Best restaurants in London for every type of foodie


The London restaurant scene, also known as a gastronomic heaven, has always been diverse, and it’s understandable why one would find it challenging to pick a place when visiting the city for the first time.

When it comes to choosing a restaurant, you’re spoiled with many choices, no matter what type of foodie you are, which makes picking a dinner place a time-consuming job (and that’s before booking a table, which can prove surprisingly difficult during some times of the year).

That’s why we handpicked our favourite restaurants in London to help you have a fantastic experience. So, stop googling restaurants near me and check this list.

Pastaio – freshly-made pasta

You can guess from its name that this restaurant serves fast and freshly-made pasta. It’s an affordable restaurant for a tourist, located in the heart of Soho. However, even if it lacks in price, it doesn’t in flavour. We guarantee that you’ll eat some of the most delicious pasta in your life. Placed on Ganton Street, it has a classic Soho look, so ensure you don’t leave your camera at the hotel because you don’t want to miss taking an Instagram worthy photo of your meal. Besides pasta, you can also eat honey sandwiches, rabbit and pork agnoli, or nduja here.

Bao – Taiwanese teahouse

Bao has three locations around London, so you can easily find one, no matter where you book accommodation. It’s a well-known place for serving warm steamed buns. The newest branch of the franchise is placed on Rupert Street, and it has a hearty and warm look. The entrance to the venue is through wood-panelled doors, and the building is spread into two stores to host a large number of guests. If you decide to dine at Bao, make sure to order their shou pa chicken, it’s mouth-watering.

Orrery – simple French cuisine

For some, it may sound strange to want to eat French dishes while in London, but the selection from Orrery is too delicious to miss it. The place had a refurbishment in 2018 to celebrate its 21st birthday, and now it looks like a clean and elegant place where you can enjoy a relaxing night with your family. What makes it different from the other French establishments from London? It doesn’t over-decorate to prove that it’s a Gallic place. It leaves the dishes to convince the guests that the cuisine is a la carte. If you don’t have enough time to cross the Channel and taste French cuisine in its home country, Orrery makes a good replacement.

Kettner’s Townhouse – the everyman’s member’s club

The place’s history dates back to 1967, but it had recently opened to the public when the new owners, the Soho House Group, decided to welcome guests again. The original Kettner’s Townhouse was the first restaurant in London to serve French cuisine, and the new management decided to maintain the traditional French menu. It’s impeccably decorated in a bold style that encourages the guests to indulge in an exclusive experience and feel like they joined a private member’s club. If you want to have a private club experience without paying a costly fee, this is the place for you. However, make sure that you’re accompanied by a partner when stepping through the doors because Kettner’s Townhouse is a restaurant, at the end of the day, and you won’t be able to engage in conversation with other people while waiting for your dinner because the other guests will most likely have a partner. Don’t worry if you travel solo, dating escorts in London is quite common, so you can quickly find a partner to join you for dinner.

Freakscene – Southeast Asian cuisine

A couple of years ago, Freakscene was a popup in Farrington that served fast but flavourful Southeast Asian dishes. None of the dishes or ingredients changed at its new home, as the founder Scott Hallsworth wanted to create an affordable menu. Now it has a permanent location in Soho and welcomes guests in a warm and inviting venue. You can eat chilli ham wraps, pork belly, salmon sashimi pizza, or mussels at Freakscene. The menu gives a new meaning to Asian cuisine, and you’ll wonder why no other place had this idea before.

Kutir – exquisite Indian cuisine

The locals call it the best new Indian restaurant in Chelsea, so if you book accommodation in the area, make sure to eat dinner here at least once. It’s located on a back street off King’s Road and offers a heritage-inspired menu with some of the most delicious dishes. It was opened by the Jamavar chef Rohit Ghai, who offers excellent credentials to the place as he is known as one of the best in the domain. The house’s speciality is stone bass served on a bed of squid ink tagliatelle. If you don’t find it interesting enough for your taste, you can try the 24-hour roasted lamb rogan. If you visit London during summer, you should also have a cocktail because they serve some of the best beverages in the area.

STK – a place with a Saint Tropez vibe

When entering the restaurant, you can easily have the impression that you actually stepped into a Saint Tropez nightclub because the venue is decorated with plenty of chrome-hard elements. However, the menu takes you back to an autumn London immediately as it includes American sirloins, burgers, grain-fed steaks, and Irish moss fillets. If you book a table at STK expect to pay an expensive check and see people taking photos of their pictures. The restaurant is ideal for having dinner with friends when you don’t want a traditional meal experience.

Final thoughts

Going out for a meal in London doesn’t have to be challenging, mainly because it has a plethora of good eateries you can pick from. Whether you want to taste traditional English cuisine or try something different, the above list of restaurants should inspire you. Eaten somewhere else and loved it? Please share it with us!




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