Belly Tattoos: a Female Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts


Belly Tattoos: a Female Guide

For women, the belly is a complex area of the body. Not only is it known for being the source of new life but, in many cultures, the stomach is considered to be the center of chi where spiritual energy connects with the physical body. An increasing number of Russian girls and Ukrainian brides marrying Western men more and more often are choosing to follow the trend for belly tattoos to celebrate this sacred part of the body. ‘Girls’ star, Lena Dunham, has a belly tattoo of two Kewpie dolls dipping into a barrel and has explained that she chose to tattoo her belly after a long and complicated battle with her weight in this area. Many women are now choosing belly tattoos as a way of covering up cesarean scars; simultaneously celebrating the birth of their child and hiding an unsightly scar.

First, the practical stuff! The stomach and the lower belly are ones of the most painful areas to tattoo, scoring a purple pain rating — the highest pain rating of the four grades. This is because the stomach is a fatty area of the body with thin skin. For women considering a belly tattoo, the female body is at its most sensitive the week before and during the monthly cycle so, these dates should be avoided when getting your tattoo.

Women also need to consider the changes to their bodies before the final choice. Pregnancy and sudden weight gain/loss can result in the loose skin; some women use belly tattoos to cover stretch marks after childbirth.

Belly Tattoos: All Shapes and Sizes

The major benefit of a belly tattoo is that it can look great with a crop top in the club or out and about with friends, but can be safely covered up for work and formal occasions. The placement of a belly tattoo means that you can proudly show it off or save it for intimacy. Many make the mistake of believing that belly tattoos should only be worn by those with fit, toned stomachs but this is very much not the case. Celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Juliet Simms proudly display them despite not having the perfect figure. When considering a belly tattoo, there are a few things to bear in mind:

The Do’s

Do keep in mind the fact that, once done, a belly tattoo is permanent and will involve expensive laser treatment to remove.

Do consider the changes that your body may go through in the years to come such as pregnancy and weight gain.

Do choose your design carefully — make sure that your design is something you will love for years to come and not something which is currently fashionable.

Do remember that your tattoo will be on display whenever you wish to wear a bikini or another form of revealing outfit.

Do remember that, once done, your tattoo will attract attention – not always welcome.

The Don’ts

Don’t include a current boyfriend/girlfriend’s name in your tattoo — many people have regretted commemorating a current partner, only to regret the decision when the relationship ends.

Don’t choose a design which will only work with your current figure.

Don’t choose a design which you may feel embarrassed about in later years — the key here is to choose something classic which will stand the test of time.

Don’t go for the same tattoo as everybody else — your belly tattoo should be as unique as you are.

Don’t forget to ask for your tattooist’s advice!

Brides with Cool Tattoos

We know, we know, this is a somewhat controversial issue for many and, one which is firmly divided into two camps; the fans and the haters.

Many people with very traditional values believe that, on her wedding day, a bride should be demure and modestly dressed. Needless to say, these people are not going to approve of a bride walking down the aisle with her belly — and ink — on display.

On the other hand, the modern world allows us to celebrate our individuality and uniqueness. If you’re finding it hard to imagine a bride showing off her stomach tattoo, just think of a Hindu wedding where, often, a bride’s stomach will be on display and, it is common for the Hindu bride to display a symbolic henna belly button tattoo.

A bridal belly tattoo should always, of course, be chosen carefully and one should keep in mind elderly or conservative guests when doing so. See the following article for tips on brides with gorgeous tattoos.

What Are the Best Belly Tattoos?

As mentioned, the chosen design should be something that you see yourself loving for a long time. Although it may seem fun at the time to adorn your stomach with a cartoon character or an amusing phrase, this may seem less appropriate as you get older. Some beautiful and classic designs of tattoo around the belly button include:


Although it may sound like a female cliché, floral designs are enduringly popular. Edgy but feminine, floral tattoos around belly button add of touch of individuality without being too hardcore. Try:

  • Delicate entwined flowers in muted colors running down each side of the belly

  • A large rose motif twining down each side of the belly to meet at the bottom, below the navel

  • Cover up a cesarean scar with a floral design containing the names of your children

  • An intricate rose and leaf design, rich in color, on one side of the belly
  • A curved flower garland in black placed just underneath the belly button
  • A simple small black flower placed to one side of the belly button


  • A Hindu-inspired pattern in muted henna shades surrounding the belly button
  • A personal motto or mantra placed just below the belly button
  • A black tribal design spiraling from the rib cage to below the belly button
  • A memory tree commemorating a lost loved one
  • A simple vine containing the names of your children
  • A design incorporating your birth sign
  • The line of a favorite poem surrounding the belly button

The Daring

Not for the faint-hearted, the following ideas are bold, daring and sure to be noticed:

  • A large, colorful butterfly covering the belly from the bottom of the ribcage
  • A large colorful floral motif running from the breast down to below the belly button
  • A large, intricate, peacock feather design weaving its way down from the ribcage to just above the bikini line
  • A powerful black shaded image of a sacred symbol or item
  • A landscape image of a fantasy city

The Cute

  • A tiny pink butterfly just to the side of the belly button
  • Three tiny pink love hearts framing the belly button
  • One more idea for the belly button tattoos: a circle of small stars
  • A discreet vine of leaves placed on each side of the belly
  • A single small rose at the base of the stomach

  • Two small lovebirds at each side of the base of the belly
  • A simple black tribal pattern surrounding the belly button

The Statement

  • A large and complex design incorporating many areas of your life including career, family and more such as a ‘tree of life’
  • A gothic interpretation of a landscape
  • A reproduction of the cover of a favorite book
  • A complex design, which involves two separate but connected images, one just below the ribcage and one on the stomach

  • The face of a loved one
  • The lyrics of a favorite or meaningful song
  • When choosing your belly tattoo, there are a few more things to keep in mind:

Find out how long and how many sessions will be necessary. As mentioned, belly tattoos can be extremely painful and you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

For long and complex belly tattoo work, make sure that you have the time necessary and are able to take painkillers where necessary in order to ease the discomfort.

When choosing your colors, ask your master about color fade — if your design depends on vibrant color, you need to know if this is likely to fade within a short amount of time.

When hiding a cesarean scar, think about whether you will need to have another procedure in the future as this may affect your design.

Always take your tattooist’s advice when it comes to the aftercare of your belly tattoo in order to avoid infection.

Fun fact: During the Second World War, doctors were often able to reattach injured soldiers’ limbs by following the pattern of their tattoos.


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