80 Arrow Tattoo Designs with their actual Meanings


People have used arrow tattoo designs on their body for so many years now. Applying ink on your body has served as a form of therapy to relieve pain, or to represent a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. There’s also a belief that tattoos can ward off evil spirits or keep the wearer safe from harm. The arrow tattoo design is slowly growing in popularity. And because arrow tattoos come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes, they can practically mean almost everything, or have various interpretations, depending on the wearer. The arrow tattoo was initially use by Native American tribes to keep track of their family members, as well as to record their history. However, the intentions and meanings of the tattoo would also differ, depending on whose tribe they belonged to.

Nowadays, arrow tattoo meaning represents being different and having a sense of individuality. Those who wear this particular tattoo design want to express their own identities or tell a story just by using simple imagery. Thanks to its design, arrow tattoos have grown so much in popularity, all thanks to the very positive and strong meanings that are connected with it.

Arrow tattoos can also symbolize direction. It is well-liked by those people who want to show off their commitment and capability to reach a certain goal. You can see arrow tattoo design on forearms, legs, or hands, reminding its wearer to move ahead with their dreams and try their best to reach them, despite facing certain obstacles. The arrow is also a pointed symbol, which can be a sign of motivation for certain individuals. This is the reason why arrows are a good representation of ambition, bravery, and perseverance.


Various arrow tattoo types can have different interpretations – It all depends on where and how you place them. For example, a singular arrow tattoo could mean trying to protect one’s self from danger or evil spirits. Meanwhile, two arrows that face in opposite ends could mean war, fights, or conflicts. But in scientific terms, a pair of arrows pointing in opposite directions actually represents equilibrium. So in the end, the interpretation all depends on the person who wears them.

Men who like to look tough might get themselves an arrow tattoo, which gives any aesthetic a rugged and more masculine touch. When your arrow tattoo designs have a geometric look and feel to them, it gives off a much more distinctive and modern feel to it, which will surely catch the attention of those who see it. Geometric arrow tattoos, meanwhile, can throw in even more geometric patterns surrounding it. This is the reason why arrow tattoos are an excellent choice for both men and women, especially those who want some individuality when it comes to their own tattoo design.

Similar to other geometric and angular variants of the classic arrow tattoo design, the geometric version of the arrow tattoo mostly comes in either black or white shades, since these are the two colors that make the tattoo’s lines stand out. But if you prefer your own arrow tattoos to have a pop of color on them, then feel free to do so. Geometric arrows are the best choice if you want a bit of added mystery to your own tattoo.

Five Beautiful Arrow Tattoo Types That Look Great On You

The arrow tattoo were initially taken after the Native Americans and their way of living, hundreds of years ago. In an arrow tattoo, the arrow is meant to represent as a highly important tool in regards to hunter-gatherer communities, since these people used arrows as both a way to get food and as a weapon of war. Even though these arrows look simple, its symbolism has become so popular thanks to the messages associated with the object itself, both positive and powerful. And in case you’re way too interested in getting to know all about the variants of an arrow tattoo, then be sure to take a look at the following:

  • Bows and Arrows: In tattoo symbolism, an arrow pulled back could stand for tension, conflict, or going through life struggles. Arrows may have plenty of meaning, but a bow is not complete without its arrow. Another take on this tattoo design is the arrow released from a bow. Naturally, this is a transition coming from the first symbol. The symbolism here is usually positive, or it could simply mean that the person is moving forward from something horrible that happened to them.
  • Broken Arrows: An arrow split into two is meant to symbolize peace and serenity. It also doubles as an act of making peace, solving conflict, and putting down this weapon.
  • Two Arrows Pointing Away: This is a tattoo design that involves two arrows pointing towards opposite directions. Like the meaning of an arrow itself, it symbolizes conflict, anger, and war.
  • Group Of Arrows: This is a tattoo that obviously has a bunch of arrows grouped together. It’s meant to symbolize the person’s physical, emotional, or spiritual strength. It could also mean that they’re ready to do battle. This specific tattoo design has actually been around for a while: First seen amongst Native American tribes. In their culture, multiple arrow tattoos were often a symbol of union between the different groups, uniting all of them during times of conflict, or if a family of Native Americans needed to band together to search for food. Meanwhile, in Mongolia, the multiple arrow tattoo has a completely different meaning, as it’s supposed to represent Genghis Khan’s own teachings about unity and the importance of family.
  • Arrow With Diamond Combo: An arrow passing through a diamond can mean courage as they move forward from the negativity in their life. A singular arrow with a diamond could also mean protecting and defending themselves from harm.

