctor or a dermatologist to make sure that your skin will cooperate during the procedure. Doctors will often tell patients affected with skin conditions like eczema to not get a tattoo done. Possible complications afterwards include an infection, or an allergic reaction to the ink. It’s also important for to check if the person’s present medical conditions, or any medications they’re taking, won’t affect the tattoo in the long run or while it’s healing. And if you’re still having concerns about getting the tattoo done, then go ask your doctor. Getting an allergic reaction to the pigment or ink after the tattoo is finished is completely possible, and you need to go seek a doctor in case you get complications from it.

  • Can you tattoo over stretch marks?

Getting your tattoo done by an expert means they’ll be able to use their knowledge in color, texture, and depth in their artwork. It’s going to take the attention away from those nasty stretchmarks on your body as much as possible. Instead, people will start focusing on the tattoo itself.

  • What are the signs that my tattoo is infected?

A tiny amount of irritation or inflammation is expected after you get a brand new tattoo. But if this increases over the next few days instead of decreasing like it normally should, then this is a sign that your tattoo could be infected. Inflammation, accompanied by redness, is a common side effect. However, an infection is very rare. So keep a close eye on the infected area carefully for potential changes, or a lengthy inflammation period.

You can get a fever measuring up to 99 degrees. This fever could go from mild to severe – It all depends on how long the infection has been left untreated. According to most experts, getting an infection from tattoos can develop both inside the wound and outside, so even if you aren’t showing any external symptoms of a tattoo infection but acquired a fever, then go visit your doctor right away.

How Much Do Brother And Sister Tattoos Cost?

The positioning of your tattoo does play a key role in regards to pricing. If your chosen shop is found in a seedy, hard-to-find location and frequent breaks are taken thanks to the amount of pain or uncomfortable seating, then this means you’re going to have to pay additional cash for your new ink. Apart from that, certain spots on the body absorb ink so much better compared to other parts of the body. Your artist is going to have to work twice as hard, push the needle deeper into the skin or use more ink to achieve the desired results.

Your tattoo’s size will affect the final pricing. Plenty of tattoo artists out there do charge their client by the hour, and not by the tattoo that they have. If you get yourself a smaller tattoo which is finished within one hour, then it’s going to be much cheaper compared to a large back piece, or a sleeve tattoo, which takes more than two hours to finish.

Another thing worth mentioning in regards to the price of the tattoo is that there are also some areas of the body which are much harder to absorb ink compared to the rest. For instance, getting a tattoo done on the ribs is slightly difficult since the surface is bumpy, not to mention there’s plenty of bone underneath so it’s hard for the canvas to keep still. The more difficult it is to get the tattoo done, the bigger the final price will be.

Brother And Sister Tattoo Preparation Tips

Acquiring a good tattoo does need some real preparation. According to most experts, perhaps the biggest mistake one can make when it comes to getting a tattoo, is not doing enough research on their artist of choice. Tattoos are so popular nowadays, that more people have been getting themselves inked – Even more so than the past couple of decades. But just because someone plans on becoming a tattoo artist doesn’t mean that they could do it right away without obtaining a license, or getting proper training, or practicing proper techniques. It’s pretty much just like anything else: If you have enough cash, you can open up your own tattoo shop, but this doesn’t even mean that you already know what you’re planning to do.

So it’s a good idea to browse through several portfolios while you’re on the internet. Plenty of popular tattoo shops and artists will gladly show off their portfolios to their clients. A piece of advice here is to always look for consistency when it comes to the artist’s work. Always check to see if the artwork shown on their portfolios are highly recognizable, clear, and readable, since there are instances in which the artist will put up horrible examples of their works: Including newly-finished tattoos still wrapped up in plastic. If you are able to find a good, clear photograph of the finished work that’s all dried up and not looking fresh, then that is so much better.

A good piece of advice here is to always visit the shop in person when you can. You have to meet up with the artist in real life, before you can get anything else done. The shop has to be clean. Take a look at the artist’s work on display and see if you’re comfortable with the overall aesthetic of the shop. Go with your instincts. And when it comes to the tattoos themselves, you can always start out with a small one and go for medium-sized or bigger pieces when you’re all set.

Brother And Sister Tattoo Maintenance Tips

Summer is the best time to show off your body, and if possible, that freshly-inked masterpiece that you have covered up during the rest of the year. But what you probably don’t know is that direct sunlight is one of the mortal enemies of tattoos. The idea of their tattoo fading away could be woeful for some. But not to worry – A little bit of maintenance will make sure that your tattoo will always look great, even while it’s under direct sunlight.

Make sure to keep that tattoo clean. The first couple of weeks after getting a tattoo are the most important, since skin that heals up correctly will guarantee a long-lasting tattoo.

Keep your new ink moisturized with scent-free lotion. Why scent-free? That’s because the chemicals used for these lotions might end up irritating your skin, or worse, give it an infection. This could leave a scar and your tattoo could also end up looking horrible. Use products that are safe, such as a topical anesthetic gel. Your artist will often give you a tube before you leave.


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