155 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Your Friends Will Love


Bridal hairstyles are a very broad category, ranging from classic French braids, to tight ballet buns, to loose and long waves flowing down your back. So how are you supposed to choose when there’s so many suitable ones out there? But this time, we’re not going to discuss bridal hairstyles. Instead, we will be focusing on bridesmaids, your friends who have been with you through thick or thin, those who have been with you and supported you in all of your past relationships, both good and bad. Ranging from accessorizing with simple flower crowns to some more dramatic hairdos, you’ll surely never run out of great hairstyles that you can pick for your gaggle of gal pals. But what kind of look should you go for if you want them to look their best, all the while matching your own look (without them upstaging you, of course). You can talk to so many hairstylists who have done bridesmaid hairstyles to get some perfect bridesmaid hairdos.

Becoming a bridesmaid is already quite an honor in itself, despite what many think. One of the added perks of a bridesmaid is getting your hair and makeup done by a professional on the bride’s big day. So if you want to find some pretty good bridesmaid hairstyles that you want to try out, and look just as good when you stand beside your good friend by the altar, then you can do a bit of research. Ranging from down do’s to updos to complex braided hairstyles, there are hundreds of looks that you can show off to your hairstylist so you can feel inspired on your bestie’s big day.

A gorgeous loose updo hairstyle, messy yet elegant-looking braids, and natural-looking waves are probably the first few hairstyles that come into your mind when you think of bridesmaid hairstyles. These three are completely stylish and achievable at the same time, If you want a bohemian-themed hairstyle, you can easily dress it upwards or downwards, depending on how formal the event really is, as well as the gown that you’re wearing. For instance, couture-based accessories can give your simple bridesmaid hairstyle a rather fancy vibe, even if you’re sporting a fishtail braid. Or a more formal updo, such as a tight bun, can look casual when you place a flower crown on it. if you have enough time to spare, you can practice doing these bridal hairstyles on yourself. There are dozens of hairstyles out there that you can do by yourself.

According to legendary actress Sophia Loren, “The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful, and a beautiful woman unforgettable.” Having to look stunning and unforgettable on a wedding day, no matter if you happen to be a bridesmaid or a bride, is always important for young and old women. A bridesmaid’s hairstyle should be a good combination of beauty and simplicity, elegance, chic, and blends both traditions and trends. No matter which downdo or updo you’ll pick, you’ll end up looking flawless during the event.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Tips

As a bridesmaid, your hairstyle has to look just as good as the bride’s but not upstage it. This is also the reason why nobody allows chief bridesmaids (or maids of honor) to wear big and shiny accessories, or large pieces of jewelry, or just about anything that draws attention or has too much volume. Feminine updos, cute hair buns, half updos, and even complex-looking plaits are the only hairstyles that you can wear to a formal event like this.

  • In regards to planning a wedding, you have to consider so many things like the cake, the venue, the invites, the DJ for the reception, the catering, the guest list, who will be the maid of honor or the bridesmaids, the wedding dress itself, the hairstyles, the bridesmaids’ hairstyles, etc. Just thinking about those things is already exhausting in itself.
  • When you pick your bridesmaid’s hairstyles, you have to consider your own hairstyle first. After you’re certain what theme you’re planning to go through for your wedding – No matter if it’s traditional, bohemian, glam, natural, etc. you can now think about how you want your bridesmaids to look which will definitely compliment your own style.
  • One of the top trends this year when it comes to wedding hairstyles is coordinating bridesmaids, but not exactly matching. You can apply this not just in their hair, but with their gowns as well.  Always remember that one hairstyle might not work for all bridesmaids.
  • While planning, make sure to take each bridesmaid’s own personal hair type, style, amount of comfort, hair length, right into consideration so you can be sure that they’re looking and feeling great. There are plenty of hairstyles you should consider during the upcoming wedding season.

Elegant Bridesmaid Hairstyles

It doesn’t really matter how many weddings you’ll be participating in, because there are loads and loads of bridesmaid inspired hairstyles to pick from, so much so that you never have to repeat any of them in case you attend or take part in another wedding ceremony – Unless, of course, if you want to do so.

  • Bridesmaid Braided Updo – Sporting braids in your hairstyle is one of the best ways for you to look a bit more dressed up than usual, without drawing too much attention from the guests. You’ve got braids draped across the back of your head, keeping them away from your face. Meanwhile, the bun gives your hairdo a bit of formality, but not to the point where it takes attention away from the bride, who is supposed to be the main star of the ceremony.
  • Bridesmaid Fishtail Updo – This kind of hairstyle is similar to the first one: But it goes up a notch thanks to the fishtail braids. These fishtail braids usually end up looking a bit more elegant and formal compared to other braids, and this is the reason why this updo is practically perfect to wear, especially if you’re taking part in the wedding as a bridesmaid.
  • Topknot Bun – Topknot buns are a slowly rising trend for most bridesmaid hairstyles, since it also helps keep your hair pulled back. It has actually been proven that this hairstyle works just as well with all hair colors, no matter how funky they are. From a singular shade to ombres and highlights, topknot buns are a classic look that’s sure to accentuate each hair type wonderfully. The only requirement you will need to create a topknot bun is that your hair must be up to your chin (like a bob) or slightly longer, so you can form it into a bun.
  • Side Ponytail – If you have plans to show off your gorgeous locks all the while keeping those wispy strands of thin hair away from your face, then you must choose a side ponytail. If you want to add a bit of flair, you can even curl the ponytail. This is a look that is both elegant and romantic, with a slightly playful touch. If you’re not the type of girl who wears their hair up, but still want to keep strands of stray hair from touching your face, then the side ponytail is the best one for you.
  • Loose Updo With Bangs – The curtain bang is yet another hair trend that’s slowly getting popular in 2018, especially among bridesmaids. Curtain bangs are a highly versatile hairstyle that combines the carefree bohemian luxury vibe with the simple girl-next-door vibe. And once you pair this hairstyle up with the right accessories, you can create a strong fashion-forward statement while you walk down the aisle with your fellow bridesmaids. These parts of hair that gracefully drop down the sides of your eyebrows and cheeks do compliment the face without overpowering the look too much. And not only that, this hairstyle is easy to create and looks absolutely wonderful with all hair lengths, no matter if it’s long and flowing, to a short and layered bob cut.