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What Does An Arrow Tattoo Mean?

The concept of an arrow tattoo design is both simple and classic. It’s supposed to mean plenty of important truths, not to mention human values. Arrows can both have good meanings and bad. But it doesn’t really matter if it symbolizes personal progress, peace, or war, arrows – And arrow tattoos – Are meant to be an honored symbol that each person can connect to with themselves.

Arrow tattoos are a highly popular subject in tattoo art. Arrows are well-loved and enjoyed by so many tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. The reason for this is because arrow tattoos are so simple yet meaningful, with its plain design actually becoming its largest selling point. Arrow tattoos are highly recommended to those who are getting a tattoo for the first time, since it only takes a couple of hours to create, and doesn’t involve too much pain, time, and it’s not that expensive either. However, just because it’s got a simple design doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not as beautiful as the other popular tattoo designs out there. This has got to be the reason why arrow tattoos are often considered to be a fantastic first tattoo option for both women and men. And what’s also great about arrow tattoos is that you can do them in both smaller or bigger sizes and look amazing in any part of your body – It all depends on the size, of course.

Much like other popular tattoo designs, arrows carry their very own important meaning. If you plan on getting an arrow tattoo, you have to understand what they really symbolize. As mentioned, Native

Americans have arrow tattoos on their bodies since it doubles as a weapon used for hunting food and protecting themselves from harm. Two arrows crossing paths can also symbolize friendship and a lifelong bond. This is one of the many reasons why arrow tattoos are highly popular amongst friends, or even gangs.

Despite the fact that arrow tattoos can have different interpretations, there’s one thing that binds them together: Positivity. Arrows can help you move ahead even though they’re held back by a quiver or a bow. Bows symbolize struggle or something holding you back. It pulls the arrow back, but once the archer releases it, it moves forward to something even greater. Arrows can also symbolize a great achievement that overcame hardships.

In astrology, arrows and bows are the sign for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Arrows are also associated with romance, like Cupid’s bow and arrow. Getting pierced by Cupid’s arrow means that you are attracted or are falling in love with someone. Yet another meaning for the humble arrow is strength, masculinity, a good sense of direction, and power. It’s all about striving towards your goal, and never looking back.

Ideal Placement of the Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are very simple, comprised of a singular – Or two – Lines mostly done in a black shade, even though you can always get an arrow tattoo in the color that you like. It all depends on the wearer. Ultimately, the placement of your arrow tattoo will depend on its size. Tiny arrow tattoos are perfect for the wrists, fingers, or your ankles. Meanwhile, you can get medium-sized and large tattoos one on either your chest, your shoulders, your back, your sides, your arms, your legs, or your thighs. The elongated shape of an arrow also gives you the permission to place it on along the spine, although it could be very painful.

Arrow Tattoo Preparation Tips

No matter if you have concrete plans to acquire a tattoo soon, or if you’re only thinking about getting one, here are some tips to help you prepare, so you will already know what to expect when you step in the parlor.

