125 Braids for Black Women


Traditionally and in the long past, braids were exclusive to tribal women who utilized the hairstyle for aesthetics, hair protection and more importantly as a means for tribal identification. But today, it is no longer accurate to mention the term “braids for black women”, because the hairstyle has already been elevated and accepted worldwide as a mainstream hairstyle, with women even from the west, embracing it with fondness. The reason for this upsurge in demand around the world could be that braiding has tremendous versatile and creative spacing to allow any unique feature of different nationalities and individuals like face shape, hair length, skin color, hair texture, hair thickness and many others, to present no problems.

No other hairstyle could possibly equal the functionality and beauty of a single hairstyle alone like the braids for black women. Let alone the historical relevance of the hairstyle when they were reliable mechanism as tribal identifiers, and later in history, as a sign of protest of slaves towards their masters. But, putting those aside, the versatility of these braids with various forms like twist braids, tree braids, micro braids, cornrows, fishtail braids, blocky braids, jumbo braids, French braids and many others prove the point. In practical use, the connotation for braids for black women should be passé.

Must Try Top Braids for Black Women this Year

  • Tight and edgy cornrows are convertible into buns and are perennial blockbusters in prestigious fashion shows. Initially, cornrows were commonly worn as a casual hairstyle but with a few clever tweaks and were used experimentally in Couture collections. The hairstyle rocked the fashion world and is now a real mainstay in fashion and glamour events.
  • The boho chic look, easily achieved using wrap-around braids combined with flower decorations, is a well-loved photo shoot theme. This loose and messy scheme looks natural more than random.
  • For those of you with long hair, there are many loose whimsical braids hairstyles that can start and end from any point in the hair that you wish to. Some braids can start from the hair roots until the hair ends and others can start from mid-shaft downwards.
  • Short haired women, who are in love with braids for black women, can avail of braided hairstyles that are applicable for short hair or they can use artificial braid hair ex tensions to lengthen the scope of their hair.
  • Low braided buns are other creative additions and tweaks to the hairstyle that add the extra elegance to be worthy of curious and admiring looks in social gatherings.
  • These braids really rock when hair conditioning is part of the preliminary preparations. Conditioners pull down the hair tightly and also help in repairing damaged hair.

Must Try Top Braids for Black Women this Year

Braids for black women have an unmatched elegance that transforms ordinary women into goddess creatures in the eyes of onlookers. The goddess label is probably the highest compliment any women can get but she cannot help being described as one with these hairstyles:

  1. Chignon Goddess braids

This hairstyle, which is often compared to cornrow braids, has a distinct difference that confirms the distinction. The goddess braids utilize larger and more pronounced braids than the counterpart. The chignon generally lies on the scalp with a usual center parting and lengths that run towards the back and nape with halo form. The twisted braids that lump together into a low bun create the final touch of elegance. There is no fault in considering wrapping a scarp around the bun for an even more attractive accessorized hairstyle.

  1. Four Goddess Braids

For those of you who ask why four? Is it not worth wishing for multiple times of fun when a single braided section can be duplicated many times also? But before reaping the benefits, make sure first that your braided lines are neat and sharp. The braids have two possible configurations. You can either choose to leave the braids loose down the back or raise them up into a bun or twist. After all, goddesses are entitled to be fickle to suit their moods. Also See:

  1. Braids with Elegant Updo

Women, like you, are ever conscious of their hair including choosing the proper hairstyle to wear. For those special occasions, women are already prepared with their choice of hairstyle and the elegant updo top their list. They even consider adding reflecting metal and gems for additional bling.

  1. Purple and Blue Styled Braids

Braided updos literally rock when paired with exciting colors like purple and blue. You do not need to try hard to proudly show off your hairstyle because the hairstyle is naturally magnetic to curious onlookers. With two large braided lines occupying the top of the head and another two for the right and left sides, the dual colored popping hairstyle is highly noticeable even at a distance.

  1. Goddess Braids with Fishtail Updo

The four-stranded fishtail braid is differently constructed from the usual three-stranded braid and appears to be a level higher in uniqueness and attractiveness. Even if the more tricky and tedious alternate braiding between both sides are added efforts, but the results are more rewarding.

