110 Perfect Bob Hairstyles This Year [2018]


Bob or short to slightly long haircut has beautiful and functional reasons to sway black women with long to very long hair to switch. While the bob hairstyle can handle thin hair without difficulty, the situation with the problematic thick hair, characteristic of black women, is not easy. Bob hairstyles for black women takes time and are hard to install as well as maintain. But despite all, these hairstyles for black women have perks and considerations that come with wearing them. Black women develop confidence and comfort as they get used to wearing the hairstyle. The primal reason of course, is that the hairstyle is naturally beautiful regardless of the styling.

Bob hairstyles for black women are excellent for styling with cut lengths that can reach ear levels, below the ears or above the shoulders. The possibilities with the black bob is not only limited to length but with other features also, especially those that are related to styling. Read on to discover more about these bob hairstyles:

Know Well Your Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Bob hairstyles for black women come in limitless variants. Understand the various types, classifications and even the nuances first, to understand the styling principles.

  • A-line bob refers to a typical bob cut with marginally longer hair in front that is curled under the chin. This bob has the advantage of framing the face and emphasizing its features.
  • The buzz-cut bob is a longer bob reaching shoulder length in front while cut differently at the back with close cropping. These difference in front and back lengths form a striking contrast that makes the hairstyle unique and interesting,
  • Chin-length bob is a cut with length reaching only up to chin, nothing more nothing less. This cut can do with or without bangs.
  • Inverted bob is like an A-line bob but with stacked layers at the back. The perimeter of the cut forms a curve rather than a straight line. Some hair experts refer to this haircut as “graduated” bob.
  • Shaggy bob is simply a disheveled bob whose layers are razor-cut.
  • Shingle Bob has tapered short cut at the back that exposes the neck up to the hairline at the nape. The side hair on both sides of the head is joined into a single curl or point at the cheek area.
  • The shoulder-length bob is a blunt bob has very few layer, but long enough to reach shoulder length.
  • Bob hairstyles for black women are not only attractive, but they could also highlight face features and bring nice shape to the face, without overdoing it.


Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

It is unfair for you to decide on one cut among the multitude of bob hairstyles for black women if you did not examine at least a number of them. Going through these hairstyles will prove helpful to you:

  1. Sleek Bob with Bangs

This sleek and chic bob features weighty fringe and uneven textured hair ends. Honey lowlights enhance the blonde colored hair while the hair at the back looks fuller with the addition of unnatural hair. This hairstyle is a sure ball attention grabber whether sported with casual jeans and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress.

  1. Lengthy Bob with Extreme Side Part

It is time for you to know that a bob with a length on the long side could still be dramatic. This hairstyle exudes fierceness even if you have a tinge of suaveness. The A- Line bob definitely enhances facial features and has the tendency to slim down the round or oval faces of women wearers.

  1. Chic Bob for Rockers

If you want to emulate your reigning queen of edgy style idol, Rihanna, this short cut hairstyle from the Umbrella era is right for you. Imagine the edginess of a back that has shorter hair than the front, and lands just at the bottom of hairline at the nape area. Add to this, the front of substantially unequal lengths and textured hair ends. Rather than simply visualizing, try this hairstyle that has tons of interest even with just one color tone.

  1. Fearless Bangs

Honestly, this hairstyle is not for everyone. The blunt bob with chopped bangs is a bold choice that requires decisive women. The rewards however, are more than gratifying because the hairstyle is not only beautiful but also corrective. Women who have difficulty with large fore head and heart-shaped face should no longer worry, as this hairstyle can effectively camouflage these imperfections.

  1. Bob Hairstyle with Sexy Looks

You do not have to be blessed with extra-ordinary features to please your spouses or boyfriends. Just embrace what you have and try this stunning this hairstyle with slick and sexy bangs. The locks at the front are pushed behind the ears to emphasize the bejeweled ears. You should definitely include this in your staple of hairstyles.

  1. Bob Haircut with Corporate Looks

Do you have cat eyes and want them emphasized to impress onlookers? Try clever hairstyle manipulations first, before enhancing them with makeup, for a more forceful visual impact. Slight thicker with the classic bob, this short cut utilizes pushed-behind one ear hair feature and the side swept bangs fulfill the role of framing the eye to look even more powerful with glamor nonetheless. This hairstyle is ideal for corporate woman who likes to mix authority and charm to influence people.

