Bad Hair Day? 10 Effective Remedies to Lessen This


If you love the way, your hair is, maintaining it is imperative. We have all had a bad hair day due to unkempt hair. The causes can be plenty. It can be due to exposure to the sun or dust or just because you haven’t cleaned your hair for a couple of days. However, it is essential to know the steps you can take to deal with the bad hair day. Instead of making peace with bad hair, there are a few remedies which you can follow.

In most of the cases, when dealing with bad hair, it is essential to find a remedy which is easy to execute. You surely will not spend hours dealing with your hair. You have to carry on scheduled as usual. We have today a curated list of 10 effective remedies which can help you deal with your bad hair and are easy to execute.

1. Use a dry shampoo

Excessive exposure to dust and pollution can make your hair oily. It can ruin the texture and quality of your hair. It is especially true for women who spend a lot of time outdoors. Instead of thinking that the oil content of your hair will reduce gradually with every wash, it is essential to deal with it right away. When you deal with it right away, you can get the hair texture which you usually have. You can follow a regular schedule once you deal with bad hair.

The best option which you have to do so is to use dry shampoo. The dry shampoo will also remove the temporary dirt from your hair. If you do not have a dry shampoo handy, there is an alternative which you can choose.

You have to take a teaspoon of the baby powder and apply it to your scalp. You have to make sure that the roots of your head are exposed to do the baby powder. It can absorb the excess of oil in your hair. You can massage entirely to spread it on your skin. It will also make your hair appear fresher. You have to use it in limited quantity to get the desired effect. Thus, if you’re suffering from oily hair, you can either try a dry shampoo or the home remedy which we have just explained.

2. Braids

Many women do not like braids. They do not go very well with their modern attire. However, one of the fastest remedies which you have to deal with bad hair is to opt for the braids. It will allow you to hide the texture and the condition of your hair. Moreover, if you’re heading to office work, they can help you get that formal look. Chances are by the time you get back home and wash your hair, the contaminants and the pollutants will be a thing of the past. Some of the braid ideas which you can adopt are:

  • Chain braid
  • Pull-through braid
  • Three strand braid

When you are going through a bad hair day, and you are looking for an immediate remedy to deal with the same, braiding is one of the best options which you have.

3. Take care of the roots

If you want to deal with bad hair, it is essential to deal with the hair roots. Most of the remedies which we will discuss in this article will deal with the hair roots. That is why; you have to take care of the hair roots.

The most basic technique which you can opt for is Backcombing. It will provide you the desired effect Backcombing can help you deal with bad hair in more ways than one. These include:

  • Giving your hair a lift
  • Hiding the frizz
  • Giving the appearance of a higher volume

With the help of backcombing, you can execute a lot of different hairstyles. It will help you in converting your bad hair day into a good one. You can adopt a completely different hairstyle with the help of backcombing. If you have a few minutes, backcombing is a great way to deal with the bad hair day.

4. Use frizz to your advantage

You have to try to get the frizz in your hair. There are plenty of hairstyles which are suitable for frizzy hair. These hairstyles rely on your hair being frizzy. You can embrace frizz with the help of these hairstyles. Some of these include:

  • French Bun
  • Micro braid
  • Space buns
  • Chic-Looking Bun

These few hairstyles can help you gain that perfect look in spite of frizzy hair.

5. Wash and blow dry your hair

The simplest solution which you have to turn your bad hair day into a good one is to wash your hair. It might take some time and efforts on your part, but it will help you solve the problem. You have to start cleaning and conditioning your hair. After that, you have to blow dry your hair. You need to use a good blow dryer which has different intensity levels. If you do not have such blow dryer, research online to find a decent blow dryer. Ideally, once you blow dry your hair, the frizz, oil, other contaminants will be eliminated. You can after that choose the hairstyle which you want without any restrictions.

The entire process will take 15 minutes to 25 minutes. You will not have to devote an hour or so to the process. It will help you eliminate the root cause of bad hair which will allow you to opt for the hairstyle which you prefer the most rather than having to compromise on your look due to a bad hair day.

6. Get shiny hair

The best way to turn around your hair is to use a shine product. It will allow you to eliminate the texture and get silky smooth hair. There are many shine products which last throughout the day. You will not have to apply it again and again. There is however a proper procedure to use the product. It is as follows:

Step 1: You have to take out the shine-oil on your hands.

Step 2: You have to start applying the oil at the strands of your hair.

Step 3: You have to work slowly up to your roots.

If you’re directly pouring the oil on your scalp, you will not have the same impact. Moreover, it will require you to use a lot of the shine product to get the desired result. It is not the smartest way to make your hair shine. When you follow the above procedure, you can use the product efficiently and also get the desired outcome without any delay. Once you get shiny hair, it is easier to opt for the hairstyle which you prefer the most.

