Beauty Blogging: How Much Can Student Really Make Online?


Are you in college and want to make some money? Well, there are many opportunities that students can use to make money. Such opportunities can generate revenue to offset expenses or build capital for investment. In some cases, jobs such as blogging and web design have burgeoned into full-blown careers.

As a student, the first step to making money on the internet is picking the right opportunity. This post evaluates the existing opportunities to establish how much a learner can make working on the internet.

Earn up to $30/hr as an Online Tutor

Because you are a college scholar, it implies focusing on a specific area of specialization. Well, your current skills in different subjects can help others who are poorer in them. Online tutors have become helpful for learners who want to improve subjects like mathematics and languages.

The amount that a student can make as an online tutor depends on the subject and the amount of time. It also depends on the online tutor company of choice. Most companies that provide the platform for linking tutors and clients pay between10-30$ per hour. If you work for two hours from Monday to Friday, it is possible to make an average of $1000/ month.

Make Between $20 and $500 Writing/ Editing Articles Online

If you have top-notch grammatical skills, it is possible to make a fortune as an online writer or editor. Unlike other jobs getting replaced with robotics, it will not be possible to replace writers any time soon. Here are the different types of contents that a college scholar can write or edit to get paid:

  • Product reviews
  • White papers
  • Social media series
  • Infographics
  • Articles

As a writer/ editor, it is also prudent to develop skills in writing essays. It is especially crucial to know how to write a sat essay. This type of writing requires one to read a passage, analyze it, and write an essay. All of this should be done in a limited time of 50 minutes. Well, to get it right on sat essays, the secret is preparing appropriately. Here is the plan that will guarantee your sat essay of top marks.

(i)     Reading (10 minutes)

(ii)   Analyzing and planning (12 minutes)

(iii)  Writing (30 minutes

(iv)  Revising (3 minutes)

Working as a writer/ editor can earn you between $20 and $500 per article. So, a student working on three articles every week can make up to $6000 every month.

Earn Thousands of Dollars Blogging Online

One type of work that can generate a lot of money for students is blogging. But how does it work? It involves creating a communication platform and building a community. The goal is winning a lot of followers by operating as a niche leader/ authority. This implies that you need to build the blog as a brand and win trust from people. But, it is important to appreciate that building this trust can take time. Here are the top steps for running a successful blog.

  • Identify a potential niche: It is advisable to consider choosing an area of interest.
  • Create a blog and host it: The blog is the platform where you will be posting content, interact with followers, and place ads.
  • Generate and post high-quality content: People who will visit your site have an interest in reading the posted content. Thus, it is important to create high-quality content on the area of interest to win the followers’ trust.
  • Commercialize the site: Once your blog attracts followers, companies will start looking for opportunities to place ads. Here, you can charge them based on the type of ad, size, and time of display. You can also east through affiliate marketing and product endorsement.

The good thing about blogging is that there is no limit on the amount that a student can make. Today, most people in the field make over $100,000 per month. In some cases, some people have turned blogging into full-time careers.

Earn Hundreds of Dollars as a Freelance Web Developer

Today, every business is going online to drive more sales. This has opened a sea of opportunities to people with web design skills. If you are an expert in computing, businesses will come seeking help to improve their platforms. The focus is on creating new products such as mobile apps and e-stores to increase conversions.

Focusing on web design could help a student start a career and continue with it after college. To earn more, ensure to hone computing skills especially on security and conversion rate optimization. A committed developer can make hundreds of dollars/ project.


If you are a student, working online is a great way to make money and hone your skills. The above three methods provide scholars with opportunities to make more and even commence their careers. Do not let the spare time in college go into waste; use it to work and earn money.


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