  1. Goddess Braids with Three Sections

Numbers can be insignificant when the beauty and quality of braids for black women are at stake. This three goddess braid uses large braids lumped beautifully on top of the head with two lines of braid falling magnificently to one shoulder side and the one remaining sits gloriously on top of the head.

  1. Braided to the Back Style

This interesting and attractive braid style is associated with similarly interesting names like goddess crown braids, milk maid, halo crown, and many more. If it were only for the names, perhaps the hairstyle would not have achieved the same huge popularity. The hairstyle stands out by also using 4 large braided lines but this time, they are allowed to flow downward towards the center of the back. The two braided lumps at the top of the head, which are usually raised up into a bun, are skillfully raised only slightly while maintaining a linear form.

  1. Cute and Simply Designed Braids

This hairstyle looks deceivingly simple and cute but the pressure of the required tight braiding should be considered seriously. To ensure protection against the tension of the hairstyle installation, the use of a preparatory deep hair conditioning is highly suggested. The cute but tight braids at the top of the head are made up of intricate and multi-sized sectioning while the mid-length and hair ends flow down gracefully but with bias to one shoulders only. This asymmetry adds dynamism and visual tension that incites the eyes of onlookers to stare and glue their eyes on the hair of the wearer

  1. Goddess Braids in Caramel Brown

If the purple and blue color motif of the previously mention braids hairstyle did not suit you, this caramel brown braids will inspire you beyond your expectation. The artificial brown hair extensions save the day for the natural hair, which benefits from the protection, added length and stability and beautification. The contrast between dark natural hair and the lighter shaded caramel brown hair extensions, give a three dimensional look. The revealing texture of braids added with a color that pops makes this a truly goddess hairstyle.

  1. Curved Braids

Curved braids are refreshing options to straight braids and braided buns. When first seen, they look unfamiliar and difficult to install. The opposite is true, since they are simple, easy and versatile to wear and day and night, casual and formal occasions. Some quarters claim this hairstyle to be ladylike and almost Greek-goddess in appearance. It is highly advised the hair is properly moisturized and conditioned prior to hairstyle installation to ensure that the braids or cornrows will last longer and be free from the usual frizz that are common with afro hair.

  1. Dual Toned Goddess Braids

Two tones alone can combine fiercely to vibrate even the most stolid retina. And incorporating revealing braid textures to this dual tone combination makes the eyes anchor on the hair exploring both color and texture. The blonde and silver tones come with splashes of other shades whether slightly lighter and brighter, and this has the effect of visual explosion in the hair. Wearing gold jewelries complete the goddess look of this hairstyle.

  1. Afro Braids with Chignon

The chignon is the focal point of this braids hairstyle for black women, and measures have to be taken to make sure that they are well taken care of. Despite the low maintenance nature of Afro braids, there is still some basic protective procedures to be done like deep moisturizing and conditioning prior to braiding and avoiding excessive washing

Concise and Easy to Understand Braids for Black Women Tutorials

  1. How to Install Two-Strand Twist Braids

Step 1: Ready your hair. Shampooing, moisturizing, de-tangling, and conditioning your hair prior to starting your two-strand twist is an excellent measure to make your twist braids stay longer later on. Start by shampooing your hair with your favorite safe shampoo. For moisturizing and conditioning, use reliable hair care cream products. Use a comb to gently de-tangle your hair and remove unwanted knots. Twist braiding is better done with slightly damp hair, so it is not advisable to blow dry the hair after the hair preparation.

Step 2: Make up your mind on the size of your twists. There are many options available with twist braiding. But before you make your decision on the twist size, you should first know the nuances of each option. Small twists last longer than larger ones, but the procedure takes longer. Small twists use teeny-tiny braids while large, jumbo twists use hair sections at least 1-inch in area and larger. Your decision therefore, will be based on your size preference, how long you expect your twists to last and your tine allotment.

Step 3: Ready your first section. Part a square section of hair that you want to initially twist. Rub some styling gel and mist it with water and oil. Your sectioned hair is now free of frizz and easy to manipulate. Comb this section gently for several times to make it smooth.