7. Deal with the flyaways

Flyaways are a common problem when suffering from bad-hair day. The solution to this problem is pretty simple. We will describe below two solutions which you can adapt to deal with flyaways.

Solution 1:

You have to apply some hair spray on your toothbrush. You have to brush your hair in the downward direction gently. It will help you reduce flyaway. You can continue with the procedure until you get the desired outcome. You can use any spare toothbrush lying around in your home to execute this procedure.

Solution 2:

The solution which we are discussing now will help you get more texture rather than eliminating the flyaways. It will allow you to go for the textured hairstyle. The solution is entirely up to you. You have to use the toothbrush for adding more texture to your braids. You have to move the toothbrush in circles to get the desired effect. It will allow you to increase the fuzzies to suit your hairstyle. Once again, you have to repeat the procedure until you have the desired outcome.

When dealing with flyaways, these are the two solutions which you have. It will allow you to either opt for a suitable hairstyle or eliminate the flyaways. The choice is entirely yours.

8. Try Avocado

You might not be familiar, but avocado is the most effective natural remedy for dealing with bad hair. It might be present in your home. Avocado is the perfect solution to deal with dry and damaged hair. Avocado consists of a significant amount of protein and also moisturizes your hair which ensures that you get healthy hair. There are three different ways in which you can use avocado to get rid of bad hair.

Solution 1:

You have to peel off the avocado and mix it with wheat germ oil. You have to add jojoba oil to it. The quantity of oil should be one teaspoon each. You have to blend the mixture until you form a diluted solution out of it. You have to apply the solution after washing your hair. You have to ensure that you use it on the scalp and the ends. You have to let it settle for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. You can wear a shower cap to avoid the solution dripping onto your body. It will help you moisturize the hair and eliminate frizzy hair right away.

Solution 2:

The second solution which we are going to discuss will use avocado along with coconut oil. You can get it ready within 5 minutes. You have to mash avocado in a bowl to eliminate the lumps. You have to add two tablespoons of coconut oil. You have to mix it thoroughly and apply it to the hair and scalp. You have to let it be for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it off. You can wash it off with your regular shampoo and after that apply the conditioner. It will help you deal with dry hair quite quickly.

Solution 3:

The third option is the easiest, but it depends on your access to avocado moisturizer or shampoo. If you have an avocado moisturizer or the shampoo, you can use it right away. Otherwise, you can use avocado on your hair to get the desired outcome.

Thus, the best ways to deal with bad hair is to use avocado to get rid of the problem. You can choose any of the three solutions which we have discussed above.

9. Detangle your hair

If you’re suffering from tangled hair, it is essential to detangle them. There are plenty of different ways to achieve this. If you’re ignoring the problem, your hair quality can go from bad to worse. We will today highlight a few solutions which you can adapt to de-tangle your hair.

Solution 1:

Wash your hair with a good shampoo and condition it detangling your hair. It will allow you to de-tangle it easily.

Solution 2:

You have to start detangling your hair from the ends. It will help you avoid any hair breakage. You can hold the hair-ends with your one hand and de-tangle it with the other. You have to move upwards towards your roots inch by inch once the ends get detangled.

Solution 3:

The third solution is to detangle your hair with your fingers rather than using a comb. It will allow you to get rid of the knots and tangles quite easily. The pressure on your hair will be on the lesser side. In most of the cases, you can separate the tangled hair quite easily with the help of this procedure. Only once you have removed all the tangles using this procedure, you can use a brush or a comb.

Detangling is the best way to deal with bad hair. However, it is essential to choose the right solution so that you do not end up breaking your tresses.

10. Oil to your rescue

The correct oil can quickly provide you with shiny hair. You can either create the oil yourself by mixing the essential oils or buy one which is readily available from the market. We will share with you both of these options.

Option 1:

You can get evening primrose which will help you get lustrous hair. You have to apply 1000 mg of this oil. You can repeat it twice a day. It will provide essential nutrients to your hair and ensure that your dry and damaged hair gets healed. It contains essential fatty acids to your hair which ensures that the frequency of bad hair days decreases significantly. It is suitable for short-term as well as long term usage.

Option 2:

The 2nd option which you have is to combine a couple of oils and apply them to your hair and scalp. It will allow you to use natural ingredients without any issue. You can combine almond oil and cedarwood oil to moisturize your scalp and also to increase hair growth. Similarly, you can use coconut oil along with almond oil to enhance the shine in your hair and even to get smooth hair.

These oils can undoubtedly help you heal damaged hair and ensure that you can get the hair texture which you want.

So, if you’re suffering from a bad hair day, it is a good idea to choose any of the remedies from our guide above. These remedies will help you deal with the problem right away. In the longer term, these remedies can also help you reduce the frequencies of bad hair day by providing the right nutrients to your hair and making them stronger. Instead of worrying about your bad hair, now is the time to deal with it.



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