160+ Unique Best Friend Tattoos to Mark a Special Connection


Unique best friend tattoos can be both easy and hard to find. If you want to mark a special connection with someone with the help of a tattoo, then you should consider multiple aspects. More specifically, you can rely on common symbols that send the exact same message. However, if you’re not the type of person who likes mainstream tattoo designs, then you have to create one yourself.

As it follows, you will find a few examples of unique best friend tattoos and common designs as well. In this way, you will be able to tell the difference and find out what is exactly that you want.

1. One who loves the sea and one who loves the mountain

2. Sponge Bob and Patrick Star are an unbeatable pair

3. Friendship bracelets that cannot be taken off, get lost or forgotten

4. Always connected by a symbolic thread

5. Two identical lotus flowers placed on ankles

How to Choose a Relationship Tattoo?

When you connect with someone on a deeper level and you are also a tattoos fan, you might end up deciding to both get inked. Now, if this situation arises, it is recommended for you to take a few aspects into consideration.

First of all, you should think about the type of relationship you have with that person. More specifically, best friends are those who also form a couple. It’s not mandatory for unique best friend tattoos to lack other meaningful feelings.

Conversely, if all you want is to express an affectionate friendship, but not a passionate one, then you should choose the designs accordingly.

6. Cute and fat unicorns delivered as unique best friend tattoos

7. An alien face with a very encouraging message

8. An important date marked with Roman characters

9. Two foxy ladies inked using the pointillism or dot work technique

10. Yin and Yang shapes filled with flowery patterns

Common Tattoo Designs Vs. Unique Tattoo Designs

Best friends definitely have things in common. As you will see throughout this article, some people use cartoon characters to express their union. Others, they use a depiction of themselves drawn in a cartoonist way. Further, some BFFs find interests they have in common and they compose a tattoo design that comprises those important elements.

However, if you feel that you are more attracted by common symbols such as Yin and Yang, the Sun and the Moon, half of hearts, the key and the locket and so on, then you should go for it!

Also, keep in mind that matching tattoos also qualify as best friend tattoos. In fact, more and more people get identical tattoos to mark their union. There are actually few examples of true originality in unique best friend tattoos that are not identical or common.

Among all the examples below, there are a few that will definitely draw your attention. These designs stand out because they are well-thought. For example, three friends each chose a part of the world’s map to have it inked. They opted for a very simple tattoo that only consists of the outline.

11. Rainbow in and outside the heart

12. One mandala separated in two identicalĀ parts

Placed on feet, this half of mandala inked using the pointillism technique makes a great friendship tattoo. Each mandala means something else, so they must’ve found one that speaks about their friendship. Conversely, they chose a pattern they both love and went with it.

13. Another type of pinky swear expressed with tattoos

14. Adorable animated birds inked in bright colors

15. A circle is round, it has no end; That’s how long I want to be your friend

Popular Placements for Common and Unique Best Friend Tattoos

Friendship tattoos are usually quite small in size and they don’t contain much detail. This means that they don’t require a lot of clean canvas to ink. Therefore, you will see relationship tattoos on ankles and wrists mainly. However, people also choose forearms and fingers to have them inked.

There are very few cases when two individuals get inked in different body areas or opt for different designs that are somehow connected. The question is whether you want to be one of them or not.

The skin from one’s ankles or wrists is definitely thin and sensitive. This means that you can expect a medium level of pain. Your skin will be sore and you will feel a pinching sensation. However, this type of pain cannot be compared with that felt when other body parts get inked.

In conclusion, if you know that your pain tolerance is low, then think of an area that isn’t too painful. Tattooing your wrist might be better than tattooing your ankle. Why? Because there are more bones and nervous terminations in the ankle than the wrist.