Step 4: Begin twisting your first section: Divide the first section into two equal hair strands. Wind them lightly away from the head to create a rope-like pattern out of the two strands. Continue by wrapping the strands simultaneously around each other completing a twist each time. It is necessary to keep the twists tight by pulling them to the scalp as you progress.

Step 5: End your first strand twist. At the end of the hair strands, you will need to do a one-strand twist to secure the ends, since you will be running out of hair at that point. This involves curling the hair ends to secure them in place.

Step 6: Complete the twist braiding. Do the basic braiding previously accomplished in all parts of the hair you wish to braid.

  1. How to Install the Box Braid

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair. This installation will require you to use hair extensions.  Protect your natural by shampooing and conditioning prior to box braiding.

Step 2: Prepare your artificial braid hair extensions. The synthetic hair comes in packages, the quantity of which you have already considered by now. The braid hair should have a similar color and shade of your natural hair unless you deliberate decide on a different color for special styling purposes. Separate the artificial hair from the elastic bands holding it together.

Step 3: Prepare a strand of hair extension. Section off 2-3 inches of synthetic hair and separate 1/3 of the section approximately. Wrap the smaller section around the remaining large section.

Step 4: Divide your natural hair into sections. Section an area of 1 square inch of scalp area, then pull out the strands of hair located in the area. This section should start from the hairline, moving away towards the back each time. Apply some oil to the hair strands to make them easy to manipulate.

Step 5: Begin with your first braid. Braiding involves 2 artificial hair strands and 1 strand of natural hair between them. To create the traditional box braid pattern, alternately place the left-most strand over the middle section, and then the right-most strand over the middle section. Upon reaching the end of the braid, the strands should taper out into progressively smaller and smaller braids. Use an elastic band to secure the ends.

Step 6: Cover the entire hair area. Using the same procedure of Step 5, braid the entire hair section by section.

2 Braids for Black Women Hairstyles to Hit 2017 Hard

  • Braids Hairstyle with Low Bun

This hairstyle has limitless descriptions, according to hair experts, and they include sophisticated, classy, smart, easy, cute and many others. Twisting the braids around and creating a low bun that is deliberately woven artistically, rather than just randomly twirled around, is meant to be seen rather than described

  • Braided Hairstyle with Top Knot

This hairstyle is simple and without complicated installations. The beauty in simplicity is what will draw women to the hairstyle this year. The clever configuration of a top knot keeps the face free of obstructions, and stops unwanted obtrusive hair strand and frizz.

Iconic Celebrities that Popularized Braids for Black Women Hairstyles

Braids for black women look more convincing with Afro Americans. If these colored women happen to be celebrities, expect multiple power of influence addition.

  1. Solange

Known for her screen name Solange, she is an American singer, songwriter, model and actress who happen to be the younger sister of celebrity singer Beyonce. It is not surprising that she is always compared to her sister, but she insists that they have different aspirations and that they are musically different. She proved this point by being highly successful in her own right and that of possessing amazing and versatile talents. She became a backup dancer for the group Destiny’s Child, minor acting talent in Bring It On: All or Nothing, and songwriter for Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams. Her most prestigious awards include a Grammy award for her hit single “Cranes in the Sky” for Best R&B Performance while the Billboard magazine ranked her as the 10th most successful dance artist of all-time.

Solange is arguably the most impactful wearer of the poetic justice box braid next to Janet Jackson. She has influenced her fans to try the ½ inch during summertime. Her hairstylist has also suggested to leave the fine hairline out of the braids to prevent the breaking of natural hair.

  1. Goapele Mohlabane

Known to her fans simply as Goapele, this American soul and R&B singer-songwriter is an influential musical artist with social issue leanings. Her South African father Douglas Mohlabane was an exiled political activist that probably explains her activist posture especially in the issues of racism and sexism. She is naturally bold and radical which osmoses to her activist look. Goapele still rocks with a braided cornrow, although she could be the last celebrity today to wear the hairstyle. The micro  cornrows and creatively edgy Mohawk is considered by many as her signature iconic hairstyle and also propelled her to the envious spot of being a certified media braided  beauty despite the presence of many other braided beauties that did not make it.


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