How To Do The Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Top Knot Bun

  • First, brush your hair and tie it into a high ponytail on top of your head. Then, grab a small quarter of your hair coming from the ponytail and hold it on top of your head. Use a brush or a comb to back comb through your hair, beginning from the middle point of the hair then going straight down towards the ponytail’s base. Repeat this step until each part of hair has been lightly backcombed.
  • Once you’re done backcombing, take your brush or comb, and lightly brush the topmost layer of hair on the ponytail, starting from the ponytail’s base, going down towards the tip of your hair.
  • Grab the hair from your ponytail and wrap it in a clockwise direction, going around the ponytail’s base. Once you get to the tip of your hair, tuck it beneath the hair tie.
  • After you have twisted your hair and created a top knot, pin it into position using a couple of bobby pins. Use your hands to pull the bun out in case you want to give it some additional volume, then apply a bit of hairspray or gel to give it a firmer hold.

Fishtail Updo

  • Start this hairstyle by brushing your hair until it’s smooth and free from tangles. After that, grab two triangular parts from both sides of your hair. Then allow them to hand in the front.
  • Tie the remainder of your hair into a high ponytail, using the aid of a rubber band or an elastic.
  • Now split your ponytail into two parts. Grab the lower part of your hair and begin making a fishtail braid, while fastening it using an elastic band. Open it up just a tiny bit.
  • The fourth step deals with you having to create a fishtail braid with the hair remaining on the sides. Fasten all of them using a rubber band or an elastic.
  • After you’re done, you can now grab tiny segments of your tied hair and backcomb them a little bit, to increase the volume.
  • Now you have to take the fishtail braid that you created using the frontal hair, then pin them beneath the ponytail to give it a neater appearance.
  • Begin twirling the ponytail around and form it into a regular bun. Lock it into place using an elastic or a rubber band.
  • The final step is grabbing those fishtail braids and wrapping them neatly around the bun, using bobby pins.

The Best Hair Types for Bridesmaid Hairstyles  

For Thin Hair

Side Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for those who have thin hair, or thinning hair. It doesn’t really matter if your current length of hair is long, short, or medium. If you have thin hair, then a side ponytail works for you (except maybe if you have a pixie cut). From a couple of used bobby pins to multiple layers of twisted and braided locks, you will be able to transform your hair from messy, to sleek, to anything in between. The classic side ponytail hairstyle builds a really good foundation for you to place your combs, accessories, embellishments, and even veils. Simply put, they are easy to accessorize. If your hair is thinning and want to go for the complete and lengthy hair look, then you can get your stylist to finish the job by adding a bunch of clip-in type extensions for some extra volume.

Wavy or Curly Hair

Side Ponytail

There are dozens of choices out there to transform your curly or wavy hair into a bridesmaid hairstyle. You can find plenty of ways to complete your desired look too. You can tie your hair into a lovely side ponytail, no matter if you wear natural waves, curls, or simply have long, straight, and silky tresses. But if you happen to have a fuzzy and tight curl pattern, then you should learn how to embrace it. Allow your frizzy locks to work for you through brushing it on a regular basis. This gives your curls a fluffier texture and increases the volume. If you want to complete a sleeker version of the side ponytail, place a bit of pomade, gel, or mousse into your palms to smoothen the sides of your hair. Next, pull it tightly. Then slowly pull it over to the side-part side. Your side ponytail must rest loosely on the back of your neck, or even just at the back of your ear. The final step here would be to secure your side ponytail using a transparent elastic band, or one that complements or matches your hair color.

Celebrities That Have Worn Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Celebrities like to wear bridesmaid-inspired hairstyles, no matter if they’re single, or getting married, or just walking along the red carpet during a gala or an award ceremony. No matter if you aspire to be a bride or are content with still being a bridesmaid, or if you have a wedding to attend some time in the future, or maybe if you just want to find a hairstyle that fits your needs, then these lovely ladies are sure to inspire you:

1. Taylor Swift – During the 2012 premiere of ‘The Lorax’, the singer-songwriter sported a soft and casual take on the braided bun. It was simple, yet elegant at the same time, however, a quick look at the back suggests that her hair has been woven in an intricate and elegant manner.

2. Anne Hathaway – The ‘Les Miserables’ actress has chosen to wear a middle part in her gorgeous sleek hairstyle during a recent event, while she walked across the red carpet donned in a stunning couture gown by Valentino. Even though her brunette locks can’t compete with that gown’s plunging neckline, it does serve to highlight her brown eyes and demure lips.

3. Carrie Underwood – Carrie definitely knows how to let her golden locks down. The ‘American Idol’ alum and country music superstar has often worn romantic yet natural looks, which are simple yet sophisticated enough to pair up with a beautiful wedding gown.


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