110 Blue Black Hair: Best Ideas with Tutorial


About 70% of women are born with natural black hair. This hair color category usually includes a wide range of dark browns and brunettes. Since this hair color is very common, you don’t have to worry about getting the right hairstyle. Although there are some women who wish to try having blonde hair, they always settle for their natural hair color once they get tired of exposing their hair to chemicals and too many hair products. The thing about having black hair is that it suits a variety of skin tones. Unlike blonde hair that normally only looks good on women with fair and white skin, black hair is perfect for both black women and white ones, and everyone in between.

Among the many shades of this hair color is the blue black shade, which is just too adorable. It’s rare to find someone naturally born with this hair color but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to wear it. The good thing about having this kind of hair color is that it supports a person’s conservative nature. The hair color doesn’t make you stand out among the crowd of brunettes. It’s actually the perfect hair color for women who don’t want to have bold hair colors and just want to be like everyone else. In addition to that, this hair color is also accepted in most conservative societies and workplaces so you won’t have any problems adjusting to the norms.

What You Need to Know About Blue Black Hair

  • Top 10 Ways to Style Your Blue Black Hair
  • Simple Tutorials on How to Style Your Blue Black Hair
  • The Best Hair Types for Blue Black Hair
  • Hollywood Stars with Blue Black Hair

Top 10 Ways to Style Your Blue Black Hair

A blue black hair will give you a wide range of options when it comes to styling your hair. This hair color will let you get almost any kind of hairstyle that you want, except those that require different tones and hair colors. In most cases, your hair color won’t really matter that much when picking the right hairstyle. The thing that usually matters is the length of your hair. Naturally, having long hair will let you wear different hairstyles anytime, without using hair extensions. On the other hand, having short hair will be quite challenging to style because of the hair length.

Anyway, here are some of the most fabulous styles that you can wear with your blue black hair this 2017:

  1. Funky Highlighted Bob

Wearing blue black hair doesn’t necessarily mean coloring your entire hair with a dark blue tone. Sometimes, you can wear this hairstyle the fun way. This funky highlighted bob hairstyle is one of the most popular styles you can wear this 2017 without too much worries. The hairstyle goes well with soft wavy hair, so if you have straight hair, then you can use a curling iron to create your soft waves. The highlights would totally go unnoticed under dim light, but when you go outside under the direct heat of the sun, your amazing blue and black hair color will make heads turn your way.

  1. Peek-A-Blue Hairstyle

This is another hairstyle that you can totally rocks, even if you are working in a strict and conservative environment. This hairstyle looks totally normal when you let your hair down, but when you tie it up or stroke it, the blue highlights will reveal itself. The thing about this hairstyle is that you get to surprise everyone who thinks you just have a normal and boring black hair. You can even choose a brighter shade of blue for this style since it stays hidden unless you intentionally show it to other people. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you only need to apply the blue hair color to the innermost sections of your hair.

  1. Silky Straight Blue Black Bob

If you don’t want to wear an extremely bold hairstyle, then you might need to stick to some classic styles without being too boring. You can actually wear your classic bob with a twist. Instead of wearing your bob with your natural hair color, you could transform it into a deep shade of blue, something just similar to black but with a bluish tone. This will spark up people’s curiosity whether you are actually wearing your natural hair or wearing it in a different color. It’s the perfect style for women who are not yet ready to be as bold as other women who wear bright blue hairstyles.

  1. The Blue Black Balayage

Balayage is one of the most popular hairstyling techniques today. Various hairstylists use this technique to create gradient hair colors that just look too stunning to be true. With this hairstyling technique, even the most artificial hair colors look almost natural when paired to your original hair color. For this particular blue black Balayage, your black hair will eventually develop into a bluish tone towards the tips. The tips of your hair will have a brighter shade of blue compared to that in the middle and top sections.

  1. Blue Black Yarn Braid

For those of you who are not yet ready to change your hair color, then this hairstyle is for you. You can still achieve a hairstyle similar to the popular blue black hair. This is possible through the yarn braiding technique. Aside from using your natural hair, you also need to use acrylic yarn to give your braid another tone. You will use the feed-in braiding technique in order to complete this style. The three-strand braid will now be composed of one leg of acrylic yarn and two legs of natural hair.

  1. Blue Black Hair in Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braid is a thing for most teenagers, but women in their 20s can also wear the hairstyle without any problem. If you already have a blue black hair color, then the next thing you need to do in order to achieve this hairstyle is create the popular waterfall braid. The only difference between a waterfall braid and the regular French braid is that in doing the former, a strand (from the three-strand braid) is intentionally left out and replaced by a new one. As a result, you will have a hairstyle that looks like a waterfall, hence its name.

  1. Blue Black Hair in Cornrows

This hairstyle is perfect for women born with natural Afro-style hair. It’s undeniable that Afro-style hair is quite hard to manage, but if you wish to give it a fresh new style, then you better do it today. you can go to your favourite hair salon and ask them to give you the perfect shade of blue black hair that you need. After that, you can decide whether you should do the cornrows yourself or let the professionals handle it. This hairstyle will look totally cool because when you stand under bright light, your blue black hair will be very noticeable.

  1. Blue on Black Curls

This is another simple and effortless hairstyle. In order to achieve this style, you just have to ask your hairstylist to give you a highlight. The thing that makes this hairstyle unique despite its simplicity is that the different shades of blue will give your hair an electric and metallic look. This will make you effortlessly shine no matter where you go. This hairstyle is perfect for women who have natural long curls, but definitely not for Afro-style hair.