  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before you get your tattoo done. This could thin your blood and make it hard for the artist to finish their work.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Get lots of rest. Sure, the idea of getting a tattoo could make anyone nervous or excited, but getting enough sleep can help you relax and feel calm the next morning.
  • You should have enough cash to cover the entire cost of the tattoo.
  • Make sure to call your shop or the artist again to verify the appointment time. Don’t be late and come prepared with cash.
  • Do not come to the shop if you’re feeling sick. Reschedule your appointment instead. It would be completely unfair to expose everyone in the shop to your sickness, it could slow down the tattoo’s healing process as well. If you still come to your appointment feeling a little unwell, then your artist has every right to either cancel or reschedule your session.
  • If you have a medical condition, be sure to bring a doctor’s note when you arrive to your appointment.

How Painful Is An Arrow Tattoo Procedure?

If you’re not really fond of needles, then arrow tattoos – And tattoos in general – Might not be your thing. But if you can compare the sensation of getting a tattoo to getting your blood drawn by a nurse, then this isn’t really the case. Tattoo needles don’t go deep into your skin, like syringe needles do. However, this doesn’t mean that tattoos are pain free. It’s a slightly painful sensation, paired up with a slightly intense vibration, as well as the feeling of a small, pointy object scraping across your skin. That’s exactly how it feels like.

Tattoos at the butt area, the feet, and your ribs are the most painful ones to get. So if you want to get some ink on one of those places – Or if you’re brave enough, all three – Then you should ask yourself if you have a high pain tolerance. Getting a tattoo on your torso can also require plenty of breaks for both you and the artist, since this area is sensitive, therefore, it’s also painful. You have to breathe slowly and relax so you won’t pass out.

Your arrow tattoo designs, will look amazing once it’s all done. But after several days, you will notice that it’s slightly drying up a little bit, and will start to peel off like a sunburn. This is the point in the healing process in which your new tattoo will start feeling a bit sore. This could get irritating during the first couple of days, especially if the tattoo is big. It’s pretty much similar to getting a severe or moderate sunburn. You might also acquire a few scabs along the way, but the important thing here is to not touch or even pick on them, or else it’ll slow down the healing process. And after two or three weeks, your tattoo should have healed by now. It also helps if you do your part by cleaning your tattoo properly, and keep it moisturized using a chemical-free lotion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arrow Tattoos

What Kinds of Tattoo Designs Can I Choose From?

  • There are so many choices out there in regards to the current popular tattoo designs. In fact, you might just feel a tad bit overwhelmed by the amount of tattoo designs out there. Nowadays, the most popular tattoo designs include Celtic tattoos, tribal tattoos, arrow tattoos, Chinese tattoos, biker tattoos, and the usual tattoo parlor designs. Make sure to think about the main reason or inspiration why you decided to get a tattoo. Plenty of tattoo parlors carry albums filled with designs, which you can take a look at as inspiration, or ideas. And you don’t have to book an appointment with your tattoo artist just to look at the designs. You can just drop in and ask them about possible tattoo ideas. And while the two of you are having a discussion, check out their studio and try to assess it. Does it look clean and hygienic? Would you be okay with getting a tattoo here?

Can I Bring My Own Tattoo Design?

  • You can create any design that you like, and the artist will transform it into your very own tattoo. Of course you can also choose to bring in your very own arrow tattoo designs, or choose from one or two out of hundreds of tattoo design ideas. Some of these designs can be seen in the artist’s shop. If you have already decided which design to get before you can book an appointment, then great – This means that you won’t have to make a lengthy discussion between you and your artist regarding the design idea. The best way to inform them about your potential tattoo is through using a picture. And it doesn’t really matter if this picture is on a book, a t-shirt, a drawing, a keychain, or wherever else – Even if you’re not the best artist out there, plenty of tattoo artists are always more than willing to do customized work. You only have to describe it in great detail. These artists have the ability to create your dream tattoo right before your eyes.

How Do I Choose An Arrow Tattoo?