16. Friends stay friends throughout the Milky Way and to the Moon and back

17. Simple black and white friendship tattoos representing Yin and Yang

18. Matching elephant tattoos that look like done from paper

19. The sign of infinity with arrow’s beginnings and ends

20. One cannot drink tea without a tea cup

Talking about things that go well together, here is an impressive relationship tattoo. A tea bag needs a tea cup in order to make tea and drink it. This tattoo is probably not related to the saying “Not my cup of tea”. In addition, the chosen design is characterized by simple shapes and shadows without stressing too much on details.

How Should a Best Friend Tattoo Look Like?

There is no specific rule regarding the technique used to ink a certain design. People tend to choose simple designs that contain outlines, writings and not too much detail. So, we can rule out the realism technique from this category.

Since pointillism or dot work seems to be very appreciated lately, you will stumble upon such designs more often. Moreover, origami tattoos are quite popular as well. Why not take a model and simplify it, right?

Watercolor tattoos qualify as unique best friend tattoos as well. They are fun to look at and they don’t express the seriousness of other well-thought tattoos. A splash of color is welcome in everyone’s life, so don’t underestimate this style!

21. Matching birds don’t represent unique best friend tattoos

The symbolism behind this matching tattoo is connected to friendship. However, if you really desire a unique tattoo, you should give it more thought.

22. An implosion of color in a heart and an explosion of color outside the heart

23. Girly tattoo ideas match the concept of unique best friend tattoos

Some tattoos are obviously chosen by girls and we are not saying this in the bad way. Finding girly elements that match both friends’ tastes is great! The compositions above are colored in different ways, but shaped the same. They contain hearts, diamonds and ribbons.

24. Triangles pointing down are symbols for water

25. Suggestive tattoos consists in a message and a heart broken in two

26. The cactus – the plant who became a relationship tattoo

Meanings like endurance, protection, warmth and care are characteristic to cactus. So, they are also fitted for a friendship. In this regard, a cactus is an original way to express friendship, even if it’s done as a matching tattoo.

27. Yin and Yang is a very powerful and used symbol

The good and the bad should find a balance in everyone’s life or each of us should try to obtain that balance. This can happen in case of best friends as well. They are whatever it takes for each other depending on the situation.

28. Best friends pick different body parts for an identical tattoo

The uniqueness of a tattoo doesn’t come from its placement. However, it is not common for a matching tattoo to be inked in different body areas. Maybe that’s what special about this one.

29. Cool tattoo featuring different colored starsĀ 

30. Is this a peanut butter and jelly relationship tattoo?

Peanut butter and jelly are a known pair when it comes to sandwiches. So, how about you and your best friend find other inseparable things as a theme for a tattoo? Maybe things that you both like? It would be a shame to settle for anything less than something unique drawn in a fun way like the design above.

31. Japanese symbol inked on three people, almost in the same place

32. He is the anchor for her ship in case of need

The tattoos above can qualify as friendship tattoos and as matching tattoos for lovers. The two elements, a boat and an anchor exist together in real life too. A boat without an anchor is prone to dangers at sea. In real life, a person needs an anchor from time to time, especially during hard times.

33. Three abstract tattoos inked using the watercolor technique

34. Communication between two souls that are always available for one another

A blonde and a brunette animated characters seem to be communicating through a wireless phone. Ok, maybe it’s not a wireless phone but it sends the same message. These two are connected through a thin thread that is only symbolic.

35. A memory that comes from the childhood

36. Happy little girl silhouettes holding half a heart each

37. An anchor for each other during an infinite time

38. Delicate and unique best friend tattoos done with watercolors

Watercolor tattoos are fascinating. They aren’t characterized by black lines and obvious contours. In this case, two women chose similar flowers that hold a meaning only they know.

39. A union based on affection, not on passion

Two hands holding with just the pinky finger represent a union based on affection, not on passion. In other words, this is a best friend tattoo without a doubt. The symbol itself states a relationship status that cannot be questioned by anyone.

40. Different colored scallops as matching tattoos

A simple seashell like the ones above holds deep meanings. If you think about it, the hard casing does a pretty good job at protecting life. Moreover, its aquatic nature is known to often be associated with the moon or the feminine. Did you think of all that just by looking at those pretty colored seashells?