  1. Dark Denim Feathered Bob

Most women who want to have extra short hair would naturally choose a feathered bob haircut. This haircut fulfils your wish to have extra short yet sexy hairstyle. To spice it up a little bit, you can even add some bluish-denim tone to your natural hair. This will make your feathered bob look extra-ordinary. You don’t have to worry about being scolded for your hair color at work or in school because the denim blue tone will not be too striking. In dim light, it can even pass as natural black hair.

  1. The Blue-haired Peacock

This is an interesting and unique hairstyle. It’s perfect for women who aren’t scared of standing out in a huge crowd. This hairstyle is for women who are bold enough to catch the attention of any by-passer. The thing that makes this hairstyle unique is that it uses a combination of colors that will make your hair look almost like that of a peacock’s colourful feathers. For this particular hairstyle, the Balayage-ombre technique is used. As a result, only the mid portion to the tips shows vibrant signs of colors. However, you have option to let the colourful shades start from the roots until it develops into a much brighter shade at the tips.

Simple Tutorials on How to Style Your Blue Black Hair

Here are some ways on how you can style your blue black hair at home:

Blue-Haired Peacock in Bohemian Braids

Boho braids may look complicated from a distance, but it’s really easy to create. In fact, you only need to know the standard three-strand braiding technique to achieve the hairstyle. But if you are up for a little challenge, you can do a French-inspired Boho braid instead of the regular three-strand braid.

  1. Wash your hair and let it dry.

It’s a basic thing to wash your hair before styling it. You can get a lot of benefits when you wash your hair prior to styling. The most obvious benefit that you can get is that your hair will be clean. Having clean hair means never worrying about itchiness and dandruff build-up. Another benefit you can get from washing your hair prior to styling is that it becomes more manageable than usual. Lastly, when you wash your hair prior to styling, then you could last the entire day feeling fresh despite wearing a formal updo.

After washing your hair, make sure to let it dry completely. Styling wet hair could be difficult and it would not give you the results that you are expecting. If you are in a rush, you can use a hair dryer, but make sure not to turn it on to maximum heat because too much exposure to heat will damage your hair. Comb your hair while drying it to get rid of tangles and frizz.

  1. Section your hair.

Part your hair at the center, or on one side if you’re more comfortable with that. Then gather a section of hair at least two inches back from your hairline from both sides. Tie these sections with hair elastic to separate it from the rest of your hair. This is also the best time to initially apply hairstyling products to your hair. However, you should only put enough amount of product so that the style won’t look too greasy.

  1. Start braiding.

Gather the first section and divide it into three legs. For this particular tutorial, you are only going to learn doing the regular Boho braids, not the French-inspired one. To begin, cross one of the outer legs over the middle leg and do the same with the other outer leg. Don’t make the braids too tight because it will look stiff and will end up not looking like Boho braids. Continue the process until the desired length of the braid. Do the same with the other section.

When both sections are done, combine it at the back of your hair, particularly at the centremost part. Tie your hair loosely with hair elastic. If you created the braids too tight, then you can correct this by tugging out slowly some parts of the braid. This will make the braid look messier and more fitting for the Bohemian feel.

A Bohemian-inspired hairstyle will never be complete without accessories. Make sure you add a little spice to your Boho braids by adding a flower crown, seashell clips, starfish emblems or any other Boho-themed accessories.

Blue Black Hair in Waterfall Braid

  1. Wash hair and let it dry.

As usual, you should always wash your hair before styling it. As much as possible, wash it with shampoo and apply conditioner afterwards. This will make your hair softer and more manageable.

  1. Part your hair on one side.

This hairstyle requires that one side of the hair be thicker than the other side. You can decide which side to make thicker as long as you are comfortable with it. If you wish to part your hair at the center, you might need to do two sets of waterfall braids later.

  1. Start braiding.

For the first three braids (from your hairline), do the French braiding technique. For those who still don’t know how to do it, just divide a small section of hair into three strands. To begin the braid, cross over the back strand over the middle, then cross over the front strand over the middle. Next, cross the back strand over the middle and add in a few new strands to the braid to create a French braid. Then, cross the front strand over the middle. Do this for at least three reps. On the fourth braid, instead of crossing the right strand over the middle, drop it down and take a new section of hair directly from below that right strand. Repeat this process until you reach the desired length of the braids. Secure the braid with elastic and some bobby pins afterwards.

This step is optional because a waterfall braid alone is enough to make you look more gorgeous than ever. You can accessorize this style depending on the occasion. If it’s a formal gathering, then you might want to add in some pearls or a beautiful hair clip.

The Best Hair Types for Blue Black Hair

Here are the best types of Blue Black hair:

  • Short and thin

Short hair is sexy, and it’s even a great length for blue black hairstyles. In addition to being short, having thin and fine strands would be best for this kind of hairstyle. With fine hair strands, the pigments will be more noticeable and easily managed. In fact, most women with fine hair strands have more vibrant hair colors than other women.

Straight hair is always one of the best hair types for almost all kinds of hairstyles. The thing about blue black hairstyles is that it looks good on both short and long hair. However, most women prefer long hair since it naturally shows off more of the hairstyle.

Hollywood Stars with Blue Black Hair

  1. Kate Winslet

Although Kate Winslet is no longer under the limelight these days, she used to be famous back then. In fact, many fans still love her so much, especially her personality. Kate Winslet is bold enough to wear her deep denim blue black hair in public, and this has made her become an instant head-turner once again.

  1. Selena Gomez

Everybody knows who Selena Gomez is. She is that cute lady who looks too young for her age. She is a Hollywood star who is a definite trendsetter. Selena Gomez once wore a blue black hairstyle during a Red Carpet event in Hollywood and it totally look good on her.


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