  • In general, your arrow tattoo must be based after something that holds plenty of meaning to you. People usually link tattoos to a memorable event, like a wedding or the birth of a child, or the death of someone close to you and you want to preserve their memories. Or maybe this tattoo could represent an aspect of your own personality, or something that you’re really enthusiastic about, like your own personal beliefs, or a memorable event.
  • A great way to know which tattoo design fits you well is to carry your ideas towards your local arrow tattoo artists. Talk to them and book an appointment afterwards. Your artist and you should communicate often so the two of you can have a shared idea on what the final design would look like. You can also adjust the look of the tattoo to whatever works for the both of you.

Should You Work With The Tattoo Artists On Creating One?

  • As much as possible, work with a tattoo artist you can wholly trust so they can make a tattoo design that looks great on you and goes right along with the artist’s style and your own personal taste. As mentioned, a professional tattoo artist should always be more than willing to create a design for you. But there are some artists out there who will incorporate their own personal touch to your tattoo. This is the reason why you have to deliver your own arrow tattoo designs if you want to get an exact replica of the look on your skin. An arrow tattoo artist won’t always agree to create the tattoo in the exact look that you want. But then they also need to remember that their clients aren’t exactly professional tattoo designers themselves, and most of them probably don’t have the necessary skills to create a good tattoo idea. So you’re in great hands if you pick the right tattoo artist for you.

When’s The Best Time Of The Year To Get An Arrow Tattoo?

  • Even though you can always get a tattoo anytime you wish, your skin is actually exposed more during the warm summer season, and therefore, gets plenty of abuse due to tanning, swimming, or just being exposed to the sun’s rays. Fall and winter are probably the best months for you to get a tattoo.

The Standard Cost Of Getting An Arrow Tattoo

A good way to learn more about how an arrow tattoo costs is to talk to your tattoo artist of choice, or contact the studio you want to visit. The average price of a tattoo begins at $400. They can go from that minimum pricing, to at least an hourly rating of over $400 and up. It’s also important to keep in mind that every tattoo artist has their own set of billing structures.

There’s no assigned price for a tattoo. Everything depends on the artist and the shop. And what’s more, the final price will also depend on the detail of your tattoo, as well as the colors you use, the size, and the placement. There are tattoo artists out there who might just charge a singular flat price for the piece, no matter how big or small the final outcome is. An artist may also charge by the hour if you plan to get a large tattoo. Once again, it will ultimately depend on the artist themselves.

A professional tattoo artist only charges for the time it takes to get a tattoo. This doesn’t include setups, breaks, creating the design and stencil, and bandaging your tattoo. Plenty of professional arrow tattoo artists are willing to discuss the final pricing with you so it fits your entire budget.

The cash paid for the entire session will also depend on the artist. Some of them will ask you to pay after every session is finished, while the rest will ask you to shell out cash after the tattoo is completely done.

How To Maintain Your Arrow Tattoo

Having to take care of a fresh arrow tattoo is a bit straightforward. Each tattoo artist will come up with their own set of self-care tips for your new ink. There are artists who will simply tell you that your tattoo will heal quickly and won’t get infected. Make sure to follow the advice that they gave you, and not your parent or friend’s – The artist is the one who made your tattoo, and not them.

The first step is to always keep your bandage on for at least an hour or so, at minimum. Do not leave on the bandage for more than four or five hours. Do not place a brand new bandage on your tattoo after you have removed the old one off, unless the artist tells you to.

After you have taken off your bandage, wash your new arrow tattoo immediately with warm water. Clean it using a mild liquid unscented soap. Then pat it dry using a clean paper towel. Allow your tattoo to air-dry before the aftercare process.

Only apply a thin layer of moisturizing product to the tattoo. This product could be scent-free hand lotion, or a special tattoo aftercare cream that the artist will provide. Gently massage the product onto the skin, right up to the point where the top looks slightly moist. Don’t goop on a pile of the product onto your tattoo. If you prefer to use lotion than the cream, then make sure it’s scent-free because it could contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals could definitely irritate your tattoo. A&D ointments are not recommended here since it contains a high amount of petroleum, which could block your skin’s pores and prevent your tattoo from ‘breathing’, which is the most important step in the healing and aftercare process.


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