  1. Disheveled Black Bob Haircut

This beautiful tousled bob is elegant enough to be worn in high profile events like in the 2017 Academy Awards. Taraji Henson rocked the wavy hair with subtle lowlights in front of thousands of live audiences and millions of television viewers. If you like the appeal of naturally looking random hairstyle, it is time for you to try the disheveled black bob haircut.

  1. Naturally Textured Curly Hair Bob

This hairstyle got its’ name from the textured hair that most black women are blessed with. And so long as the curly hair looks natural, whether it is naturally curly or artificially done, it rightly belongs to this hairstyle category. The ultra-curly bob adds romance and softness to any of your staple wardrobe and is open to accessorizing, including wearing bands or simply wrapping the hair for a retro boho look.

  1. Black Bob with Pin Curls

Black bob with curls are dime a dozen, but this is one of a kind with unique installation using pin curls or jumbo rollers. The dominant black hair color is made interesting by peekaboo honey shade highlights. The extra pop created by tinges of color holds the eye of onlookers who never get tired viewing retro glam hairstyles. Adding vintage themed outfits and accessories will definitely heighten the look that the hairstyle is driving at.

  1. Black Bob with Finger Waves

This hairstyle is another usual black bob, made special by using artistic tweaks. The waves at the hair ends have the appearance of wavy fingers reaching out. The configuration is dynamic yet neat looking. This glamorous hairstyle reminiscent of the 20’s is a retro with modern modifications.

  1. Wash and Go Wavy Bob

Are you aware that Beyonce created a lot of noise when she wore wet-looking wavy bob in her live performances? Her hairstylist intimated that you can emulate the famous celebrity by applying mousse on damp hair to define and texturize the curls. Furthermore, adding pomade on the hair defines and makes it shiny, without the flakes or crunchy feel.

  1. Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is characterized by several inches longer hair on one side that adds interest to the overall sleek and straight look. Instead of adding layers of hair to add volume, the hair ends are texturized instead, to create lightness while controlling the weight of the hair. Celebrity Tatyana Ali is a fan and wearer of this hairstyle.

  1. Long Layered Bob with a Light Air

For those women who are used to and tired of edgy or sleek bob hairstyles, this long layered bob provides an opportunity to go light and have fun instead. The possibilities are even plenty with the idea of putting a ponytail on busy days or an updo for special occasions or gatherings. The hairstyle works well with mid length hair.

  1. Square Looking Blunt Bob

Bold and yet simple, this square-configured blunt bob makes the hair look thicker, but may be too much for women with angular faces. By adding soft layers the strong square silhouette is somewhat tamed yet the character sticks on. The straight shiny locks that extend down to the jaws bring life to an otherwise symmetrical arrangement with mid parting.

  1. Edgy Short Bob

Tons of razor cut layers and face-framing bangs define this edgy bob. Combined with a slightly asymmetrical cut with the shorter side shaped around the ear, there is no stopping for the facial features to be highlighted. Take a look at celebrity Bria Murphy’s Instagram photos to find out.

Bob Hairstyles for Black Women Tutorials

These 2 tutorials can pave the way for you to great hairstyling possibilities:

  1. Layered Bob

Step 1: Shampoo the hair and make sure that you rinse thoroughly and dry completely. Then, divide into four quadrant sections.

Step 2: Cut an angled bob at the back of the head to the occipital bone. This bone can be identified by feeling the bump on the back of the head and visualizing a line that extends from one ear to the other.

Step 3: Subdivide the hair in even subsections from the occipital bone travelling upwards. Observe the practice of allotting an increment half inch to one inch between horizontal sections of the hair.

Step 4: Lift each section of the hair to be in perpendicular angle with the head. Use your middle and index finger to hold the hair just above the head and determine the length of hair that you will be cutting.

Step 5: Cut your predetermined length perpendicular to the head evenly. This will provide a nice lift to your bob since the layered cut will stack on itself naturally with little effort on your part. The stacking will then give the bob the desired body that you are aiming for. Make sure that you cut the same length and angle on both sides of the head.