41. Identical Thing 1 and Thing 2 fun relationship tattoo

42. Unique merge between cats and dogs in best friend tattoos

43. Delicious looking cupcakes inked with bright colors

Three chicks who love cupcakes or maybe own a cupcake business together like the girls from the sitcom “Two Broke Girls” decided on a matching tattoo. From the aesthetic point of view, these unique best friend tattoos are very nice and colorful. They may only have a positive impact on their lives.

44. Defense and protection from harm expressed with two arrows

A simple arrow that points in a certain direction can mean lots of things. First, it is a symbol of movement and direction. Second, it speaks about defense and protection from harm. So, both best friends have purposes in life and they only want to move further.

45. Simple outlines of a heart tattooed on the middle finger’s side

Finger tattoos don’t last as much as those inked in other body parts. However, it is a good start for those who want tiny tattoos. Moreover, it can be tattooed once more like you’d renew your vows. As you can clearly see, there are two feminine hands, so this is not a love tattoo even though it consists of a heart.

46. Two identical keys situated on ankles

47. Sun and moon tattoos are not unique best friend tattoos

The cosmic pair, the Sun and the Moon, is an excellent tattoo idea. However, among the unique best friend tattoos, this isn’t a great match. However, you can make a common idea become unique if you kept the idea, but change the drawing style.

48. The contrast between good and bad expressed trough Yin and Yang tattoos

49. The tree of life – One life, one love

The tree of life is full of meaning. It’s like Yin and Yang in a way because it represents both death and abundance. The heavens and the underworld are obvious parts of the tree of life too. So, combine that with the written messages and you have unique best friend tattoos.

50. Delicate wrist tattoos look like thin branches with tiny flowers

51. Unique tattoo design accompanied by a date that’s important to both

Symbols that don’t have an obvious meaning are the best. In case all you want is originality, then you can choose something only you and your best friend know about. Although it might not make sense to lots of people, it’s important to make sense for you and your friend.

52. This innate shape within nature offers the feeling of strength and spirituality

Three arrows tied in the middle is an interesting choice taken by three best friends. They symbolize a lifelong connection. In addition, since there are three friends, the significance of three is one of its foundations. Strength, spirituality and connection with nature are among these arrows’ meanings as well.

53. Watercolor matching tattoos with a soft heart shape and a name included

54. A piece of puzzle that can be unlocked with the right key

55. The key to a person’s heart for eternity

56. Thigh tattoos representing a Yin Yang flower qualify as unique best friend tattoos

57. Artistic Sun and Moon tattoos on forearms

58. BFFs chose to get each other’s portrait inked on forearms

Whether these are the portraits of both BFFs who wanted to get inked or they are their favorite cartoon characters, it doesn’t matter. These girls were able to use their creativity and find a tattoo design that symbolizes their friendship and that matches their personal style and taste. This is definitely not an easy thing to achieve. So, brainstorm with your BFF before deciding on something less special.

59. Writing tattoo reads “be brave, strong and wise”

Writing tattoos are still on trends and popular. They represent a great way of sending a specific message without taking up too much space. Simple, harmonious and meaningful, the writing tattoos above succeed on multiple levels.

60. World’s map divided in three large parts

The most unique best friend tattoos are hard to find, but here is one! Three people thought of dividing the planet’s continents in three and each getting a tattoo. The reasons for their choices may be random or they each might come from the continent they have inked. While we will never know the truth about these tattoos, we can think of similar ideas!

61. A dream catcher tattoo for each member of the friendship

62. Adorable elephant pair inked on wrists

63. Woman’s sugar skull meets man’s sugar skull when holding hands

Numerous unique best friend tattoos are available to you and your friends if you are willing to make such commitment. Moreover, since there is a wide variety of designs, tattooing styles and body placements, it’s almost impossible not to find something that you like. In case your best friend is more experienced when it comes to tattoos, he or she can help you with your research. However, until then, use the information you gathered in this article and get a jaw-dropping tattoo together with your best friend!


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