Step 6: Continue on with cutting other subsections of the hair at the back, each time making sure to follow the same 90-degree angle cut until the back of the head reaches full completion. You must cut until you run across the line at the middle of the head that has a connecting line between both of your ears. After you have successfully covered the entire back area, you are ready to move to the front area of the head.

Step: Follow the procedures that you have done at the back, this time covering the front.

  1. How to finger coil natural hair

Step 1: Shampoo your short hair and follow up with hair conditioning and thorough rinsing.

Step 2: Figure out and decide on the size of coil you want to achieve.

Step 3: After a decision, allow the hair to dry using a towel or a hair dryer.

Step 4: With your fingers, dexterously make coils to the desired size. Take time to make an evenly perfect coiling and make sure that you cover the entire hair area.

Step 5: After the coiling, moisturize the coils before spritzing with coil spray to give them the stiffness and permanence to hold the hairstyle.

2 Most Trendy Comb over Fade for the Year

Black women flood Hollywood, so we could expect bob hairstyles for black women flooding movies, television, magazines, advertisements and even social media platforms. Not remote is the possibility of black bob hairstyles to set trends year in and year out. Watch out for these bob cuts this year:

  • Chic and Sleek Bob Cut

The more unique the hairstyle, the more interesting it is to women who always look for freshness and distinctiveness. This chameleon type cut is androgynous, it works for both and woman. The anticipation and excitement that the hairstyle brings, is enough to lure women to try it this year. For it to look girlie, sleek and straight styling is necessary. To add more glossy looks, add plenty of hair serum, which is also good for heat damage protection.

  • Come-backing 90’s Bob Style

Although the 90’s is just a couple of decades ago, the ripple of popularity of the hairstyle spills until this era. The fierce blonde cut has a stacked shape at the back and a feathered layering in front, a hair arrange so characteristic of the 90’s. Long and oblong faces will definitely look better with this shape-corrective hairstyle, which becomes extra special with the addition of golden earrings and cropped halter top. This year the hair will likely set trends even if it already is a retro hairstyle.Also See: 

Celebrities that Rocked the Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Celebrities are the best endorsers of bob hairstyles. If that is the case, these 2 ladies are ambassadress prospects.

  1. Jennifer Kate Hudson

She is simply know as Kate Hudson in showbiz, and this American singer, actress and spokesperson, is an inspiration of character to many people, whether they actually met her or just heard about her. She first showed strength in character to the public, when despite placing only seventh place in the third season of American Idol, held her head up high and went on to become an even more successful musical artist than the other high placed competitors. She successfully crossed over acting with her film debut Dreamgirls, where she portrayed the role of Effie White. It won her an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Supporting Actress, a mean feat for an acting newcomer. She also made numerous television and Broadway appearances to cement her status as a highly successful versatile artist. The highlights of her musical career pinpoint to the times she when she was number 2 on Billboard 200, gold certified by the RIAA, Grammy award winner and nominated, and many others. Her inspiring resilience in real life underwent testing when she resumed to another string of career successes after the brutal shooting of her immediate family members. She became a winning coach of The Voice UK in 2017 and a sought-after coach of the Voice US for the thirteenth season.

Her hairstyle is equally inspiring as her life story. Who could not help emulating her big layered bob with flipped ends, which brings a modernize twist to the retro looks of the hairstyle? A pair of large earrings and high neck hemmed short dress is the best combination for this hairstyle. Jennifer could well be an ambassadress for bob hairstyles for black women.

  1. Lauryn Noelle Hill

Lauryn is an American singer, songwriter, actress, record producer and rapper who is best known for being part of the band Fugees and a multi-awarded solo artist with record-breaking record sales. Her band was responsible for the Grammy Award-winning The Score in 1996, which sold six million copies in the United States alone. But, what many consider as her biggest contribution to the music industry was her African-American and Caribbean musical influences that promoted the musical niche towards mainstream recognition. Her rendition of “Killing Me Softly” was a testament to her efforts for the appreciation of her regional music.

Her strong bond to her African roots clearly shows in her bob hairstyles for black women. Even dreadlocks did not prevent from wearing black bobs. She caught the fancy of her millions of fans when she wore a boho-chic twisted bob that was so natural with her as if she was in her usual elements. If you want to emulate her hairstyle but do not have the dreads, an option is to use crochet braid style to install false locks temporarily.



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